CH03 – Magic

Chapter 03


The Leonard house where Kail lives in located in the outskirts of the town of Rimaze.

A few stories high with a wide garden, in the neighborhood it’s known as something like a mansion.

I was tempted to go into the town to see the state of affairs but I headed towards my destination, a detached dwelling in the corner of the garden.

A sturdy one-story stone house with only one window and a low height.

Immediately after opening the door there was a steep staircase going downward.

After going down one level there was an opened sturdy door with an unique nostalgic smell.


In the room stood a bookshelf where books were tightly packed and crammed in.

Without any windows in the room, there was a magic tool with the property of [Light] hung onto the wall illuminating the room. .

By the way, in order not to damage the books this building has a special magic infused product which is able to adjust the temperature, humidity and the brightness.

The archive of books in this semi-underground place was made in order to eliminate all great enemies of books like humidity, sunlight, temperature, etc.

Taking everything into account this cost an unimaginable amount of magic and gold.  

Many different books were aligned widely, from picture books for children to books about ancient magic banned by the kingdom.


And on the table in the center of the room was a giant pile of books.

There as if buried by the mountain of books was a woman who was reading.

After noticing Kail, the woman raised her head and smiled sweetly.

“Oh, Kail-chan. It’s unusual for you to come here. Certainly at this time.”

Is what she said to me.

I knew she would be here but actually meeting her made my chest tighten up.


While hiding his feelings Kail spoke up.

“It’s already morning. Did you stay up to read books all night again, Mother?”

“Oh?  it’s already morning?….. As I thought I can’t tell what time it is when staying here.”

Kail’s mother Seraia responded while yawning.

She should have passed thirty a long time ago, but she has short trimmed hair with a baby face and is also petite so she looks much younger than her actual age.

If Kail stood next to her instead of being parent and child they’d look more like siblings at best.

Lise absolutely insisted that the texture of her smooth skin was because of some magic drug or dubious ritual.


“I have a quick question actually.”

Because of Kail’s words Seraia looked at her son’s face with interest.

“It just keeps getting more unusual, that you’d have something to ask me…. Ah, if it’s about my encounter with your dad than I can tell you all you want. That was twenty years ago….”

“That’s for another time.”  

Kail stops his mother who tried to tell a dangerous story,

The story about her meeting with his father. Once she begins she’ll continue hours, this caused a trauma for the once small Kail.

“I want to know something about magic.”

“About magic? Well if I actually know about.”

“Finding someone more knowledgeable than mother would be quite hard….”


Magic is divided into three large systems of magic.

Sacred magic to perform miracles with the help of the gods.

Elemental magic that uses spirits to control earth, water, wind and fire.

And ancient magic that uses ancient language for control, with the help of academic development in the time of the ancient magic kingdoms.

Among these, humans use the sacred magic and ancient magic, Seraia is an user of ancient magic.


Ancient magic is divided into five classes, lowest class magic, low class magic, mid class magic, high class magic and highest class magic, if you can roughly understand ancient magic then you’re at the lowest level.

Also if you can use a higher level of magic you’ll receive a title.

Those who use lowest class magic are a ‘Magician’, low class magic users are a ‘Sorcerer’, mid class magic users are a ‘Wizard’, high class magic users are a ‘Mage’ and highest class magic users are an ‘Archmage’.    

Those who hold the title of Archmage in the human race are countable and here is one of them.

The famous Seurat St. kingdoms capital Glorious has the princess Sakira.

And Selaia is one of the few famous Archmage´s of the capital.

Not knowing whether it’s a lie or the truth, but I heard she was nominated to be the youngest court magician in the Garugan empire.

Kail’s grandfather who passed away before he was born had a considerable amount of wealth, using the inheritance she was living comfortably while gathering books.

Why they chose to live in such a frontier instead of living in retirement in the city, Kail doesn’t know anything nor has heard anything about it.


However there’s no one more fit to ask about magic than her.


“Well… Is there a magic that sends you go back into the past?”

“There  is.”

Selaia said it frankly as if it was nothing.

“Ah, there is?!”

“Yeah, there isn’t much known about it, but there certainly is a magic that interferes with time.”

“But I never heard of anything like it. Such a handy, no, cheat like magic.”

“If you think about it it’s obvious. Just because it exists doesn’t mean everyone can use it.

Explaining the finer details, it’s something that’d take years of time, also the magic theory behind it has already been found. The reason it hasn’t been used would be the amount of magic power.”

Magic power is the is like an energy source for magic, magic users always have magic power.

If someone has a large amount of magic power even the lowest class magic becomes an attack with powerful force.  

“If you gave time magic a rank it’d be ten times more than highest class magic. A human or even a dragon or a god wouldn’t be able to use it. Simply put imagine that the flow of time is a giant flowing river and humans are ants, do you think the ants could change the flow of the river?”

“That’s…… impossible.”

“Even if we summoned the greatest magicians of this world and they would use all their magic power it would still be impossible to change the flow of history.”

That’s why only a few people know about it, so says Seraia.


“I see… What if someone wanted to go back a few years into the past?”

“Years? Something like that would need an tremendous amount of magic power. Gathering so much magic power in one place…. that would be impossible.”

Well I wouldn’t have to think about that, I denied the thought in my head.


“And if you had a Magic item?”

To Kail’s words she raised her voice with an ‘Ah’ sound.

“I see, that’s interesting, if it’s a magic item then the magic power can be gathered.  Since there isn’t a need to gather it all at once…. Since it’s  a matter of time collecting something like magic would be better if there weren’t any time restraints.”

Seraia shakes her head in denial after thinking about it a little.

“Well I thought a little about it, but there are many problems concerning it. First would be the gathering of magic power. Even if there was the time you’d need to be able to get it ready, even if an Archmage spent a thousand years it still wouldn’t be possible.”


“Then…. what if the forbidden ritual was used?”

After hearing about the forbidden ritual Seraia frowned.

“Certainly using that ‘outside the rules’ method you’d be able to collect a large amount of magic power…. How do you know about it?”

The forbidden ritual is a sacrificial ritual where the life of someone gets converted into magic power, this way you’d be able to attain an enormous amount of magic power.

For this ritual even someone without any magic power can be used, magic users who turned to the dark side sacrificed a whole village for the purpose of an evil experiment, are the kind of stories being told.

There are few who practice these methods, the methods are also not revealed.

“I just read a little from a book. I don’t know much about it.”

At the end of the battle, the human race who no longer had any other options tried to use this forbidden method.

Although they almost used that method, in the end they placed their bets on the last us.

“I see…. hypothetically speaking even if you used that method it’d still be impossible, going back just a few years would already cost half the human race living on this continent.”

“Right, sacrificing half the human race for a magic like that isn’t possible.”

In other words, if you sacrificed such a great amount you’d have the necessary amount of magic power.

Kail remembered that around the Demon king’s castle there was a mountain, no, mountain ranges of corpses gathered.

The humans that were kidnapped from all around the continent whose live force was sucked out, they were like withered trees.

“the other problem would be the catalyst. For normal magic a simple gem or magic stone would be alright, but a catalyst that has to hold such an amount of magic power doesn’t exist.”

A catalyst that can absorb magic power is called a magic stone or gem, these stones are frequently used because they are easy to preserve.

However each magic stone and gem has a limit, if that limit would be passed the magic power inside would go out of control and explode.


“The only possibility would be the legendary “God Dragon’s Heart”.

“What’s that?”

“Well …… It’s this.”

Selaia takes out an old book from the chaotic pile of books.

It seems like the person herself is able to take care of the storage.

“Oh, It’s this, this. This is the legendary “God Dragon’s Heart”.”

Being shown the open book, I was able to read about the story concerning the “God Dragon’s Heart” and there was also a picture shown there.”


In ancient times there was a dragon who was said to be a force above most of the great Gods.

In the end the dragon dies, however it’s carcass had remnants of his power that surpassed the Gods who live an eternity of time.

The ones that managed to get his remains were the humans of the ancient kingdom of Xarles.

Thus Xarles was able to extract tremendous magic power that was hidden in the “God Dragon’s Heart”.

Xarles was able to obtain a near infinite magic power source which brought the kingdom prosperity.

However the “God Dragon’s Heart” was finally exhausted of its magic power after a thousand years of use.

That was the cause of the Ancient kingdom Xarles’s downfall over the course of history.


“So, that doesn’t mean you can’t refill it just because it got emptied, it’s probably history’s most powerful vessel.”

“I see…..”

Kail unconsciously put his hand on top of his pants pocket.

The gem that looks precisely like that in picture.

“However when Xarles’ kingdom fell its whereabouts were unknown.  It’s almost been a thousand years, I wonder if it still exists? Maybe it already left human hands and it’s in the demon continent.”

“Yeah… That’s right”

“Other than, that would be the size of the magic circle which would be really big. It would probably be as big as a little town. It’d be bad if it got exposed to other elements so it’d have to be a room.”


The size of the Demon king’s room was big enough to fit an entire town wasn’t it.

Also the floor was covered with clean demon language, at the time I didn’t give it much thought and I immediately went for the final battle, thinking about it I should’ve thought more about it.

“In other words you have to make a magic circle the size of a small village, the legendary “God Dragon’s Heart” and sacrifice half the human race on this continent right?”

“Well yeah something like that. And? Impossible right?”

“Yeah, that’s impossible…”

Kail who met eyes with Seraia simply said so.

“But you’re asking weird things aren’t you, it’s as if Kail-chan is from the future.”

“What do you mean, isn’t something like that impossible.”

“That’s also true isn’t it, I’m relieved.”

The two people were going, ‘hahaha’ about it while laughing. (Though Kail had a forced laugh while moving his shoulders.)

I decided not to think about my mother who was easily appeased by such a small effort for the time being.


“Leaving that aside, it’s been awhile since I’ve had such a long conversation with Kail-chan.”

“Was it…. Like that?”

“It was. ‘Cause Kail-chan had been clearly avoiding me recently.”

“Ah, I didn’t mean it like that but….”

Kail remembers, it really was like that.

Around this time I was avoiding my mother for no apparent reason for some time.

Well if I said it was because of puberty that’d be it, but I myself don’t know the exact reason for doing something like this.

“Seriously, I was lonely you know. Thinking I was a failure as a mother for being hated by her own son.”

“Certainly I don’t think mom looks or acts like a mother. You’re a slob and a houseplant and you don’t try to show interest in anything other than books. You’re useless in housework and also can’t do anything mother-like. From others’ eyes you wouldn’t look like a respectable mother at all.”

“Yeah, I think I was aware of it but being told that by my own child with a straight face…. Kind of hurts. “


“Even if you’re like that… For me you’re the best mother I could wish for.”

And I also did not want to lose her again.


“Hmph, you’re saying some nice things.”

Selaia is hugging Kail with a smile.

Well Kail’s physique was bigger so it looked like she was the one being hugged.

If it was the Kail from before he would’ve tried to get away as soon as possible, but now he was trying his best to suppress his tears of embarrassment and joy.

It would be suspicious to cry here so he reluctantly turned his face away a little.

Seeing this action Seraia who is shaking her head with another smile, hugs her son even tighter.


“Now then since we talked so much, I got hungry. Since Lise is the one cooking breakfast today it should be good.”

Kail’s face twitched when Seraia said she’d look forward to it while getting ready to go home.

“Oh …… I’m sorry, I ate all of it.”

After thinking about it, it would only be natural that mother would also have a portion.

Seraia’s kept smile now freezes.

“If…. If it’s like that it can’t be helped. Mother will eat some preserved food like always, hehehe.

“No, that, I’m sorry, really”

“No, it’s alright….. Ah, it’s it Kail-chan’s birthday today right. Then the breakfast can be your birthday present….. Hehehe.”

“No, Isn’t that kind of cheap? My birthday present?”


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