Poll – More Tsuyokute New Saga vs Spirit Migration releases

Heyo guys, Tensaiz and Honor here.
Sorry but this isn’t a chapter. Next release will be ~Saturday!
I think I once said that we’d be able to do at least 2 chapters every week, but this has slightly changed.
We will be able to do around one chapter every week as a minimum, and one / two weeks in the month will be a 2 chapter release week.
But if we have a lot of free time this can become more of course.

Now for the real subject:
Do you guys want;
-4 Spirit Migration and 1 Tsuyokute chapter each month?
-3 Spirit Migration and 2 Tsuyokute chapters each month?
-2 Spirit Migration and 3 Tsuyokute chapters each month?
(This is the pace we will take for now, but it may of course increase. This is our minimal pace)

*Poll closed*
I’ll let ya guys know what we’ll do sunday ^^
It should be a plan everyone is happy with (even if the votes were(n’t) fair), at least, I hope so x]

-Btw the results for 3TNS/2spirit indeed do look partly cheated, even after the poll closed the votes keep increasing… We’ll certainly take it into consideration, I’ll let you guys know tomorrow.


About Tensaiz

I'm a 21 year old martial artist, practising mostly karate and Pencak Silat. In addition to that, I jog a lot and practise other sports and arts like; boxing, kobudo, iaido and a bit of muay thai. Furthermore, I'm a third year student, studying Artificial Intelligence at University. I also work as a Knowledge Engineer. I like to game(csgo and other stuff) and read a lot, I program and photoshop a bit on the side. I also recently started playing a bit of guitar and piano. Next to that I proofread Japanese novels (translate a little sometimes) while my friend translates most of the novels we pick up.
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100 Responses to Poll – More Tsuyokute New Saga vs Spirit Migration releases

  1. pain3128 says:

    I vote “4 Spirit Migration and 1 Tsuyokute chapter each month”
    Spirit migration is the reason i came here, you have all of the chapters ( as opposed to missing a bunch of TNS ) and its already completed.


  2. omgyourmom says:

    I voted for saga…
    What if the people who liked saga finally voted? :o


  3. Rukh says:

    I was really happy when I first voted and 4 spirit + 1 Tsuyo was winning…3 days later 3 Tsuyo + 2 spirit suddenly had 1k+ more votes…


  4. williss42 says:

    nooo 3 ts and 2 spirit?! i want a recount if it’s that way lol. I constantly checked the poll results and 4 spirits had a bit more then the second one. Someone might had definitely cheated if the counts kept increasing


    • MMZX says:

      Certainly possible since it’s easy for people to make multiple accounts…. I wonder if this website keeps track of the same IP address when poll voting….


      • Tensaiz says:

        That was an option.. I’m pretty sure I enabled it too :/


      • MMZX says:

        Unless someone is crazy enough to have multiple accounts AND internets…. then you wouldn’t know unless you are really smart at this kind of thing. Oh god if that really happens, they REALLY love to waste their time earning money to spend with multiple internets (if it wasn’t easy earning money). Well other possibility would be that people are moving around to access free internet from other places to use multiple accounts too….


        • Kuusla says:

          That’s not how an IP address works. This “internets” you keep calling is just a chain of numbers given to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as a way to identify your location and machine. To change your IP address is as easy as resetting your router. Also the poll was set up on Polldaddy then added to the webpage so all the heuristics and IP tracking is on their servers. Not to mention the way they track vote counts is by allocating each voter a number that is stored in your web browser as a cookie. So in theory if you either 1) Delete your cookies or 2) Go in incognito mode in whatever browser you are using then you could keep voting.


  5. un106ble says:

    4 spirit 1 tsuyokute i only read read spirit


  6. ivric says:

    Umm I was on mobile browser… all I had to do was vote, press back button, vote again, then hit back again… I think I voted about 5 times before I confirmed that the poll was broken.

    Complicated happenings sometimes have the most face-palming solutions.

    Conclusion: The poll was easilly manipulated; probably by one or two people who really dedicated themselves to button pushing.


  7. Jo says:

    So um… Did the chapters get delayed again? I hunger for Spirit Migration.


  8. Marcus says:

    While to late to vote I’m in favor of more tsuyokute personally. It’s the reason why i came and I’m personally liking it more then spirit.(I am reading both however) 1 chapter a month would just be painful. Hopefully if someone was cheating the poll they didn’t ruin it for everyone. My personal vote would be to do 2/2 every month and alternate which series gets the other chapter per month.


  9. brandan says:

    way to late to vote but my would go for tsuyokute. i dont think any one cheated, tsuyokute manga is very popular and it makes sense to get more votes.


    • Tensaiz says:

      Well, it was more of an issue that the votes kept increasing after the poll was removed. Only for Tsuyokute… but we chose for an 3-3 setup, so eventually it shouldn’t matter x]


  10. Wiley says:

    I know its over but what the heck

    as much of Spirit Migration as possible tyvm
    oh and thanks for the translations ^^


  11. pete says:

    A bit late to the party but i’m glad it didn’t go 4 spirit to 1 TNS. While I am reading both honestly spirit is just kinda slow and boring


    • ? says:

      Yeah I started spirit too after TNS had no update in a long while but I never got to chapter two from spirit, cuz I stopped somewhere in the middle of the first one… dont know the storry is just not appealing me.


  12. shakeyrah says:

    i like spirit better i don’t understand the other one that much


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