Mushoku Tensei : Volume 3 – Chapter 31

Three weeks have passed.
We’ve reached D rank.

Part 1

I thought this was abnormally fast, so I did some research.
If one condition for a promotion is fulfilled adventurers will be viable to receive a promotion.


F → E

Complete 10 class F requests

Complete 5 consecutive class E requests

E → D
Complete 50 class F requests
Complete 25 class E requests
Complete 10 consecutive class D requests

D → C
Complete 100 class E requests
Complete 40 class D requests
Complete 10 consecutive class C requests

C → B
Complete 100 class D requests
Complete 50 class C requests
Complete 20 consecutive  class B requests

B → A
Complete 300 class C requests
Complete 100 class B requests
Complete 20 consecutive class A requests

A → S
Complete 100 class A requests
Complete 20 consecutive class S requests

In addition, there is also the possibility of demotion.
Failing 5 requests below your own rank.
Failing 10 requests from your own rank.
There will be no demotion if you fail a request listed higher than your own rank,
however if you fail 5 times you will be unable to choose higher ranked requests.


Because of Jalil and Veskel whom completed F and E requests daily, we got promoted quite fast.

Because we have finally been promoted to rank D it’s possible to choose C ranked requests.

Because of our prowess, even C ranked quests are still fairly easy. That means we’ll be able to quickly raise our rank to C.

We can cut our ties to Jalil soon. Those guys won’t kidnap pets anymore,

but I don’t know what kind of effects our job exchanges will bring forth.

Also we’ve accumulated enough money.
It’s time to say farewell to them, it may also be a good time to leave the town.

But, I decided to use them until we’ve reached C rank.

For now it seems there won’t be any problems,
it’s also regrettable to let go of a situation where we have a stable income.
Why drop a situation when we can gain a lot of money.


Right now we have:
1 small green coin, 7 iron coins, 14 pieces of scrap iron coin and 35 stone coins.

When you convert the money to stone coins it will amount to: 1875 stone coins.

…… 1875 yen.

Even with all our money combined, it’s still less than 2 large Asura copper coins.
No, if I think about the subordinates of the other continent this is fine.

Whether we go separate ways from Jalil and leave this town all depends on if we can raise our rank to C. I suppose we should take that route.


Part 2


Meanwhile, I found quite the interesting request.

· Work: search and subdue mystery Magic beast
· Reward: (2 iron coins if the job has been succeeded)  five scrap iron coins
· Job Description: search and subdue Magic beast
· Location: (The Petrified Forest) forest in the south
· Period: until the end of next month
· Date: as soon as possible
· Requesters name: Berubero the wolf
Additoinal notes: I saw a shadow lurking in the back of the forest. Find out its identity, if it turns out to be dangerous then please eliminate it.

Standing next to Jalil, we pondered about what to do with this request.
Mysterious Magic beast….

What a vague request, in fact, it might turn out to be fake.

Even if it was real, how should I deal with such a Magic beast.

However, the reward is good.

2 iron coins and 5 scrap iron coins even if we decide to leave it alone.

[Are you interested in the request?]
[The reward’s good, but it’s suspicious.]

Jalil nodded after he heard my words.

“It’s better if you pass on this one, these kinds of requests won’t get you any results sometimes.”

Something like that happened once before, two weeks ago.

Collect Acid Wolfs, was the request.
As always, we collected the fangs and tails of the Acid Wolfs.

When we asked for our reward they said they wanted the body of the Acid Wolfs.

But it wasn’t written in the request contents in detail, so we had to pay a penalty fee.

Looking back at it, it was a humiliating experience.

I should refuse if I don’t want a thing like that happening again. But I was blind with greed.


[Oh….. 2 iron coins, it should be good to “gather” more information at least.]
[You haven’t learnt your lesson have you?]

[At these kinds of moments, we’ll at least get 5 pieces of scrap iron coins even if we fail right?]

[Yeah, this time will be a special exception.]


By the way, since Nokopara was making fun of Ruijird and the Adventurers were making fun of Eris, I had a hard time concentrating.

Since it was annoying to deal with, I had them waiting outside.

Veskel also didn’t show her face in the guild today.

No one stopped us from going to the Petrified Forest.

[Well, it’s the Petrified Forest so even if there’s nothing related to the request, we can still obtain something sellable, you guys should should also be able to get something, so why not.]
[Well, okay, good luck on your side.]


After thinking about it later on, the me of that time had become dull in making decisions. 
I had grown conceited after getting used to everything working out.

It was going well slowly, that’s why I didn’t think about the risks.

Impatience had taken over my serene mind.

I should have done better.

While I think of it, I couldn’t have done more than that.
The me of the time thought like that.


Part 3


The Petrified Forest

The distance is about a day’s travel from the town we had been staying in.


In the forest you could see trees with branches that looked like sharp bones in large quantities at the side of the road.

It was as if the forest had been petrified.

There are all kinds of B ranked Magic beasts inhabiting this forest, like the X-class Zombie, or the Almond Anaconda.

If you pass through this forest it becomes a shortcut to the next town,

Though only Peddlers in a hurry would try to cross this forest, with the hope to gain some time.

That actually reminds me of a certain guard who was hired by a person from some country.

It goes without saying that the forests of this world are dangerous,

Well, the forests in the Magic beast continent are especially dangerous.     



When we arrived at the entrance of the forest, two parties had already gathered there before us.

First of, B rank party “Super Blaze”.
Secondly, D rank party  “Tokurabu village gang”.
And finally, our party, D rank party “dead-end”.

Right now all the party leaders, including me, are meeting face to face.

If a lot of parties have gathered before an entrance the party leaders would have a meeting, or so it seems.

This was apparently common knowledge amongst adventurers.

Although I wanted to ignore them completely,

It’d be a problem if we suddenly met inside the forest without a prior meeting.

For now we have decided to show ourselves and talk to the other parties.

[Hey, why the heck have you guys come here?]



We were here first.

The one who said that with an annoyed face was Blaze the leader of “Super Blaze”.  

I remember that face.

If I’m not wrong he’s the pig bastard who laughed at us on the first day.

Wait a second, I’m not badmouthing him.

He really does have the face of a pig.

He’s probably of the same race as the gatekeeper that looked at Eris with dirty eyes.

What was the tribe name again…?,

Well, in my head I call them pig heads/(Orc)-Tribe.

Their party consists out of six people with a variety of races.

One who looks like a Lamia, another one who looks like a Fairy with feathers and one who looks like a Centaur

Well, in order to become C rank adventurers on the Magic Continent, they need capable members to hunt monsters.

In order to become B rank, you’ll need a veteran who can back you up.

[We were able to take the request!]

The leader of “Tokurabu Village Gang” Kurt said that with an offended face.

A horned Japanese charming pretty boy.

[We’re the same situation as they are.]

The leader of “Dead-End” also nodded like the party leader on the right.

Well, that’s me though.

Hearing the words of the two D ranks, Blaze made a “che” sound clicking his tongue.

[Guess there was a problem with the Booking.

I have a bad feeling about this….]


Blaze looked away while annoyed.

[What does double booking mean?]

Kurt asked sheepishly, the pig suddenly got angry after he heard the question.
[Hey, hey, calm down, if it’s possible could you please teach us, the newbie’s, how it’s done?]


I tried to suck up to him a little, Blaze spit on the ground and gave in to me.

[When different people put up the same request the guild leaves it alone while adventurers accept it.]

Got it.
It’s a double-booking.

3 parties here mean 3 different requestors.

I thought they were different requesters but it seems like the requesters are the same person.

It’s that kind of situation.
Well it’s possible.

[By the way, what kind of request do you guys have?]

Is what I tried asking.

Blaze accepted the following request:

“Eliminate the white snake “White Fang Cobra” that appears in the petrified forest.”

Kurt’s party acceped the following request:

[Collect the mystery eggs that were sighted in the petrified forest.]

Request that [Dead End] has accepted:
[investigate the mysterious Magic beast.]

[Investigate? What? Was there such a request for D rank?]


Ofcourse I gave Kurt’s question some thought.  

[It’s a C rank request,

it was put up after Kurt left the guilds base.]

[I see…. I wish I stayed to accept that request myself…]

While glaring at the Kurt who was still mumbling, I thought about our current situation.

There is something strange about the content of the requests, I think they all have a similar objective. Well, we’ll figure that out later.


First of, this forest has no White Snakes.
However, if there’s an elimination request for it, it has probably been sighted.

In other words the mystery Magic beast may be the White Fang Cobra.

Also the mystery egg may be the snake’s egg.


Of course there is also the possibility it isn’t a White Snake.


Blaze insists it’s a Double Booking though. 

[But still, why did this happen?]

[Like I know, sometimes double bookings just happen.]


Well, it can’t be helped anyway,

It’s not like they have a computer to organize everything.

[And? What do we do in this situation?]
[We don’t do anything, its first come first served.]

When Blaze said that, Kurt raised his voice in surprise.

[Once you guys defeat the Magic beast w-what happens with our request?!]


[Hah, it was retrieving an egg right?

Well, if we find it we’ll break it.]


[Since it would be disastrous, if the White Snake ‘White Fang Cobra’ will get any children.]

Blaze laughed at Kurt out loud.

[Please, Rudeus you guys go too, if these guys beat us to it, our request will…..]

So, Kurt tried asking me for help.
Certainly, if they defeat the Magic beast before us, our search request will also fail.


No, our mission is only to investigate the Magic beast.

If we were ro report that it was a White Snake, then our mission should be accomplished.


If that wouldn’t go well, then even if we beat the Magic beast, we would still have to pay a penalty fee.


[It still isn’t confirmed if it’s Double booking.

Beacause there’s also the possibility that it’s a different Magic beast than the White Snake.]

Went I said that, Blaze had an unpleasant look on his face .

[So, you’re telling me that we should work together? Doesn’t that mean that I have to baby sit you guys?]



How did it turn out like this?

When I was pondering about this,

Kurt reflexively got mad when he heard about the baby-sitting.

[Who says that we need your help?!]
Is what he’s saying, but probably wants us to protect him right?

Well a forest like this is pretty dangerous for a D rank like him,

Oh, I see, now I get it.

The 2 parties of Kurt and me,

stick close like goldfish poop to Blaze’s group.


Blaze is pretty annoyed that he’s slowed down by us. He could finish his request faster without us tagging along.


Well, the burden on Blaze’s group only increase.

Of course, I also do not want to work together.

I do not want them to see Ruijird fight with his spear.
Since he’stoostrong, there is also apossibility that they’ll find out he’s of the real Supard race.

So, it might be a good idea to follow Kurt’s example.


[I see, it really is unpleasant for you,

you won’t have to worry then since we “Dead End” shall take separate action.]


I left the circle of party leaders after I said that.

Part 4


I return to where Eris and Ruijird are.

Eris was bored because Rujird was paying attention to the forest instead of her.

[What’s wrong?]
Asked Eris who just stood around waiting till now.

[There has been a double booking]
[Double booking?]
[The content of our request is similar to theirs.]
[What happens now? Do we hand it over to them?]
[No way, it is first come first served]
[I see, that’s pretty interesting.]

Eris was motivated.
She seemed to be fed up with the unadventurous requests like hunting.  
Rather than just hunting, it was everything related to work, because of our boring previous requests.

In the meantime, the conversation between Kurt and Blaze seems to have ended.

After they finished their conversation Kurt went into the forest. 

“Super Blaze” also went into the forest but from a different direction.

[Hey, what will we do?]
[Let’s see, we’ll let Ruijird search for the rumored Magic beast like always and then head to where ever it is.]

Is what I thought, but Ruijird shook his head.

[Is there something wrong?]
[I’m worried about the three children]

Three children?
He’s probably talking about the other parties.


[With their ability, they won’t make it out alive.]
[In other words?]
[We’ll help them]

So that’s the situation.

[But, if we display too much of our strength they might find out that you’re of the Supard-tribe.]
[I don’t mind.]

But I do mind. 

[If they find out you’re of the Supard-tribe, a lot of things are going to be annoying.]

[Then should we just leave them to die?]
[I did not mean that.

Lets follow their tracks, and in case of an emergency we’ll help them.]

Well, it can’t be helped. Change of plans.

Give up on the 2 Iron Coins, that way we’ll have them owe us a favour.


However, I wonder if it’ll be all right even if we help them.

If they get attacked by a Magic beast and we save them, the possibility that they’ll find out about the Supard-Tribe is high.

Even if they won’t have any prejudice towards Ruijird if they were to be saved by him.
However, the presence of “Dead End” is special on the Magic Continent.
I don’t know what will happen if he really gets exposed.

When push comes to shove, we’ll have them join us like Jalil….

In other words,
we’re going to tail Kurt’s group.


Part 5


their trail led us deep into the forest.
Seeing this, Ruijird frowned.

[What’s wrong?]
[Is it their first time entering this forest?]
[Hmm, I have no idea.]
[They’re too careless.]

And, as to answer to that worry,

Kurt’s party failed to notice the enemy,

and before they knew it they ended up encountering an X-class monster.

This X-class monster was a Magic beast in human form.

It was a zombie who was an adventurer before he turned into a zombie.
That zombie was strangely enough equipped with a giant sword and armor over his bulging body.

His movement speed isn’t that fast, but he has high defense and some special enhamcement on his sword.
The zombie is classified as B rank.
Basically, it’s alone and isn’t even that big.
Yet a B rank is still a B rank.
It’s still a formidable enemy.

By the way, his sword and armor will disappear when he dies.
It’s unfortunate that the enemy doesn’t give us some loot which we could sell.

Kurt who encountered this Magic beast,
ran for his life the second he saw it.

[We need to go in, and save them now!]
[No, not yet.]

I stopped Ruijird, who was about to jump in.

[They’re not in a pinch yet.]


The zombie was quite quick despite the heavy armor,

however he still wasn’t fast enough to catch Kurt’s group who were running for their lives. 
The distance gradually became bigger; if they keep this up they can escape.

Is what I was about to say, but Kurt’s group ran out of luck.
At the place they are fleeing to, there’s a group of 3 to 5 Almond Anacondas, they seem to have almond like patterns on their 3 meter bodies.  
Their fangs possess strong poison, they have an agile build and there’s a group of them to make it even worse.
Therefore they choose to meet the Zombie head on.
But the B ranked X class Zombie is still a formidable enemy.

They were sandwiched between the top 2 Magic beasts you don’t want to meet in the Petrified Forest

Everyone in Kurt’s group have faces which are half smiling and half laughing.

Actually if I met one of those I’d run away, is what I thought.

Actually X-class Magic beasts gave of the feeling that you could just run away from them.

This happened because they thoughtlessly entered the forest.
They just had to come to a place exceeding their abilities, we should just leave them behind.
But I understand the feeling of how they want to rise above your own limits.

Such stupidity.

[I’m going in!]
[No, just wait a little longer.]

I convince Rujird not to jump in.

We should jump in at the last-minute to gain as much as we can.
The more they are in a pinch, the more they owe us when we save them.

If they get a little injured I’ll just heal them with magic.

My, this situation is really perfect.

Eris yelled suddenly.

The bird-like boy, who is flying through the air with his bisected body, was killed with a single hit.

Not being able to deal with the attack of the X-class Zombie, he was instantly killed with one hit. 

My smile distorted.

Thus I noticed my own mistake.

It was already a last-minute pinch to them.

The one who was thoughtless was me.

[I told you so!]

Ruijird’s Voice was full of irritation.

I immediately fired bullets from my staff at the X-class Zombie.

At the same time Eris and Ruijird jumped in.


The X-class zombie who was hit by my magic actually survived.

It just took a hit from my Staff’s magic that killed the Stone Treeants with one hit.
It’s too tough, is what I thought but when I looked carefully, only its right hand was blown away.

It seems like I missed.

When it picked up its sword with its left hand, it came running towards me.

Just when I thought it wasn’t that fast, he suddenly picked up his pace.

I even wanted to take back my words.
That’s the kind of speed it is running with.

When it came running at me, I didn’t panic and just turned the ground beneath him into a swamp.

The X-class Zombie fell over his own legs like a Tsukkomi.

I summoned a giant rock above it and crushed it vigorously.

At that time, Ruijird had completely annihilated the Almond Anaconda’s. 

Part 6


[Pant…. Pant….You saved us….Pant Pant….Seriously.]

Kurt whose face is looking very pale was able to give us his gratitude.

[You, you guys … Are really strong……]
The X-class Zombie who was flattened by the rock,

and the Almond Anacondas who had their necks cut off cleanly. 
Well, something like this is like child’s play to us.


Even though it was easy, we weren’t able to save one of them.

[No, we were late in saving you… Sorry.]

In the eyes of Kurt, the color of longing had begun to appear.

As I felt an aching feeling in my heart, I averted my eyes from his gaze.

My eyes reached the young boy whose body was cut in half.

His face has a beak.

If I’m right his name is Goblin,

If I didn’t take my time to think about unnecessary things, he wouldn’t have died.
Damn, my chest hurts. I couldn’t handle the scene so I averted my eyes again.

When I was still thinking about what just happened Ruijird grabbed my clothes.

[That’s your fault.]

Ruijird said while pointing at the boy with his chin.

He mercilessly gouged at my heart.

[Yes ……]
[We could have saved all three of them!]

I know.
I already know that.
I didn’t want this either.

I was full of regret.
I didn’t wish for a result like this.

I’m even reflecting on it.

I’m even regretting it.

Nevertheless, why should I get blamed for all of it even though I’m regretting it.

[Even I tried my hardest here!
I was aiming for the most profitable way!

Why am I taking the blame here?!]

[Because someone has died!]

I unintentionally raised my voice, but was immediately refuted.


I couldn’t refute it..
It feels like I killed him myself.


Eris was silent for now.
She also had something to think about.
I was staring at the dead body of Goblin.

I no longer had any words left.

I failed.

The moment I had to make a decision which could mean life or death for him,

I was favoring my own interest above all, thus it became too late.

[Oi, oi, stop it with the sulking.]

In the end it was Kurt who stopped us.

[This isn’t your problem, it has to do with Rudeus!]

Ruijird rejected him.
However, Kurt wouldn’t back down from Ruijird.

[It doesn’t matter, I understand. Your opinions are split between helping us or keep watching from a distance right?]


Far from the fact of it, I was in a situation where I would have abandoned you at my own discretion.

[Yes, you guys might be strong, however there’s always another possible outcome.

So you guys don’t have to feel responsible!]

Just as i thought Ruijird’s hair was standing up.

[We are responsible; it’s an adult’s obligation to save a child!]  

When he heard these words, Kurt became angry.

[We aren’t children! We are adventurers!

The choice leader Rudeus took was correct!]

Ruijird fell silent.
However, I don’t think my choice was correct.

[But, didn’t your friend die?]
Even I understand that when I look at it!


[You’re right; we thought we three would always be together like that till the end!

However, we came here prepared to lose our lives at any moment!

If you’re an adventurer, whether you’re young or old everyone is prepared for death!]

Those words pierced me straight in the heart.
I don’t have such a resolution.

The profession of being an adventurer, I always thought it was a job for easy money.

[I’m thankful that you guys helped us I really am!

However something that has to do with our members is our problem….

No, it’s my responsibility that I assessed the degree of the request to be not too high.]

Kurt’s words were those of a greenhorn.

You could also say it was his young sense of justice.

It seems Kurt is still wet behind the ears.
But no matter what you say, he has his sense of justice.

I wonder if I should say it’s like a kid who hasn’t seen enough of society.

However, Kurt looked really desperate.

Something I could have used too.

I used to be really desperate, but it wasn’t enough apparently.
I thought I just had to worry about gaining money and ranks at the guild,

It became like a game for me, and then, the despair that I was missing hit me.

[You there…. You said your name was Kurt.

I apologize for treating you guys like children,

you guys are already full-fledged warriors.]

It seems like Kurt’s words convinced Ruijird somehow.

[Also Rudeus, I’m sorry]

It was an apology that drove me into the ground.

There was no need for Ruijird to apologize to me. 

[Please don’t apologize to me; it doesn’t erase the fact that I made a mistake.]

[No, it wasn’t a mistake. You tried to protect their pride as warriors.

It was my mistake for trying to immediately save them, I was narrow minded.]

I never thought of such a thing, not even once.

[You were also like that with those small fry duo villains.]

Ruijird just convinced himself, misunderstanding it.

I’m not convinced.

This is something I should reflect on.

I should erase this bad characteristic as soon as possible.

I should repent on this so I don’t make the same mistake again. 

I’m lucky that Ruijird misunderstood me.

If the result is alright, everything is permitted.

It’s pretty shameful to think like this but I couldn’t help it.

I felt as if I would start hating myself.


Kurt went back to the town with his companion’s corpse on his back.

We made sure to at least protect them till the exit of the forest.

Although I thought Ruijird would say “lets guard them till the town.”
It didn’t happen.

He recognized Kurt and his group as warrior, not children.

[We may not make it to town, but we’re prepared to die.]

As he said that the sight of him looked sad, so Eris thoughtlessly rushed over to him.

[Try harder!]

Is what she said in a loud voice.

The words didn’t get through; however they understood what she was trying to convey because of the expression on her face.

[Thanks…. Was it like this?]

I grabbed Eris’s thumb and kissed the back of her hand.

Thus she had a radiant smile on her face.

Ellis had solidified.
I also did not know what to do.

Eris backs of a little and gave me a weird look.

Then she rubbed the place where I kissed her with the hem of her armor.

[I-It’s not like that!]

Eris desperately tried to hide her face.
Even though I say it’s a kiss, it was only on the glove over her hand.
Although I think she doesn’t have to try so hard.

[I-I won’t this use this anymore!]

Eris removed her glove and then threw it into the forest.

Hey now, those gloves weren’t free you know.

[Don’t throw equipment around!]
[It’s a waste of money to buy a new one!]

Both Ruijird and I rebuked her action simultaneously.
Even though it was a reflex, to think I’d still talk about gold at a time like this.

[Shut up!]

Eris was stepping on the ground angrily and with watery eyes.

I haven’t seen Eris like this in for a while.

I wonder what kind of meaning it has to kiss the back of someone’s hand?

[Rudeus! Come here!]

And, she, held out her hand in front of me.
I licked it on reflex.

As Eris’s face became bright red, I was hit hard with her fist.

It felt as if my conscious would fly away forever, that’s what kind of punch it was.  
I thought the bones in my neck got broken.

I felt that this punch could conquer the world.
I was lying on the ground in a pathetic way.

What should I have done differently?

As I stood up from the ground, Eris was staring at the place I licked just now.

Then her whole face became bright red and she wiped her hand with the hem of her shirt.

[S, Sorry Rudeus. But licking is no good!]

She was so cute apologizing, I forgave her.

Incidentally, I was feeling depressed over my failure, but I was starting to feel a little better.



While walking through the forest, I thought about ruijird.

A great sense of justice and he likes kids, the Ruijird I know gave off this kind of feeling.

However, today’s keyword is “Warrior”.

[What’s a Warrior to Ruijird-san?]

[A warrior is someone who protects children, and cherishes their fellow comrades.]

It was an immediate answer.

However because of this I’ve finally understood the reason why Ruijird got angry till now.

He isn’t a thoughtless ally of justice.

He was just yearning for a warrior’s pride.

A Warrior must protect children.

A Warrior must not harm others without reason.

A Warrior shall not abandon a fellow companion.

A Warrior must be able to protect his friends.

Inside his head it should be something like this.

That’s why he judged the pet-kidnapper who kicked me a villain.

Thus he judged the two comrades of the pet-kidnapper that kicked me,as villains who committed the same crime.

That was what the warrior inside him judged.

It was also like that with Kurt’s group.
At first he treated them like children.

And I who abandoned them, was the villain. 

However, because of what they said to them, he changed his thoughts.

He changed his awareness of them from child to warrior.

By doing that he allowed the actions I took.

Rather, he repented for not looking at them as warriors.

I don’t understand the way he distinguishes someone from child or warrior.

Eris seems to be seen as a child apparently.

I wonder which one I am.

Shall I ask him, or not?

[Don’t fight]

As I was worrying about that Ruijird said with an alarmed voice. 

[Just now…. Was that Blaze’s group?]

Seems like its Blaze’s group.

I don’t know what he was doing, since I didn’t have a third eye like Ruijird.


Even though it wasn’t visible anymore because of the headband, it could still function as radar.

It also has the ability to recognize separate individuals.  

How handy I want one too.

[Should we help them?]
[It’s not necessary.]

As expected, if you’re B rank Ruijird will recognize you as a warrior.

A little further in the forest, 1 there was a snake that was coiled up.

There were also lying for corpses in its area.


It seems like they’re dead.
Oh, it wasn’t necessary in that sense?

Blaze’s body wasn’t among the corpses.
I wonder if he ran way.

[What about the other two?]
[They’re dead.]

Their party seems to have been wiped out.
I put my hands together like I was praying.

[However, that Magic beast is?]
The Magic beast that wiped out Blaze’s group was seriously big.

[Seem to be a Red Snake (Red Hood Cobra)] 

That Red Snake, even if all 3 of us were to line up it wasn’t even close to its length.

It was probably about 10 meters long, also it had a dark red part that seemed to extend around the neck.


In the middle of its body there was a part that suddenly bulged. 
That part was surely filled with Pork meat.

Or rather, wasn’t it a White Snake?

[This means that this forest has a Red Hood Cobra, moreover it’s huge.]
[Is that irregular?]
[It’s normal, but it doesn’t appear most of the time.]

The Red Hood Cobra and the White Fang Cobra, seems like they are the strongest in this forest.


While possessing a bigger body, the White Snake has significantly higher agility.

It’s covered in fire resistant scales all over its body, while also possessing sharp fangs covered in deadly poison.   


Although it isn’t known what kind of mutations might occur while being digested,

Strange things happen around the White Snake.

The White Snake is B rank and the Red Snake is A rank, both of them are formidable opponents.

Of course a B rank party would be killed instantaneously.

So that’s how it goes.
While being distracted with its meal, it still hasn’t noticed us.

For now it’s going for the third meal.

[We could pull it off right?]

Eris pulls her sword out, full of confidence.

[Do we go for it?]

Ruijird asks me.

[Is it alright for me to decide?]
[I leave it to you.]
[Have someone else decide it.]

It ended up being entrusted to me.

Let’s think about it for a little while.
The request contents are, Investigate the mystery Magic beast and possibly eliminating it.

For now it seems we aren’t wrong to think that, either the White Fang Cobra or Red Hood Cobra is the true identity of the mystery Magic beast.


It wouldn’t disrupt the balance of the forest even if we were to kill them.

Well, we’ve found something like the job description so we could just return and succeed the quest.

However the reward of 2 Iron Coins…

If it’s possible, I would like to defeat it.

That said, ‘it’s not worth risking one’s life for’ is also a saying.

Just now one guy died before my eyes.
If I lose I die.
I don’t want to cross a dangerous bridge like that.

[If you want me to, I could defeat it on my own.]

While contemplating, Ruijird made a proposal like that.

[Ruijird, you can beat it on your own?]
[Oh, I alone am enough.]

Reliable words.
He resembles Mr. Dash sort of.

[Well, even while protecting Eris?]
[It’s like always, no problem.]

Being like this and saying it’s no problem in front of an A rank Magic beast.
Well, if ruijird says something like this it’s probably alright.

All right.

[Let’s go]

That is what I decided.


[I will use magic for long ranged attacks, you two will handle the vanguard.]

It’s the same combination as always.
So, I begin with making bullets like always.

This time, the opponent is an A Rank so I’ll raise the power higher than normal.

Form the bullet into shape.

To have it explode after contact, I filled the inside of the bullet with fire magic.



The Bullet flew at high speed, which hit the Red Snake causing a large explosion.
Is what I thought would happen.

[What the?!]

The Red Snake twisted its body, thus the bullet passed by it.

The bullet was dodged.

It was no coincidence.

The Red Snake clearly saw the bullet first, avoiding it thereafter.

Far behind the snake, the bullet exploded.

[It’s a lie right……]

the pre-emptive attack failed.
But, our attack force can’t be stopped.

Leaving the vanguard to Ruijird, Eris followed behind him.

It’s a different formation than usual.

Previously Eris was the vanguard.


Ruijird will attack the head, with his spear, as usual.

The Red Snake dodges the attack with a swaying motion, using the recoil of the motion, it went in to bite Ruijird.

With fangs so big that they would leave a gaping hole if you got bitten, Ruijird easily parried.
At the same time Eris, who was facing its tail, raised her sword against it.
Eris’s attack doesn’t have any effect.

Either the Red Snake’s meat or its scales are too hard, or even both


The Red Snake turns to face Eris.

At that moment Eris and Ruijird split up.

The second that happened I shot out my magic attack.


We were using the following formation:

1. Me
2. Eris
3. Ruijrid
2 and 3 were reversed, but the cooperation pattern went as planned.

[I missed again?!]

However, once again the Red Snake dodges it.

The bullet that was made extra sharp in order to increase its speed, missed and pierced through a bunch of trees.

The snake dodged it after seeing it again.    

That said, there is no problem even if it doesn’t hit.

The combined attacks of Eris and Ruijird are working.

Ruijird is aiming for the heart to inflict a fatal wound, while Eris draws its attention by attacking the tail.

Occasionally flying magic attacks which make u regret it if you get hit by it.

The pattern is a tad normal, but it really is a Magical beast that won’t go down that easily.

If Eris deems it necessary she’ll open a path for us, while Ruijird’s perfectly managing its movements.

The Red snake was in a situation where it could’t aim for a target. 

Ruijird’s and my attacks won’t hit but.

However the Red Snake is excessively large, so its movement gradually slowed down.

And finally, 1 of my rock bullets pierced through it.


By the time we finished stripping the Red Snake (Red Hood Cobra), the day was already almost over.

That day we had a feast with the Red Snake’s meat.

I don’t know if they’d buy it, but I ripped of its fangs and skin for the time being.


The egg Kurt’s group was searching for was also obtained.

However, it was too large and we didn’t have the means to carry it back.

I thought about and we decided to eat it.

Because the act of increasing Magical beasts is strictly forbidden we didn’t leave it alone.

We burnt and buried the corpses of Blaze’s group, of course after taking all their valuable items first.

If we had just left them would they have also become X-class zombies.

The phenomenon of becoming a zombie and reviving is something I don’t understand yet though.

(Even so, the Red Snake was strong.)

I remember the battle of earlier.
I remember the Red Snake that avoided my attacks after seeing them.

It avoided them so many times.

Before giving that last killing strike, I didn’t even graze it.

I thought about the X-class zombie.

Just when I thought I would hit him.

He dodged.

In the end I was only able to get 1 of his arms.
That Magic beast was a B rank, that means how higher the rank, the higher the chances are it will be able to avoid my attacks.

The Red Snake was Rank A.
It also dodged Ruijird’s spear.

No that was because he held back.

If he went all out, he would have been able to finish it in a single blow.
It didn’t avoid Eris’s attacks because, her level as a threat was too low.

However, the creatures of this world are all a bunch of monsters.

Even the humans, are able to reflect my magic, Magic beast just avoid it after seeing it.  

When it comes to an S rank Magical beast, even if my Rock bullet hit, it would probably come out unscathed.

What a fearsome thing…..
I should try to not get close to dangerous places from now on.



Like that we cleared the request. It also was the last request we would accept in this town.


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