CH14 – Time, Soul and Magic

CH14 – Time, Soul and Magic (Non Ebonics version)

After shopping and finishing lunch, Kail and his party went to an inn.

Rather than an inn, it was more like a hotel, it was a respected one where even nobles from other countries stayed at.

“However, we really did some flashy shopping. Won’t we stand out because of that?”

Seran said, while looking at today’s loot with everyone gathered in the same room.

He’s probably trying to say, won’t we stand out and have some bad rumors floating around, since we went shopping with the tremendous amount of ten million Gador?

“That’s a place that is frequented by nobles, they won’t easily leak information about their customers.”

For customer dependent shops like that, a customer’s trust is their life line. It’s out of the question to talk about what a customer has bought there.

“Well, though it may take some time, it’ll definitely leak from somewhere, but we have some time before that happens. We’ll be leaving here tomorrow morning, so one day won’t be a problem at all.”

I also add in, that as long as we stay here, it won’t be a problem with the security.

“I see….. Wait what!? We’ve just arrived at the capital but why are we only staying for one night?”

“Yeah, since the only business we had here was shopping. The next destination is…..”

“Then I can’t stay here doing nothing like this! I’ll be going out for a while!”

Seran said that, and ran out.

“Then I’ll also go take a look around, for a little while. It’s my first time in a capital, so I want to have a little fun.”

Lize also stands up and tries to leave, when Urza suddenly says she’ll accompany her.

“I’ll go together with you. Since I’ve been here before, I can show you around.”

“Thanks, I’ll count on you Urza.”

“Those two have strangely enough become friends…..”

Kail made a complex face, while seeing Urza and Lize leaving together.

“Then, myself will go buy food, or shopping….. Well then, let’s go.”

Kail stops Sildonia who was about to leave.

“Hey wait a minute. You and me both have things we want to ask, also, I want some advice on a lot of things.”

Since on our journey there wasn’t a single time when we’ve been alone together.

“Ah….. No, no, it’s not like I forgot about it or anything, and it’s not as if I got caught up with the flow, yeah.”

Sildonia sat again, facing Kail, but there was still some regret about outside, which Kail didn’t notice.

“The first thing I wanted to check was…… Is it really possible to go back in time?”

This is the thing that has been bothering me the most.

Right now, I’m trying to prevent that future from happening, but if the things I do now are immutable, then that means they don’t have any meaning at all.

“Change, is a weird way to word it. As a premise, the future is always undecided, so it can freely change.”

“It hasn’t been decided you say….. That’s something that has really happened you know?”

“That’s where you’re mistaken. What really happened, is that at the same time that you leapt through time, you came to another world. In this world nothing has happened, so nothing has been decided yet.”

The original of myself had a hypothesis over this in the past, Sildonia explained.

“There isn’t only one flow of time, it’s just like a tree with many branches, your soul has jumped from branch to branch in order to reach this one. It may be a play on words, but simply put, you didn’t go back in time. You have come to this world, which doesn’t have any records of what’s going to happen from now on.”

As proof, Sildonia pointed to the “God Dragon Heart” Kail was holding.

“That “God Dragon Heart” is probably the catalyst that brought your soul to this world. Originally there was only supposed to be one of them, but now there are two of them. Also, it was something that is originally in this world, probably in the demon territory…….. The moment that there are two of the same items, it has already become a contradiction, you can already think of this as another world, different from your own world.”

“I kind of understand, yet I kind of don’t understand….. Then is there the possibility that something different may occur in this world than what I know from the previous one?”

“No, only the branches are different…….Your existence itself is already a difference, except for myself, and the others, the history should be precisely the same as the one you know. All events are things that shall happen at a certain time, except for you coming to this world, there isn’t any difference between the events. For that reason….. that ‘Great Advance’ you know of shall probably happen too…..”

“I see…..”

Thinking it’s another world, I was hoping for such a weak answer, but it isn’t that easy.

“……However, that just means we’ll be able to prepare for it right?”

“Right now, you’re talking with myself. Just this has already changed your experiences, this means you’ll be able to do what you want to do.”

“Hearing just that is enough.”

My actions, what I’m trying to do certainly isn’t meaningless, I’m happy just knowing that.

“In reality, myself thinks what you’re trying to do, trying to stop that ‘great advance’ by having the human race prepare for it, and create a reputation for that to happen…… Is a great idea. However, there are many difficulties.”

“What, I have a lot of trump cards, also the legendary『Magic king』 is with me, it isn’t that difficult, right?”

To Kail’s words, Sildonia showed a fearless grin.

“Well then, next is the reason why your magic power has increased, for this, myself also has a hypothesis.”

“Yeah, I would also like to hear that.”

Kail becomes interested. Since it’s about what’s happening to my own body and I don’t understand what’s going on.

“In order to explain this, I’ll have to explain just what magic power is, but if I use the premise that magic power is something which is a part of the soul, so it’s inseparable, do you understand?”


“Well then…. Do you know a fusion magic, which is a taboo even among taboos, called [Fusion], exists?”

“No, I’ve never heard of it.”

Even Kail, who has some knowledge about magic, has never heard about it.

“Hmm, seems like it’s been skillfully buried with history. Since the original of myself has sealed it away because it was really dangerous.”

“…..What kind of magic is it?”

“Simply put, it’s a fusion between souls, it’s an evil way to significantly increase your magic power, by absorbing someone’s soul.”

Even Zars actively studied on a way to increase magic power, in their training they thought of a lot of ways to increase magic power, however in the end the strength of one’s magic power is mostly already decided from birth.

That’s where they thought of a way to strengthen the soul itself, which is how fusion magic came to exist.

However the soul is one’s life and that person itself, thus the same person can’t have the soul of someone else, which would mean he’d have to become someone different.

“Another example, would be like having chocolate melted in beer. That would be like donning a layer around itself. Then, voilà you’ll have a human with the memories and personality of someone else. A normal person’s mind wouldn’t be able to withstand it and would probably go mad.”
TLnote : This was what the raws literally said…. Yeah great explanation….. -Tensaiz

“That really doesn’t have any meaning does it.”

Even if it’s for the purpose of becoming stronger, it’d be inconvenient to become a cripple.

“Also, the reason for this unexpected situation that has happened to you, would be because of your innocent soul, which has been taken advantage of.”


“Yeah, it’s a new born baby.”

“That’s the worst.”

Kail covers his face with one hand.

In order to strengthen your magic power you’ll have to absorb the soul of a baby, it’s truly a forbidden magic.

“Be that as it may, for example, a newborn human baby. Fusion, if you absorb one, it’ll affect the soul, also a sane human wouldn’t even try to do something this evil. Afterwards, a certain hypothesis was made. If it’s exactly the same soul, such a problem wouldn’t occur…… But something like having exactly the same soul doesn’t exist.”

Then if it doesn’t exist you just have to make it, in Zars a research for artificial souls was being carried out.

“Making a soul….. Thinking back about it, it was truly a research where you didn’t even fear god.”

What arrogance, it was Sildonia, that was smiling wryly, but in Zars at that time, there was a majority that believed they would one day surpass God.

“Well, anyhow, the research about creating the exact same soul as your own ended in a failure, since this magic was too dangerous, it was sealed…… Well then, Like I said just now, the things that came into this world, were your soul and the “God Dragon Heart”. Also somewhere in this world there is another “God Dragon Heart”. Then, what do you think happened to the soul of the one called Kail Leonard in this world?”

“What happened to it, you say…….. Could it be?!”

“That’s right, It’s there.”

Sildonia was pointing at Kail’s chest.

“Ah, don’t misunderstand. The one talking with myself is also the Kail Leonard of this world.”

“Please wait a minute….. Even I’m confused because of this.”

Kail holds his head while growling.

“It’s not that difficult if you think about it. It just means that the person in question, isn’t aware of the fusion right now.”

She then adds, ‘and it has also been done in a perfect way.’

“The Kail that came here, probably had a stronger mentality, and the Kail of this world was strongly overpowered, for sixteen years your memories and experiences are exactly the same, and it can also be said over the personality and mentality. In other words it’s like transparent water that starts flowing together without any problems, so the soul has about doubled itself. Furthermore, it happened without the person in question even noticing it.”

“To think such a thing happened to my soul…..”

But a part of me was somehow convinced by that explanation.

The days where I continued to fight, where I continued to kill after my hometown perished. My spirit was conscious of what was gradually going to happen.

It was about the peaceful past, just around this time he was spending his days carelessly, or so he felt it was.

He thought that, because he lived in his hometown, he wouldn’t meet Lize and the others ever again, but it seems to be an effect from the fusion between souls.

“…… Well about my mentality, let us say you’re right about that.”

I say nonchalantly, but I smile wryly, thinking it might be because of my previous carefree nature.

“Anyway, your soul has been empowered, thus increasing your magic power. Right now, you aren’t able to fully use it yet, but you’ll probably be able to use the highest class magic in the future.”

“I see, the highest class magic.”

Kail subconsciously leans forward.

The highest grade magic, which is said to be capable of causing natural disasters, those who can use it have their names written in history, but right now there is no one who can use it.

“Could it possibly be….. That I could also use the attack magic that the 『Magic king』 used?”

“Yeah, the original of myself was special, it should be a magic that people other than the original can’t use….. But it isn’t impossible.”

There are many legends about ‘Sildonia Zars’, and there is even one where she destroyed an army of a thousand demons on her own.

There is an attack magic that makes that possible, but a thousand years after she passed away, the other users kept disappearing, now it’s a legendary magic.

“I would be able to use that……”

“Well, that’s just something that may happen in the future. From what can be seen, the complete fusion between souls will take a while, and about whether you can master it, or not, that’s a different case. That itself will probably take a long time.”

“I see, but it still is some useful information. If it means I can get even stronger….. By the way, has anything else changed in my body? And does it have any bad influences?”

“Don’t know….. Since there isn’t a precedent for it. If it’s a hypothesis, I can name as many as you want, but leaving aside good things, do you also want to hear all the shady ones?”

“……. No, I’ll leave it at that.”

“That’s a wise choice. After all, even if the possibility is tremendously low, your soul might have changed, meaning it may have become an organism from another realm…..”

“I already said, that it’s better if you don’t say it!”

“Well, if there are any abnormalities, feel free to name them. I’ll consult for you if you want to, though Myself doesn’t know if it can be solved that way.”

Sildonia says while laughing ‘kaka kaka’.

After that, we talked some more, Sildonia rounded up the conversation when it was sunset.

“Well then, with this, today’s conversation is over. Myself and you should also go out.”

The stalls that are open around this time should be tasty, she happily says.

While thinking it was a hassle, Kail made preparations to go out, then Seran wildly opened the door when he came back.

“What happened? It’s seems like you’re in a bad mood.”

“Damn it! So it really was a lie that city women are liberating! Even if I try to talk to them, they don’t respond. Though every single one of them, has eyes of a dead fish! Even their hearts are rotten.”

It seems like he failed, while hitting on girls.

“I think, there’s no mistake that your heart is the most rotten one. However, today you’ve given up quickly, aren’t you always so sticky, that you never know when to give up?”

“It seems like they were going to call the guards. As expected of the capital, the security is uselessly good. Like I thought, city woman are dirtied, so they’re no good. A pure hearted woman fits me better.”

“Notice it already, that as long as you don’t fix that attitude, you won’t get any women.”

Then, Seran makes a face as if he has noticed something, and he begins to think with a serious face.

“No, wait a second, we have gold, so. If I go with the method of using gold….”

“You’re saying the lowest thing, with a straight face, aren’t you.”

“Alright! Well then, give me some allowance!”

Seran holds out his hand toward Kail.

“…..Don’t go waste it.”

While thinking that it’s already wasted on him, for once, he gives some Zars coins while being on guard.

“Don’t worry! If it’s me it’ll be ok! Well then, the night life’s waiting for me—-!”

While holding on to some baseless confidence, Seran ran out.

“He lives while giving in to his desires doesn’’t he…. Well, that’s one of the types who usually live the longest.”

Sildonia said heartily, while seeing off Seran’s back.

“Well, it’ll probably become a good experience.”

The next morning, Urza and Lize, who had finished their preparations for departure, came to Kail’s room.

“Yeah, as expected, the capital is great isn’t it. I had fun yesterday.”

Lize says happily, she probably has seen a lot of rare things.

“It was a new experience to go to things with the two of us, instead of alone…… By the way.”

Urza looks toward the bed.

“What is that?”

She points toward Seran, who had his back toward us, was rounded on the bed, which made it impossible to miss him, even if you didn’t want to.

“Hmm, he got his gold taken by a girl, who lied about her mother having an illness, a girl who was nice to him brought him home, and he was brought to an ambush……. In one night, he was deceived forty-five times in total, so he has lost his faith in humanity a little.”

Sildonia explains while drinking tea.

“That should’ve been a good lesson for him…… well then, that thing doesn’t matter so let’s talk about what we’re going to do from now on. Next we’ll head for the town of Acken.”

Acken is a town on the east border and it’s even a big city within Jirgs.

“I’ll say it straight, I don’t have a clear view of what we’ll do from now on. For the reason…… actually it seems like Sildonia has the ability to see a little into the future.”

“Eh?…..Ah! Yeah, right, it was like that. Myself had an ability like that…. no I do have, yeah.”

Sildonia who affirms it after remembering what we talked about yesterday.

“Her reaction is kind of….”

“It’s just your imagination….. so even if I say that it’s just the powered up version of star reading, this is the “Mahou ou” we’re talking about. I think it has credibility.”

Kail says the most plausible lie he could think of.

“While talking about my goal, it seems that what came out from the prediction was that going to this town would be best. I’m thinking of believing that.”

How about it? I ask the two of them.

“Yeah, I’ve already decided since the beginning to trust Kail, so I don’t think anything in particular.”

“…….. I was originally travelling without a destination, so I don’t mind where ever we go.”

Lize and Urza didn’t have any objections, but Seran who was waving his hand was still having his back towards us.

When I asked him it seems he didn’t have any problems with it.

“Well then, up to the town of Acken.”


It was another explanation chapter.
Next time the story will be dynamic…. or so I hope.

Translator’s notes:
So, this is the valid chap put up. The ebonics one was released by an editor because someone came in ranting about how the translations are so slow, and yeah I know, they are pretty slow. But both Honor and me don’t have a lot of time to spend on translating because of school. We are able to do a lot of work in vacations etc. But there aren’t a lot of those ;-;

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter~


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      “Change, is a weird way to word it. As a premise, the future is always undecided, so it can freely change.”

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