Tsuyokute: New saga – Prologue

CH01 – Prologue


The humans, elves and dwarves that are blessed by the god of light are named the humanoid race.

The demon race, who even though they are few in numbers, individually possess powers far above that of the average humanoid.

The huge continent “Loyndars” is divided into east and west, nobody knows when it started but the two sides have been in a continuous conflict.

It lasted for a thousand years, but it unprecedently became peaceful 300 years ago.

It was because of the Demon race’s King, there was a change in ownership of the demon king title and the new king is comparatively moderate compared to the previous. Though there are sporadic skirmishes that occur, the humanoid races are getting used to the peace

But then the peace was suddenly broken.

Under the rule of a newly crowned Demon King, during the 2826 Genesis Calendar of the fifth month, the demon race attacked the other territories and the “The Great Invasion” began.


Against the humans who had gotten used to the temporary peace and steadily fought increasingly intensifying battles against their own, this surprise attack which should also be called the general offensive, began.

Not caring about their own appearance, the demons battle tactics of not worrying about the sacrifice of innocents was terrifyingly effective, and in the blink of an eye, numerous countries had been destroyed.

Rather than controlling the human race for the demon race, the goal of the demon king was to completely annihilate them.

Those that resist are massacred, those that surrender are taken as prisoners into the Demon Race’s Territory and are never seen again.

Of course the human race wouldn’t just be silent about this, they immediately formed a treaty to each countries as expected, they created a coalition army made from troops of each race.

By all rights, the human side had enough war strength to oppose them.

But foolishly, each country and race had disputes over who should be in charge, and thus the cooperation broke down and the tired main force was crushed.

Afterwards, the humans keep fighting hopeless, one-sided defensive battles.

The Garugan Empire perished on the 4th month of the year 2827

After humanity’s largest fighting force was destroyed humanity had no choice but to lead a desperate suicide attack.

The remaining military forces banded together and challenged the Demon King’s main army to a reckless final showdown gathering the majority of the attention.

Using that chance the hand-picked elite infiltrated the Demon King’s castle to strike at heart of the enemy and slaying the source of this era of despair, the Demon King.

The chance was low, but there was no other way, it was certainly the last gamble.

Then humanity won that gamble. Barely.

The Demon King’s Castle’s deepest part, Maou’s Chamber.

The chamber was enormously large, a small town could easily fit into it.

Crammed onto the floor there was a pattern of geometric shapes and undecipherable characters, other than that there was nothing that stood out other than the altar in the middle.

The deathmatch in front of the altar, the battle that decided the fate of the world just ended.

There was only one person standing, hailing from the Human Tribe the Magic Swordsman Kail.


The figure covered by silver armour was covered completely with wounds, with cuts all over his body and his left hand having being almost minced was surely of no more use. The fact that he was standing let alone alive was already a miracle in itself.

However he was standing purely on willpower, looking at the defeated Demon King.

Kail maintained his vigilance even while looking at the Demon King’s body slowly crumble away.

And then when he confirmed the Demon King was completely eradicated, as if all his strength had been spent he sat down onto the floor.

“With this……it’s all over……”

However, while the demons are much stronger than humans there are many of them who are  selfish and arrogant.

The demon army that was massed with the overpowering charisma and strength of the Maou should lose at this rate.

Many deaths were produced because of this war, but originally the humanoids’ death rate was higher. The number of deaths in the demon army was also large enough to end the invasion.

The humanoid’s were saved, slowly but surely they’ll realize this fact.  

But Kail felt no joy. Those that were sacrificed for this victory, up until this point there were far too many who were lost.

I see the sword in my hand, no the remains of what used to be a sword.

It was a magic sword with a stone on it that could be called my friend and comrade, however now it’s just a piece of scrap that won’t talk anymore.

I see the door leading to the outside firmly closed.

I’ll surely join you later, is what my comrades said who stopped the demons advancing on us. In the end none of them caught up to me.

I look at the World Tree’s Staff lying on the floor a little bit away.

The staff that the Elven spirit user who had been fighting with me used up to this point, she sacrificed herself in the fight just now. In exchange, she ceased to exist in order to save me.

Recalling the smile she showed me at the end tears streamed down.

Out the things I wanted to protect none of them were left.  

The hometown I was born and raised in, the friends who I laughed together with, those with whom I lived through near death battles. Even the one I loved….. I had lost everything.

There was no sense of joy nor accomplishment. What lies in my heart are only sadness and emptiness.

After losing my thirst for revenge which was the only drive I had left, I was now like an empty husk.

Here we are at the heart and deepest part of Demon’s Castle


Even if we killed the Demon King, someone else will become the new Demon King.


It was planned for us to escape silently after the deed was done, however I didn’t feel like it.

Although it couldn’t be done as planned.

Kail had deep wounds all over his body, they weren’t at the level where you could say it’d just be alright if you leave it alone. They were wounds that could take one’s life.

But there were no more healing potions, there also weren’t any comrades left that could heal me.

But even that didn’t matter anymore.

As I laid my body down, the only thing left was to accept my death. Thinking that, I closed my eyes.  

If I just lost consciousness like this everything would’ve probably ended.

The feathers that grow on the Maou’s back, whether it was coincidence or fate, the feathers floated around. Jet-black feathers were gently touching Kail’s face.

His conscious that was about to be swallowed in darkness cleared up, he thinly opened up his eyes and in the wide space with nothing much in it only the altar stood out.

From there, a red light was visible.  

” …… What’s that?”

Barely able to straighten his body, he walked to the altar that seemed to draw him in.

What decorated the altar was a gem of stunning crimson as if it was dripping blood.

The size was probably as big as a baby’s fist, it seemed to give off a red light like a pulsating heart.

Kail could use magic so he could sense the tremendous amount of magic hidden within it.

“Is this… a magic item?”

Just as its name specifies: a magic item is a tool with magical properties.

Even those that couldn’t use magic could use it.

If I think about it, the movements of the Maou were strange during the battle.

He received an attack he would’ve been able to dodge.

Although it was my victory, it felt as if he was trying to cover something while treading over thin ice.

“What was he trying to protect, was it this?”

Then Kail remembered that the Maou was not watching him who had killed him in his last moments but the altar instead.

The light that kept flowing out of the gem became stronger. As if it was going to release an enormous amount of energy at any moment.

“Did it go out of control because the Maou died?”  

It’s probably an incomplete product, like this it’ll end up going out of control.

The result of an incomplete magic item being unstable, is exploding.

The more proportional the amount of magic put into it, the bigger the explosion, I can’t even imagine how big the explosion would be if this ended up exploding.  

Looking back on it I don’t know why I did something like this.

Was I attracted by the mysterious beauty that was out of this world?

Or did I just want to quickly be at peace?

Anyway Kail grabbed the gem in what would be called a casual movement.

At that moment the jewel began letting out a red light, as if it was exploding and attacking Kail.

It wrapped around Kail immediately, dyeing everything around him red.

After that he didn’t understand anything anymore.

Kail was awakened by a gentle warm light across his face.

He noticed his uninjured body was lying on a bed.

“…… This place is?”

Kail said with a fading voice while looking around.

It’s not like it was a place he was unfamiliar with. Rather, there was no place he was more familiar with.

Against the wall was the training sword he got from his father and the recommended books he got from his mother were lined up also there were gifts he got in his childhood days.

The position of the desks and chairs in his room were exactly as he remembered them, even the bed he just slept in.

They’re not only familiar, they should’ve been things he couldn’t see anymore.

I can’t be mistaken, it’s the place where I’ve lived most of my life till now. It’s the room I used to live in, but it was destroyed by the invasion of the demon race.

“I ……just what?”

Just as I was trying to use my head which didn’t seem to work well since I didn’t use it so much, the door was opened vigorously and a cheerful voice was heard.

“Just how long are you going to sleep? Get up already?!”

The one was came in was quite a young girl who looked to be in her mid-teens with quite peculiar long red hair as her distinctive characteristic.

With unhesitating behavior full of vitality, just by looking at this girl you’ll get happy.

“Lize ……”

From the time I was born there were far more days that I’d seen her face than not, we were raised as if we were family, there I muttered the name of the childhood friend that I shouldn’t have ever been able to meet again.

“What, you’re already awake…  Seriously…. You’re a sixteen year old from today onward, at least become independent.

Saying it all bossy with her hand on her hip.

This girl was always like this since long ago. Even though we’re the same age she treats me like a little brother just because she was born a few months earlier.

Seeing Lize’s face, Kail was stunned for a while, then he understood something.

“Oh, … it’s a dream…”

He muttered that with a helpless laugh.

It’s a dream that’s cruel yet very happy.

He thought it was his reward for saving the world, yet it felt like irony to him.

There’s nothing except for an irreplaceable time of peace, the days of peace he once lost.

But it was fine even if it was a dream or an illusion….. Since I´m able to return home even if it´s for a small moment.  




Kail raised his body from his bed without any regard for the earnest voice of his childhood friend.

“What’s the matter?”

Kail furrows his brow as he approached her untill they could feel each other´s breathing.

Kail unintentionally embraced Lize without saying anything.


“Lize! Lize! Lize!”

He wished that for every time he called her name this time could be lengthened even by one second, thus he strongly embraced her.

“H-hey just what the heck are you doing?!”

Lize tried to escape from Kail’s embrace however she was too weak to do so.

“A-Ah ……”

Eventually the resistance disappeared, Lize was quiet while her face was bright red.

Kail noticed her discomfort after a while.

Feeling Lize’s body heat with his whole body, smelling the perfume of flowers and hearing her voice. “S-So suddenly..” a small voice began speaking, “I haven’t prepared my heart yet.”

Then I gradually began to realize some things.


That it’s strangely realistic for a dream.

As if to ascertain something I moved my left hand behind her back.

Moving my hand to her bottom, and I grab her ass slightly hard.


Lize’s body reacted significantly all of a sudden.


Soft and warm, as if trying to make sure of it I began to grope around.

“E-Eh, Ah? Wha.., No, Wai….t!”  

Lize said in a upset voice.

If I remember right, she was worried about her ass being bigger than those of the same age, I thought that with a clear mind.

Kail had forgotten at this time.

While being busy he didn’t notice the physical phenomenon where a certain part of his body became “energetic”.

In response to touching the ass of someone of the same generation, that part became even more “energetic”.

Of course because it had become rather hard and he was hugging her harder she began to notice the “energetic” part. More like it was in good form.


Lize’s bright red face paled suddenly.


With incredible power Kail was peeled off, allowing her to not just use her arm as a whip, but also by slightly dropping her waist gathering all her power in her arm. A hit from a great angle that sent Kail flying by using the whole body from her waist to her toes.

Kail who’s flying through the air while spinning around, plunged into the bookshelf.

“Y-You idiot! What are you trying to do first thing in the morning!”

Lize said that while slightly in tears, in a loud voice and went out while she violently closed the door.

Kail who was buried upside down in a pile of books was fully awakened by the pain not just in his jaw but by the pain in his head which made him finally notice the sense of discomfort.

“Eh…? This isn’t a dream?”

At that time Kail who had his right hand tightened the whole time from the moment he awoke, slowly relaxed.

What fell out of Kail’s right hand while making a sound as it fell to the ground was what was decorating the altar, a red gem that looked almost like a drop of blood.

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