Mushoku Tensei : Volume 3 – chapter 14 (chapter 33)

The Magic continent.

If it was me in my previous life I would’ve thought that it was a slang for Demon world.
Where the demon lord rules,
small villages where demons live,

a small shrine of a forgotten tribe,

where a powerful demon with good style gets summoned.

There is a small shrine was forgotten people,
Powerful demon to swagger so.
That’s the demon world I know.

However, it’s different in this world.

First off, there is no demon lord who rules the continent.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Right now there are about 30 demon lords.

Also each one of them has their own territory.

They’re demon lords in name only though, who just act bossy.

There are also demon lords who have a special unit.

But actually they’re just warriors with special powers and cool names.

The Special Guard in the town of Rikaris was also one of them.

The people in special units are actually pretty similar to adventurers.

They exterminate monsters like them,

they catch criminals in town,

and they also guard the town they live in.

Rather than a soldier they’re more like vigilantes.

I do not know about the relationship of vigilantes and devils in this continent.
Whether the demon lord named them,

or whether the vigilantes just call themselves that without the permission of the demon lord. 

If a demon lord is determined to start a war, they would become the demon lord’s army.

I wonder if they have some sort of agreement on this.

Right now, there aren’t any demon lords trying to start a war, so it’s peaceful.
But that’s only in the areas governed by the demon lords.

Most of the magic continent is a lawless area.

Just like the ‘Fist of the North Star’ where suddenly Mohawks appear to terrorize travelers.

By the way, the demon lord who rules the town of Rikaris is called ‘Badigadi’.

Possessing six arms, black skin and a bulging body of muscles, that’s the kind of demon lord he is.

Well he’s currently missing since he’s on a journey where he’s just wandering around.

The true definition of freedom.



The Magic continent is infested with powerful demons.
In the Adventurer’s Guild, elimination requests for these kinds of demons are for C rank and higher.
In other words, it’s like this:
In this continent, there are only enemies of C rank and higher.
The Stone Treant was barely D rank though.   

That said, the Magic Race is fundamentally stronger than the Human Race.

Moreover, because of the characteristics of each race, they’re abnormally good with wars between races.

There is wall between C and B rank,
therefore the prowess of different continents’ B ranks are different.

Those who don’t try to raise their rank are simply guys like Nokopara or Jalil.

If you think about it like that, Ruijird is abnormal.
He boasts that he can beat an A rank magical beast on his own.
Well the ability between him and 6 to 7 -B rank adventurers are fundamentally different.  

His nickname “Dead End” isn’t just for show.

Having obtained the trust of such a person, I feel truly happy.



After we have left the town Rikaris 3 days have passed.

Perhaps because I was relieved of having earned Ruijird’s trust, my appetite has grown recently.

Even if I say that the food isn’t that good.
Since our only food is the Great rock turtles’ meat.
It isn’t delicious at all.

It tastes bad.

So, I decided to cook it.

It’s not smart to bake it.

So I should just change the receipt.

Earth ware pot that was created with magic,
delicious water produced by a Greyrat’s magic.
steam powered stove that was created with magic (manpower).
Using these three I decided to cook the meat.

Water is precious, but I can infinitely create more.

Actually I wanted to use the stove to cook the meat,

but I decided to stop since it exploded.

Although it takes time, the water bill and gas bill is free after you learn enough magic.
I should just take my time and shower it with my affection to cook it carefully.



The cookware made from earth magic was easily disposable, how handy.

I should also try smoking some meat.

A chip of the Stone Treant…. It didn´t seem tasty at all.  

Anyway, the meat of the Great Rock turtle tasted better after that.
Tough meat always tastes bad,
but the soft meat also tasted bad.

Yeah, it tastes bad.
Even after it was boiled, the scent didn´t change, well it’s not like I could suddenly make it tasty.

It’s a funny story.
It was more delicious that time I ate it at the Migurds’ village.  
Just what does it miss…?
And, then I remembered.
The plants and vegetables the Migurd-tribe was growing.

What I thought when I saw it at first, was that the crops were dying.
However, it wasn’t like that.
That was probably a kind of herb.
It was their knowledge of herbs that removed the bad smell and made the meat tastier.  

I had been completely fooled by Roxy’s words “It’s bitter and tastes bad.”

That’s a vegetable, but it’s not something you eat just like that.

Honestly my Shisho is such an airhead, I’m troubled about her.  

When we arrive at the next town I should buy a stock of herbs.

Also if there are different spices I’d like to test some things out.

[But… Will it be worth the effort?]

Basically in the Magic continent, spices are expensive.
Perhaps because the land isn’t that fertile, the vegetables even more so.

Because they are used for the spices they’re expensive.

For example something like a little ginseng would be bartered for 5kg of meat. 

Great Rock Turtle is really cheap.
It can be said it’s common food here.

That turtle who has a body bigger than a 5 ton truck, can feed a household for a few days even if it’s only one of them.

Even I must say that it couldn’t possibly feed every single household inside a town though.

Sometimes eating Pax Coyotes,

sometimes eating bugs who live in treants.

Even Eris had refused eating the bugs when she saw them.

Even I don’t want to eat something like bugs.

The food culture in this continent doesn’t fit me.

I can still eat the meat of the Great Rock Turtle if it’s cooked.

Among the low level of food culture here, well, it’d be sorted as delicious though.

Saying it’s tasty if you just cook it, I was barely able to nod to these words of Ruijird.

Even so I still need spices.
Those two don’t find it necessary, however for me it’s necessary.  

In other words, I arbitrarily chose to buy it.

However, being arbitrary isn’t good.
Because we’re a team.

Let’s put the talk about spices aside for now,

I should find the right time to consult the right person about this.


[Everybody gather up!]

Eris who was trying to use a lump of cloth as a pillow,

Ruijird who was searching for enemies with his eyes closed.

I called for them to group up.

[I would like to hold meetings from now on.]

Eris was puzzled.

[Yes, if we’re going to keep on traveling like this I think that some problems will occur.

If a problem were to arise, then at that time I think the three of us should discuss over what we should do about it, this should be done so we can prevent fights occurring because of different opinions.]


Erismade ​​apuzzled face.

As I thought, she probably doesn’t like participating in something specific like this.

Better yet I could just discuss everything with just Ruijird,

but to leave someone out isn’t good.

She isn’t some deadweight who slows us down.

So I have to let her join in the discussions like this.


[It’s that right?

What Rudeus and the others did once a month right?]

Once a month?
Oh, she’s talking about the staff meeting.
Come to think of it, I did do something like that.

[Yes it’s the adventurers’ version of that.]

Eris suddenly closed her mouth and began sitting in front of me like a stone.

When I thought she was making a serious face, she had a big grin across her face.

I wonder why.

There shouldn’t have been anything funny about it…

Well it’s better than having her hate it.


[Do I also participate in that?]

Ruijird’s question.
Rather, what would you do if you weren’t participating, Is the tsukkomi I made to myself. 

[Of course.
Didn’t you hold meetings like this when you were in your warrior group?]

[We didn’t. It was just me giving orders, something like that.]

So it was a ‘The leaders words are the law’ kind of thing.

But I live in a democracy.

[Starting today, we discuss it with the three of us and make decisions with the three of us.]

Ruijird nodded obediently and sat down.

Beside the campfire the three of us sat in a circle.
All right.

[Now, we’ll start the first “Dead-End strategy meeting.” Applause]

 Clap, clap, clap, clap, the three of us began applauding.

[Rudeus, why do we do something like applauding?]  
[that’s the kind of thing you have to do.]
[Even though you didn’t to it that time with Girenu, well not that I mind it.]

[Because it’s our memorable first meeting we have to applaud like this.]

Well I didn’t do this at the staff meeting.
But now we’re adventurers, we have to make it a little more exciting like this.

Well last time, I failed big time.]
[No, that wasn’t your you’re fault but-]

[Shut up! Ruijird-san when u make a remark wait until the person talking is done,

after that please raise your hand.]

Hysterically with triangular glasses, that’s how I would’ve said it.

[I understand.]

Ruijird looked as if he didn’t understand any of it, well I just went on with what I wanted to say.

[Let’s think about the reasons we failed.]


Failing to gather information,

Only thinking about making money,

Failing to get two birds with one stone,

Well, we have to be careful of them all respectively.



[As a precaution I would like us to follow the next three points; ‘reporting’, ‘communication’ and ‘consultation’, these are the most important.]

[Consultation…. I see.]

This is of great importance,

With this even if there’s an enemy in front of us we’ll be able to send him flying.

[Yes consultation, before you do something you should consult the others!]

[Hmmm, what do we do specifically?]

[If you ever have something that bothers you, please tell each another about it.] 

In reality I don’t know how society has people consulting others…

Well let’s leave the difficult stuff aside for now.

We should do whatever we can.

[I shall also ask you two for consultation.

The one who was asked for consult, please think about what has been said, even if you don’t agree.

If you do it like that you might find a great plan the others may not have thought about.]

When I think, I decided things without consulting Ruijird about it first.

Even though I said I trust him,

in the depths of my heart it may’ve been different.

[And contact.

If you notice something in the area, please say something immediately.

Please tell one another things like that.]

Eris just kept nodding yes with a difficult face.

I wonder if she understands.

[As for last, reporting.

Progress may be important,

however if a plan fails or succeeds please tell me its result.

Well it’s because I’m still the leader.

Let’s have some awareness about that.

[Any questions for now?]  
[I don’t have any, go on.]

Ruijird shook his head, while Eris raised her hand.

[Yes, Eris.]

[The three of us will consult, but in the end Rudeus will decide right?]

[In the end it’ll probably end up like that.]

[Then isn’t it fine if Rudeus decides everything?]

[There is a limit to how much I can think about.]

[Like I’d be able to think of something Rudeus couldn’t think of!]

I’m thankful you’re saying that,

but let me say it clearly, even I want some peace of mind.

I want you guys to say, it’s all right or you’ll be fine, something like that.

[Even if you can’t think of anything, something Eris might say may give me a hint.]

[I wonder…]

Eris had a face that looked like she didn’t understand.

Well in the beginning it can’t be helped,

since it’s important to use your head.

[For the time being there is something I want to decide on for the future.]

At this moment,

even though we couldn’t make enough preparations, our journey began.

It’ll be a journey from one place to another, but we don’t have another choice apart from doing our best.


[First is the destination… of course,

the final destination will be the Asura kingdom.

In the west of the central continent.

This is okay right?]

The two of them nod.  

However it isn’t possible to cross over to the central continent from the magic continent.
Because there is no route.
In this world, the sea tribe dominates the sea.
Except for the planned route it’s not possible to travel through it.  

[Ruijird-san how can we cross over to the Millis continent?]

[In the most western town of the magic continent ‘Windport’ there’s a boat that leaves from there.]

Therefore if you want to go to the central continent, you need to take the following route;
southern tip of the magic continent to center of the Millis continent.
From the center of the Millis continent to the Southeast end of the Millis continent.
From the southeast end of the Millis continent to the western part of Central continent.
This is the route we need to take.

However, there is also a route from the opposite direction.
It’s a route that goes from the Northwestern part of the Magic continent to the Heaven’s continent.

This way we’ll be able to go to the Central continent without going through the Millis continent. 

If you just want to go to the Central continent then this is logically a few months shorter.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.
The Heaven continent is a continent at the top of a mountain range of cliffs.

Without wings there are no means to go up with.

I also think it isn’t possible to reach it by climbing.

There isn’t a foothold and it’s infested with magical beasts.
It’s a harsh route with a fatality rate of 95 percent.

Moreover even if we passed that, what would be waiting for us there, is the most dangerous place of the Central continent its northern part.

It’s a place invested with criminals running from bounty hunters.

It’s but a theologized story though.

In reality it would probably take the most time.

Looking at the result both of them are very time consuming,

well there’s no need to purposely endanger ourselves.

In other words the route which we’ll take will be the south one. 

[Do you know much the boat fare costs?]
[I do not know.]
[How long would it take us to get there?]

[It’d take pretty long….. if we walked without rest wouldn’t it take about half a year?]

Even if we walked without rest it’d take half a year….. That’s far.

[Isn’t there a way to move instantly, like a magic teleportation circle.]

[Teleportation magic circles are forbidden after the second great magic war.

If we looked around we’d probably find one,

however using it is difficult.]

I just tried asking it but to think it really exists.

[After all, we can only travel on foot, right?]
[That’s right.]

There doesn’t seem to be a way to move at high speed.
Ugh…… to keep walking for half a year.

No, it’s wrong to think of moving for half a year.
we’ll travel bit by bit.
From town to town.
I should think like that.
It’s going on a journey at your own pace, like that.   

[For the time being we should aim for the southernmost port town “Windport”.
How long will it take before we reach the next town?]
[In 15 days we should be able to reach the next town.]

2 weeks.
I wonder if it’s something like that.
The distance from town to town.

[I wonder if they have an Adventurers Guilds.]
[I guess they do.]

Ruijird tells me about,

Different tribes came together in a town in the old days,

The place where they exchanged information and more, a town should be there.

That’s the how I felt.

Therefore, a thing called a small town does not exist,
the warriors of an Adventurers’ guild of various tribes get together there as an everyday thing.

Apparently an Adventurers Guild didn’t exist there.

The one who protected the town were warriors from the different tribe’s who were chosen as representatives.   

In addition, for the sake of the tribes who didn’t fight much,

The tribes that were skilled in fighting went to these tribes to help them out.
The relation between the Supard tribe and the Migurd tribe also gave off the same feeling.

In order to strengthen the relationship between these tribes,
there were also those from different tribes who married each other.

No wonder the Magic continent has so many different tribes.

There were mixed tribes with different kinds too.

Wait, we’re not talking about the main point anymore.  

[Now then I think we should move through towns with Adventurer Guilds in them.]


We’ll stay there for about 1 or 2 weeks.

As long our Adventurers qualification hasn’t been revoked,

we can keep receiving requests.

While also selling the “Dead End” name.
Basically, nothing bad.
And, when our travel expenses are covered we’ll leave the town.

[That’s the kind of flow we should go with,

does anyone have any questions or opinions maybe?]

Ruijird raises his hand.

[You don’t have to sell my name,

for that reason I also cut my hair. The me now is no longer of the Supard tribe.

[Well, selling your name is just an extra while doing requests, just an extra.]

I discovered that from working with Veskel and Jalil.

There isn’t any need to do anything special.

Just trying your hardest completes the job.

If it goes well, we’ll say “Ruijird’s  Dead End” name.

If it doesn’t go well I’ll just say my own name.

I’ll be troubled if they heard the name “Dead End” and begin to panic.

However that will be a secret from Ruijird.

From beneath the stigma of “dead-end”, I’ll suffer because of it.
But that will be a secret to Ruijird.

Deciding something like this on my own right after deciding we’d consult each other?
Don’t fool around, it’ll be alright if I tell them after it’s all over.
[Now that we’ve decided that,

any other questions?]
[You may ask Eris-kun.]

This situation takes me back,

It’s like being in class again.

[Aren’t we going to check the prizes of things, like you did long ago?]

[You mean market research?]

Come to think of it, I did not bother with this in the town of Rikaris.

That town was a place where we really got ripped off.

Even the lizard used for travelling could’ve probably been found somewhere in the wild.

[Let’s do that, because knowing the price of things is the first step to handle money better.

Does anyone have an idea about how we’re going to do this?]

There don’t seem to be any ideas…

I guess it’ll be like this for the time being.

Problems will probably appear on our journey from now on.

At that time, without fighting we were able to calmly discuss things   

[Well then I look forward to working together with you guys from now on.]  

While saying that I bowed my head to the other two.



Thus our journey began!



Inside the town:
There’s nobody who was able to recognize that Ruijird was from the Supard tribe.
I wonder if it might´ve been because he has even shaved his eyebrows,

it seems the Magic continent doesn´t have a culture of firmly affixing a hairstyle.

it might´ve been important to recognize the different tribes, but I guess it isn’t.

The gatekeeper greeted us politely and lets us pass through the gate.

Ruijird´s appearance was like a monk or rather,

no matter how you look at it, he looks like mafia or Yakuza.

Probably because there are other dangerous looking guys in town.

[Greetings, town!]


Like I thought it really does feel different being dressed like an adventurer.
I’m truly happy that we’re wearing these clothes now.

Before this, I was wearing nobleman clothing.

It was truly suspicious.

Even Ruijird was happy since it was the first time he was happily greeted like this.

When I told the guild our party name was “Dead End”,

they just asked:

[Is that really okay?]

When I answered it by saying: [It’s all right because we’re the real thing.] They began to laugh.

This method seems to be effective as ever.
Accepted easily even at unknown places.

It makes me want to bow down to the value of the “Dead End” name.

When we got to the inn we began our war council.

The one who brought up the topic was Eris.

[Rudeus, I want you to stop sniffing my panties while you’re doing the laundry.]

I was told that with a straight face.

I was banned from touching Eris’s panties from then on.

However, if it becomes like that the only one who can do the laundry is Ruijird.

How can I let a lolicon bastard like him who always tries to pat a child’s head, wash the panties of the cute Eris.


I taught Eris how to do the laundry.

From today onward the laundry was under Eris’s supervision.  

But she secretly sniffed the scent of my underwear.  

But, under no circumstances did I want her to stop.

Isn’t that the magnanimity of a man?

Information gathering was not so difficult.
By using the Adventurer’s Guild, we got to gather a lot of information.

Pretending to be a child, I just listened to other adventurers.

It was seriously too easy.

Thinking it’d because a child was with them, I had them tell me everything I wanted to know.

Getting carried away I tried asking a female adventurer her three sizes,

Eris mounted me after hearing that.

In this world, the concept of tapping out didn’t exist.

I thought I’d die.


Traveling to the south, over and over again.

From town to town, accepting requests, selling our name, accumulating gold,

Then traveling  to the next town.

Just repeating this process, we earnestly headed south.



In the middle of our journey,
There were those who came to challenge Ruijird to a duel.

[For I am North god style kalman’s personal disciple “Peacock blade Ober”

 third disciple Rodriguez!] 

At first I thought they were bounty hunters.

I thought some random person put a reward on Ruijird’s head.

[That demeanor, you must be a famous swordsman no doubt about it!

I wish for us to cross blades with each other thus I challenge you to a duel!]

However, it seems to be somehow different.
He must’ve traveled to the magic continent to continue his warrior training.

[What are you going to do Ruijird-san?]
[It’s been a while since I’ve done this kind of thing.]

Ruijird explains; that there seems to be a lot of people with the warrior job in the Magic continent.
Magic beasts are strong in the magic continent,

and the adventurers who eliminate them are also strong.

It’s seems like most of these fellow’s think it’s a great place to advance their training.

Most of them probably think they can get stronger this way.

[I could just accept it but, what should I do?]

[I could tell you what I want, but what do you want to do?]
[I’m a warrior. If someone challenges me I’ll accept it.]

If you’re going to accept it, say so from the beginning.

Is how it turned out.

We decided to agree on some rules.

1. Not killing each other, or severely injuring each other.
2. This side (Ruijird) names himself after the duel ends.
3. Whether you win or lose no tough feelings.

And, Ruijird won.
With movements that reflected the opponent who went in at full power, he won.

Well it didn’t feel as if he held back.

However, with low risk movements he won while completely sealing his opponent’s movements.    

[It’s my complete loss, to think there was still someone this strong; this means the worlds really wide!

And what’s your name?]
[It’s Ruijird Supardia, I’m also called “Dead End”.]

[What you mean? That “Dead End?!

In the magic continent I have heard rumors of a fearsome male from the Suparb-tribe walking around!]

After the fight ended, he was schocked.

Surprisingly, those of the human race don’t know much about the characteristics of the Supard tribe.

That the Supard tribe uses spears,

or that they have a red gem on their foreheads.

There seem to be many of them that don’t know of it.

For the human race the only characteristics they have to look out for is the Supard’s emerald green hair.

Emerald green hair.

Even after 400 years have passed, that was the only reason for their persecution.

Bullying him only because his hair color is green, this is something that goes beyond my reasoning.

[However he doesn’t seem to have any hair?]
[I shaved my hair off.]
[It seems like it’d be better if I don’t ask the reason for it…]

The opponent is clearly strong,

in the face of a symbol of fear like the Supard tribe,

who were known for their heinous actions.

It’s such an opponent, where being afraid of him is totally natural.

But, still, between warriors.
Apparently there is something that connects them.

For people that use their strength in order to survive,

someone like Ruijird should be a symbol of respect and admiration.

[No way, I got to have a match with a historical legend….!

I’m going to brag about it in my home town!]

Most of the opponents were happy about it.

It’s like when you meet someone for the first time on the street,

they look like they’d be unfriendly.

But surprisingly he’s a nice guy you could talk to.

It was a joy like that.

[That’s why we—]

Starting with this guy, Ruijird continued to be challenged.
And the farther we got south the more challengers came forth.

Within the warriors that challenged him was a guy with a history.

400 years ago the time when Ruijird was in the Supard-tribes warrior group.

There was someone who was called the same as him.







When he said that it was the same person, I was very suprised.

About that person, Ruijird, filled a whole night of stories of that person’s past.

Gramps Ruijird’s story was long but, it seems like a story like this without any exaggeration was exciting for a warrior.  
Especially, the siege against a thousand man, it was a long battle, but they were able to deal a serious blow to Laplace, as unmanly as it was I shed some tears after hearing this warrior’s story.

If I turned this story into a book it might be able to change people’s view on the Supard tribe.

[True Story! Battle on the magic continent without justice first chapter!]

Or something like,

[The truth about the Supard tribe nobody knows!]

Something like that.

I wonder if I can print them with some earth magic.

In addition I can write in the languages of 4 different continents.

However I could get caught for breaking the law of the continent….

I’ll leave it in the depths of my head for now.

[See you, thank you, I learned a lot.]

These warriors all left happily in the end.

There wasn’t even one guy who ran for his life even once.

That’s also thanks to Ruijird shaving his head.


Actually, wouldn’t it be alright if every one of the Supard tribe became a skin head?


Onward to the South,

And even farther to the South.

Thus our journey continued.



Of course, it wasn’t just a smooth journey.
There were problems that happened many times.

Also Eris who came to understand the words, became seriously pissed off and started a fight.

There were also some cases where Ruijird’s identity as someone of the Supard tribe was found out.

In addition to that there was a time I tried to peek at Eris bathing, however Ruijird grabbed me by my neck and pulled me away.

Similar problems happened many times over.
First time around, I became worried over every little problem.

I thought I had to make sure it didn’t happen again.

But, if you think about it.
Whenever Eris started a fight she never drew her sword.

Also whenever Ruijird was found out it it didn’t turn into a mayhem like the first time.

And we were very friendly towards the guards saying [Sorry but since there are also a lot of scary guys in the Supard tribe we need be cautious.]

Something like that.
In the end I couldn’t peak at Eris taking a bath even once.

All of them were small problems.
They never developed into bigger problems.
That’s why I stopped caring after a while.

Eris is violent,
Ruijird is from the Supard tribe,
And I’m a pervert.

It was something decided from birth.
Now I believe it more than ever, it isn’t something that can be changed.

Well,I’m doing whatever I can.

But even if I fail I should just deal with situations.

Let’s go at a relaxed pace, a relaxed pace.

Partway through I began to think like that.

But I certainly won’t treat failure lightly.

However we should loosen our shoulders,

I just became able to put the things I wanted to try into practice.

A year has passed since we started travelling.

And before we noticed we had already become A rank adventurers


And thus at the southern end of the Magic continent.

We reached the port town Windport.


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