Mushoku Tensei : Volume 3 – chapter 13 ( Chapter 32)

Mistake, Disorder and Determination




After Eliminating the Red Snake, we went back to town.

After that we went to the guild where we met up with Jalil like always.

We exchanged the completion card for the reward.

We also got to keep the Red Snake’s fangs and skin as rewards.

The amount of it was rather large, so we had everyone including Veskel enter the guild to help us.

Sure enough, Nokopara walked over to us.
Seriously, this guy is always lurking at the Guild.

And he always comes over to us.

[Yo, you’ve got some interesting things with you.

Oh? Aren’t those Red Snake scales?]

I sent a glance to Jalil,
and I begin blurting out the planned words.

[Ah, we were just lucky to fight it when it was already weakened.]
[Heh, you guys did…]

As if something fun happened he was grinning.
Nokopara was looking down on Jalil.
However, something about it felt very off.

[So, the guys of “Super Blaze” died in the middle of the fight, they’re the ones who weakened it.]

[What Blaze…. Did he die?]


[Well if it’s the Red Snake it can’t be helped…]

Nokopara began breathing air in with an unpleasant sound.

[But, even if it was weakened you two beating the Red Snake is…]

[We said it was weakened, but it was actually already near death.

You could also say it was practically already dead.]

Jalil who said all that in a hurry was trying to create a foothold.

Nokopara who has a face that looked confused, was changing his target to us.

[You guys looking for pets again today?]
[Ah, Jalil sensei’s technique is really wonderful; we earned a lot of small money today.]


I also quickly create a foothold.

I felt some feeling, something bad.

However, Nokopara puts him arm around my shoulder while acting all friendly.
Just like that in a flat tone he said.

[So, how do you look for pets outside of town?]

Only for a moment, unconsciously, my movement had stopped.
But, I think I managed to make a poker face.

It’s still inside not outside of what I had expected.

He probably saw us leaving the town.

[This time it was outside of town coincidently.]

[Heh, so it’s like this?]

I try to make a lie out it.

However Nokopara tightly grabbed Jalil’s shoulder.

[So it was also a coincidence that the Red Snake was inside the town?]

I see.
Jalil and Veskel must have been sighted inside of town.
In other words, he’s already found out everything.

[Well~, strange things do happen.]

Something like this was outside my predictions.

But, there are several ways in order to fix this.
Like having Jalil turn tail and escape from this place.

And we as low ranked will blame him for all of it.

But we’re not going to do this.

Since Ruijird might cut me in half if I did something un-warrior like.

[Hey, don’t play dumb with me here.]
[Well, even if you say something like this, have we done anything wrong?]
[We had Pet-hunter help us with requests, and we helped them with their requests. That’s all there is to it.]


Even if it goes in a direction where we can’t feign ignorance, we can just direct it to another direction.

It could have been against the guild’s rules, however that shouldn’t apply to us.

That’s because in the rules of the guild there shouldn’t be anything specific about what’s allowed.
In this world, you can do whatever you want, as long as there are no rules about it.
Is what I think, but I don’t understand the exact rules.

That’s why I should fool him and mislead him.

[Don’t fool around.

What do you think will happen when there are idiots dumb enough to copy you guys?]
[What, how so?]

[They’ll be able to buy requests with money, that way the Adventurers’ Guild will lose its reason to exist.]

We didn’t trade them for money…. Even if I say that he would probably reject it though.
But, I get it, they’ll be able to buy a lot of requests if it did happen.

It looks like this guy is actually pretty sharp.

Indeed, if people start to copy us and sell requests for money those kind of guys might appear.

For example, if they complete a few D ranked requests and then sell it to D ranked people.

The sellers can receive gold, and the buyers steadily raise their ranks.

This way they don’t have to do anything.


Well, this method will only work if they can sell it.

[Why does Nokopara-san care about such a thing?

It hasn’t bothered you right?]

[Heh, I wonder if it’s alright if you have an attitude like that.

You guys only have 2 options, hey Jalil you listen too.]

I got grabbed at the chest and was raised up like that.

Eris and Ruijird are showing bloodlust.

I call them off for now since he’s not done with talking yet.


I don’t understand the expression he’s showing on his horse face, for now.

However, because of that gross laugh I kind of understood what was happening.

[Either you’ll fail as adventurers or you can bring 2 Iron Coins to me every month.]

Oh, how original.
When I first came to this world I had the feeling there’d be guys like this.

Lately these kind of half-assed guys always come to me.

If it’s like this, it’ll be easy having an opponent who shows his evil side this way.

That’s why I won’t have to give a damn thing about what will happen to him.

However, Nokopara is one bastard.

This is why he has always been in the guild.

This guy spies at people within the guild in order to find his targets.

What a laid back profession.

But it will end if this guy reports us to the guild.

No probably not, then he would’ve wasted all the time he invested into researching his target.

[You guys have earned a big load right? So it should be easy.]

[I-Is it alright if I ask some questions?]

While pretending to be afraid, I calmly advance the conversation.


[As I thought, what we did this time is classified as selling the request…. Right?] 
[Oh, it’s bad if they find out that you guys are failures as adventurers that sell requests. Right?]
[Yes, it’s like that.]

Calm down, it’s not time to panic yet.

I also expected a situation like this,

It’s all right.

It’s still all right.

[F-For now we do not possess the money at hand, is it all right for Jalil-san to go do the report of the request?]

[I don’t mind, but don’t you dare run away.]
[Of course Sir.]


Seems like he isn’t that smart after all.

While thinking that I head to the counter.

[H-Hey…. What do… What do we do now?!]

[Calm down, please act normally.]


While calming the upset Jalil down, I beckon to Veskel.

After handing it in at the counter, we got the reward.

At the same time I had the “Pet hunters” group up.

Thus I had Jalil and Veskel join “Dead End”.

It might have been a meaningless action.

I don’t know how good the bookkeeping of the Guild is.

When I look back, Ruijird looked as if he became Rage incarnate.

Next to him is Nokopara.

We might have broken the rules this time, however taking advantage of that and blackmailing us, was really against the Warrior code.
For now I’ll try to calm Ruijird down with hand gestures.

Eris doesn’t seem to understand the current situation.

If she had understood what we were talking about the first one who would go for Nokopara’s head, would be her.

We’ll attack with a sword that isn’t a physical sword.

[Hey, give me today’s fees for now.]

When we came back Nokopara acted all friendly and put his arms around our shoulders.

Jalil’s hand tried to easily give the 2 Iron Coins we just earned.

But, I grabbed his hand stopping the action.

[Before that there’s one thing]

[What is it? Quickly! I’m getting bored over here.]

Within my mind I took a deep breath.
Let’s hope that it goes well.

[Do you even have the evidence to proof our crimes?]

Nokopara’s gross sounding click he made with his tongue resounded within the guild.



From the insides of the guild,

“Dead End’s” requests are picked up there.

The guild attendant didn’t even ask why we wanted to enter.

It’s probably that this isn’t the first time Nokopara did this.


Based on this we went to our previous requestors.

[You aren’t thinking of attacking me in an alleyway right?]

While looking at the Jalil and Ruijird, Nokopara said so.

I thought Ruijird’s bloodlust was pretty strong, I wonder why he isn’t afraid.

Maybe he’s used to receiving such bloodlust.

[If I die my comrades at the guild would report it.

Just kidding, since unlike you fake C rank’s I raised my rank to B legally.

So there’s no way that would happen.]

Well those words were probably just a bluff.

Even Nokopara wouldn’t think he’d be able to beat us 1 versus 5.

No matter how cornered he is, he doesn’t want to die anyhow.

That said, how thoughtless. If it was me I’d at least have a guard with me.

[Now then we’ve arrived.]

The first requestor:

It was a house which I’ve never seen before.

When we knocked at the door, a frowning old lady opened the door.

She had an eagle’s beak and a black robe.

From inside the house there came a strangely sweet smell.
She’s probably creating some potions inside there…

When she saw Nokopara’s face she had a questioning look on her face, however when she saw Veskel’s face she began to smile.

[Oh, if it isn’t Veskel. Why did you come over here today?]
To break the silence Nokopara began to speak.
[Are these guys members of “Ruijird’s Dead End”?]
Nokopara pointed at us with his chin.

The old lady saw Veskel’s frightened face.


Then Nokopara began to laugh.

[Old hag, these guys aren’t “Dead End”, you’ve been lied to.]

When the old lady looked at Nokopara,

She laughed through her nose.


[In what way did they deceive me?]
[Well, that’s…]

[Ever since Veskel took care of the pest, I haven’t seen it come back since.

As expected from the Zumeba – tribe.]

Apparently, this old woman seems to be one of the contractors that Veskel took care of.
Come to think of it, one of the story’s of when Ruijird monitored her, there was also such a thing.

[If the work was done properly, then I don’t care who the real “Dead End” is]

The one who was shocked by these words wasn’t only Nokopara.
Even Ruijird had a surprised expression.  


[Even though they had little time, they properly did the request they asked for.]

Well, that’s how it goes.

Nokopara was starting to see everything in grey and white.

He got pissed off and began to yell at Veskel.

[Veskel! Show me your damn adventurer card!]

Veskel had a pale face, however she began to smile.
Her card had the party name “Dead End” on it.

[W-What?! Damn, Damn it! You guys did it now….!]

The party “Pet Hunter” doesn’t exist anymore.

Even if you search the guild, it would just say it doesn’t exist.

If you search even further you’d just end up at the wrong place.

However it didn’t seem like Nokopara’s head could think of that much.

[You shits, next place!]

Not being able to return to the guild, I followed Nokopara with a big smile on my face.



Going around to the past requestors, Nokopara’s face had passed red and became blue.

[Shit, what the fuck is going on here.]

No matter which requestor it was, they all recognized Jalil and Veskel as members of “Dead End”.

Also their adventurer card said that their affiliated party was “Dead End”.



It the end, we reached the first request we had received, at the little girl’s place.

There was the Happy Event where the little girl raised her voice happily and ran to hug Ruijird’s leg.

[Nokopara-san I’m sorry but if you can’t proof what we did wrong, then we can’t pay you the money.]
[You bastards.]

Actually, we could sue you at the guild for you know.

We could say you were interfering with our job or something like that.


Unintentionally, I let out some evil laughter.

In the meantime, the location of the last client came in sight.

Actually it was the inn we stayed at till now.
It seems like Jalil and Veskel even had a job from here.

If it’s someone who knows us, it could be hard to fool them.

But I don’t remember being that friendly with people inside the guild.

Well like the other times.

It’ll be okay one way or another.

[The last ones are those guys]

He was talking about the two who just left the inn.

Seeing that I froze

This is bad.
I heard a loud voice in my head saying; Emergency.

Surprise aerial attack, Enemy bombardment.
Unforeseen circumstances.

The failure of not thinking about it, the failure of not having thought of it.

Coming here was a mistake.

[Oh, you’re back Rudeus, good work today.

Wait what’s with the group behind you?]


Kurt greeted us with a tired face.

Maybe Nokopara realized my impatience, or he was planning this from the very beginning.

[Hey, so it’s true that “Dead End” saved you in the Petrified Forest, right?]  

Oh, this is bad.
“Dead End’s” current party rank is D.

The request “Pet hunter” received was B.

In other words, we couldn’t possibly do the request.

In other words, this is the only hole in our plan.

This is bad, this might go wrong .

[Well that’s ……]

Kurt looks at me and Ruijird.
I desperately, shake my head while staying silent.

(Let’s get it straight, you didn’t accept anyone’s help. When you were in a desperate situation you got out with the power of friendship, understood?) 

Is what I told him to say.

[I don’t know anything about that, we weren’t saved by anyone!]

Is the kind of handy thing I hope they would say.

Seeing that Kurt strongly nodded.

[Of course I have seen strong guys like this!]

Oh, no what an honest person!

Kurt began to tell about how we decimated the X-class Zombie and the Almond Anaconda.

Though the explanation was detailed, some of the contents were changed.

[Rudeus-san is seriously strong.

Like he did it like it was super easy, even when it was dangerous.

But Dead End seriously insta killed them y’know.

Like Rudeus-san is like seriously awesome, you understand?

Yeah man.

Seriously,  yeah man y’know like boom y’know.

And Ruijird-san was totally badass y’know. Like he just moved and then the Anaconda’s were intsa killed.

Even though the monster were strong he was like totally not faced, I seriously got the shivers.]

this was how the story was told, while listening Nokopara was going “I see, I see. Oh that’s amazing”.

While smiling from ear to ear.

[That’s strange the guys who were supposed to be in the town doing jobs,

saved some guys in the Petrified Forest.]
[No, well, that’s, we were together with Jalil….]

[Weren’t both Jalil and Veskel both in town today?]


It’s impossible for us to deceive him anymore.

Inside the head of Nokopara he could already see the road to his victory.

Calm down, there should still be a card that I can play.
First of, there are three options I can think of.

1.  kill Nokopara
However if it’s true that he has comrades then, that would become a bad situation.

however it could also become a good situation.
Everything woul depend on our good fortune.


2. Blame Jalil for everything
We’re rookies and he’s a pro.

I could feed them lies of Jalil deceiving us.

However I would lose Ruijird’s trust since it’s wrong to betray your comrades.

3. Paying him for now.

And wait for the right moment to leave.

However if he finds out about our battle strength ,

he could make it so we couldn’t leave town by making some kind of preparations.

A bad plan 

It’s no use all 3 of them are crappy plans.

I should stop it with the bad ideas.

What should I do?

The easiest is 2.
However it’s the worst choice since this would block the future path I want to take.

Also the fact that Ruijird’s trust would be lost forever.

Having him never trusting me again.

So, 2 is useless.
It is absolutely useless.

1 is also useless.
We’ll lose all the trust we have build up till now,

and if we’ve used this option once we would just use it again.
Eventually we’d be walking a path filled with corpses.

I do not have the confidence to walk that path.

3 Is even more useless.
If we paid him the money we would be submit to his might.
Then the possibility he might control us may appear,

or he’ll just demand more things.

Well if it was me I’d have Eris sell her body.

It all just leads to us eventually killing Nokopara.

Even so 3, hell no. If we choose three it would eventually become the same as option 1.


To kill or not to kill?


Can I do it…. Or not?


Can I even kill another person?


What do we do about his unknown comrades?

Do we have Ruijird search for them?


Even Ruijird can’t find a person that he doesn’t know.





Should we just give up on being adventurers?

Even if we don’t have the qualification we can still live on.

We could just find some way to make money on this continent.

But, even if we do that, what would become of Jalil and Veskel?

If it’s investigated a bit the fact that they’re pet kidnappers would come to light.

We’re fine even if we leave this town since we’ve enough money.

But they’re different.
They live in this town.

If the town knows about the Pet kidnappings, wouldn’t they be kicked out of town?

They don’t have the skills to survive in the outside world.

Wouldn’t this mean I betrayed them in the end?

Even so, do we take care of them even after we leave town?

That’s impossible.

If they themselves can only survive barely, there’s no way for us to take care of them.

No, if we’ve come this far we should have set our resolution.
The resolution to walk a path filled with corpses.

I remember my purpose.

To bring Eris back home safely.

For that I would betray both Jalil and Ruijird.

Even if that results in having Eris hate me.

Even If I couldn’t look Paul or Roxy in the face anymore!


I’ll use Saint-class magic, that way the town will be in disarray.

In the confusion I’ll run away with Eris.

Even if I have to give up the adventurers qualifications.

But in order to reach the goal I’ve decided on, I would use any means necessary.

I’ll do it….



As I made up my mind, I started gathering magic power in my hands.
At that time, I suddenly noticed.
Nokopara’s face had made a sudden change.

[Oh …… Ah ……]

As the his horse face became  pale his knees began to wobble.

His eyes weren’t looking at me, but behind me.

Turning around.

What stood there was Ruijird’s figure.
Ruijird was drenched by water
The source was the broken fountain in front of the inn.

[Ru, Ruijird-san?]

Entering my eyes was a Shining Emerald green.

Being drenched with water the blue hair dye was washed out.

The Emerald green hair that was shining because of the water.

 He removed the loosened headband.

What was revealed was a Red jewel on his forehead.

The manifestation of rage here, was in reality a demon warrior that stood here.

[Su, Su, Su, Supard….!]

Nokopara fell on his ass.

[Now that you found out that I’m “Dead End” Ruijird Supardia.

I’ll just have to kill everyone here.]

My god what fake acting.
However, only the bloodlust was real.


Someone shouted.
A Young man, Young girl and an Old man who were passing by,

threw everything they were carrying around in the air and ran away while screaming for help.

Meanwhile, Jalil betrayed us first.
Screaming in a loud voice, he and Veskel ran away

[I was being threatened, I’m not their buddies!]  

Meanwhile, he lost all strength in his waist,

He probably remembered Ruijird’s words from yesterday. 
He wet his pants with a blue face.


The only thing that changed was the color of his hair, so why are they running for their lives.

I cannot understand what just happened here.

Because, these guys were acting normally just a moment ago.
Come on Kurt.

Just a little while ago you were totally admiring Ruijird.

You said you wanted to be like Ruijird in the future.

Didn’t you look at him with eyes of respect.

Nevertheless, only seeing his real hair color makes you this scared?


I looked at Eris who, even though she doesn’t know what just happened, stayed calm.

like always she crossed her arms put her legs at shoulder width and raised her chin.   
Just watching on in silence.

Isn’t she totally calm.




In the surrounding area there were,

some who ran away,

some who were too scared to move, 
some who tried to draw their swords,

and some who were shaking in their boots while screaming for help.

In other words a whole bunch of people.

Well, everyone’s afraid, but to think that “Dead Ends” appearance would have this much effect.

Even though his hair was green, to think it’d be this much.

To think the fear had grasped their hearts this much.

Ha, it’s somehow kind of laughable.

Just with this happening to Ruijird.

Just by showing of his hair the town goes into such a state,

I think I was the only one who thought my plan would work ,thus working hard on it.

Because Eris was alright with it,
Because the Migurd- tribe was alright with it,
I thought that others would be okay with it too.
It was all in vain.
The Supard-tribe’s deeds weren’t just something one would know of.  
It’s a symbol of fear.
Turning this fear into trust?
Impossible, truly impossible.
I can’t possibly to anything about that.


Inside the chaos Ruijird,
Slowly walked up to Nokopara.

[You insect…. your name was something like Nokopara.] 

He took hold of Nokopara’s chest and lifted him up.

That heavy looking body was lifted up just like that.

[Ruijird-san don’t kill or else it will get worse!]

At this stage, I still screamed something like that.
He can’t kill him now.

If he does the “Dead End” name will get a stain that can’t be removed.

No, it’s impossible or is it still possible.

Even if I do something now it’ll be too late.
I don’t care.
Just do it, ○Saka!

[I, I’m sorry I, I didn’t think you’d be the real thing!

Forgive me! Please Forgive me…!] 

Ruijird’s form looked like a manifestation of Rage.
The trembling Nokopara.

[Hey, what has happened?!]

Abruptly, Eris spoke to me.
I slowly answer her.

[The worst situation has occurred.]
[Then do something about it!]
[I’m sorry I couldn’t prevent it.]
[If Rudeus can’t do anything, then it’s impossible!]

Eris gave up easily.
I also gave up a while ago.
There isn’t anything that can be done about this situation

I’m responsible for all of this.

I thought I could handle it somehow if he was found out.

However that was thoughtless of me, It wasn’t at the level where it could be handled just like that.
The result; it wasn’t possible.


Once it happens,

The most I could do was…

Carry out my original plan of drowning the town with Saint-class magic.

Just kidding. Ha ha ha.

[S-Save me please, I have three kids at home that I have to feed!]

Nokopara spit out those words while pleading for his life.

No matter how you think about it, it was made up on the spot.

Even I would’ve plead better for my life.

[Forget what ever happened here…. then get your ass out of town]

But, Ruijird forgave him easily.  
Like I thought the word child worked again.

[Eh?, ah, eh, Th, Thank you!]

Nokopara who was saved lost all color in his face after the next words.

[But, If I hear about our Adventurer qualification being revoked in the next town.]

Ruijird pointed the tip of his spear  in Nokopara direction and scratched the side of his cheek.

Nokopara pissed his pant so hard even his ass became drenched.

[Don’t think I can’t slip into other towns and end your life.]

Nokopara nodded many times.
Ruijird let him go.
Nokopara fell, making a nasty sound, but stood back up and ran away.



Thus Ruijird was banished from town.
He took all sins upon him and ran away.

It was an awful event.

Ruijird started to run, leaving us behind.

The guards came running and asked about the situation.

I spoke up in Ruijird’s defense, however those were a child’s opinion.

They just decided we were threatened to say that. 

Ruijird was plotting something evil.
we were used for his plan.
We did not know the contents of the evil plan,
however we were able to avoid the worst possible outcome.
That’s the sort of story they created.

The people nearby gave Eris and me looks of how poor we are.

Without doing anything, we were called children that were used by evil.

The Insides of my stomach began to curl.

Just what are you saying Ruijird did.

Isn’t all of this my fault.

Isn’t all of this because of my sweet thinking.

After we returned to the inn we immediately packed our things.

Gathering the small amount of luggage we have, we left the inn.

If we aren’t quick Ruijird could go to some faraway place. 

Anyway, we also can’t enter this city again.
Nokopara’s still alive.
He said he has some friends.
Our situation’s bad.
If the ruckus in town doesn’t die down we can’t help Ruijird out.

“Hey, Rudeus……”

after left the inn, Kurt spoke to me.
I do not know what to say to him.
It’s the look of bewilderment

[Why are you together with something like that?]

[Don’t say “something like that”.

He was the one who saved you, yet you’re so scared of him that you pissed your pants, don’t talk as if you’re above him!]
[No….that’s…..I’m sorry.]

No, he wasn’t in the group that tried to attack Ruijird,
he was probably in the group of those screaming for help.

[Sorry Kurt, that was a bit too hard on you.]  
[No, it’s okay since it’s the truth]

Kurt’s a good guy.

Although Eris glared at him pretty hard.

[Kurt I have a favor. It’s time to repay the favor you owe us.]
[Oh, what is it?]

Kurt nodded with a straight face.

[Ruijird isn’t a bad guy,

because of the previous events everyone’s afraid, but he’s a good guy.

Even if we leave this town, bad rumors about will continue to spread.]

I wonder if he’ll keep his word.
Well, even if it’s just a verbal promise, he might just keep his word.



Inside the adventurers guild Jalil and Veskel were kicked out of “Dead End”.

I also asked an attendant to give them a message.

[Even though it’s become like this, thanks for the service,

tell “Him” I said thank you please.]

In the end they betrayed me.

But that probably couldn’t be helped.

In the end that was the only way they could save themselves.
If we just ignore what they did in the end,

they did help us with a lot of things.

On the way to the Town entrance, I bought a lizard that was bred to be ridden upon.

It was a six legged large eyed charming lizard.

In the Magic Continent, this fellow would be like a horse carriage on the other continent.

An adult of the species, which is large enough to carry 2 people, costs 10 Iron Coins.

It was half of our total amount of money, however if we were going to go on this journey I had decided to at least buy this guy.
I heard it would be the greatest mistake you can make if you ever tried to cross the magic continent without one of these.

I listened to the store clerk about how to control the lizard, after that I put my luggage on him and went to the Town entrance.




There were a lot of guards gathered at the gate.
They hopefully aren’t going on a mission to exterminate Ruijird.
There I recognized a lizard face and a pig face.

Even though they were ghostly pale, they still looked excited.

When I went to talk to them,

they gave me a warning that “Dead End” was sighted in that direction so we should be careful.

I see because, he’s an evil demon he says.

Because he tried to do something evil in town, he says.

Even though they’ve never met Ruijird,

judging he’s evil because of rumors and fear.

[Even though that person was in town for 2 months he didn’t cause any trouble you know.]

Not being able to withstand my anger I said that to the guard.

The guard made a face as if he was saying “Hah?”

As I glare at the two, I clicked my tong and went outside the town.

My heart was stabbed by these feelings I had.



We must reunite with Ruijird.
I wonder if he’s still close by.
No, he should be.

If his warrior’s pride is the real deal, then he wouldn’t forsake us……

No he wouldn’t forsake Eris.

[This should be enough.]

After we got to a distance where we couldn’t see the town anymore, I used magic to shoot firework off.
With a loud sound it scatters in the air.

Waiting a while Ruijird didn’t appear.
[Eris please call out to Ruijird.]

Eris calls the Ruijird in a loud voice.
It’s a loud voice.
What appeared after waiting a while were Pax Coyote’s.

I used them to relief myself of some stress and killed them all.

The surrounding area had become devoid of rocks.  
The Pax Coyotes become mashed meat.

I wonder if they’ll revive as mashed meat zombies if I leave them like this.
Well, not that I give a damn about it.
About this or the people of that town.

[Look it’s Ruijird!]

At the time the battle was over, Ruijird showed up.
He had a uncomfortable face.
Please don’t make a face like that.

[Why did you not show up when we called for you?

Is that your way of being silent?]

But what came out of my mouth were words that blamed him.

Even though that wasn’t my meaning.

[I’m sorry]

the first words he said, were words of apology.
It’s feels uncomfortable.

Any way you slice it, I’m at fault here.

Going with the flow I drew Jalil into my plan,

I tried to move forward with shady ways,

I was found out and driven into a corner,

but I thought it would be alright one way or another,

then everything blew up,

thus Ruijird had to become a martyr.

If Ruijird didn’t decide to smear his name with mud,

we might’ve been bound to that town forever.

No, Nokopara was a pro in that town, even if we didn’t meet Kurt.

He would’ve found another method. 

[Don’t apologize, I’m the one who’s supposed to do that!]

Please don’t hurt yourself like this.

[No, you did everything you could.]
It was my strategy that failed. I wasted our time in that town,

thinking of ways to succeed day and night.]

Ruijird suddenly smiled, putting his hand on my head.

[Well it’s not like I ever understood what kind of plans you were making,

till now I thought it was all part of some big plot.

That’s why I almost couldn’t go on.]

Ruijird looked at Eris, who nodded.
[You were just desperately trying to protect something.

Just now when you tried to kill that guy.

You showed me you had the resolution.]

Oh, you’re talking about that time I wanted to submerge the town.

[When you’re trying to protect something, you’re a warrior]  

A warrior.
that’s what he said,
tears almost came out of my eyes.

I’m not that fine a person.

When I planned all those shady ways,

to make money with,

Only then did I think Ruijird would truly cut me down.

At the very last moment I tried to ditch the person I could trust the most.

[Ruijird-san I….. No, I….]

A gentlemen’s word’s in keigo, no.

I shall speak with my own true words.

However I did not understand just what I was trying to say. 

[Don’t say it.]

Ruijird rejected the words I was about to say.

[From now on, give me a lower priority.]

[Don’t worry even if I’m infamous, I shall continue to protect you two.

Trust me, no, please put your trust in me.]

I have trust in you.
I also believe in you.

It’s fine even if you don’t do it.

Indeed, the act of selling Ruijird’s name failed.

And having 2 objectives, restrains my movement.

I understand it’s impossible now.

What’s been draining my mind lately was being distracted with other objectives.

If I think about it I can’t consider other possibilities and if I do that I can’t think.
As a consequence, I’ll cause a failure like this time.

that’s why it’s fine even if I don’t do it.

However, I don’t intend not to do anything about it.
If there were witnesses like today.  
We have to be feared.
At the sight of me shooting stones in town.

Yes we understand,

please wait outside the town.
As if they would say something like that.

[No, I’ll certainly erase Ruijird-san’s infamy]

Rather, I refreshed my determination.

At the very least let me do this to repay my debt.
I will succeed next time.
Without putting too much burden on myself, I’ll try to do as much as I can.

[You’re a guy that never learns,

do you really distrust me that much..]
[I do trust you, that’s why I’m going to help you.]

Even I was bullied a long time ago.

Once they affixed a label of suffering on me, I spend decades in a world of my own.

If Roxy hadn’t shown me the outside world, I wouldn’t have met Sylphy or Eris.

Well my case is different from Ruijird’s case.
The scale of the situation is also completely different.
I know that.
But, even if it’s different.
That doesn’t mean I can just abandon Ruijird.

I can’t be like how Roxy was with me.

The only way I can help him is by continuing to fail while crawling through this with mud filled path.  
It may be a bother to Ruijird.

I might fail like this time and have Ruijird end up becoming a martyr again.

But that’s okay.
It’s better than doing nothing at all.

[You’re a stubborn guy ……]
[At least I’m less stubborn than Ruijird-san.]
[Well, best regards.]

Ruijird made a wry smile, I nodded quietly.
I wonder why?
At that time, I felt as if I and Ruijird,
had gained a true understanding of friendship with each other.



Next morning.
When I woke up, Ruijird had become a skinhead.

I mean, scary.
Combined, with the facial scares he looks like a yakuza.

[Because of what happened yesterday I understood people feared me because of my hair.]

I ended up thinking, what a great resolution.

With my common sense, getting a priest hair cut means having made a resolution for something, or repentance.

In this world, there’s no such common sense.


He doesn’t even think it’s weird.

Seeing such an action, I thought by myself that I should never get such a hair cut.

I’ll repent through my deeds.

But if Ruijird shaved his head, shouldn’t my head also be shaved?

No, but still…. Shaving my head is a little too…. 


[E, Eris should I also save my head like Ruijird?]

[No, I like Rudeus with this hair better.]

I used Eris as a way to escape.
I laugh at my shameless self.  



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