CH06 – Teacher

CH06 – Sensei

On the hill with the ruins at the outskirts of town, Kail focused on swinging his sword.
Rather than just blindly swinging his sword, he also mixed in feints and released a blow with killing intent.
While imagining incoming attacks, he moved around to defend against them.
If you looked around you would see no one, but in Kail’s imagination there was an enemy, or to be precise, an enemy with killing intent that was projected in his eyes.
This was a technique that Kail had asked his sensei to teach him: a move allowing him to fight an illusionary enemy.
By applying illusion and hypnosis magic on yourself, you would be able to create an illusionary image of an enemy. However, that did not mean that you could just slash at it. The enemy would dodge and counter your attacks.
Since it could make a nearly perfect illusion of the opponent, it was perfect for training alone. Many people who possessed magic power learned this technique.
Normally, an image of an opponent you knew well would be made. Kail was able to make a near perfect image after just one battle.
And the enemy Kail is imagining is the strongest one he knows, the Demon king.

“This won’t do, I was killed within 10 seconds.”
After fighting for a while, Kail put down his sword and dispelled the illusion.

When we actually fought, I managed to somehow end up in a stalemate.
But now, it was completely impossible to win.
Of course, it was not due to the Demon king becoming stronger. Rather, I had become weaker.
No wonder I was killed dozens of times.
“I tire out pretty fast too.”
I tried to stand up with the help of my sword while breathing roughly, but I ended up taking a rest while being sprawled on the ground.

According to Kail’s memories, the person he was three years down the road would not have needed rest, let alone being out of breath.
The speed at which the sword was swung along with the movement of his body could not keep up with the image he had.
Although both experience and skills were possessed, but his body was weak and unable to handle the burden.
Muscle pains will probably pester me tomorrow.

“So I was this weak.”
Lamenting his utter lack of basic strength, he sighed.
Now that he thinks about it, he spent his days lazily wasting time, not practicing with the sword or with magic. Kail is now regretting how he spent his days in the past.

“No, I think you actually got better.”
Suddenly hearing the voice behind him, Kail, who was lying down with his arms and legs stretched out, immediately got up.
The one who approached him was a well-built woman in her thirties with a tan, who had a two-handed sword strapped to her back.
Having a face with well refined features which makes you think twice about approaching her, while also having a beauty which is reminiscent of a wild carnivore, that kind of a woman.
Even though she’s supposed to be the same age as Kail’s mother Seraia, she looks youthful in another way.

“Se-Sensei!? since when did you…..”

Her name is Leila, she is Kail’s sword sensei and a former gladiator, she’s also Seran’s adoptive mother.

Gladiators are those who fight against other humans or humanoids, or magical beasts that are a danger to humans. They fight in an arena with spectators, in other words those that fight for glory.
Even though you risk your life in those fights, the more dangerous it is, the more fortune and fame you can get.
Leila fought on the world’s greatest stage, the Garugan imperial’s capital Ruos, while other gladiators dropped out because of injuries or death she remained undefeated for five years and ruled the arena as an Empress.
Ten years ago, after her retirement, to avoid the annoyance of having to deal with interpersonal relations, and so with the help of Seraia, her old friend, they settled down in the town of Rimase.
Kail heard she took Seran in because of a benefactor at the orphanage.

Because of her wandering nature she sometimes suddenly vanishes, this time too she just vanished and probably came back just now, it’s obvious looking at her dirty clothes.

“Since when were you watching.”
“Since you were killed for the sixth time I guess? Rather than that just what kind of monster is your opponent. The current you probably gets ripped apart within 5 seconds.”
“…. I was able to last an average of 10 seconds you know.”
Apparently Leila was able to vaguely see the Demon king whom I was fighting with.

“It’s fine if you challenge a strong opponent, but if the difference in power is too great it doesn’t have any meaning you know…. Rather, when did you meet that opponent just now? It seemed he was reproduced pretty accurately.”
“…. From my imagination, I made an image of the strongest enemy I could think of. Rather than that, if it was sensei how would you challenge him?”
“Me? Let’s see…. In desperation, I’d get into reach at the expense of an arm or leg. Then I’ll make an attack with my whole body….. If that doesn’t beat him then it’d be my loss.”
“I see…. As expected, it’ll end up like that.”

It was the exact same method Kail used when he defeated the Demon king.
Kail makes a wry smile, thinking that the disciple and teacher think alike.

“Well, that’s only if it’s one-versus-one. With comrades I would’ve used a different plan.”
“That’s true. I wouldn’t do something as challenging him alone.”
I don’t think I can win fairly, I can’t be picky about how I win.

“Anyway isn’t it admirable that you’re training even while I was away. Since it’d be a waste of your talent for you who is able to use everything I teach you after seeing it only once.”

Leila said this about Kail, even among the most talented sword users in the world, you’re probably a “genius that appears once every hundred years,” that’s how much talent with the sword he possesses.
The truth is that after Leila began to teach him, his skills increased rapidly.
But having no motivation recently he was called a no good disciple.

“Aren’t you also teaching Seran?”
“Reluctantly, since he’s my son. If not I wouldn’t even want to have anything to do with such an idiot.”
Leila usually says that Kail is an useless disciple, while Seran is her worst disciple.

(From Leila’s POV)

“Anyway, Kail you’ve certainly become more skillful.”
Kail’s physical ability hasn’t changed much from what I saw before going on my journey.
But the level of his techniques has skyrocketed. As if he has been fighting in real battles for years.
Right now he can’t keep up with his high level techniques, but if his body catches up he can grow
even stronger.

But above all, his change in attitude.
In Leila’s eyes he was just a carefree little puppy, but after not seeing him for a while, let alone a wolf,
he has even grown to the extent of being called a lion.

“Did something happen?…. The atmosphere around you has changed a lot.”

Acknowledging that this person wasn’t someone you can lie to, Kail decided to answer in a
roundabout way.

“It was just a little change of mind. I’m thinking of seriously training in both the sword and magic.”
It’s not as if getting stronger won’t help.
No matter what I do from now on, I should be able to do more the stronger I become.

“You….. You’ve changed so much it has become gross.”

Leila has a face as if something is really gross.
“Although I’d wish you’d be a little happier about the growth of your disciple.”

“They say people shed skin, but with you it’s fo-, no as if you’ve shed your skin five times.”
“It feels as if I’ve shed so much, that my bones are exposed, like that.”
“But, is it really only a change of mind? It kind of seems as if there’s another reason.”
“It’s nothing….. I just want to sincerely become stronger, that’s all.”
Kail who grips his sword, solidifies his determination.
“Are you alright?….. You sure you didn’t eat anything wrong?”
“Please stop it with the sincerely worried face. Even this much would hurt me a little.”

(End of Leila’s POV)

“That guy, just what on earth happened to him.”
“That really isn’t like him. ”
A little distance from where Kail was swinging his sword Seran and Lize were watching the two from within the bushes of the forest.
When Lize saw Kail going somewhere, she got interested and followed him, On the way Seran seemed bored and went with the flow. Eventually they ended up here.
And hesitating whether to talk to Kail who was intensely swinging his sword, they ended up spying on him.
“It seems like mom also noticed how strange Kail was acting. However just when did he raise his skills so much?”
Even though it’d been awhile since Seran saw Kail practicing with the sword, he never thought he’d
have raised his skills so much.

“Is it even possible to change so much in such a short period of time?…. But it doesn’t feel as a fake
or as if someones possessing him, it’s without a doubt Kail himself.
Because of their long friendship it’s uncomfortable to put into words.

“Yeah, fundamentally he hasn’t changed but….. It feels like the kind of change made over many years
without meeting him.”
At first I thought it was because I hit him, but after observing his actions this morning that doesn’t
seem likely.
That’s why I can’t get used to the changed Kail.

“I can’t think of him as the same person who was peeing on an ants nest with me saying “tt’s a
flood!” three days ago.”
“Seriously you guys really don’t do anything useful, do you.”
“Hey mom. As I thought, you noticed us.”
After parting with Kail, Leila headed towards where the two were hiding.

“Welcome back Leila-san.”
“Yeah, I’m back Lize-chan. You’re probably the only one greeting others properly.”
“So you came back after failing to die again.”
“I should say that to you, you stupid son. Did you properly do the housework as I told you to? You
didn’t cause any problems for Lize-chan right?”
“He came every day to leech off us”
“Don’t immediately let it out, you bastard! Actually didn’t I do a lot of errands in exchange!”
“Well I’ll slowly listen to that part later….. Rather than that what’s with Kail’s attitude? He’s acting
You two also got interested, isn’t that why you’re watching like this? Is what Leila says.

“Ex-Exactly! Always unmotivated with eyes like that of dead fish, Kail is trying his best at something!”
“It’s gross to think he’s the same as the one who stated that his future dream was to live a of the
heritage of his parents and live a life of laziness with dignity.”
“I now understand how the two of you see Kail…. In the end it means you guys don’t know the
reason why Kail changed.”
Leila missed the mark thinking these two might know something.
“Ah, his attitude suddenly changed when he wokeup two days ago. I don’t know what happened, but
even if I ask, he just changes the subject. Seriously not even telling me, his best friend”
“He said he saw a strange dream, but can something like that change him that much?”

“Hmmm, speaking of something that can change the brat so much, would be….”
While Leila crossed her arms, she clapped her hands with a pop as if she came up with something.
“Could he have found a woman?”
“Seran yells while Lize turns into stone.
“To be precise he met a woman. So he finally found one? So that kid did.”
In Leila’s eyes Kail who she knew from the time when he was little, was like her own child. Without reason she begins to grin. But the two childhood friends didn’t have time for that.

“Damn! Hogging all the good things for himself, that bastard getting ahead of me…. Absolutely unforgivable!”
Seran who clenched his fist while burning with anger.
“Didn’t you call him your best friend a little while ago.”
“There are exceptions for everything! A childhood friend that “graduates” before yourself is an enemy more hateful than the killer of your parents!”
Leila who was thinking how nasty the jealousy of a man was, suddenly asked a question.

“But if it’s like that than who’s the one he likes?”
“Now that you’re saying it, who is it? Looking at different places would be a bad idea….. Not to brag about it, but Kail and me don’t have any girls we like in this town.”
Lize who was still turned to stone says it while looking.
“That really isn’t something to brag about.”
“But you know, it’s certain that if it isn’t something like that, then he wouldn’t have changed so much…. Damnit, seriously who could it be.”

Then Lize who was silent until now started to sway.
Leila stops Seran who tried to call out to her.
“If you care for your life it’s better you don’t stop her…”
“The fighting spirit flowing from her back isn’t half-assed….”
Seran wipes off the naturally flowing sweat while looking at Lize’s back.

“Amazing, beginning with a straight right feint to the flank, then a flowing blow to the liver. That really can’t be dodged.”
“Kail was totally blown away. He probably won’t be able to eat rice tonight.”
“Even though Kail let his guard down completely, those were still some good moves.”
The parent and child were commenting while having an easy going attitude.

“Confess now, who’s the girl.”
“Aaah…. Wh- what are you talking about? Rather what are you doing all of a sudden!?”
Kail was looking at his childhood friend that came running along and suddenly flanked him.

“Don’t play dumb! Who is it! Just who did you touch?!”
“Ca-calm down, I understand what you’re trying to say, but you’re totally wrong about it! Rather how did it end with becoming such a weird conclusion?”
“Leila-san said it, also Seran said it couldn’t be anything else!”
“They really don’t say anything useful do they! That pair of parent and child! Rather shouldn’t you know that Seran and I aren’t liked by girls of the same age category!”
I became a little sad after saying it out loud, but it’s the truth.

Even while Kail was pretty popular before, after he became a lazy good for nothing, it became like the current situation.
Seran was a useless good for nothing from the beginning so nothing changed for him.

“We- well it’s true that there isn’t a girl in this town that would like you….. That means blackmail! Mind control! Magic! Drugs!”
“Didn’t you just say some dangerous things?! I wouldn’t do something against the law like that!”

“If it isn’t against the law then…. Could it be you forced Aria-chan!?”
Remembering the child from the neighborhood that was attached to Kail, and who’s like a little sister to Lise.
“Isn’t she only three years old! What kind of brute would?!”

“Then… Co- could it be Rozel-sama!?”
This time it’s the opposite, she cared for Kail and the others as grandchildren or even great-grandchildren and she’s the elder of this town.
“This time the Elder! She’s already close to a hundred years you know! In your head just how much of an indiscriminate bastard am I!”

“Bu- but there isn’t any other girl in this town you could hold a love interest for!”

“No, I’m telling you you’re wrong about it. That’s why at that time I’ll properly….”

He was too late to stop his gaping mouth.

“At that time? Properly?”
“No, it was a misunderstanding…. It, It hurts! Don’t strangle me!”

Of course, Kail couldn’t tell her that she was the one.

Translator’s notes
Chapter 7 up too.
That was the first chap of the mass release, more will follow, and soon >: )
Oh and I finally fixed the spacing :P


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