CH07 – Policymaking

CH07 – Policymaking

“Have you calmed down?”
“Are you reflecting on it?”
“I’m sorry, I went a little crazy.”
Lize who was kneeling in front of Kail apologized.

From the moment Lize assaulted Kail it had taken a while to calm her down, the sun had gone down considerably.

“Well the most important thing is that the misunderstanding was solved…. But just what made you so upset?”
She always went berserk when she got too emotional, but this time it was really bad.

Lize opens her mouth and says while wiping her tear-filled eyes with her finger.
“But…but…… Kail can’t do anything without my help, but before I knew it you’re doing things without anyone…… it…. it’s frustrating……”
The more she speaks the smaller her voice becomes.

(Did she used to play coy like this….. No it’s just that I haven’t noticed.)
Kail convinced himself by saying; just act happy, everything will be alright.

Kail who didn’t act like the Kail from yesterday made Lize worry, he probably was the cause of it, but he didn’t think it’d end up like this.
The usual was him being hit in the gut while laughing, but it seems like she’s back to normal.

“I get it already, I’m not mad anymore. Cheer up a little.”
Kail comforts Lize while stroking her head lightly.

Lize blushed slightly from having her head stroked.
“Yeah…. After thinking about it, Kail couldn’t possibly have the guts to follow through when the time comes. I’m really sorry, I only understood it after thinking about it calmly.”

“Youuuu… don’t insult someone you’re apologizing to.”
“What do you mean?”
“No, It’s already ok…. Go home first, I’ll go back after a bit more training. I want to concentrate a little.”
“Alright. I’ll wait while making dinner.”
“Ah….. Also tell the two over there.”
Kail said it while facing the bush where the parent and child, Leila and Seran were hiding.

Lize headed toward the bush, after a while Seran came out and was making a big wave while smiling.
Kail lets out a big sigh while thinking about how smile pisses him off. He gathers his motivation to resume his training.
Next was Magic training.

“[Strength] [Haste]!”
Kail casts a speed spell and a strengthening spell on himself.
These are the most basic self-reinforcment spells for a magic swordsman.

When reinforcing the body its natural abilities improve, the feeling of magic flows through the body.

What is this? The effectiveness has increased.”

Unlike before, the magic flowing through my body has slightly improved.
I tried to move my body around but instead of it being less than it was, its become the same as 3 years ago.

“[Enchant Weapon]!”
Next I reinforce my sword through magic that lets you reinforce your weapon by letting magic flow into it.
At first it was at the level where it just shined a little, but now the entire sword is shining.

“Hey hey ……”
Being a little lost regarding his own magic, Kail decides to slash at a stone that’s at least two times his size inside the ruins.
When he did, the stone was cut in half without any resistance, as if cutting a piece of butter. Even though it was a practice sword with a dull edge.

“As I thought…. My magic has improved.”
Kail muttered, while looking at the stone he cut confirming his previous feelings.

In order to use the ancient magic that Kail uses, you need to be able to use magic power and have control over your magic.

Magic power can be called the source of magic, while using magic it’ll deplete, the more magic power you have the stronger the force of the magic.
tl note: Just think of ‘Magic Power’ as ‘mana’ – Tensaizz

If you can increase your skill level you’ll be able to lessen the use of magic power, you’ll also be able to increase the activation time of magic.

The force of magic control is the power to understand the logic behind the magic, and being able to form the image of it, in order to use magic you’ll need the necessary chant but if you’re able to conquer that you’ll be able to use magic without a chant.
In the case of attack magic, you’ll be able to widen and adjust the effective range, in reverse you’ll also be able to concentrate it.
Also if you increase the consumption efficiency of magic power, you’ll increase the number of times you’re able to use magic.

While I’m at it, divine and elemental magic spells both use about the same amount magic power, but the force of magic control is different, divine requires the power of belief and elemental requires power over spirits.

Magic power and the control of Magic Force, these two are the most important foundations in order to use magic, because of this you won’t be able to use magic above your own rank.

If you don’t have enough magic power then you “can’t use” that magic, when you aren’t skilled enough in the control of Magic Force then you “haven’t mastered” that magic.
It’s fine when you don’t have enough magic power since it won’t activate, if you aren’t skilled enough at magic control with something like fire magic you’ll end up lighting yourself on fire, or with ice magic you’ll end up as a popsicle which is what happened before.

Magic can also be trained to extend the control force of magic etc. But the magic power is mostly fixed from birth and difficult to increase. In the case of Kail he was a little above average.
TL note: This sentence was a little difficult for me to tl, because honor (main tler from team tensai) forgot it >.> so it may contain some mistakes. Please bear with it q.q

“But right now I’d be able to use the highest class of magic.”

In my fights up till now the only moments I used magic against demons were when I knew the weakness of a demon, or when I used self reinforcement magic. I mainly used my sword to fight.
Since it’s better to cut them down with my reinforced self then use magic to attack, but now that my magic power has risen I might be able to use it differently in fights now.

“Though I don’t know the cause….. I’ll just think the ways I can fight have broadened.”
Kail decided to think positively while holding his sword.

“Five…. So it’s impossible with just this.”
Kail lowers his arm.
Even though it was just a light blow, not being able to withstand the magic reinforcement he hurt his muscles a little.

“My magic power may have risen, but my body right now will only get flung around by it. I can only get use to it little by little.”

As expected my weakened body is a giant minus, it can’t keep up with my sword skills and magic.
Anyway my body and magic became unbalanced.

While my body had weakened, my magic power had become stronger, my potential has increased.
If I keep training like this I can get stronger than my previous self, in other words I gained the determination that I can become much stronger than I was three days ago before time traveling.

“Stronger than that time…”

After losing everything in the “Great advance” one year ago I was really desperate.
I’ll die if I don’t fight, I’ll die if I don’t win, in order to survive I kept fighting on, becoming stronger through various means, before I noticed I was called the strongest magic swordsman in the world.

But the price was huge.

I used dangerous magic reinforcements and drugs, in the end after repeating this reckless process my body was breaking down.
No matter how much I rested, the most I would live was 10 years.

“I’ll keep getting stronger…. for the sake of living to my happy and healthy old age.”
Kail decided his ultimate life goal.

The dinner that day was delicious, as an apology from Lise.
She used an oil that took a lot of time to acquire, served small fish from the river that were crushed into a meatball soup, soft rabbit meat, and for dessert she had prepared a honey cake.

“Yeah, you came back at a good time.”
“No seriously.”
“Why are the two of you even here.”
Kail complains to Leila and Seran the parent and child. I have a lot to say about what happened this afternoon.

“Isn’t it fine, that rabbit is the one I caught you know.”
“I want to eat something good since it’s been a while since I last came back. As if I would eat face to face with this guy after coming home.”
“Kail-chan , the more people there are, the tastier the meal will be.”

Kail makes a small sigh, that’s right, in this past year I haven’t eaten with many people so it was always quiet.

After continuing the lively meal for a while, Kail formally asked.
“Mother and sensei, everyone else, I have something to ask of you.”


“Mother, speak after you have finished eating.”
Kail takes a note of what happened this morning.

“I’m a little worried about you guys, but since I don’t have anyone else I’ll ask you four.”
“That isn’t an attitude you should take when you’re asking something of others, but out of consideration for the food, we’ll listen to you.”
Seran arrogantly says.

“In the territory of the human race, is there someone whose influence can affect not just a nation but the whole continent?”

Kail was already determined to become stronger than before, however at the same time he realised his limits.

No matter how strong he became, he wouldn’t be able to change the flow of destruction.
If he wants to change the flow, then he would need the power to destroy an army that can block out the horizon, but that’s just not possible.

So the most realistic way would be to prepare before the war starts, together with different countries and races we should cooperate and when they strike we should quickly respond.
This should be the best chance of survival the human race has.

For that I have no choice but to gain a position with enough influence.

“Someone who can move the country.”
Leila thinks with her arms folded.

“Simply put the one who can influence a country would be a king with great power.”
I wonder if it’s the current emperor of the Garugan empire, says Seraia.

“I- I see…”
The Garugan empire is a militaristic nation that has continued to expand.
Kail remembers the young emperor who died because of his pride and arrogance.

“You’re talking as if you’ve been there personally.”
“I just know some things through rumors…. Any other positions you can think of?”

“Let’s see….. The highest priest of the church of the Earth goddess has big influence.”
She gives the name of the most faithful servant of god.

“They might be a little weak but there’s also the mercenary guild and the magic academy. Since their connections are amazing.”
I was in their care for a while, Leila says while remembering.
“Other than that, would be…. as expected I can’t think of anyone.”

“Ah, if he was still around wouldn’t Randolph-sama count?”
Lize says the name of a great hero from three hundred years ago who fought in the last great war, and he took the life of the demon king of that time.
“Ah, let alone humans, he would also be able to influence the elves and dwarfs.”
Seran also agrees.

“Hmmm, a hero….”
Indeed a hero can influence a lot of people, he’s also really strong.

Only three years left…. No time to think about preparations only two years and six months are left.
In that time I won’t be able to become the emperor or the highest priest.
Then there is only one possibility left.

“Then I have no other choice then, I must become….. A Hero.”

Rather than saving the world and becoming a hero, I’ll become a hero in order to save the world.
The order is reversed but that can’t be helped.

“I’ll become a hero. I don’t have any other options left.”

Kail stood up powerfully – And began to refill his bowl.

While watching Kail’s back that was overflowing with spirit four people began to whisper to each other beginning a conversation.
“Hey, while I was travelling something happened didn’t it?”
“But I can’t find anything wrong. I brought him to a healer and even had healing magic cast on him just to be sure, but the they said nothing was wrong.”
“Hmmm….. Didn’t Kail-chan and Seran-chan say that they were special, or that they were warriors specially chosen by the heavens? Did he relapse into that again?”
“Ah, we did, we did. That time we were isolated by all our friends. It was seriously terrible.”
“It was the time when they started to get the hang of the swords and magic wasn’t it. Saying they made special skills or something like that….. I believe it took about 10 serious beatings from Seraia and me before they calmed down.”
“Please don’t remind me of unpleasant things. However if that really did relapse then….. Just stand back and watch, he’ll just going to regret it in the end.”
“That’s true… For one; he’s actually positive and motivated for now.”
“If it’s Kail-chan it’ll be fine.”
“You don’t have anything to back up your words like always…. It can’t be helped this time, we’ll just have to watch over him.”

While Kail was refilling his bowl he felt some warm gazes from behind.

Translator’s notes
Okay, so this wasn’t fully proofreaded yet, so the English might be off in a few senteces..
If you spot any mistakes, have any questions, want to give some advice w/e drop a comment below~!


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  1. axyraandas says:

    Heh, that was a good chapter, and there weren’t any readily apparent grammar/spelling problems while reading this one, at least for me. Once again, thank you for TLing, editing, and proofreading. My favorite part was those four’s conversation about what they perceive to be chuunibyou, which is great. I’m curious to see where this’ll go next, now that he somehow got his magic powers back. He never even checked the gem after that, which I find strange. Anyways, on to the next chapter~ ^_^

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    Kail lets out a big sigh while thinking about how smile pisses him off. He gathers his motivation to resume his training. –>Kail lets out a big sigh while thinking about how [that] smile pisses him off. He gathers his motivation to resume his training.


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    • Shiro says:

      No, this sentence is about how long a certain skill can stay activated. So you can have the spellen cast longer on yourself like strenghten.


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