CH05 – Rescue Plan

Even though I declared I would change it, how could I accomplish it.

Early in the morning Kail reminds himself of the resolve he had at sunset yesterday, after staying up the whole night thinking about it he went to his desk.

Even with all my determination I still couldn’t think of a specific method.

To be precise, I should specify that I have rejected most of my ideas.

My first idea was to tell the truth to someone.

Saying that I’m from four years of the future and that the demons are going to attack in three years time, it was an idea.

Of course they wouldn’t believe me. In their place I would’ve just laughed through my nose if I hadn’t experience it myself.

If you think about it logically it would be impossible.

Four years later I would be known as the “hope of the human race,” but now I’m just a normal kid, I don’t possess the power to back up this title.

And it’d be good if the worst was that they wouldn’t believe me, because they could also just put me in prison for being a madman, I wouldn’t enjoy that.

On the contrary by creating chaos for the human race they could accuse me of being an agent for the demons, put me in jail, and execute me as a traitor.

The only thing that can be seen as evidence is the “God Dragon’s Heart”. If I showed this, I might be believed.

If it was seen by someone who recognized it as the legendary treasure, they would understand, however it also carries some risks.

If it’s something this valuable then it could attract the eyes of some with evil intentions.

Even if I personally asked them to believe me, there would only be a small group who would.

That’s useless. I’m here now in order to have the whole human race follow me

In the first place, the reason why the human race was driven to the verge of extinction is obvious.

Our reaction was terrible…. Our guard was down and there was no cooperation.

This was the thing Kail speculated the most about during that one year of battle.

Even if demons are stronger overall than the human race, if humans combined their strength they could’ve won. I won’t say that much, but we should at least be around the same level.

If the human race just strengthened their defense, they could’ve prepared for the big invasion and had less victims.

But having the complete human race work together, it’s easier said than done. At the moment that’s pretty much impossible.

First of all, the humans with their pride are the least organized.

Territorial wars, economic issues, problems with religion etc….. And these are just the crust of the pie.

Skirmishes also occurred frequently, if we didn’t share the demon race as a common enemy then a large war would’ve already occured a long time ago.

The other humanoid races; the ones called the Elfs and Dwarfs are also having an interracial war.

Kail was holding his head in exasperation over the many problems that needed to be solved.

“I wish the populace would listen without needing any evidence. Even I would listen if I thought there was an impending danger.”

It’s not the time for the human race to fight between themselves is what I think, even if force is needed to achieve unity.

But still, a fake peace of three hundred years really was long.

Leaving the Elves who are said to live a thousand years aside, humans have changed alot over three hundred years which to us is many generations.

Even if you have an enemy for many years, if there isn’t any direct danger you’ll lose your sense of wariness and let your guard down.

The town of Rimase that’s close to the Demon territory has walls around the city and guards protecting them, but even with that I wouldn’t say their sense of danger would be high.

Including Kail himself, the citizens of this town never would have imagined that their town would perish one day.

Even this town thats close to the Demon territory is like this, then the rest of humanity it doesn’t even need to be said.

The next idea was to infiltrate the demon territory and kill the demon lord, well, the demon lord of three years from now.

Since the invasion was something that he ordered, if I could assassinate him, the great invasion probably won’t happen.

“The problem is that it’s absolutely impossible.”

The problem is that I don’t know anything about the Demon king.

The only thing I know about the Demon king is his appearance, I don’t even know his name.

With only that amount of information, it’s impossible to find him in the vast demon territory.

In the first place, the human race doesn’t have any means to receive information from the demon continent, so there isn’t a way to know what’s going on there.

For example even if I was really lucky and found him, whether I can take his life or not is another question.

He shouldn’t be stronger than how he was from four years from now but it’s good to think he’ll be around the same level of power.

Even though Kail was the one who finished off the Demon king, it was only finishing what his companions started.

Even with his strength, many lives were lost in the process.

A hundred of humanity’s elites who had survived till then had infiltrated the castle.

But only ten had reached the demon king, in the end only Kail survived.

I could only think I was really fortunate, it was a close win. If we were to fight again it’d be impossible.

After a big sigh Kail sat before his desk.

“In the end it’s impossible to stop the invasion by myself…. Then that means it’s a lost cause.”

Then I should consider changing my mentality; and think about what I can do with this situation.

Kail grabbed the notebook that was on his desk.

“The only advantage that I have….. Well it could only be this, having a better memory than most others.”

As I thought all I can do is make use of the events that’ll happen from now on.

What happened these past four years, in other words what’ll happen in the next four years is what is written in the notebook.

Of course I didn’t carry a record on me, so it’s pretty amazing I was able to recall everything from my memories.

This is what I was single mindedly writing about yesterday, not knowing whether it would be helpful or if I was just single mindedly writing on and on.

It contained knowledge about the attack methods of the Demons against the cities to the weather conditions, even cooking that left an impression on me. I wrote about everything that I could remember.

If I use it effectively I should be able to achieve a lot. But…

“The problem is if I will be able to use it.”

I shook my head attempting to slow down my brain that had gone into overdrive, of course that didn’t give me any ideas.

The other thing that seems to be useful is my strength.

Four years from now I would be the strongest magic swordsman of the human race, but I now only possessed these thin arms.

“I should ascertain my strength properly. It’ll also be good for my body…”

It’ll be a good change of pace, looking at the sword that was leaning against the wall my mood improved.

All of a sudden I felt the presence of a lot of people moving about outside.

And I also smelled something nice.

“…..Guess I’ll eat some breakfast.”

While rubbing my hungry stomach I head downstairs.

“Ah, good morning Kail! It’s great you can wake up without any help.”

Lize who came to make breakfast again greeted me.

“Ah, good morning.”

“Oh ~ agoodaemorninges” (Best representation of chewing while eating)-misher

Seraia who had already started eating said it with a smile to Kail.

“Good morning mother, it’s better if you don’t speak while eating.”

I also added that she had jam all around her mouth.

“Hey, eat it before it goes cold.”

Kail sits on the chair Lize readied for him.

“Thanks… Wait, Lize aren’t you acting strangely friendly since yesterday?”

Kail who had been in his room for most of the day thinking, was hungry, they asked him if he needed any help.

If it was just that then it would be okay, but it didn’t feel like normal kindness. More like a worry or something, it felt like a parent taking care of a child, or someone taking care of a sick person.

“It’s nothing like that. Ah, that bread is a little big so I’ll cut it.”

It’d be bad if it got stuck in your throat, while looking at Lize’s figure cutting the bread, it felt like she was protecting me, it’s probably just my imagination.

She must be worried since I lost consciousness suddenly after I set my resolve.

After I lost his consciousness and opened my eyes, I was in the church of the Earth Goddess where Lize had brought me to be healed.

“By the way Kail-chan, are you going to stay in your room all day again? Isn’t that bad for your health?”

“No I’m going outside later, I want to practice a little with the sword.”

I feel that mother was implying its time to go out, of course I didn’t say it out loud.

“Oh, hasn’t it been awhile since Kail-chan swung the sword.”

“That’s right saying that you’ll train, what happened?”

The two look at Kail with a questioning look.

“It’s a little change of pace.”

While biting on a piece of bread I remembered, that around this time I had been slacking off my sword practice.


Hello since I think it’s progressing a little slow I think I’ll speed up the updates.

The target is one every two days…. But it’s just a goal.

I’ll try my best, I’ll look forward to the feedback.



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    Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to moar hahah
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    Picked up the manga today. I love the details of the Light Novel though. :P

    Another series after Mushoku Tensei has got me into it hook, line and sinker. Thank you very miuch for translating. :D


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    Thanks for the hard work translators =3. Though I really find it hard to swallow he couldn’t tell anyone about the time travelling. His own mother gave him answers to all his questions and called him out on it after all. If he showed her the stone and explained everything she would most likely believe. Not only that, being one of the only Archmages her words would be very persuasive to people hearing them. So the whole, ‘no one would believe me’ bit… well yeah… really don’t get it…


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