Tsuyokute New Saga – V01 – Extra (Side Story)

Sorry! It’s slightly later than I expected.
Enjoy this dark side story ^~^
It adds more depth to Kail’s character, so nice~
New spirit chapter will be up later today, or tomorrow. (At the latest Sunday, for real.)

It’s alright to not know, the story that shouldn’t be known.

After the award ceremony ended, King Remnas was drinking alone in his bedroom on the highest floor of the palace.

Being a King, King Remnas doesn’t have that many chances to be alone, so recently his close aide, the Grand Chamberlain, has driven off people in order for him to be alone these past few nights.

Actually, King Remnas was drinking wine, to dull his anger.

Frustrated because there was no helping his confined son —— wasn’t the reason.

“Seriously, both Zentos and Kalnas, every single one of them is just useless!”

It was anger directed towards the failure of Princess Mirena’s assassination this time.

Both within and outside the country, King Remnas’s reputation wasn’t bad.

There were no major projects, everything from military to diplomatic and national problems were all settled, the citizens weren’t dissatisfied with anything.

Neither bad or good, a mediocre king, that was the evaluation for King Remnas.

And it was precisely because he was only capable to this certain extent, that King Remnas understood how extraordinary his daughter was.

From a young age she had absorbed all the knowledge she needed in order to become an Emperor.

Since she understood things would be easier in the future if she was popular, she used her position as a Princess to come into contact with the citizens and earn popularity.

In reality, she’s popular, even more so than the King himself.

And lately she has begun to give her opinion on State affairs, but of course, only being an heir to the throne, she still couldn’t say much, but little by little she was raising her influence.

At this rate, in a few years, five years at most, I shall be abdicated from the throne, and Mirena will succeed it by making herself Queen.
TL note: Yeah, it suddenly switches from 3rd person, to the King’s 1st person here. I know it’s weird, but the author is doing it T_T -Tensaiz

And unanimously, it is something that the whole country wishes for.

If it becomes like that, then Jirgs will certainly progress further under the reign of a beautiful Queen.

One day she would certainly become a Queen whose name shall be left in history.

And I shall become a thing of the past, a forgotten thing.

I’m only thirty-eight, in five years I’ll only be forty-three, I can still go on longer.

That girl will easily destroy and surpass the things I have stacked up over the past ten, twenty years.

At this rate I’ll only be treated as Mirena’s father, nothing more, just an extra.

From a young age, without leaving my name etched into history like other great Kings, I’ll just be buried by history itself…….

These emotions grew together with Mirena’s growth, getting stronger day by day, it began to weigh heavily on the mind.

And on a certain day, a choice was finally made.

“Mirena’s ways are too forceful. She will certainly plunge the future of Jirgs into crisis.”

He deceived himself like this, and in his heart, decided to get rid of Mirena.

But he couldn’t punish her openly, because the Princess had no known faults.

And if it’s done half heartedly, then she would certainly retaliate.

If it’s like that, then assassination is the only option, but it carries a high risk.

If it failed and got discovered, then it may become a civil war that splits the country in half, then the chance to win would become small.

That’s when he thought about his other child, Prince Kalnas.

Even in his own eyes the prince was foolish, yet that just made him easy to manipulate.

That’s how Zentos was ordered to kill the princess, because Prince Kalnas was induced the idea of killing his own sister.

The Prince, who already had an inappropriate ambition, immediately got into the mood for it.

Without knowing that he was being manipulated.

Even if it was successful, I had no intention of letting Kalnas succeed the throne.

An heir only needs to be blood related, I have more than enough to choose from, or I can just make more.

But his foolishness was beyond expectations.

I had Zentos go with Mirena instead of the Fifth Platoon. By having her away from them, I had assisted him in many ways, but he couldn’t even properly kill her.

“Even so Zentos…… if you were going to die anyway, at least do it after killing the princess.”

Even though Zentos was told he could use any means necessary, without using forceful means, he went out on his own and ended up dying.

It would’ve been better if you just got involved from the start.

“They still haven’t noticed anything, but I have to think of something before they notice it……. Seriously those travelers did such an unneeded thing…..”

Remembering the award ceremony in the midday.

Since they know of the situation, one of these days, they will have to be taken care of.

If possible, together with the Princess…… while thinking that, he drank the glass of wine in one go, at that time, King Remnas’s bangs swayed.”


While thinking there shouldn’t be any wind in a closed room like this and looking around, a figure was standing before the unused fireplace.

Wearing black clothes and covering the face, only showing his eyes, it can only be seen as a suspicious thing.

This is the king’s bedroom deep within the castle’s residential area, in other words, the most protected place within Jirgs. Infiltration within this place is forbidden and it shouldn’t be possible, well, that doesn’t count if you have assistance from within.

The person instantly came close to King Remnas’s side, put both his hands behind King Remnas’s back and closed his mouth with his hand, in an instant his movements and voice were sealed.

He was clearly an experienced fighter; King Remnas, who didn’t have any knowledge of martial arts, couldn’t do a thing.

“…… Are you thinking it’s strange that I got here without anyone noticing me? It’s simple, within the fireplace is a secret way out, that leads from the Capital to the outside, doesn’t it? I just came in from the opposite way.”

That small voice was whispering into his ear, it sounded like a familiar voice, but it was not recognizable enough.

Certainly, there’s an escape route within the fireplace that leads out of the castle if something were to happen.

But that is a top secret among secrets, the exit is hidden somewhere and the only one who knows about it and still lives should only be myself.

“I was a guard here once when it was being evacuated….. Seriously, I just went with the flow and protected you at that time, but to save someone like you…… well anyhow, because of that I learned about this secret escape route.”

‘Well I’m glad it wasn’t for nothing’, the intruder muttered that.

Not knowing what the intruder was saying, ‘I’ll try to get free’ is what king Remnas was thinking, but no matter what he did, the intruder didn’t even budge.

“You were drinking on your own at the right time. If it was impossible today I was planning to return a few times more until a good chance appeared…… I wonder if this is because of my good timing or is it just that you had bad timing?”

The intruder —– Kail, said so ironically.

After the award ceremony he waited for a moment like this and was happy that it was today.

“Well, it’s only natural that you want to know the reason why I’m doing this…… there are a lot of reasons, but in the end I guess it’s just some personal hate and revenge…… well it’s a little different than that. If I had to say it, I’m just taking out my anger on you, I guess?”

After hearing that, King Remnas began to groan in anger, but Kail didn’t seem to care about it.

“It’s useless to tell the current you, but at the time of that {Great Advance}, I went to you for guidance, and you told me I should go and help out the dwarfs in the surrounding nations. However, because of something like not wanting to lose your position because of political reasons, we were a moment too late. As a result, by an army of demons, bigger than you can imagine, the dwarfs quickly perished.”

At that time Kail was a renowned magic swordsman who was skilled, but that’s all he was.

Being a survivor of the town of Rimase, he told him of the danger of the demon race’s army and how strong they were, but he was ignored.

“And after that, it just continued…… in the end it became the reason for Jirgs’s demise. At that time you only gave some foolish plans and just tried to pass the blame to others…..”

Then Kail made a big, truly from the bottom of his heart, sigh.

“Seriously, ~ifonlyyouguyscouldjustbealittlemoreresponsible. Then I wouldn’t have to go through such troubles…… I’m troubled because there are many leaders like you.”
TL note: In the raws that part doesn’t have any spaces either -Tensaiz

Maybe it was because his anger was piled up, or maybe it was because he remembered the past he couldn’t save, he put strength into his hand and twisted both of King Remnas’s arms.

King Remnas began to growl in pain.

“Ah, sorry for that. It’s something meaningless to the you right now. That was truly just me taking out my anger on you…… also, I wasn’t trying to have you atone for something you still haven’t done…… However, for the sake of your own safety, and because you didn’t want to give up your throne, you tried to do something evil like killing your own son and daughter, just for those reasons, then I don’t need to hold back.”

Kail puts even more power into his hands and begins to walk.

“Above all else, you gave my comrade such an order, I cannot forgive you for having killed my comrade for such a reason.”

“Zentos’s last words were, ‘I apologize, my Majesty.’”

The instant he heard that, Kail was able to understand everything.

And he became certain after listening to King Remnas speaking to himself.

“If you think about it, it’s simple, there’s only one reason why a guy that loyal would do something like assassinate the Princess…… you’re that reason, Your Majesty the King. If I think back to when you died and the kingdom of Jirgs fell, Zentos was strangely relieved, as if a weight had been removed from him….. it would have been good if he could just choose the King whom he would serve.”

It wasn’t far from the balcony they were approaching.

Understanding what Kail was trying to do, king Remnas moved violently to try and get free again, but yet again, Kail didn’t budge at all.

“That Princess-sama is….. kind of sinister, but clever. She will probably put her emotions above her interests, but she’s way better compared to someone like you, who only cares about rewards and status, so I cannot let her be killed. Also, after you killed the Princess, you were planning to kill us too for knowing your secret, right?……That’s why I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave the stage here.”

The big windows were opened and the cold evening wind came in.

“Well even if I leave you alone you’ll bite the dust in a little more than three years from now. It’s just a difference of whether it’s sooner, or later. Then there won’t be a problem if it’s earlier, isn’t that right?”

King Remnas trembled because of Kail’s indifferent way of telling him he’s going to die, as if it was meant to be, he didn’t stop his desperate groaning.

“Well then, I took my time talking on and on. It’ll be bad if I waste anymore time like this……”

They arrived at the handrail of the balcony.

Normally, it would be a good balcony where you could gaze upon the beautiful courtyard, but now a deep darkness was hanging over it.

This was the highest point in the whole castle, being five stories tall, and if you fell from here, the only things still beneath you would be stones, meaning that it was a certain death.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be said to be an accident, nobody will know that you got killed by a kid, so your pride and status will stay undamaged…… ah, I’ll be troubled if you were to scream, so I’ll just have you fall down.”

Kail gives out a chop towards King Remnas’s neck.

A light blow, but because it was well aimed, it was enough to take away his consciousness.

“See you later, Your Majesty the King.”

This was the last voice King Remnas ever heard, before his consciousness went dark.

That night, the patrolling soldiers heard a loud sound, when they went to see what it was, they had discovered that King Remnas had fallen to his death.

Not finding any evidence of there being an intruder, he became terribly drunk and went to the balcony to feel the night air, but ended up slipping and fell to his death, that was the theory they came up with.

Falling to his death because he was drunk, since it sounded bad, they changed the story to him dying because of heart disease……

Volume 1, finished!
-Honor & Tensaiz


It was a story that would never appear in history, only in the dark side of it.

With this, the next chapter will be the start of volume two.


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