Tsuyokute New Saga – CH24 – Medal and a New Beginning

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Anyways, here you guys go, last chapter of volume 1. (Only a sidestory left)
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The capital of the Jirgs country, Marado.

In the center was a towering, white, large palace that took five years to make, even to the neighboring countries, it was a sign of Jirgs’s prosperity.

Deep within the palace, where the royalty lives, Kail and his group were in one of the drawing rooms.

Even though it’s just a drawing room, it’s a room where the king sometimes greets his guests, so it was a luxurious room, Lize just couldn’t calm down in such a room and was fidgeting the whole time.

Maybe because of that, when Seran was trying to hit on one of the maids like usual, she sent him flying like always and it calmed her down a little.

Thinking she was out of place in a human palace, Urza had a sour look on her face, and Sildonia was just earnestly eating the brought out confectioneries.

And the one sitting opposite to Kail and the others, was princess Mirena, who was drinking tea while laughing lightly.

“You do not need to be that nervous, since all of you are important guests.”

“I’m sorry, they’re just a bunch of guys doing whatever they want…..”

Kail apologized as their representative.

After a while, they were informed that the one they were waiting for was coming, so all of them stood straight and waited.

The one who came through the door opened by the maids, wore a mantle with the lion crest of the Jirgs royal family embroidered on it, it was a middle aged man with a crown on his head, it was the king of Jirgs, King Remnas.

“Oh Mirena, so you were safe!”

After entering the room, king Remnas trotted towards princess Mirena and gave her a hug.

“Yes, Father.”

“Hmm, when I was informed of what happened, my heart almost stopped beating…….”

After rejoicing about his daughter’s safety, he asked with a frown on his face:

“And you’re absolutely certain, aren’t you?”

“Yes, there is no mistake that Zentos, together with my brother Kalnas, who is now imprisoned, are the ones responsible. I have already gathered the evidence and testimonies.”

“I see…….”

King Remnas raised his hand with a bitter look on his face.

Even if it’s royalty doing something like this, they can only be sentenced with capital punishment, the one who has to decide over that life, is none other than the king.

“Father…… brother was injured at the magic beast attack, and shall need to recuperate for a long time.”

King remnas face became surprised at his daughter’s words.

“Are you sure it’s alright? This way?”

“Yes, it’s good like that, for the sake of the country of Jirgs.”

Princess Mirena was implying that rather than letting this be known to the world, it would be better that it would just be dismissed as an accident.

“….. I understand, that’d certainly be for the better. Kalnas will be sent to Kurtim.”

Kurtim is a place in the North Country of Jirgs, surrounded by mountains; it’s a healing resort for the royal family.

At that place you’ll be under strict imprisonment, under the facade of being injured, and being treated for an illness.

Probably until death.

“I…… cannot act like a cruel person. No matter how foolish a son he may be.”

I cannot let others know of my decision, King Remnas thought.

“However, the thing I can’t believe the most is that Zentos actually cooperated with him.”

“Yes, even now I still don’t understand why he did. Why would he do such a foolish thing like this…..”

“Hmm, maybe because of a conspiracy of another country or…… I do not want to think about it, but maybe the demon race was involved with it. Properly examine the evidence and testimonies.”

“Thank you.”

Then king Remnas looked at Kail and the others for the first time.

“So you are the travellers who saved Mirena.”


Kail and the others were going to kneel, but king Remnas stopped them by raising his hand.

“It’s alright, you are the saviors of my daughter, and this is no official place. Rather than as a king, I want to thank you as a father.”

“Those words are too high for us……”

Kail answered while his head was lowered.

“You may have already heard it, but the story will be that it was an attack by magic beasts. You do understand that you may not talk about this manner to others, do you not?”

“Of course, we will not compromise the county of Jirgs in any way.”

“It’s alright father, not only did they save my life, they also put their own lives on the line, these adventurers are trustworthy.”

Princess Mirena put in a good word for us.

“I see, if you say so, then I shall trust them……. I shall properly reward you for your services, you did well.”

After saying that, king Remnas left the drawing room.

A horde of magic beasts, one so big it even had a Hydra that was stronger than a lesser dragon, they attacked princess Mirena and prince Kalnas on their way to the village of Sanes causing many victims.

Among them were the elites of the Jirgs kingdom, half of the Imperial knight’s second platoon and their platoon captain Zentos lost their live, furthermore, prince Kalnas was gravely injured and is now recuperating.

Luckily some travelling adventurers were there and rescued princess Mirena.

This is how it would be reported to the outside world, only a few knew the truth of what happened that day.

And Kail’s party that was able to save the princess from such a horde of magic beasts, were evaluated well.

Normally Kail would’ve been elevated to the rank of knight, but he refused, so he was awarded with the St.Randonel medal of honor.

This was a medal of honor, named after the holy saint Randonel, it was the highest award a civilian could receive and hadn’t been awarded to anyone these past few decades.

“Hey, does it suit me?”

Before the award ceremony for the medals, Lize who wore a dress, made a light twirl while holding the hem of her skirt.

For the sake of the ceremony, Lize was lent a dress, the dress itself was made after the image of a flower and had a light pink color, Lize also wore a hairpin decorated with a flower in her hair, it fit her well.

“Yeah, it looks really good on you.”

Kail, who also wore something formal for the ceremony, answered.

This wasn’t some flattery, but his true feelings, because he was fascinated by it for a moment.

“Really? I’m not used to it, but something like this might be alright from time to time.”

Lize must have known that Kail was speaking his true feelings, so because of that she was happily looking at herself in the mirror.

Urza was wearing a light green dress with little exposure.

Her hair was raised up, showing her long ears which are an Elf’s trait, Urza’s beauty was as if it was taken from a first rate piece of art.

“I think that I feel really out of place here after all……”

But in contrast to Lize’s face, Urza said something with a frown.

Not being a citizen of Jirgs, there were a few complications with the medal of honor for Urza, who is affiliated with the Elves, but because of princess Mirena’s strong will, she was able to stand here now.

“Also I don’t like dressing up like this……”

She says, while remembering being used as a dress-up doll by princess Mirena’s maids.

“I understand that you aren’t used to these things, I’m not telling you to be friendly with everyone, but can’t you at least smile a little?”

“Hmmm……. L-Like this?”

To Urza, who had a forced smile that didn’t even look like one, Kail just said it with a straight face ‘well something like that’.

As expected, a sword wasn’t allowed, so Sildonia couldn’t be here and had to stay put.

He remembered Sildonia, who was in a bad mood because she couldn’t join in on the feast that would be there at the party, and if he should wrap up the surplus of candy for her. When Kail was thinking that, Seran, who was also wearing formal clothes, spoke to him.

“But still, was it really ok to just turn down becoming a knight?”

“Yeah, the current me doesn’t need something like that.”

In fact, the current Kail doesn’t need the status of a knight, rather it would just get in the way.

Of course, there are good points to becoming a knight, but at the same time, he’ll have a responsibility and obligation to the country of Jirgs and his actions will become restricted.

Kail can’t just become known within Jirgs, he has to go to different countries and tribes and has to spread his name among them.

For now it’s enough if he can receive the medal of honor and raise popularity within the country of Jirgs.

“It suits everyone well.”

Princess Mirena had come into the waiting room.

She had a white dress for the ceremony, that figure of hers was truly fit to be called the ‘Treasure of Jirgs’.

“If it was possible I wished for all of you to become knights, who would serve Jirgs instead of receiving medals of honor……”

Well knights that serve me to be precise, she added within herself.

Kail and the others know about the great scandal of Jirgs.

She wanted to bind them with a collar named status, princess Mirena herself knew first hand of what they were capable of.

Not knowing whether it was fortunate or not, she wanted them to fill the opened up spots of the Imperial knights.

Especially Kail, who was able to beat Zentos one on one, furthermore, princess Mirena felt he had something different from others, and dearly wanted Kail to serve under her.

But as expected, because they are her benefactors and knowing them first hand, she knew that they wouldn’t spread it around to other countries.

The conclusion princess Mirena had, was to just reward them for now.

“No, since that would clearly be inappropriate. Furthermore, we will be receiving a reward, so this is more than enough.”

Together with the medal of honor we will also get a reward.

This would be meaningless to receive for Kail and the others, but if they were to reject even this, then it would seem suspicious so they’ll gratefully accept it.

“Well, since Kail-sama surely has his own circumstances.”

“No, it isn’t such a big reason like that.”

“Well is it like that? However……”

Kail wasn’t sure if the smile that appeared on her face could be called devilish or not.

“For example, it’s about the day before the attack when all of you saw me on that day. That day knowing that I would leave, knowing where I was going……. no matter where all of you were heading to, I think it was a little unnatural for you to appear coincidentally at that time.”


Kail’s mouth opens involuntarily.

After seeing him react like that, she began to giggle like a child.

“Just seeing that face has satisfied me. But, If it’s possible please tell me about it one day.”

Well then, I shall see you at the ceremony, princess Mirena gracefully left after saying that.

“It kind of, it feels as if a huge nail has stung me……”

Kail was holding the area around his heart with a wry laugh.

When the huge double-door was opened, they stood before a huge audience.

In the room were marble pillars each decorated into the finest of details, on the wall was a painting, telling the legend of the country of Jirgs together with the names of the previous monarchs, on the ceiling was a flag containing the crests of knights and nobles.

From the door onward, was a red carpet leading until the pedestal where the throne was, the one sitting on it was king Remnas with princess Mirena smiling at his side.

Close to the king was the court magician and the important retainers of the country, in the surroundings were nobles and knights who serve the palace.

If this were a ceremony to elevate them to knighthood or nobility, then there would be more eyes looking at them while glaring, but since it was just a medal of honor, it’s not like that, and most eyes had a hint of positiveness .

In accordance to the etiquette that Kail was taught beforehand, Kail stood before king Remnas.

“Citizens of the kingdom of Jirgs, Kail Leonard and his party, you have done a truly magnificent job in saving princess Mirena. Therefore, I bestow upon you the St.Randonel medal of honor.”

“……. I shall gratefully accept it with respect.”

By king Remnas’s hand, the lily, which is the flower of courage and proof of St.Randonel, which could be seen from the capital that was spent on it, was put around Kail’s neck.

Seeing that, the princess began to clap, and reacting to that, the rest began to applaud.

This was the first time that the once great hero Kail Leonard’s name was spread to the world, later he would be called by many second names, ‘The hope of the human race’, ‘The one who mastered both sword and magic’ and the ‘Sensual* hero’.
TL note: 好色 (What we translated as Sensual) = erotic, sensual, lecherous, lustful, amorous….. so many choices… Anyway, you should get what it means -Tenz

From this time onward, the hero named Kail’s, new epic tale (New Saga) has begun.

TL notes:
The End.
(of volume 1 :V)

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