CH18 – Hydra

There are a few reasons as to why a Hydra is feared by others.
First of all, the giant body of the beast enables it to deal attacks with high destructive power, its specialty would be attacking at the same time with its many heads. Even though it only has one body, it feels as if you’re up against many different enemies at the same time.
Also, its strong scales and thick skin will repel any average attack, furthermore it can also attack with poisonous breath.
However to Kail, those things weren’t that much of a danger.
No matter how powerful and fast it may be, as long as it has the intelligence of a beast, there will be a pattern in the attack, so it´ll be easy after understanding what it is.
Being able to dodge the attack by predicting it is easy enough, and its ability to use its heads in a simultaneous attack is useless against Kail, since he’s used to fighting against greater numbers.
Its poisonous breath should originally be the most dangerous, however Kail´s dragon leather armor has the function to nullify most of the poison, so there wasn’t any reason to care about it.
Its defensive power with its scales and skin, were also no problem to Kail.
“Take that!”
Dodging the attack of the snake head, that could swallow up a human body in one go, he slashes against the neck of the snake together with a yell.
With the famed sword Sildonia and Kail’s skills combined, they were able to easily cut off the snake’s head which fell down like a big tree.
This made the fourth snake head that was cut down, Kail only got some scratches, so it seemed like Kail was dominating the fight.
[Hmm, it’s easier than I imagined. I thought he’d put up a little more resistance.]
Sildonia in sword form, said it, as if she were amazed.
“It’s also a surprise to me. it seems that my body has become stronger than I imagined.”
I had body strengthening magic cast on myself, but I’m happy that the miscalculation let me fight the Hydra this easily.
But, however.
“Even so, I’m at a loss here.”
In Kail’s sight, was the part of the first snake head that was cut off, but there was already a new head being regenerated.
The most annoying part of a Hydra, is its life force and regeneration.
Even normal magic beasts can heal from a life threatening wound over time, it’s not only the wound itself, but also the part that was lost that heals.
“As expected, the regeneration is annoying.”
I was winning, but I don’t have any way to definitely kill it.
Even so, if I keep dealing damage, it should fall down after some time, but in this situation where there might be more enemies, I can’t take my time and have to end it quickly.
The only way to kill a Hydra with its regenerative abilities is to instantly kill it, but dealing a fatal wound that would kill with a sword is hard because of its size.
It’s magic, Kail thought of being able to deal a fatal wound with attack magic, but that would not have any meaning, as it would just recover.
An attack magic that could kill it instantly has to be higher than high level magic, but Kail can’t use any at the moment.
“It would have been better if I trained my magic a little more.”
In the first place, Kail’s specialty isn’t attack magic, it’s auxiliary type magic.
Because of not having enough magic power, leaving aside high level magic, Kail couldn’t even use mid level attack magic, even if he used it in battle, leaving aside human opponents it wouldn’t even scratch most of the demon race, so he just took them down with his sword.
Now that the problem of having a shortage of magic power has been solved, Kail could even use the highest level of magic, but right now he had his hands full with training his body, so he still hadn’t trained his magic at all.
[It’s no use to complain about what you don’t have. It’s also important to fight with what you have on hand you know.]
“I know without having you tell me. Moreover, compared to that time, I’m feeling rather blessed right now.”
While he says that, Kail grabs a bunch of magic stones from his pocket filled with the attack magic:【Explosion】.

“No matter how strong your life force may be, you’ll collapse if I destroy you from within.”
No matter how much the Hydra regenerates, it’s not as if the number of heads increase.
Kail’s gaze was aimed at the part of the body, where the snake heads were attached.
However the Hydra knows what its own weak part is.
For a while now, Kail has been trying to get close to it’s weak part, but the snake heads have been getting in the way.
In order to reach its weak point, I first have to get past more than ten snake heads first.
“…… Guess I’ll have to use that.”
Kail makes a back step, and increases the distance between him and the Hydra.
Since its regeneration will go down when it moves, it didn’t go after Kail and waited for its lost head to regenerate.
Dropping his waist, as if aiming for the Hydra, he aims his sword.
Concentrating, the activation period was only for a moment, just raising my speed, I once again cast the magic that raises my speed beyond my limit.
Kail who was originally good in auxiliary magic, could easily use the magic by finely controlling it.
Just at the moment the Hydra finished regenerating all of his heads and began a lunge towards Kail.
Breathing in deeply, together with a compact yell, he made a rush with all of his body and soul.
A rush that destroyed the ground with every step – that speed – surpassing the Hydra’s speed and reflexes.
The snake wasn’t able to react to it, Kail stabbed his sword into the main body of the snake.
After a dull sound of being stabbed in the stomach resounded, the Hydra lost to a human that was only a hundredth of its weight while rushing at each other. After stepping backward the snake heads let out screams of pain while vomiting blood.

Simply put, using magic to raise his speed to the limit, using the force of his rush in a simple attack where he just collided with the enemy.
However, it is powerful because it is simple, when used against a human opponent he would’ve been turned into pieces of meat.
But even among magic beasts the giant Hydra had an overwhelming life force, this attack may have gravely injured it, but couldn’t finish it off.
Kail was moving his sword around, as if to gouge the flesh around it, then he pulled out his sword and powerfully put his left hand into the hole.
When his upper arm was inside, one of the snake heads recovered from the shock, and attacked Kail from the side.
While his arm was stuck he had no way to dodge, he was sent flying into the ground, but immediately recovered his posture.
He felt a surge of pain going through his body, normally his bones would have been crushed, but he only suffered severe bruises at most.
“Ouch…… But still, I’m glad I bought this armor.”
While Kail was yet again impressed by the defensive capability of this armor, he sheathed his sword and broke his combat posture.
Even when the Hydra was coming at him in a blind rage.
Just when the snake head’s fangs were going to reach Kail, at that moment the Hydra exploded.
“Alright, it went well.”
Making a guts pose while clenching his fist.
If Kail just threw the magic stones with 【Explosion】, it wouldn’t have caused much damage, because of the scales and thick skin, but he just put them inside the Hydra’s body through the wound.
If an explosion happens within the body, defensive power doesn’t have anything to do with it; as expected, having more than half of its body blown away, the Hydra was eliminated.
[So you won. It’s truly praise worthy for you, to beat a twelve headed Hydra one on one…… By the way what was that move you used just now? It had a lot of power.]
“It’s called ‘Shukuchi’.”
It was something Kail invented on his own, and didn’t have a name, but when someone from an island nation in the east saw it he called it ‘Shukuchi’ in surprise, so I’ve been calling it that since then.
“Well, it’s a technique based only on speed and strength. Since it takes some time to prepare, it would work against a magic beast, but wouldn’t work on skilled fighters.”
If the fight isn’t finished with this attack, it’ll leave a big opening, so it’s a technique that isn’t used much.
“For now, my body can keep up with the magic I use, so I tried using it…… but still, even if I did this myself, it’s still horrible.”
Looking around, a large amount of flesh and organs were splattered about in the forest, with blood everywhere – because of the explosion, it had become a horrible sight.
Furthermore, it stinks, it originally smelt like rotten fish, but because of the explosion, it smelled like burned rotten fish with some blood on top.
“……They won’t get mad, right?”
The once white royal Carriage, was now covered in blood with some flesh and organs on the roof, Kail’s face twitched a little because of this sight.
“An act of god, an act of god”, while trying to convince myself of this I drew closer to the carriage, there I saw felled several large-sized wolf-like magical beasts, called hellhounds, in the surroundings of the carriage.
A few had their heads crushed, others were burned to death, so it seems like Lize and the others did this.
“So, these guys also attacked us…. but, this is weird right?”
Magic beasts usually have their own territory, so it’s rare when different races appear at the same place.
Especially here, when there was a Hydra this close by, so having the weak Hellhounds appear is abnormal.
“Kail! So you were alright?”
The ones who probably beat the Hellhounds, Urza and Lize, walked toward me.
“To think you’d really beat a Hydra….. how amazing.”
Urza groans, as if she can’t believe I really did it.
“Of course, something like a Hydra isn’t a match for me!”
I say a little proudly to the two.
“But, if you could, couldn’t you have beat it in another way?”
While looking around, Lize said it in an annoyed tone.
“…… I’m repenting on it a little.”
Well, I thought it was a good idea, when I came up with it, Kail said.
“Also, Kail, you stink terribly.”
Kail who was bathed in the Hydra’s blood had a bad smell on himself.
“…. Is that so?”
“I’m sorry, but please don’t come near me until the smell is gone.”
Urza and Lize were stepping away from Kail, while furrowing their eyebrows.
Kail who dropped his shoulders a little, backed away from the carriage.
[……You wanted them to praise you a little more didn’t you.]
“Shut up.”
Kail who became a little sad, got a water bucket and began to wash his head.
Inside the carriage were three women.
One was princess Mirena whom we saw yesterday, today she was wearing a white dress.
The others were probably her handmaidens; one of them was a little girl of about ten years old, and the other was a woman who looked a little older than princess Mirena.
All three of them were sleeping against each other within the carriage.
“To think they’d be sleeping in this situation, they really don’t have a sense of danger.”
Seran said, with a voice that held both admiration and tiredness.
“No… it seems the three of them were put to sleep with drugs.”
Urza says, while seeing the princess and the other two.
“Let’s use some magic medicine, that would dispel the effect of most drugs.”
“I understand.”
Urza takes out some magic medicine, and fed it to the three of them.
“Ah, Kail take a look at this. It was left at the driver’s seat.”
What Seran showed me, was a bag made of old leather, with a magic circle on it, the bag was tightly closed.
“This is…….a bag that summons magic beasts?”
“Yeah, and it was made by some powerful guy.”
The organs of a magic beast can be used in order to make medicine, if it’s a big one, the bones and claws can become ingredients for weapons.
Depending on the type of magic beast, you may earn a fortune, so there are adventurers that specialize in hunting magic beasts.
Like that, in order to lure monsters, they use a special monster summoning bag, that baits them with the smell they like.
And this bag, has a powerful smell that can bait Hellhounds and even the Hydras.
“So they tried to lure out magic beasts with this. And then they tried to attack the princess……”
The princess was put to sleep, so she didn’t have any chance to run away.
The ones who set it up, were probably those two, this means that princess Mirena’s death was not because of an accidental attack by magic beasts, but an assassination disguised as one.
“Anyway, since the reins are fixed, let’s move the carriage.”
“I see, well then……”
Thinking whether to return to Acken or not, for the sake of the princess’s safety, at that moment princess Mirena slowly opened her eyes.
“Oh…… Am I still alive?”
When she opened her eyes, princess Mirena asked as if she were surprised.
“I thought I wouldn’t open my eyes again…… But it seems luck is on my side for now.”
Rather than it being said to someone, it was more like a confirmation for herself.
At that time, she finally looked at Kail and the others for the first time.
“Are you the ones that saved me?”
“Yes. My name is Kail, Kail Leonard. In the middle of our journey we saw that princess Mirena’s carriage was attacked by thugs and magic beasts, we decided to help out.”
While sitting on one knee, Kail was bowing down, and said the line he prepared beforehand.
“Thank you very much. If you all didn’t pass by, then my life surely would have been lost.”
At that time, the elder maid woke up and after she saw Kail and the others, she stood before the princess in order to protect her on reflex.
“It is alright, these people seem to be the ones that saved us.”
At the princess’s words, she let down her guard a little, but it seems like the maid was trained in martial and magic arts, so without alerting them she watched Kail and the others.
When princess Mirena was trying to go outside, she was stopped by Kail.
“The danger has already passed hasn’t it?”
“That is so, but well…… how do I say this, the surroundings are in a terrible situation right now.”
It was a situation where it was alright to say he was bluffing with all he had.
“I do not mind, since I have to see to it with my own eyes.”
Princess Mirena left the carriage, but as expected she couldn’t stay motionless in this situation, where everything was covered by the corpses of humans and magic beasts.
As expected, she looked at the Hydra that had a giant hole in it, but without losing her cool she looked over the field.
“I have grasped most of the current situation. This is the halfway point between Acken and Sanes, is that not so?”
“Wha-, yes, just as you have said……”
I wonder if it can be called a strange destructive power, feeling a weird kind of awesomeness, confused Kail.
“It kind of feels different than the impression from yesterday.”
“Yeah, it’s as if she’s another person.”
When Lize and Urza were whispering to each other, Sildonia talks to Kail in a voice that only he can hear.
[Kail, a cavalry unit is coming from the direction of Acken. This time there is no mistake that it’s the Imperial knights.]
Even now, Sildonia’s hawk clone was surveying the area.
“I understand…… Princess Mirena, it seems the Imperial knights are heading this way from Acken.”
“So they finally show up.”
“This will make things easier.”, the moment Seran said that, princess Mirena spoke up in a sharp voice.
“You may not! If we do not leave from here immediately, those knights coming here, will kill me, and of course, all of you too.”
“Eh? No they’re the Imperial Guards…… why would they?”
“The assassination this time that was aimed at me, the mastermind behind it was the second in command of the Imperial knights Zentos.”
Kail became speechless.
“Aruca! Burn the surrounding corpses!”
Kail and the others, as if doubting their ears, saw the maid called Aruca perform fire magic without hesitation.
“Their objective is my death, for that reason they shall have to make sure as long as there are corpses in this place. If they are all burnt to a crisp they shouldn’t be able to determine it immediately. Right now, buying time by any means is most important.”
It was a matter of fact, but princess Mirena’s simple explanation was totally different from her image when she was in Acken, Aruca had already started to burn the bodies with【Fireball】, a flame magic.
“Ninos is together with me inside the carriage, Aruca will be the coachman.”
The younger maid, Ninos would follow the order but Aruca was disagreeing.
“But to leave from Mirena-sama’s side……”
“Being the coachman is an important job. You have to take care of the surroundings and it’s something I can only ask of you.”
Saying she doesn’t have another choice, Aruca went to the driver’s seat.
“You all must also come inside quickly, I shall explain the situation.”
Princess Mirena says while facing Kail and the others.
For a moment, Kail and the others were confused, but thinking it’d be better to listen to her they went into the carriage.
Then Seran made a face, as if he had thought up a plan, opening the magic beast summoning bag “There!” and threw it in the area of the Hydra’s corpse.
“If we have to buy time, then it’d be better that the magic beasts do it for us. If another Hydra comes along, then it’d be even better.”
Seran said it, while having the smile of a prankster brat on his face.
After everyone was on the carriage, they once again went toward the village of Sanes.
Not like the slow travelling from before, it was at full speed, in order to outrun them.

Sorry, this chapter has been up on the docs for a while, but didn’t have the time to up it here. Also I thought I could release this earlier, but I have a school exam week, so yeah….. I’ve been busy x_X
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