Spirit Migration – Vol 3 – CH16 – The request to subjugate a gang of bandits

Every branch of the adventurers’ association is different in scale and has different features. The main point is that it exists in every town as a network of the town.

Because the escort job didn’t pay that much in the end, Gaviik’s party was looking for some random jobs they could do before moving on to the next town. The merchant noble that they escorted to this town had introduced them to a big job.

“Getting rid of a gang of bandits you say…”

“Yeah, well, it might not be what you guys specialize in, but it’s not as if you’re doing it alone.”

A request to subjugate the bandit gang that has been going around settlements. Lately, bandits and such who have been chased out of places have finally started to form a gang. It has been discovered that their hideout is in the ruins of a shrine near this town. From the adventurers’ association’s information, they’re a gang of nearly fifty bandits.

Those that will participate in this operation are the city guards as the center, hired mercenary groups and adventurer groups, though there are a number of solo mercenaries. Anyway, they’re just a nameless bunch, that’s why he eagerly welcomed Gaviik’s party’s participation since they possess the medal of ‘War axe and Serpent’.

The same day, the members of Gaviik’s party had gathered in a room from the inn they visited last night. They were talking about the job’s details and their plan of action. Because fighting against other people is more dangerous than fighting monsters, it’ll be necessary to assist the younger members who aren’t used to it.

Especially this time, they can’t take along the apprentices, since the gang of bandits they have to fight this time is reasonably large.
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Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH09

And after uploading 2 Spirit Migration chapters, it’s only fair to upload a TNS chapter too. Happy new year guys~

Also, Seran’s fighting mode is pretty epic :V

Tensaiz & Honor

Chapter 009 – Raid

Demons, a race that goes against Humanity, the other ruler of this continent and their nemesis.

However, presently Humanity knows surprisingly next to nothing about the Demons.

Though Humanity overwhelmingly exceeds the number of Demons, the Demons individually possess overwhelming ability.

And that they obey their absolute ruler the Demon lord… That was pretty much all they knew.

No matter which country it is, they don´t possess any detailed information about the current Demon race. From time to time there are some reckless people that go into the territory of the Demon race but none have ever returned.
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Spirit Migration – Vol 03 – Chapter 15: Awkwardness and Grilled Fish

Another one for new year~


While the group had squeezed in two breaks while traversing the highway in the forest, they were able to reach the town almost on schedule around evening. The escort mission of Gaviik’s party end’s here.

“Ah, it’s finally over. Let’s drink some liquor!”

“The self-made alcohol in this kind of small town is usually good right.”

Together with the rest of the party members they went into a tavern where they could get food. Within the bustling tavern a girl was busily running around taking orders, from time to time she would slap away the hands of some drunks that would go for her ass.

While his subordinates were relaxing, Gaviik, Mandel and Ref were busy splitting up their profit from this job, while they were working out fine details such as finding the next job procuring equipment and other such things. Since their pay got reduced for reimbursing the destroyed carriage, they were only left with a small amount.

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Spirit Migration – Vol 03 – Chapter 14: With good company the journey seems shorter

Hey guys, I was in a foreign country for a while and an old sensei of mine passed away, so wasn’t able to upload the chapters apart from each other, hence why we couldn’t upload chapters previous week. So here you guys go~

Happy New Year!

Tensaiz & Honor

On the mountain road along the cliffs full with boulders, there is a slightly bigger spot on the road with Gaviik’s party. They were taking a break while taking care of the injured and performing repairs on the carriage. Most of the injured were the escorts and the servants of the merchant nobles.

“Captain, there isn’t enough medicine for the injured.”

“I have healed those with the worst injures, but my magic power is hitting rock bottom.”

“What about the reserve medicine?”

“All the reserves have been depleted… according to Franch there aren’t any herbs that can be used to make medicine in this area, we can only resupply when we reach a city…”

Gaviik sighed as he was scratching his head while hearing the report from his subordinates about how the situation is worse than he had expected. If they passed this mountain then it would only be half a day of traveling before they reach the next town, but taking in the facts that the servants’ carriage had been destroyed, it means they would have to walk. Moreover, thinking about the injured, it would at least take a whole day before they got there.

Even so, compared to a normal road it’s still faster. But the problem is that they could be attacked by a group of animals or bandits on the way.

“We can’t really protect anything in this condition.”

“If we handle this poorly there could be more injured or even deaths.”

Gaviik nods solemnly to the vice-captain’s words. At that moment, Dis, one of the magicians who was on lookout duty up on the carriage, gives his report with a puzzled look.

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Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH08

Hey guys, here’s another TNS chapter~
There will be another SM chapter somewhere this week too.

Also, you guys wanna know how life is as someone proofing Honor’s work? It’s filled with moments like finding the font of some words that have changed:

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Anyway, it’s 6am, stayed up all night and just had an exam today, I’m tired. Another one coming up thursday ;_;

Anyways, enjoy the chapter~ (Hope you like the cliff, muhahaha)


Chapter 8: Mess

That is an independent type magic tool called Golem.

It has a human shape but there are also those with the form of animals or magic beasts. There are also those that are totally different from golems with the shape of living beings, normally, they just repeat the action they were ordered to do, but if they are highly advanced, then those golems can think and act on their own judgment.

In the time of the ancient magic kingdom of Zars they were supposedly very advanced, instead of humans they became a major labor force, or so it is said.

At that time it was said that every household had at least one golem, or it was said that they were at least that popular.

Of course that technology was also used for battle.

A golem specialized for battle wasn’t something that could be used that easily by Humanity. It had become a major factor of their victory against the Demons.

However, most of that technology disappeared along with Zars´s destruction. Right now, the most they can create are simple and small things.

From time to time, powerful golems from the time of Zars are found, but those were sold at high prices.

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Spirit Migration – Volume 2 – Chapter 13 – A New Tomorrow

Well, we had to even it out after that TNS release.
Another chapter that has come relatively fast after our previous release~
But damn, these chapters feel so long x_x

Anyways, hope you guys can endure until the winter break~~

& Honor


TL note: “ ” = normal speech — [ ] = Inner monologues / Kou’s thoughts/speech — { } = Text written on paper

Chapter 13: A new tomorrow

The simultaneous apprehension of the criminals in this case was a lot smoother than expected, and even though there was a big replacement of those in the executive committee, the rumors that had spread among the nobles and plebeians about this case had already subsided.

Alice, who was chatting with her friends at the nobles’ school’s salon, heard the bell that indicated that school was over. She prepared herself to go home.

“Oh my, Alice, are you returning home so soon again today?”
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Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2- CH07

Yeah… we’re still alive!
That must’ve come as a shock… probably.

No, but seriously, we’ve both been really busy. Some people have said that we should just drop the project and let other people work on it and I can certainly imagine why. Even I would probably be a little sad if a novel as good as this one would be translated so slow!

But the thing is, we like this project and we have some priorities, so we work on this project at our own pace. No one has contacted us and asked to help or to take over the project, so we’ll continue to work on this until then! Also, as I’ve said before, if Honor and I would really stop translating, we would say so clearly! So if you guys hear nothing for a long period of time, we haven’t dropped it, we’re just busy =/

Now that that’s out of the way, time for some good news!(and maybe a little bad)

First of all, this chapter is double as long as a regular chapter <_< (in terms of those xianxia and wuxia chapters, it would be 4 of them!)

Also, we have something special planned for the winter break! Which will be in around 3~4 weeks. From then on, we will also be trying to maintain a regular pace, which will be x chapters every week!

And if we can’t maintain that… blame Honor for getting your hope up! heh.

Anyways, sorry for the long wall of text… these things had to be said <_<

Again, sorry for the extremely extremely long delay!
Enjoy the chapter~! (And endure until the winter break is here!)
-Tensaiz (& Honor)


Chapter 07 – Blueprint


Reality is cruel.

There are some things that can’t be opposed no matter how strong your will is.
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Spirit Migration – Volume 2 – CH12 – The Sunshine after the Storm (Part 2 / 2)

I’m sorry… my estimates always seem to suck somehow. I thought that I would be able to find the time to upload this way earlier, but university has kept me more occupied than I anticipated.

Also, the latter half of this post is unedited unfortunately. I don’t know when I’ll have the time to fully edit it, so instead of waiting, I just decided to upload what was ready. But no worries, you guys should be able to read it just fine.


After Alice returned to the mansion, she had told both Sebas and Halbad about the information she had obtained today at the executive meeting. She had told them about the person called Viscount Kutol.

“You mean viscount Kutol Glas Kolden, do you not? If I do not remember wrongly, he is someone that moved here from the capital.”

“Now that I think about it, isn’t that the name that pops up a lot when you hear about donations to military facilities.”

Alice tilted her head at Halbad’s words. She was wondering just why a gardener like him would know about donations to military facilities, or rather, the regular army of the Capital.  Halbad, who read the question from Alice’s expression, said, “‘Cause I’mma former soldier,’ with a smile.
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Spirit Migration – Volume 2 – CH12 – The Sunshine after the Storm (Part 1 / 2)

As promised, here it is.
Part 2 will follow somewhere soon.

I hope you guys find it less boring to read than it was to TL / proofread :V


Chapter 12: The sunshine after the storm (Part 1/2)

That night, the butler Sebas and the gardener Halbado were called to count Bamist´s study and they talked about what happened at dinner while waiting for lady Alice. Since it was going to be a complex talk they had sent everyone away. Before long, the sound of the door being knocked modestly resounded.

“Father, I have come.”
“Hm, Enter.”

Entering the count’s study while hugging Fausta in front of her chest was Alice, following behind her were the apprentice gardener Seldo Caster and the caretaker Landon Eranto. The two of them, who were pretty nervous, made themselves small and sent a greeting towards the count.

“Well you don’t have to be that nervous. First of all, let us hear your situation.”

Being prompted by the count, Seldo and Landon began to tell the stories concerning their circumstances, they also opened up over the suspicions they held toward the Diretoss house.

While the Eranto house was selling their fruits at the market, they had ended up with a surplus which they couldn’t sell and so they became poor. One day, the shipment report of the Executives didn’t add up with the number of what was produced. This was found out by the members, which in turn, caused their business to be temporarily frozen.
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Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH06

Sorry for the long wait, vacation is a bitch~
Was to France for a while, then after that I was in Cologne with friends for some time, visiting Gamescom.
Honor has also been busy with his work.
But I’m home now, so I rushed this as fast as I could after Honor sent it.

Chapter 006 – Knight In Shining Armour

Currently the number of rulers –no, number of ruling forces, are two.
— The first is Jirgs, it is the new ruling force and it has been influencing Karan in every matter ever since the embassy was established two years ago.
The second is the old ruling force which is formed by the influential people of the city with the village-head as its center.

Karan’s large trade consists out of the many precious ores and the armor and weapons they were dealing with from the beginning. Made by the many skilled blacksmiths, the one who manages them is the guild-master of the blacksmithing guild, who is also the village-head. This means that he holds a great amount of power within Karan.
Even though they had accepted being subordinated by Jirgs, this wasn’t something that could be quickly changed. If Jirgs were to forcefully take control of everything within Karan, it would just produce confusion and conflict, if they did it poorly it might even end in Karan’s collapse.

If that happened it would have become meaningless to have saved Karan from the empire and having made it a sub-state, so Jirgs was carefully but surely trying to strengthen their grip on Karan.
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