CH17 – Abnormal Situation

CH17 – Abnormal Situation

“Well then, it seems like the question is: how I can coincidentally save the princess’s life.”
Kail was pondering on the bed, while sitting cross legged.

After that, Kail and his party found an inn, and now Kail is the only one in the room, together with Sildonia.
The other three went out for things like shopping and strolls.
“Is it bad if you just follow when the princess and company go out?”
If it’s here, then it’ll be easy to know when they leave, is what Sildonia says

This inn is the best one in the town of Acken, naturally the princess and her entourage are also staying here.
Kail and his party, were staying at the second floor, the princess and company had bought the fourth and fifth floors, and you wouldn’t even be able to come close to the stairs.
“That is only obvious, if it’s possible, I want to avoid being obvious about it.”
Kail makes a frowning face, when he thinks about what would happen if they were caught.

Until now, Kail wasn’t able to investigate as much as possible, about the princess’s movements.
The detailed schedules of royalty, are affiliated with state secrets, it isn’t known for how long princess Mirena is going to stay in this town of Acken.
Investigating that is a hassle, of course it’s also a felony.
Even if you’re able to save the princess safely, even though the chance is small, they might ask why you were able to be there at the time, you know? Since it’ll be a bother if it’s investigated later on.

That’s why I investigated the Hydra instead, all the places where he might appear. I’ll be on standby at a place where he might appear, is what I wanted to do, but it seems like I don’t have the time for that right now.
“Even so, it isn’t likely that we’d just encounter it….. I don’t have another choice, after the princess leaves, I just have to follow her from behind.”
When Kail was thinking he didn’t have another choice, Seran who went wandering outside returned.
“Hey, I was investigating some things about the princess, and found out something interesting.”
“……. And just why did you investigate the princess?”
“Well you know, if I can, I would like to have a fated encounter with the princess. For that reason I was trying to find out about how she could get in a real life dangerous situation, where I spectacularly save her then our love would….. rather what happened? Did you hurt your head?”
“No it’s just…… when I thought about how we were trying to do the same thing my heart broke a little……”
The objective was different, but what they were trying to do was the same.

“Well anyhow…… what were you saying about something interesting?”
“Yeah, when I asked around about the employees of the princess to others. There was one guy that seemed as if he knew something, it was hard to get it out of him. But by putting some gold in his hands I was able to make him talk!…… Rather what happened? Did you hurt your head again?”
Seeing my childhood friend who made all my worrying and planning for nothing, I made a deep sigh.

“If you don’t think of a good excuse since there’s a chance you’ll be found out…. more importantly, what is the kind of interesting thing you heard about the princess?”
“Well, it’s that maybe, because she’s the princess, but for the sake of security, it seems they’re going to leave at sunrise while the gate is still closed.”
“What did you say? Are you sure about it?”
“Yeah, certainly, the imperial guards were whispering about things like that.”
Cities that have an outer wall like Acken, usually have their gates closed from sunset until a little after sunrise, so nobody can leave or enter.
“Leaving before sunset tomorrow…..that was outside my expectations.”
If I didn’t know about this, I may not come in time.

“Even if there’s a chance for success…… anyway, thanks Seran.
“Yeah? I don’t really get it, but if you’re in my debt for eternity, it’s alright.”
“I’ll treat you to something tasty next time…… rather it might be time to leave Acken as soon as possible.”
“Eh? We didn’t even stay one day, why such a hurry?”
“I don’t have another choice, do I, in order for us to tail princess Mirena and company.”
“What? Could it be we’re going to follow the princess, by any chance?”
“Yeah, it seems like princess Mirena’s life is in danger……”
“Alright, I understand! Going after beauties, is my specialty among my specialties! Leave it to me!”
Seran said, with so much power you’d think it’d be impossible.

The morning of the next day, just when the eastern sky was becoming bright, Kail and his party were laying in wait outside of the outer wall.
Yesterday, leaving Acken and making a camp nearby, taking turns as the lookout, they went to a location nearby the gate.

“And, how are we going to do it? It’s useless if we get too close right?”
Of course, I don’t want them to find out that we’re following them, and it would be meaningless if we were too far apart.
“Hmm, this is where one of myself’s abilities come into play.”
After she said that, Sildonia’s body gives off particles of light, and changes her form.
After the light faded away, a magnificent bird, rather, a single giant hawk appeared.
“Ah? W-What happened?”
“Myself’s core is the jewel on the sword, this body, is a clone made up of magic power, meaning changing it, is but a simple thing.”
Sildonia, who became a hawk, said proudly to Lize and the others, who were shocked.

When she said that, she flew high into the heavens.
After waiting a little, a distant scene of landscape appeared, on the swords jewel.
[Like this, I can project whatever the clone sees, through my core.]
TL note: If you see the text between ‘[ ]’ then that means that Sildonia is talking. She’s transmitting her voice via the sword, so she isn’t really talking normally. That’s why the brackets are used.
From the jewel, Sildonia’s bragging voice could be heard.

At this, Urza and the others raised their voices in admiration.
“How great, depending on how it’s used, it may be more useful than a powerful weapon.”
“Yeah, this is useful right.”
“I’m so jealous, you can peep all you want.”

There are also magic tools, that can project distant places, however you can only see the place where it is installed.
Seeing the landscape, while moving around, is something unthinkable, according to logic
Thanks to Sildonia’s special ability Kail was saved many times by being able to grasp the situation within the war, the last time.
With this, we’ll be able to see the princess, and the rest, from the skies and rush to their help with the perfect timing.

“With this, we’ll be able the protect the princess, without any problems.”
“The remaining part, is to find out in what kind of danger she’ll be.”
“If it’s possible, I want to save her in a cool way. Hopefully……”
“You guys, we’re going to follow the princess, so please be quiet……”
Though Kail gave a warning to the three of them, who were continuing with their talk, in a corner of his heart he was grateful.

The three of them immediately agreed, when Kail said something ridiculous like “I don’t know the specifics, but the princess is going to be in danger.”
After Sildonia helped convincing them, they simply believed him, he was grateful they were coming along.

Actually, Kail believed that Seran and Lize were would agree to help him, even if it was an unreasonable request.
However, in reverse, Kail would be thankful if Lize and the others would lend their help without hearing the reason why.
Kail took pride in the trusting relationship they had between them.

That’s why he felt sorry for Urza, on that part.
She has no reason to follow Kail, but like now, she is still accompanying us, even while wearing a sleepy face.

(After things have calmed down, I’ll take her to a famous sweets shop in the capital.)
When Kail was thinking that he was the only one who knew she had an unexpected sweet tooth, he heard Sildonia’s voice from the jewel of the sword.

[I’ve located the carriage…… but there’s something strange about it.]

At the moment, in the human-races territory within the continent, most of the highway’s are made by the ancient magic kingdom of Zars’ time, and they’re still being used now, a thousand years later.
On the projection, we could see the well developed highway, on there, was a carriage moving onward, with the same crest we saw yesterday.

[I can only see about ten guard like people around it. And they don’t seem to be the imperial guards we saw yesterday. Aren’t those the city guards?]
“The imperial knights aren’t following? That’s impossible.”
However, just as Sildonia said, only ten guards, that seemed to be the guards of Acken, were guarding the carriage.

[Also this path doesn’t seem to be the one that heads towards the capital.]
“What do you mean when you say that?”
Quickly taking out the map, in order to confirm it, it certainly seems there is a fork in the road, it was a path that went further into the forest, and beyond that was only a single village.

“So, the name of the village is Sanes……. if I’m not mistaken it’s the village that was destroyed a month ago by a Hydra……”
Sanes, is a village that produces wood from special trees, and it’s mainly a good forestry village, it was a village with no other features than that.
Going this way, means that the destination can only be that village, but for what reason are they going there.

“What is the meaning of this? It’s just a bunch of things I don’t understand…..”
There are a lot of things I don’t understand, however if the carriage is going onward like this, then we don’t have another, so just like planned, we’re going to follow while keeping our distance.

The sun is already high up in the sky, it happened around the midway point, between Sanes and Acken.
[Oh, I guess an abnormal situation has occurred.]
“What happened? Did a magic beast appear?”
[No, the coachman stopped the horses and suddenly began to attack the guards.]
“Hey, that’s abnormal enough!”
Seran made the obvious retort, but ignoring that, Kail began to run at full strength.

I went there at full speed, so it shouldn’t have taken much time, but, by the time I got there, most of the guards around the carriage were already cut down.
What Kail saw, was probably the last guard showing no intention of surrendering, without caring for his life, getting stabbed ruthlessly.
There were only two left standing, one was the coachman, and the other was an attendant who came out of the carriage, both of them had drawn swords in their hands.
The man wearing the clothes of a coachman turned around and looked this way, thinking it was a chance, Kail raised his speed by casting【Haste】without a chant.
At a time like this, he was thankful for the leather armor that didn’t make much sound while moving around.

The other one that found Kail’s presence, warned his comrade, but he was a breath too late.
Kail was behind the man who looked like a coachman, grabbing his dominant arm, that held his sword, and swung Sildonia who was in sword form down.
Since he was hit with the blunt part of the sword, his arm didn’t get severed, but as if his bones were completely crushed, the man that looked like a coachman drops his sword and groans painfully on his knees.
Furthermore, Kail throws a sharp kick onto his flank.
The coachman’s whole body was sent flying, and after he hit the ground he started rolling away, and just when you thought he stopped, he could no longer move.

Having taken down one completely, Kail headed toward the attendant like man.
Seeing his comrade being taken down instantly by an interloper when they thought the job was done shocked him, but the attendant like man recovered and held up his sword.

Seran’s voice could be heard, somehow it was a voice without tension in this situation.
“Leave the princess to me!”
While giving a thumbs up, Seran slipped past the two of them, and ran at full speed toward the carriage.

I won’t let you go, is what the attendant like man said, trying to catch Seran.
“Hey, I’m the one that’s not going to let you go.”
Kail receives the attack with the lower side of his sword.

“You two, go after Seran…… I’ll come, after taking care of this guy.”
Without losing sight of the man in front of him, Kail tells the two that just came down, to go on.
It seemed like Urza wanted to say something, but Lize immediately went to the carriage, so Urza after being dazed for a moment, ran to the carriage.

“Well then….. it’s been some time since a battle with my life on the……”
Kail started to swing his sword with a fearless smile.

Syncing his breathing with his slash unexpectedly, he felt that he cut through something.
Having movements that seemed as if he received special training, having a pile of combat experience, Kail thought he would have enough skill to fight against him.
“Who are you? Why are you doing something like this?”
He was not expecting an answer to that obvious question.
To the question, the attendant like man, stayed silent.
“That is princess Mirena’s carriage. These are actions to take the princess’s life…… is how I can interpret them right? If that’s the case, seeing you trying to deal with an unexpected interloper like me, means that the plan failed.”
This is a questioning, to see his reactions.
Like before, he doesn’t answer, but I could clearly feel his impatience.

Probably, the best thing this man can do right now, is to kill Kail quickly and go to where the other three are.
However, this interloper is stronger than expected, he understood he was even stronger than himself, when he was crossing blades just now.
Do I go on, or do I flee, hesitation was showing on the man’s face.
Without missing that hesitation, Kail shows an opening on purpose.
Not letting the chance get away, the man put a lot of strength in his blow in order to end it with that attack.
Kail dodged the attack by a hair’s breadth, letting it graze only some of his hair.
Kail who without breaking his posture dodged the attack, in reverse the man broke his posture, when he swung his sword, he could not defend against the sword that swung down on the wrist of his sword hand.
While still holding the sword the hand flew in arc through the air.
Grabbing his wound on instinct, the man felt great pain, the hand fell down somewhere in the bushes.

Kail bound the man from behind with a rope, and stopped the bleeding from his hand.
[You certainly are skilled.]
:”Well, since I’m used to it.”
In the past, when fighting against the Demon race, treating wounds like these were an everyday thing, so I got used to it.

“Well then, guess this is okay for now…… since there are a lot of things I want to ask these guys.”
Killing them would have been easier but in order to understand the situation I wanted to catch them alive.
It’s alright to say that the current situation is full of questions.
Why are the imperial guards not here, the identity of these two, and what their objectives are, and finally, how is princess Mirena at the moment……
Thinking I had to confirm it, I went towards the carriage, when Urza walked toward me.

“Has it ended?”
“Yeah, more importantly is the princess alright?”
“If it’s about that, it’s alright. We went inside the carriage and there didn’t seem to be any wounds however……”
At that time, Kail and Urza felt a slight shaking and sound.

Looking at the place the sound came from, a tree falls down, then all the birds in the area flew away as if they were fleeing from something.
“……This sound is.”
[Yeah, it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is.]
From the jewel Sildonia’s voice can be heard.

Kail quickly analyses the current situation.
The first idea was to get away from this place, but that would mean to give up on the captured ones, and it also means to give up on the wounded and fallen guards.
Also, that was quicker than he expected, even if he ran normally, he wasn’t sure if they could get away or not.
Foremost, in order to let the princess escape, there is no other choice than to use the carriage.
“It’s no use, the reins were cut off. It’s going to take a while in order to repair them.”
Not knowing whether the timing was good or bad, Seran’s voice could be heard coming from the carriage.

Hearing his voice, Kail made his resolve and gives out orders.
“You three, defend the carriage. Other magic beasts may appear!”
At the moment, princess Mirena’s safety is our first priority, it would be bad if she got injured.
Furthermore, there may be more comrades of these two that might aim for the princess’s life.

“However, you alone….. against that?”
When seeing it come closer, Urza’s face began to lose its color.
“I won’t try the impossible and there is a chance of victory. Making a calm judgement, I think that this is the best way. Please go.”
“……I believe in you, so don’t die.”
Urza said that, with a painful face and voice, heading to the carriage.

Seeing Urza’s back, Kail laughed a little, but still the sounds became louder and louder, looking at the trees at the side of the highway.
Pushing aside the trees, and appearing in a grand manner, what appeared was something even first class adventurers want to avoid, fighting with a Hydra.
The swaying numbers, were about twelve or thirteen, I guess.
“While facing the Hydra that was larger than his home back at Rimase, Kail began to complain ‘having a bad feeling, strangely hit the jackpot’.”


I’m continuing to slack off.

I apologize for dropping the pace so suddenly.
Next time will certainly be quicker……

TL Note : Happy new Year, enjoy the double release~
-Tensaiz & Honor


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