Tsuyokute New Saga – CH23 – Conclusion

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The first one to move was Zentos.

Rather than rushing with an attack from the front, the strike was aimed towards the head from above—– However, that was just an illusion, it was an illusory slash by using the magic【Illusion】.
Because it was an illusion filled with killing intent, if it was used against a first rate warrior, then he would’ve reflexively attacked the illusion, thinking it was real.
However, his real attack was an upward slash from below, only a fraction of a second late because of his attack from above, both of his attacks nearly moved at the same time.
No one would live if they faced this attack for the first time, an instant kill attack mixed with a magic feint, Zentos had defeated a lot of enemies with this attack.

“But Kail dodged it without any difficulty.
“Wha……!? ”
Zentos voiced out his astonishment.

Kail dodged to the side, and calmly swung down his dominant sword arm on Zentos’s sword.
But Zentos jumped back in an instant, only receiving a scratch.

“You bastard.”
Having his killing blow dodged and being injured made Zentos glare at Kail while gnashing his teeth.

But Kail being Kail, he clicked his tongue.
He clicked his tongue, because he just missed one of the best moments to capture Zentos alive.

“If I was able to cut off one of his arms, then I could’ve subdued him…..”
Kail said, in a bitter tone.
It was because he knew Zentos would try to end the fight as soon as possible, and he knew that he would start with that killing blow.

This time Zentos used normal slashing attacks at Kail, the sword attacking again and again.
Kail received those attacks one after one while slowly retreating.

For a while, Zentos’s continuous attacks, which could be called fierce attacks, were redirected by Kail, dodging them skillfully.
Patiently enduring it, and when a small chance appeared in Zentos’s attacks, he attacked immediately.

The attack was easily dodged, but at almost at the same time a kick was aimed at the balls, the gold target.
TL note: This is something from archery, the best target is called the ‘gold target’. It’s also a pun, because in Japanese, the literal translation for your nuts is ‘golden balls.’ Hence, it’s the “gold target.” (Thanks Varler) -Tensaiz

Because he swung down his sword from above and sent off a kick at the same time, Kail was only standing on one leg of course, but because of his excellent sense of balance, Kail was able to make a powerful kick without breaking his stance.
Zentos was somehow able to intercept the kick with the handle of his sword.

“What a bastard, using detestable tricks!”
“I learnt them from my teacher!”

Using kicks like this was because of Leila’s teachings, maybe because of that, both Kail and Seran used kicks a lot of times times in a fight.
Continuing, Kail used Zentos’s sword as if it were a springboard and made a big jump backwards, by making a flip in the air he had made some considerable distance.

“As expected, you’re strong.”
The Zentos that Kail knows, is the one three years from now, but there isn’t much of a difference between then and now.
There wasn’t much difference between their skill with the sword, you can say it’s nearly the same level.
But if we were to compare speed and power, Zentos would have fundamentally exceeded Kail’s.
Originally that difference was supposed to be negated with magic, but Zentos could use magic comparable to Kail’s own, so the difference in power didn’t change.

He is stronger than my current self, that was Kail’s evaluation of Zentos.

But Kail had the advantage, he could take his time.

“That is a good sword…..”
Zentos was looking at Sildonia, the sword Kail was holding. From all these exchanges he understood that it was a true masterwork.
Zentos’s sword was one fitting of a captain, but Sildonia was literally on another level.
Zentos had the disadvantage that he had to pay attention to how he used his sword, since if it broke he would be in a bad situation.

“Thank you for that, this fellow is also happy about it….. Ah, I’ll try asking again, but won’t you surrender? Ah, if surrendering is out of the question, how about fleeing the country? I’ll help you with the preparations.”
“……. You’re a really persistent guy aren’t you.”
“Then how about I give you some funds for escaping?”
“If you want to save me that much, then how about you sing a song about it.”
“That’s something called luxury.”
Kail says, while lightly laughing about it.

(There isn’t a disturbance in his heart….. just which kinds of things has he experienced at that age)
Seeing Kail like that, Zentos had given up on the mental warfare.
In the first place, to actually have small talk with an opponent in a dangerous battle, isn’t something someone with normal nerves can do.
Considerable combat experience. It’s as if he has a lot of experience fighting against opponents stronger than himself.

And the thing that bothers Zentos the most, is the way he strangely reacts to all his attacks.
It was as if he had fought against him many times, it was that kind of reaction.
In fact, the feint which used illusion magic, was a special move that is known by only a few.
Since most of the opponents who had seen it, were killed by it.

“You bastard…… including my first attack, why are you able to react to them so easily…… do you know me?”
Zentos doesn’t remember ever seeing the man in front of him.
But he knew for certain that he knew something about himself, he was absolutely certain of that.

“Let’s see, I kind of know you, yet I kind of don’t….. it’s hard to explain in a few words, since I have lived a weird life if I say so myself…… If you want, shall I explain everything from the start?”
“Since it’ll take long I’ll refuse…… I can’t waste anymore time like this.”
Kail grinned at Zentos’s words.
“Well it’s only natural, since I’m fighting to prolong this fight.”

Kail’s greatest advantage, it is time.

To Zentos it may seem as if princess Mirena has reached somewhere safe already.
In reverse, Kail only has to buy time until backup arrives.
At that point, it was already obvious to him who would win.

Kail didn’t have to win, all he had to do was prolong the fight, Zentos understood this all too well.

“…… So the one who doesn’t have a choice but to fight this duel, was me.”
According to the original plan, I should have already beaten him, no, I didn’t have any other choice than to have beaten him already.
Zentos finally became conscious of the fact that he was the one cornered, instead of the enemy.

The look in his eyes had changed, of course he went in with full power from the start, but now he’ll come with desperation.
The attacks from then on, would be given with everything he had got, not just attacks with the intention to fatally injure, but attacks with his own life on the line.

“So that’s what it means.”
Kail felt the killing intent coming from Zentos and readied his stance.

“With this next attack I’ll kill you, then I’ll go after the princess.”
“….. It’s Kail, Kail Leonard….. that is my name.”
“…… I shall remember it, Kail.”
“Yeah, it’s the last name you’ll ever hear…… it’ll just be a few dozen seconds, but remember it.”
That is where their conversation ended, now their swords will talk for them.

Zentos held his sword in a low stance, and he leaned forward in order to rush ahead with his whole body.
He completely abandoned his defense, with attacks that may have the intent to take each other’s lives, noticing that a half hearted defense would be in the way, Kail took a completely offensive stance.

When one of them had entered the attack range, Zentos lowered himself while Kail released his attack at the same time.
Zentos, who aimed for Kail’s heart, had his shoulder pierced, but he ignored it and went on.

The instant Kail tried to pull his sword back, it was hit by Zentos and got raised up.
Both of his hands were raised up high, he was somehow able to hold onto his sword, but Kail’s hands were high above his head as if he was cheering ‘banzai’.
And in front of Zentos was Kail’s wide open torso.

“You’re mine!”
An upward slash from the lower left, with Zentos’s skill, he’ll be able to bisect him together with his armor.
Because Kail’s sword was being swung down from above his head, Zentos understood that his sword would reach first if he attacked with full power.

The blade hit the body, after Zentos felt he had landed a hit —— with a dull metal sound his sword was cut into half.

When Zentos spreads his eyes and involuntarily looked up, he saw Kail’s face close up and inside both of his eyes were both a mix of respect and sadness.

“As expected, even though it was dragon leather, the armor was cleanly cut…… but, this guy was impossible to cut.”
Kail’s hand went to his waist, where his armor was cut, and took something out.
What came out of that cut off part from his armor was a red, blood red gem, the 『God Dragon’s Heart』.

Even Zentos’s slash, which could cut through stone and steel, was not even able to scratch the legend from the age of myths: the 『God Dragon’s Heart』 .
Kail’s face was becoming pale, even though the 『God Dragon’s Heart』was able to block the slash, it wasn’t able to block the shock wave, because of that, his ribs and internal organs were damaged, even now he could feel the pain.

And Zentos was lying in a pool of his own blood.
He was cut all the way from his shoulder until his heart, a completely fatal wound, the reason why he didn’t die instantly was because of Zentos’s powerful will.

“So….. you let….. your sword get deflected on purpose……”
Zentos said, in a thin, fading voice.
“No, it wasn’t on purpose. I was serious, I was seriously attacking….. and from the beginning I knew that I would be cut in half.”

If they were to fight decently decently, the moment Zentos would attack him without caring for his own life, he wouldn’t be able to win, no matter what Kail thought up, this was an unavoidable outcome.
That’s why he expected he would be killed, from there he would try to turn it around, Kail thought about this if he had to fight against Zentos yesterday.

And having no time, and not being able to prepare himself, the only possibility Kail came up with, was this.

“Even after several bouts, I also lost count of how many hundreds of times I used the shadow enemy to train. This result was obvious, it could even be called inevitable.”
If Zentos were to go in with an ‘all or nothing’ attack, then he would do the same, but if he missed a little —– a fraction of a paper sheet, or if he got the important timing wrong, then Kail’s life would’ve been forfeit.
He didn’t understand it in the bout, but just how reckless it was amazed Zentos even as he lay dying.

“Why….. such a reckless thing……”
“Of course it’s because I trusted your skills. If it was Zentos Ordi, then he would certainly try to take my life with that attack.”
I trust you from the bottom of my heart, to Kail’s serious and sincere words, Zentos smiled faintly.

After that, at the end, a fading voice muttered something, Zentos stopped breathing.

“Sorry…. I have…… no matter what may happen, no matter what has to be sacrificed, I have people I have to protect.”
Kail looked back, thinking of how Urza’s and Lize’s face would be there.

“But you were also among the people I didn’t want to die…… to think I’d have to see you die for a second time….. farewell, comrade.”
With an injured body, dragging his pained heart, Kail returned to where Lize and the others were.

An inn’s room, within Acken, Prince Kalnas was walking around his room like an animal.
Angered, he kept muttering if princess Mirena still hadn’t been assassinated, when the door was violently opened.
“Hey, Zentos just what happ~ugh…… Gaah!?”
Prince Kalnas was sent flying.
The one who entered the room like that was Kail.

From behind Kail, the women of the Imperial Knight’s fifth platoon were coming in.
And behind them was princess Mirena giving orders to the knights.

After the fight with Zentos had ended, Kail and the others went towards Acken and met the fifth platoon on their way there.
And with princess Mirena’s orders, they entered the inn and restrained the remaining knights of the second platoon, entering this room.

“Kiruren, immediately search this room, leaving Zentos aside, my brother should’ve certainly left some evidence.”
Princess Mirena gave an order to the tall beauty behind her, who had sharp eyes and an unapproachable air around her whole body, it was Kiruren, captain of the Imperial knight’s fifth platoon, and her close aide.

“Also restrain prince Kalnas. Like this we’ll return, interrogating him on the way, after obtaining evidence and a testament, I shall report this to father.”
“Yes…… but will he really talk?”
Kiruren knew prince Kalnas good enough.
Even if he’s asked, he won’t talk about it, he’ll probably make some pathetic excuse, or shift the blame on someone else, and in the end, he would be declared innocent.

“I do not mind if you get a little rough. If he doesn’t talk after that….. just make it so he regrets what he did.”
“….. I understand.”
Kiruren bows her head and moves away in order to hand out orders to her subordinates.
Princess Mirena let out a small sigh, went to Kail, who sat down like he was tired after he sent prince Kalnas flying.

“I wish for Kail-sama and the others to join us when we return.”
“Yes…… also, for listening to my selfishness, thank you very much.”
Kail stood up, and lowered his head to the princess, who agreed to the demand, to at least beat prince Kalnas for now.

“No, Even letting you hit him hundreds of times more would be allowed to thank you…….. most of the things may have tired you out, but it has finally ended. After we arrive at the capital I shall thank you once again.”
This time princess Mirena bows her head toward Kail.

Like this, the big incident of princess Mirena’s assassination had ended in a failure.

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