CH13 – Shopping

CH13 – Shopping

‘Jirgs Kingdom’ is a wide country that is located around the middle of the continent.

Even though it’s facing the demon territory and sharing its border with it, the land is fertile and has a warm climate. The country is slowly and securely developing under the rule of their king, Remonaz; it’s a stable country at the moment.

The country doesn’t have a clear direction it’s heading to, but its national power can be called something to be reckoned with by the whole continent.

I have heard that the capital has a population close to ten thousand, and is surrounded by reinforced walls.

In the center lies the white royal palace, which is able to be seen from anywhere within the capital, a high tower flag is visible from the palace.

“Ho~~, There are a lot of people. It seems like the humans of this era have prospered a lot.”

When Kail and his party left one of the many shops, and started to walk around, Sildonia materialized herself and suddenly speaks up.

Kail and his party entered Marado just a while ago, just like Sildonia said, it was literally overflowing with people.

“Umm, In the legends it’s said that Zars was a city with a million people, or so I’ve heard.”

“This scene isn’t that uncommon, right?” Lize asked.

“Yeah, it’s just like what you’ve said. However that was just the knowledge of Sildonia, I have not experienced it. This is the first time Sildonia is walking among humans.” Sildonia said.

“I see, so that’s why….”

I remember when Sildonia was asking a lot of questions about things, whilst we were travelling to Marado.

She is an unbalanced existence who has a lot of knowledge, but doesn’t have much experience.

“Oh, it has a good smell to it.”

Lize follows with a wry smile after Sildonia, who was unsteadily moving towards the stall, while being lured by the smell.

“She completely looks like a kid who came from the countryside.”

Seran was going, “Yare, yare.” the whole time, but both Seran and Lize are in the same boat, since they’ve rarely left the town of Rimase, and it’s their first time in Marado.

Gazing at the things they’ve never seen before is exactly something a country hick would do.

“Hmm, it’s not on the level of Lize’s cooking but it’s still good. Now the stall there is…….”

Sildonia returns while munching on some meat skewers. She just kept eating, under the pretense of it being for her magic supply.

“You can leave the eating for later, I want to go shopping like planned.”

“Shopping….. You were going to buy armor and weapons, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, the equipment we have now isn’t good enough. At this rate we won’t be able to put up a decent fight, we have to get the best armor we can get.”

Except for Kail’s sword, Sildonia, the rest only have some basic equipment that can’t even be compared to that of normal adventurers.

“Of course even if we buy good equipment it only strengthens us to a certain amount, but there’s no doubt that it’ll make us stronger.”

And above all it’ll become harder to kill us, I added.

In this one year, I have seen more than enough comrades dying—– that’s what I don’t want to see anymore.

“Being able to keep a life with gold, that’s a cheap price. I’m not going to regret it.”

In a small town, one shop dealing in weapons and armor is enough, but in a big city like this, there are a lot of them.

There are many shops aimed at beginners, intermediate, and experienced fighters.

The shop Kail and his party went to was the best one, shopping there once would already cost tens of thousands of Gador, and its usual clients were all well known adventurers and nobility.

The shop was built from sturdy stones, and it has no sign, since it doesn’t need one.

This isn’t a shop like the ones on the street, where you can just come and go, only people who have a recommendation can come in.

The entrance was guarded by buff looking guys, the old man in the middle, who was wearing the shop’s uniform, came over to Kail’s party in order to talk to them.

“Is there anything you would need from our shop?”

“Yeah, I want to buy equipment.”

“I may offend you, but have you received a referral from someone?”


“Then are you aware of the condition for entering this shop?”

“If I’m not mistaken it was…… For a completely new customer, without a recommendation, he has to pay a certain amount of money, right?”

Kail remembers it from the last time, his previous life.

“Yes, I give my utmost apologies, but first time customers will have to entrust an amount of one thousand gador. Of course, it’ll be returned before closing time.”

The clerk apologetically bowed deeply, but he said it clearly.

Inside the store they deal with very expensive products.

Leaving aside nobles, or those who’ve already paid the price, most customers are fully equipped adventurers and mercenaries, so if they ever visit with the intention of robbing the store…… That’s what they’re afraid of.

For that reason they don’t accept customers without a referral, but they can’t just completely refuse any new customers, because they might miss new opportunities for business, so they made a system where they temporarily hold onto your money.

It’s a suitable way to do it, also if you can’t pay up immediately, that just means you aren’t qualified for the shop.

“Is it alright if I pay with five Zars gold coins?”

Kail hands over the ancient magic kingdom’s coins which are known as Zars coins to everyone.

Zars coins have a fine design, and have simple protection magic cast over them, for that reason even after a thousand years have passed, quite a few are still left on the continent and can be used in shops with high grade items.

Because of the good quality of the Zars coins it’s treated with care, its maximum worth is estimated to be twice that of a thousand Gador.

Furthermore, the use of the so called equivalent, a ‘gem’, is some kind of crystal which is said to be worth ten thousand Gador, they are only used by the rich nobles, so there aren’t many people with gems.

When the clerk took the coins into his hand in order to confirm it, he bowed deeply yet again.

“I certainly have received it. Then, I shall guide you inside.”

After a heavy and sturdy door opens, a passage was revealed, after advancing for a little, a similar door appeared.
For the sake of crime prevention they probably have reinforced doors.

After entering the opened second door, a wide floor could be seen.

There weren’t any windows, but there were magic tools with [light] cast on them, and the humidity and the heat were also adjusted to the right temperature.

And there were a lot of armors and weapons that were hung, in such a way that they looked as good as possible, on the shelves.

Maybe it’s because of the time, but there weren’t any customers, well, this isn’t a shop where everyone could just enter, originally.

“I welcome you to our store. I am known as the shopkeeper, Fespa. It is a honor to meet you.”

A portly man about fifty years old, greets Kail and his party.

The ones responsible for new customers for this store are either the shopkeeper or the ones responsible for the floor.

In order to check what kind of customers he has, checking if they’ll be worth it or not, in order to know what kind of attitude he had to take with customers, even now, Fespa is doing the same, even though he’s smiling gently his eyes are sharply observing Kail and his party.

“What kind of business would you have here today?”

“I would like to be shown some magic armor and weapons.”

“Understood. We have a big amount, so, let me guide you.”

Even if I ‘simply’ said, magic armor and weapons, there are many different kinds.

There are those that simply raise the sharpness or the weight of a weapon, or those that are empowered with the elements of flames, ice, light, darkness, and in contrast, there are armors with resistances to one of those elements……

There are also many other types, but basically there aren’t a lot of them made.

Because, unlike with magic tools, it takes more time and labor for armor and weapons, most of the ones going around were those made by the ancient magic kingdom.

“Hoh, there’s a great number that comes from Zars…. Oh, if it isn’t Merans’s work.”

Sildonia says, in front of one of the armors with a crest from the ancient magic kingdom.

“How knowledgeable. This here is one of the ancient magic kingdoms master magic armor maker Merans’s work…..”

“No, that guy wasn’t that great. It’s true that he made some masterworks but he got carried away. When the original piled up all of his mistakes he began to break into tears. Well after that he did repent on it…..” Sildonia said.

“Wha!?” Said the guy from the shop.

“Ah, don’t mind it….. This child is, well, she’s a pitiful child…..”

Kail makes a remark in a quiet voice, since he would be sorry if the person in question heard him.

“Eh?….. Ah, I sincerely apologize for my rudeness.”

Fespa who understood what I meant, called an attendant, when he did, a female attendant led Sildonia to the negotiation table with a friendly smile.

“Hmm? What’s wrong….. Oh, aren’t these some nice snacks.”

As expected of a high class shop, it has high class snacks for premium customers, while Sildonia keeps eating the snacks, Kail bows his head and Fespa answers with a smile that says; you also have it hard, haven’t you.

“Hoh, this is….”

What caught Kail’s eye, was a light blue armor within a glass case in the center of the shop, he though it probably is the most expensive high class item inside the store.

It’s an armor made from leather from an animal, it’s called ‘leather armor’ and is an armor for warriors who fight with speed.

Normally the leather used is from livestock, but this armor used a leather that is fundamentally different.

“So this is an armor made from the dragon race….. Does it also have magic cast on it?”

“Yes, a dragon’s skin originally has high defensive power, magic resistance, increases your own defensive power, and also has resistance to heat and cold. Furthermore the cloth within the armor is woven from the feathers of a phoenix.”

He’s probably used to the questions from first time customers, without hesitation he keeps his explanation going.

“When you say phoenix, you must mean the immortal bird?”

“Yes, the legendary beast said to be equal to dragons. It’s called the sign of life, so that’s why it has resistance to poison and sickness, and furthermore, though it may be small, it also has the effect of speeding up the wearers recovery.”

It was truly a great armor, the way the shopkeeper suggests it, means he can call it a ‘one of a kind’ masterpiece with pride, since this armor can be called a masterwork among all these masterpieces.

If I look at the bottom of the case I can see the attached price tag which has three million Gador written on it.

It’s enough to buy a castle with some land, located a little bit away from the capital, and you can even buy employees for the castle, it certainly isn’t a price for an armor.

“Well then, the armor is on this side so let us go…..”

“All right, I’m going to buy this.”


Ignoring Fespa, whose eyes have totally widened, Kail talks to Seran.

“Seran, size wise I think it can somehow fit you, but what do you want?”

I asked Seran, who was talking friendly with the female attendant, but he didn’t seem that interested.

“Hmm…. Well, the color is blue so… Since my image revolves around ‘red passion’, I’ll pass.”

“I see, then I’ll wear it. Well this’ll be alright as my armor and my weapons are okay, so…… There’s only Urza’s and Lize’s part left. I would like to see some female armors, so…”

Kail said to Fespa, who was still wide eyed.

For Urza I bought a mithril dagger and breastplate, most spirits hate metals such as steel or iron so spirit mages usually don’t wear much armor, but the magic metal, mithril, is an exception.

Furthermore, in this world something like a spirit stone doesn’t exist, it only exists in the realm where the spirits live, so I bought an amulet that has such a stone embedded within.

It’s said that after you wear this amulet the distance between you and your spirit shrinks, truthfully the moment I held it, it felt as if my affinity with the spirits had increased for a moment.

“I have heard that the next patriarch is using it too…… But to think it’d be to this extent, I think it’s even possible to make a [contract] with an upped spirit rank.”

Urza said with an excited face while panting.

For Lize, I bought a gauntlet; which is a part of armor that protects the parts of the hands and arms.

These are also made of mithril so they’re sturdy, but they also have fortification magic cast upon them, so together with Lize’s skills she should be able to defend against a reasonably strong swordsman’s attack.

I took the cross armor, which is a cloth armor that places precedence on speed, and it’s easy to move in.

However this armor itself has [protection] cast on it, which is said to be a magic that increases one’s defensive power, so it’s sturdier than normal metal armor.

“Yeah, it’s a good feeling!”

He confirms there aren’t any problem with its movements for Lize, by making a few light jabs.

“Are there any other leather armors made of dragon leather?”

If it was possible, I would’ve liked Lize to also have a sturdy but easy to move in dragon race’s armor.

“I’m sorry to say it, but there aren’t any others…..Since it’s a rare piece that doesn’t appear much, even within our own shop we’ve only handled it a few times.”

“I see….”

I talk to Sildonia who was still eating snacks with a small voice.

“If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t dragon’s material never scarce?”

“Yeah, in the past, dragon material was used plenty of times, also that armor wasn’t made from a young dragon, but an aged one. If it’s an armor, you should be able to easily make ten or twenty out of them.”

She puffs out her chest with pride.

If only there wasn’t any chocolate around her mouth.. She would’ve looked a little cooler.

“Then it’d be faster if I got someone to make it for me directly…… Even if I say that, it’s not like it’s easy to find a craftsman that can directly obtain dragon material.”

I sigh lightly, thinking it’d be a hassle just to find one.

Only Seran’s equipment remains however.

“If I’m equipped with it, girls will go “Wonderful! Hold me!” Is there an armor or sword that would make beauties say that? Especially for a woman such as yourself?”

Kail shakes his head, seeing him approach the female attendant whilst wearing a straight face.

“Can you please get a one handed long sword and some leather armor for this guy. If there isn’t any, some rags patched together will do.”

“Yes….. Understood”

The female attendant who was overflowing with professionalism, replied with a frozen smile.

“Also, are there any magic stones or magic potions?”

“Yes, of course we have some.”

A magic stone is a stone where magic can be put in.

It will become a disposable item eventually, since after one use it’ll disappear together with the stone, for that reason they are expensive, so they’re not frequently used.

Even so, for those who can’t use magic, they’ll be able to even use high class magic with this, so there are one or two adventurers who use this as their trump card.

“Here is the regularly used: ‘attack type magic stone’ which has [explosion] stored within.”

What was removed from the shelves was a darkish stone, big enough to fit inside the palm of my hand, it was a magic stone that had magic characters written upon it.

[Explosion] is a mid ranged attack magic which causes explosions, and it’s the perfect magic for for fighting against a great number of enemies.

“It’s usually used by touching the part which has the magic characters written upon it, and saying the magic’s name. When you do so, the stone will light up, and activate its magic after five seconds, so you’ll have to throw it to the target within that time, that is the way it’s normally used.”

Fespa explains how to use it.

“For magic potions we primarily possess the ‘recovery through drinking’ type.”

I was shown several vials containing liquids, but there were many different types of recovery magic potions.

Those that heal wounds, or recover stamina, those that erase poison, or heal illnesses, and the highest level potion can even heal lost limbs like an arm or leg in an instant.

Magic potions and magic stones are consumable items, but here they’re all luxury items where each one costs at least a thousand Gador.

“As expected there are a lot of handy ones….. All right, I’ll buy all the magic recovery potions there are.”


Fespa involuntarily looks at the more than one hundred magic potions on the shelves.

“Since we don’t have someone that can use recovery magic at the moment….. Ah, attack type magic stones also look handy. I’ll also buy all of them.”


“Wha-What form of payment would you like to use….”

To Kail and his party, Fespa faces them from the counter, while wearing a business smile.

After all, they have almost bought ten million Gador worth of stuff, within the shop they can feel the stares from other clerks here and there.

It’s probably their vigilance, to make sure that we won’t do anything bad.

“It’ll become a little too much if I just pay with coins….. Is it alright if I add some gems?”

“Since it’s a large amount, our shop would also appreciate it if you would do that……”

If he paid for everything with one Gador coins, the shop would end up being buried beneath it.

Afterwards, what Kail pulled out, was a port bag, which is commonly called an ‘obtaining’ bag.

[Port] is the highest level magic which enables its user to obtain things from certain locations into their hands, so an obtaining bag is a magic tool that possesses that function.

And this bag is connected to that treasury, so it’s supposed to be able to take everything out of there.

After all, it’s a labyrinth no one could find for a thousand years, the excavated site was so thoroughly buried, rather than taking out the treasure haphazardly, it’s safer to keep it there.

By the way, Kail is the one who ended up dividing the treasure.

Sildonia was amazed when she heard we hadn’t decided to split the treasure in advance, after a simple discussion it was decided that Kail, the one who found the map and gave the instructions, was left in charge.

This port bag itself is already quite an expensive thing, so Fespa showed a little surprise on his face, but while pouring out Zars coins with a jingling sound, large rubies, diamonds and emeralds, seeing those being lined up, his face became that of someone who was absolutely speechless.

Immediately he calls for a gem expert and welcomes him, but with only one glance he understands they’re all real, he also understood, that they were all worth at least a hundred thousand Gador.

“Umm…… There is a need for detailed evaluation, so is it alright to take a little of your time?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind, then is it alright if I equip the armor in the mean time?”

I was allowed to try out other armor, but as expected I wasn’t allowed to try out the dragon leather armor.

“Ye-Yes…. go ahead.”

After a while, Fespa spoke up to us in a tired voice, but his business smile didn’t break.

“We have certainly received the correct amount….. Is there anything inconveniencing you?”

“Ah, it’s easy to move in, and it’s exactly like how you explained, so there aren’t any problems.”

Having donned the blue armor, shouldering a sword on his back and wearing a cloak, Kail became the center of attention with his appearance.

“You guys don’t have any problems either, right?”

Both Urza and Lize nodded, but Seran was the only one with a dissatisfied look on his face.

“What’s wrong? Were there any problems or something?”

“No, the armor itself doesn’t have a problem. It’s just… The only regret I have is not asking for that attendant’s name…..”

“I whole-heartedly couldn’t care less about that.”

“Sildonia doesn’t have any problems too.”

Sildonia answers with a smile for getting a load of snacks for free.

“…… Well if the person in question is satisfied about it, then it’s alright. Well, if I have the chance, I’ll come again, so at that time I’ll be in your care again.”

Kail lightly raised his hand and waved, Fespa and the others came all the way outside the shop in order to bid them farewell.

After seeing off the ones that simply became number one in this store’s sales records, the clerk and shopkeeper breathed in deeply.

“I wonder who in the world they were.”

The clerk spoke up to Fespa after not being able to see Kail and the others anymore.

“I don’t have a clue….. However, for us to not know of them, means they aren’t famous adventurers.”

They have a list with the famous adventurers and mercenary groups.

“Then, since they paid with Zars coins and gems, they’re newbie adventurers that struck gold…… That should be about right, isn’t it?”

“That would be the option with the most probability. However that amount of money, I wonder what kind of treasure they found.”

“Maybe they might’ve found the legendary『Magic King』labyrinth’s treasure.”

“It might be like that.”

Fespa and the clerk lightly laughed.

“We might have made a killing, but they were customers who were bad for my heart…… Oh, contact the workshop immediately in order to procure more magic stones and magic potions, since our stock has run out.”



It seems I’ve caught a summer cold.
I must be careful not to let the air conditioner stay active…..

Even so the development is really slow isn’t it? This time it was just about going shopping.
I guess the story will start moving after a while…..?

Well then, I shall see you again next time.

Sorry for the late release on this blog, it has been up for a while on the re-trans doc, but since I’ve been sick, I didn’t have the time to up it on here.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chap~


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