Tsuyokute New Saga – CH20 – Breakthrough

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The sun was slowly sinking into the horizon, it was almost evening, and the carriage was progressing smoothly.

If we progress without problem like this, we’ll arrive at the village of Sanes, no, we’ll end up there.

“If it becomes like that, we’ll be trapped like some rats in a bag.”

Kail groaned, while looking at the map.

The highway we’re currently on, only goes as far as the village of Sanes.

If it becomes like that, we won’t be able to use the carriage anymore.

It may be because of this flow, but we only had one objective.

“If we clearly look at the situation, our advantage is, that if we buy enough time, help will come our way.”

The help princess Mirena was talking about, was the fifth platoon of the Imperial guards, who are said to arrive between tomorrow morning and noon.

“When Kiruren and the others notice that I am not in Acken, they will immediately go out to find me…….. Even if it’s to the village of Sanes, they should arrive around tomorrow evening.”

“How probable is it that they will be given fake information at Acken?”

“That would be impossible. If either my brother or Zentos were to say anything, they would only be seen with suspicion for later investigation. In the first place, if I had died, then they would have no need to do that.”

At this point, their plan contains many flaws, is what princess Mirena said.

“If those girls arrive, then combat prowess wise, we would be even. And the one that would be bothered if it became a fight, would be their side.”

In other words, if we can hold on until tomorrow evening, then we’ll be saved.

“Then that means, the other side must be getting impatient….”

Now we’ll have to think of a way, to buy time until then.

“What if we take refuge in the village of Sanes and make our stand there?”

Kail shakes his head to Seran’s idea.

“It would be better if we don’t. They would just silence the whole village.”

“Wha- seriously?”

“Yeah, They have already done this much. If it’s just one village with one or two hundred villagers at most, then they would just simply silence them all. Then it’ll only be a matter of giving a magic beast or evil kidnapper the blame.”

“A mass silencing and a massive blame. How forced.”

Seran complained.

“How about escaping into the forest?”

The one who proposed it was Urza, who’s familiar with forests.

To an Elf, a forest is like a garden they’re used to, with Urza’s cooperation, it should be possible to run away.

But if we were to do that, then we would have to leave the carriage behind.

When looking at the princess and the others – and no matter how you look at it, the princess whom we have to protect the most – is clearly not suited to walk through the forest.

“I apologize, however my stamina is equal or below that of an average citizen. If we were to escape through the forest, then I would certainly become a deadweight.”

Since it was not the time for strong acts or lies, princess Mirena told us about herself.

Also, if we were to enter the forest, the danger of meeting magic beasts will become even more so when it’s night.

“If we were to name a problem, it would be when fire is used.”

“Fire…… certainly a forest fire would be troublesome.”

“If they’re out of time, then they would certainly try something like that.”

“And, they’re probably going to blame us for everything.”

Urza said it while making a sigh.

And as expected it would hurt to abandon this carriage.

Of course, because of its mobility, but also because of its durability, worthy of being owned by the royal family, combined with its weight, size, and the Sleipnir’s strength, it becomes a powerful weapon, but most of all, the carriage itself, can protect princess Mirena’s life.

If we were to abandon it, retrieval would become impossible.

The situation has a lot of negative sides, but it doesn’t only have negative sides, it also has some positive sides.

[The knights are still coming after us. their number is about eighty like before.]

A report from Sildonia is received. Her hawk clone is observing the knights from the skies like before, Kail was thankful that he was able to observe the knights so easily like this.

“It is handy isn’t it, that intelligent sword.”

Princess Mirena said it, as if she were impressed.

‘Intelligent sword’ is a sword that has intelligence and is a type of magic life form.

We told the princess and the others that we found Sildonia in some ancient ruins, and that she has excellent searching abilities.

After thinking for a while, Kail says it without wavering.

“It may be dangerous, but it would be better if we turned around.”

“Return? You couldn’t possibly mean to Acken right?”

“Leaving a village aside, Acken has thousands of people in it. Silencing all of them would be impossible.”

“Certainly, if we are able to escape into Acken, then they would have a hard time finding us, since there are many places to hide, however…….”

“Also, we’ll be able to join with our allies, the fifth platoon, even faster. At the latest, noon, if we’re lucky, Mirena-sama’s safety can be assured by morning.”

“However….. that would mean, we would have to go through the knights coming after us. Do you have a good way of doing this?”

This highway is a one-way road, if we were to return to Acken, that would mean we would clash with the knights coming after us.

“No, there is no need to either fool or bypass them. We will break through the front.”

“…..Yes? Ummm……. you have heard that there are eighty knights have you not?”

For a moment, Mirena made a face that said, just what is this person going on about, but when she saw Kail was being serious her face became confused.

Of course, from all the plans Kail thought up, he deemed this one the one with the highest chance of being saved.

And most of it, could be called a breakaway.

Kail asks Sildonia.

“And, you’re certain that Zentos isn’t with them?”

[Yeah, the guy that was next to the princess yesterday, right? I checked it a few times, but without mistake he isn’t there.]

“I see….. More than anything, that’s good news.”

The cavalries leader Zentos, isn’t with them.

I do not know for what reason this is, but we’re lucky that Zentos isn’t with them.

“Then we have more than enough chance for victory. The only thing left is to find a suitable place to confront them.”

While saying that, Kail took some magic medicine and magic stones from his bag, while making a jingling sound.


Princess Mirena sees the number of magic stones and had a surprised face.

Just this mountain of magic stones would cost a hefty sum by itself.

“Mirena-sama, please take some magic medicine with you for insurance’s sake. In the slightest chance you are injured, please drink it immediately.

It was something that Mirena remembered seeing before, it was a magic medicine with high level healing magic, that would be able to heal almost any wound, as long as you were alive.

Royalty always have one on them, for the ‘what if’ chance they got injured, but Mirena’s was probably taken when she was put to sleep.

Of course, its price is accordingly high, it was a price that could be said to buy someone’s life.


Princess Mirena once again looked at Kail and his party.

Since she didn’t really have the leisure to think about it that deeply, but these adventurers were able to beat two Imperial knights and slay a Hydra.

Furthermore, from what they said, it seems the Hydra was killed in a one on one.

And the mass of magic stones and medicine, no matter how you think about it, they aren’t some adventurers that were simply passing by.

“You all….. just who are you?”

Kail answers princess Mirena’s question with a simple shrug.

“What, we’re just some wannabe hero and his party passing by.”

“What is the meaning of this! This sorry state of things!”

An inn in Acken, the same inn where Mirena and the others stayed at, while walking around in anger, a man was yelling at the knight in front of him.

The man, dressed with fine clothes on his plump body, was Kalnas, the prince of this country of Jirgs.

And the one standing in front of him was the knight, famed to be the strongest within Jirgs, it was the captain of the second platoon of the Imperial knights, Zenos.

These two had already been informed that their plan, to assassinate princess Mirena and trying to disguise it as an magical beast attack, had failed.

On the table was a card with ancient letters on it, it seemed like it was a magic tool that had the ability to have someone send messages to each other over long distances.

It was a magic item from the time of the ancient magic kingdom, it let people converse with each other for a few dozens of seconds a day, it was a rare and wanted magic tool.

Because of this, they received a report from the vice-captain, that princess Mirena had escaped.

“There is no need to worry. We should be able to slay princess Mirena momentarily.”

Zentos said, while bowing his head deeply.

“Then why are you still here! Go and personally slay that woman and return!”

“The vice-captain has made the right choice after his mistake, so there is no problem. In the first place, if your highness stayed in the capital so that I could have taken direct control over the mission.”

“I-it’s only obvious that I would have to oversee it! Passing judgment on that annoying woman is my job after all!”

“However, because of that, you have exposed yourself to possible dangers. There is no way I can leave your highness’s side. The fifth platoon will return momentarily, you should be aware of their captain Kiruren’s temper, and her royalty, princess Mirena, are you not?”


Prince Kalnas could not rebuke it.

“If they were to arrive earlier than planned, she would definitely pressure his highness. At that moment, would you be able to deal with it on your own?”

“Th, that’s well…”

Kalnas understood that even if he was royalty that woman would cut him down without worry. And he also understood that Zentos was the only one that could hold her back.


Kalnas who became even angrier kicked the chair up.

In the capital she stands out too much and is always followed by Kiruren or the fifth platoon, so he thought that this was the perfect chance when she was out of the capital and away from the fifth platoon.

And once the plan was set into motion failure was not allowed.

“It was also preparation if they were to hold suspicions about princess Mirena’s death. At the time we get found out we could just push all the responsibility on the vice-captain or someone else, so we cannot get blamed if we are not at the place where the princess died.”

“S, so it was like that! That is important.”

“Also there is no way the princess can get away. She is surrounded by a forest of trees, the princess can’t run away through the forest with her dress and the carriage can only be used on the highway.”

Zentos explained it all in an indifferent, emotionless way.

“And if….. this is truly just a what if situation, but if the princess were to return to Acken, then it would be better if I was here, ahead of her.”

“No way that would happen, you don’t mean to say that she’ll break through those knights, do you?”

“Yes, if it were me that is what I would do. The chance may be small but that would have the highest probability of being saved.”

They didn’t receive a detailed report, however they do know the princess group was saved by some adventurers that were able to beat two Imperial knights and a Hydra.

They are probably adventurers they met coincidentally, and they have a considerable amount of skill.

If those adventurers are truly heroes, then we have to keep the option that they might return to Acken open.

“At that time, I shall personally cut them down…… in the first place, this is only a small amount of people. The only way for the princess to actually bypass them is if the heavens themselves side with her.”

After being told that much Kalnas calmed down and sat on his chair.

“Do you understand that since you agreed with my idea, failure is not allowed! Don’t fail me anymore than you already have!”

“Please leave it to me, I shall surely answer to your expectations.”

Zentos who drooped his head after passing Kalnas’s side.

At that time Kalnas did not know what kind of expression Zentos had on his face.

The sun had gone under long ago and it had become night, Kail who was in the driver’s seat spoke to the ones inside the carriage.

Inside the carriage were princess Mileina, Lize and the two maids, the four of them.

“Mileina-sama and the maids, please prepare yourselves for the impact by keeping yourselves low. Lize, I’m putting Mileina-sama and the maids in your hands.”

“Leave it to me.”

Lize gives an energetic reply.

[You can go now.]

Sildonia who was looking at the knights from the air to give us the right timing, let’s us know it is now.

“I see, well then……【Brave】!”

This is a magic that can control the spirit of someone, it gives courage to inexperienced recruit’s and adventurers.

If I cast this on the Sleipnir’s then they will probably not flinch no matter what happens from now on.

“You guys have also finished your preparations, right?”

Kail yells to the ones above the carriage.

“Yeah, just leave it to me!”

“It’s alright.”

Sern and Urza who have attached themselves to the roof so they won’t fall off, give an answer to my question.

After confirming it, Kail takes the reins and hits the Sleipnir’s, when he does they let out a neigh and begin to run in the opposite direction from just now, in the direction of Acken.

“Lower your speed!”

The Imperial guard’s second platoon’s vice-captain gives out an order to the surrounding knights.

Until now it was a wide road and they were able to proceed easily with eighty man, but after a while the road became narrow and now it’s more like a grassland’s road.

In other words it was a width where the knights were about to slip off.

Furthermore it is night at the moment, even if they use magic tools with【Light】, it can’t be compared to this morning, there was a need to heighten their alertness.

The ones siding with princess Mileina are travelling adventurers.

According to the report of his subordinate, he is skilled and holds enough power to slay a large Hydra, so he can’t be underestimated.

Then one of the knights in the front gives a report.

“Vice-captain! We have located the carriage, it is running towards us!”

“So they’ve came!”

There was some tension among the knights, but the vice-captain had already warned them of the possibility that they might try to break through with the Sleipnirs rushing strength.

“Spread out!”

At the vice-captain’s orders the knights spread out in a half circular shape without any wasted movement.

It is a formation usually used against escapees, if the enemy is trying to break through then we lure them in with this formation, and not only can we attack from the front but also from the sides.

And since the sides are covered they have no worry they might escape, it was a formation that wouldn’t let them get away once they were inside.

Anyway what we have aim for is the Sleipnirs, once those legs have been crushed we will be able to take out the rest of them easily.

“We aim for the legs! as long as we can seal their mobility.”

Most of the Imperial knights are able to use magic, they had also prepared arrows beforehand, so at the vice-captain’s orders they readied themselves.

Just when they were about to enter the range of the magic, the knight in the front was hit by something from the air while he was preparing himself.

Instinctively I looked up into the sky, though the vision wasn’t very good but it seems to be a large bird.

And when I was planning to check what it was, the knight was blown horse and all away.

What fell from the sky were magic stones with【Explosion】, but that wasn’t all.

There wasn’t only one explosion but many at the same time, furthermore, magic stones were also thrown from the carriage itself.

And they weren’t thrown wildly, all of them ended up near the knights, and the number of thrown stones just didn’t end.

And it wasn’t only explosions but also pillars of flame, freezing ice winds, wild tornadoes, and even poison to top it all off.

Most of all, even though they had been trained to withstand heat and explosive sounds, the horses began to panic and became uncontrollable.

“So, something impossible like this!?”

One of the knights raised his voice but all of the knights thought the same thing.

It is not as if the Imperial knights underestimated them, nor did they have their guards lowered, Kail’s group was just beyond their, no, beyond commonsense itself. ,

Of course it was because of the sheer number of magic stones Kail and the others used, if they were to be converted to gold then it would be more than a million gador, it was truly outside of their expectations that they would just throw a mountain of those stones at them.

The Knights fired off their magic and arrows, but because of the explosions their light was destroyed so they could only fire at random.

“Do not break formation!…… Damn, everyone dismount!”

Even while the vice-captain tried to give out orders, magic stones just kept flying around.

And just when a giant horse had closed in through the dust clouds, the vice-captain was blown away and lost consciousness.

“I guess I should say…… it was amazing wasn’t it.”

Leaving the site of great chaos, princess Mileina said it in a shocked way while checking the situation from the back of the carriage

As Kail expected, Urza and Seran got some wounds from stray arrows and magic so they switched with the maid Aruca and are now resting inside the carriage after they took some magic medicine.

On the carriage were some places that had burn marks, but they weren’t any problem for now, the Sleipnirs were also injured so we gave them some magic medicine.

“Well it was a simple scheme. Pushing through with the power of a large amount of magic stones, it is simple, but it went well.”

This was all because of Urza’s wind spirit Sylphid who redirected all our thrown magic stones to the right place and Sildonia who attacked them from the sky while they were distracted by the carriage.

“If it wasn’t for that silver line of luck it would’ve been a crazy stunt.”

Seran remembers when he activated the magic stones and handed them to Urza.


(It was also great that Zentos wasn’t there.)

In the first place if Zentos were there Kail wouldn’t try something like this, the Zentos Kail knows could’ve just taken care of a Sleipnir or two in an instant within all of that chaos.

In many ways I don’t want to fight with Zentos, this was Kail’s true intention.

“Well, anyway with this, we can rest easy for now.”

There probably weren’t that many deaths, but most of the horses were incapacitated and it’ll take some time before they can send someone after us, and even if they do, their numbers have greatly decreased.

After this we’ll have to slow our pace over time and have the Sleipnirs drink some stamina healing magic medicine or else they might break down.

From here on, there might be another ambush, but because Sildonia is checking ahead for us and most of the second platoon’s men can’t move, we can relax a little.

But whether to say it was as expected, or whether to say it was only natural, but things didn’t go that well.  



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