CH12 – Treasure


“Th-This is…..”


Seran, Urza, and Lize were speechless after uttering just one word.

Breaking through the outer wall of gold, which had a width where more than ten hotels could fit in, it was truly a treasure trove that could blind one’s eyes.

Ornaments such as rings, bangles and necklaces made of gold and silver. Of course there were jewels scattered everywhere, sculptures made of crystals with the size of humans, tapestries carefully embroidered with gold, a transparent glass that shines with the brilliance of a rainbow with images of animals in it, a portrait of a noble woman who smiled so realistically it was almost as if she was alive…..

impossible to make with the technology of today, great merchants or nobles, even royalty will pay a heavy sum in order to obtain this.
tl note: No shit… -Tensaiz

Furthermore, gold coins from the ancient kingdom were piled up to the ceiling like a mountain, how many thousand, how many tens of thousands, how many hundreds of thousands, no it’s even more,  I can’t even imagine how much there is. It truly is, a mountain of gold.

There are also diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, opals, amethysts, pearls…… It’s so much that I wouldn’t even be able to count all the different kinds and numbers of all the jewels that were left behind here.

Precious herbs and magical trees which are ingredients for certain magic drugs, even rare and almost unattainable loot, like a unicorn’s horn and ingredients from dragons were both lined up.

It’s probably being preserved with a magic called [Preservation], even though more than a thousand years have passed, they were still in their fresh and original state.

In the corner the magical metal mithril is piled up as ingots.

It’s perfect for weapons or armor since it’s light and has high magic resistance, but there is a shortage of supply, and only the dwarfs are capable of purifying it.
TL note: I think what they mean with purifying is turning the raw mithril, into ingots of mithril which can be used for the creation of weapons or armor. – Tensaizz

Since its worth is around ten times that of gold with the same weight, there was never enough to buy of it.

No matter which superpower, none of them would expect such a spectacle, since it was a mountain of treasure, with enough value to buy a country, no, even several countries.
TL note: Superpower = “A state with a dominant position in international relations and is characterised by its unparalleled ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale.” Not a power from a super hero… Thx wikipedia. -tensaiz

But in one way or another this amount was only to be expected.

In the magic kingdom Zars, at the time of prosperity it controlled half the continent and controlled 3 quarters of the whole human race, it’s obvious that they believed they could finish off their nemesis the demons.

The person who became king in their time of prosperity was the Mahou Ou 『Magic King』 Sildonia Zars, this is the labyrinth and treasure left by that king, having this much was only to be expected.

This surreal sight will even attract humans without greed, it holds a dangerous charm.
At the moment, Lize and even Urza who’s an Elf, whom are said to have less greed than humans, were both breathless, both of them were looking around dazed.

But only Kail who had already experienced this sight was calm.

I speak silently yet powerfully to Lize who was unsteadily approaching the mountain of jewels and Urza who was looking at the Mithril.

“Both of you get a firm hold on yourself.”

Lize and Urza who were staring at the treasure got a shock and began to tremble, they turn around to look at Kail.

“Listen carefully….. I came here because my goal has a need for a lot of gold, but my goal isn’t the gold itself, it’s only the means to an end. It’s better to have gold than not having any at all, but you have to use it with care, never let yourself become the means used by gold.”
TL note: “It’s better to have gold than not to have any at all.” -Kail….. This guy is a genius! -Tensaizz

It might have been a little extreme but saying something like this is for the best.
Because there were plenty of people that were ruined by gold.

“That’s why….. Look at him!”

Kail strongly points his finger, in that direction was:

“Hyahha! It’s gold it’s go~old! With this I can live in luxur~y!”

Seran was looking like the embodiment of a money monger, while jumping into a mountain of gold.

“….. That is the fate of a person that is used and dominated by gold…..”

“With this I’m rich!!”

Seran who was throwing gold into the air with both of his hands was laughing out loud.

His eyes seem to have become clouded.

“It certainly is ugly…..”

“Yeah I don’t want that to happen to me…..”

As if their hearts were doused the two of them looked at Seran with eyes full of pity and they shook their heads.

At that moment, the uniquely calm one (Kail) was looking over the numerous treasures with tranquil eyes.

(Thank you Seran. Because of you, the hearts of these two can stay pure. This means it had some worth in bringing you along….)

I was looking over Seran with gentle eyes while he was going “It’s gold, It’s gold” as if he was lost.
TL note: I think the author hates Seran… xD -Tenz

“Kail recalled the feeling of last coming here about 2 months ago.”

At that time the economy had been breaking apart and was turning into shreds. Even if we had a treasure of this amount the things we could’ve done wouldn’t have been a lot.
Since bread was more important than gold, silver, and jewels at that time.

But the Mithril was crafted into weapons and armor by the few remaining dwarf master craftsmen, the alchemists were also able to produce magic drugs.

If we didn’t have that equipment that last suicide attack would’ve failed.
Kail silently headed to the back while the three of them were distracted by the treasures.

The back was positioned where the three of them couldn’t see it, it was between giant statues and jewelry.

On the pedestal was a sword, or to be precise, it looked like a bastard sword which could be wielded with two hands.
On the thick blade of the sword that shined like a mirror there were words written in ancient magical letters, on the sword’s hilt was a red gem embedded which clearly had some great magic power.

It was probably made of Mithril and has a good balance, the more I look at it the more I understand it’s a first rate sword, and not just any sword but a legendary one.
I could just keep on looking at it, it was a sword with a presence that would make you feel as if you could be sucked in any moment.

After Kail takes a deep breath lightly and takes a step forward while coming closer to the sword:
TL note: Yes, it really does say “take a deep breath lightly”, or “lightly breaths in deeply”… I also have no clue what the author means exactly.. X_X -Tensai

Faint light gathers around the sword, then the light transforms into particles and they move in front of the sword, where all the particles have gathered a girl appears.
Her age would be around twelve or thirteen I guess, her gray hair could be called mysterious, she may be beautiful, but it’s a girl who has a surreal feeling to her.

She stood there with her eyes closed, wearing something that can be called spacious nun’s clothing.

She slowly opened her eyes and spoke in a clear, solemn voice.

“Well done for withstanding those numerous ordeals and being able to stand before Sildonia. Sildonia will praise…. Wha!?”
TL note: She’s speaking in third person, just like how royalty would speak. -Honor
TL note: You can just replace Sildonia with ‘me’ or ‘I’ when you’re reading it to make it more clear-Tensaizz

She couldn’t finish what she wanted to say. Kail closed her mouth while embracing her and brought her to a corner of the room.
“Don’t speak so loudly, we’ll get noticed by those three!”

He’s relieved to see after checking that the three of them weren’t coming this way to see what’s going on.

The young girl that was struggling hard inside his arms says angrily:
“Yo-You rude person! Who do you think I am….. mph!?”

“I’m telling you not to speak so loudly. I know who you are…… You’re the 『Magic King』 Sildonia Zars right?”

Well a replication, to be precise, Kail says in a small voice.

“The real source is the gem embedded in that sword where the real Sildonia has put his personality and a part of his knowledge within. You’re something like a shadow made of magic power….. Right?”

“Wh-Why do you know about that!? Even though the only ones that should know about it are Sildonia and original self!”

The young girl, Sildonia, replied with a high voice while panicking.

“Ah, I also know all the answers to the questions you’re about to ask so can I just skip it?”

“Wait, this is Sildonia’s time to shine or so to say, that’s the reason I’m here so….. Wait how do you know about it?”

As a matter of fact, I know all the answers and questions because of the interactions I had the previous time.

“I guess I don’t have another choice….. The answers are; Dragon in the east on the second floor, wolf in the west on the third floor, demon in the north on the fourth floor and mural of humans in the south on the fifth floor……Seriously you have a bad second nature if you let someone search through all of the rooms.”

“Oh, so you went through all of them. If you don’t try at least that hard….. Wait a second why do you know the contents of the questions?!”

“Well, we didn’t exactly take the straight route, we shortened it.”


“We dug a hole directly into the treasury opposite from the front door.”

“What the hell did you do you bastard!? That also counts as Sildonia’s grave!”

“About that, I also had some circumstances of my own. Please let me do the real final test. If I do that you’ll understand….. I’m going to grab the sword.”

“……So you also know about that?”

“Yeah, If I do this you’ll also be convinced somehow.”

Kail grabs the hilt of the sword that’s stuck in the pedestal.
At the same time Sildonia becomes more surprised.

“Wha!?…… You bastard just who the heck are you?”

“Just quickly read it already. If it can somehow convince you, this’ll end without you having to use the final trap.”

“!?….. Ei~, there’s no other choice! Pull it out!”

Sildonia’s body transformed into particles of light yet again, and they got absorbed by the gem in the sword’s hilt, at that moment, Kail pulled out the sword.

The gem gave off a blinding light that seemed to wrap around Kail’s body, then it abruptly disappeared.

After that Sildonia’s shadow reappears, but she had a scowl on her face.

“………Time travel…… To think that it really exists?”

“You’ve understood everything with [Perfect Reading] right? Then it’s exactly as it seems. Also I have the “God Dragon’s heart” with me.”

[Perfect Reading] is a now a lost special magic, that can read the memories and personality of the target completely.
Simply put, you’ll obtain knowledge about that person’s life, they’re unable to lie or to deceive, even the memories they’ve forgotten are completely read, that is how it was explained to Kail last time.

The magic activates when you hold the sword’s hilt, the final test was the determining of whether you’re suitable to obtain the treasures after having your real purpose and personality read.

“……No that magic isn’t that convenient? You’re able to read memories and thoughts to a certain extent, but that’s it. Well, I wanted to use a bluff like that.” Says Sildonia

“Hey!? It was a bluff!?”

“Rather, it’s not like it’s a lie….. More than anything your soul shows the proof of what you’re saying.”


“…… Yeah you, has your magic power increased since you came to the past?”
“You know the reason?!”

This was also something that Kail was still curious about.
But he had to let it be, since he didn’t understand the reason until now and had no way of figuring it out.

“Hmm, well actually Sildonia once made a hypothesis about it…… To think there’d be an example now.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“No, giving a detailed explanation would take too long…… Rather than that, some people are coming over you know? Are they comrades?”

“Ah that’s bad…… Of course they’d notice it by now. Ok, they don’t know anything about this so let’s get our stories straight.”

“So you’re saying you haven’t talked to anyone about this yet?”

“Because it’d be confusing….. It’s not like I can just tell them right? Well I thought you’d understand what to tell them, and what not to tell them.”

“Well you’re right because of this situation. Because it’s a problem concerning the fall of the human race…… I guess I don’t have another choice.”

Having no other choice but to cooperate, Sildonia sighs.

“Then here I go….. Oh!? It’s a talking sword! And it’s name is Sildona Zars!?”

“How fake…..”

“Well sorry sorry, I lost myself because of the tension.”

Seran who was laughing hahahawawa just now, is trying to worm his way out of the situation, but the most important is that Urza and Lize didn’t hear it.

It wasn’t impossible since there was someone more interesting than Seran there.

“Hmm, delicious food. It seems the food in this age isn’t that bad. Are you the one who made this?”

Lize had a face that didn’t know what to say, and she looked at the regular child who was actually a thousand year old king, who was eating the lunch she had brought with her when they decided they were going to take a break inside the treasury.

“Ah, yeah I used the honey of a magic beast I captured….. Or rather than that…… Are you really that 『Magic King』?”

“To be precise, the real one put a part of himself in the gem inside the sword so I’m something like a magic being. Thus I am Sildonia Zars, yet at the same time am I – myself.”

Sildonia tells us about what she is, as if it’s something normal.
Most of the time a magical being is something like a homunculus or a synthetic chimera, a being  with borrowed life.

In the ancient magic kingdom it was frequently used, but now, technology wise, it’s hard to create, so there aren’t many who research it.

“Ah, everything myself eats or drinks will be turned into magic power so nothing is wasted….. Hmm, the first meal in a thousand or hundred of years isn’t bad.”

Eating sweets, drinking tea and saying it as if it isn’t anything at all, but the technology in order to turn food into magic power doesn’t exist at the moment, which shows just how far the ancient magic kingdom was with their technology.

“However, why are you in the form of a child?”

“This form is also the form of the original you know. The original used magic all the time so her body stopped aging. So she looked like this until she died.”

“Eh~……. But why have I never heard of this before?”

Sildonia is a character from a legend so there are many famous tales about him being told, but there was never one where she had the looks of a young girl.

“A thousand years have passed since my time right? It’s only natural that the stories would change. But above all, the original didn’t appear that much in front of others…..”

In a nonchalant tone she said, that that is probably the main reason.

“However, just why would she leave a copy of herself, something like that…..”

Urza asked a legitimate question.

“Of course there is a reason. It’s because she worried about the treasures here. The wealth here doesn’t have anything to do with Zars, in other words, these are the assets of myself.”

“All of this was her personal assets….. Well it would certainly become a reason to start a war over.”

Seran looked at the treasures around him, and said that it wouldn’t be weird if it becomes the source for a war to start.

“Yeah, while searching for a worthy successor myself knew that there was a possibility that people would go to war over this treasure, so it was decided to seal it within this place. This place was also meant to only entrust the treasures to those who were able to find this hidden place and overcome all ordeals.”

“So that’s why you’ve prepared so many annoying traps.”

Urza says, while looking at the map with traps that make someone shiver just by thinking about them.

“No, that’s just a hobby of mine. It was effective too.”

“I see…..”

“However, there were only a few who were able to find and enter this labyrinth, to think that a thousand years would pass before one would stand before Sildonia…..”

Sildonia sighs and shakes her head.

“Well the ones who can stand before myself get a final test from myself, futhermore, if they are able to convince myself, I would hand the treasures over to them. It was planned to activate the final trap if I didn’t like the invaders.”

“The final trap?”

“It’s the self destruction of this labyrinth. Since the activation only lasts a second, those who reached this place…… Well they’d be buried alive.”

She says it lightly, but the color of Seran and the others’ faces change.

“If you did something like that you’d also be buried you know!”

“Myself is a sword at the moment. It wouldn’t be a problem even if it got buried, even if a thousand of years pass it’s fine if Sildonia just keeps sleeping. The one who obtains myself at that time….. Well thinking about it now won’t do anything.”

She says calmly, but the three of them can’t seem to calm down and keep looking at the ceiling, making sure it won’t fall down.

“Originally I would bury someone who does something idiotic like directly digging a hole into the treasury without question, however……”

She glanced at Kail, but he was drinking tea while looking as if he didn’t have anything to do with it.

“Well, don’t worry about it, you’re a pretty interesting bunch so I’ll accept you for now. However, the condition is that I want to observe all the actions everyone takes, is this alright?”

“Sildonia hasn’t been outside for several hundreds or thousands of years”, Sildonia says that to these three, while waving her hands around.

Sildonia voiced her desire to leave as she couldn’t stand being buried alive.

“…. By the way, why a sword? I thought someone like the 『Magic King』 would put his copy in something more magic related.”

Seran says to Kail, while looking at the sword in his hands. Since I use a sword myself, of course I’m interested in a legendary sword.

“Well myself doesn’t know about it either, I haven’t heard the reason from the original. If she either had a hidden reason or if it’s just a coincidence…… Since the real one isn’t here, no one knows.”

Sildonia says, while looking at herself: Her sword form.

“Anyway since it’s a sword, the only way to use it, is as one….. A wielder must be chosen…… Well, Kail can fill the role.”

“Yeah, I also request it. A masterpiece like this would be well liked.”

“Hmm, Sildonia will be useful.”

Kail knows best, that Sildonia’s words which are overflowing with confidence were neither a lie nor pretense.

Even though I’ve only known her for about a month, I really relied on her help a lot.
It was also the same in that final battle.

“Well, Well…… Until the wielder loses his life, I will follow you as your sword…… Until the end.”

After saying those words with a smile, she used her final trump card, the result was that I was able to cut down the demon lord.
But at the same time it caused the destruction of Sildonia.

A reunion with someone that should be no more, with those who were lost.

Kail is looking at Sildonia who’s eating her sweets, I don’t know how many times I’ve done this but I’m thankful for this destiny and luck.

“Hey, hey, I also use a sword you know, how is my form compared to Kail’s.”

Seran turns to Sildonia with a smile while being full of self-confidence.

Sildonia looks at Seran’s body as if she’s appraising him, then she shakes her head and sighs.

“……It’s no good. I can’t accept you psychologically.”

“To think you’d just bluntly say that. It seems the sensibility of people from a thousand years ago is the same as now.”

“Well I get where you’re coming from, saying something like that is a fundamental fact.”

“It’s alright, the world is big. There’s probably someone who’ll accept you for what you are.”

“I want to cry…… ;____; ”
tl note: Yup the author reallllyyyy likes trolling him ~.~    -Tensaiz

It’s finally the end of the dungeon conquering.
Kail is the richest guy in the world and he’s obtained the final weapon.
In the previous time, the gold wasn’t really useful under the circumstances, but I wonder what will happen this time.

Sorry, I let myself go with the tl notes a little this chapter… Next chapters will contain less..
We also have some buffer chaps atm, so even if something comes up IRL we will at least have one chap ready every week. If I can get more chaps ready in the meantime I’ll up them sooner.

I hope you enjoyed the chap~


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