TensaiTranslations is getting a new name. (April Fools Joke)

Hi all you readers and leechers,

While regretting it very much, I’m informing you that Honor, the main translator, has quit.

The reason? Because, I, Tensaiz, didn’t mention him enough. He’s pissed off that the blog isn’t called ‘Honortranslations’. Unfortunately he has quit because of this.

Hence, I’m renaming the blog to ‘tensaizproofreading’, while waiting for another translator. But fear not! I will still push out another chapter in ~12 hours.

Having cleared that up, maybe you guys can read other translations.

-Gravity translations – http://gravitytranslations.com
-Ec webnovel translations –
-Wuxia world translations –
-Void Translations – https://voidtranslations.wordpress.com/
-Tokkk Translations – http://tototrans.com/
-OnniTranslations – https://oniichanyamete.wordpress.com/

& Honor (Quit)


About Tensaiz

I'm a 21 year old martial artist, practising mostly karate and Pencak Silat. In addition to that, I jog a lot and practise other sports and arts like; boxing, kobudo, iaido and a bit of muay thai. Furthermore, I'm a third year student, studying Artificial Intelligence at University. I also work as a Knowledge Engineer. I like to game(csgo and other stuff) and read a lot, I program and photoshop a bit on the side. I also recently started playing a bit of guitar and piano. Next to that I proofread Japanese novels (translate a little sometimes) while my friend translates most of the novels we pick up.
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18 Responses to TensaiTranslations is getting a new name. (April Fools Joke)

  1. mor8 says:

    April fools? Please


  2. ^_^ Something is really odd woth wordpress posts today. Happy April 1! Hope for more of your kiñdness and I love TNS!


  3. danvrh says:

    I’m gonna slice someone if this isn’t an april fools prank…


  4. muelproject says:

    just who the one contact who first i wonder,,,


  5. shernjr says:

    dear god make that april’s fool pls, I and many others enjoy reading you guy’s works


  6. Resdan says:

    I can feel the trolling of all the translators in the world in this April Fool Day


  7. Xias says:


    I just transfered here from gravitytranslations since goodguyperson is shutting it down because his pet dragon is ill and needs 5 years to recover…


  8. LoreleiLaura says:

    I’ve been to those sites…
    They’re mostly on hiatus because of these reasons:
    A critically ill lizard, dragon with lung cancer, gone to a swamp to rescue his editor and his cats, and a pet snake that ate their pet rabbit, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Binhjamin says:

    Should I start raging?


  10. Today, I don’t trust anything !! lol


  11. varler says:

    Honor! Come back! Noooooo!!!
    Don’t worry though, I’ll stick with TenseiProofreading till the end. Even if we don’t get any more releases.


  12. heshekell says:

    Nice try! I went to toto and first got tricked. Maybe if I didn’t only go to Gravity for BTTH and Alchemist God, I would have immediately figured it out :D His was so obvious.


  13. Excoriation says:

    HHAHA that was good. If you go to all the translation pages linked, they all have basically the same message. Had me going for a second. Keep up the good work, thank you for translating!!


  14. lygarx says:

    Well I recommend https://versetranslations.wordpress.com/translation-app/ to help you translate. it works well.


  15. TamaSaga says:

    All you had to do was change it to HonorTranslations, but you stuck with Tensaiz the whole way. Thumbs up, great job!


  16. wes says:

    lol! almost had me for a second. i will wait a few days first b4 takeing this to heart.


  17. williss42 says:

    Man that’s really stupid. I was always aware of the fact of Honor existence because you would always mention him in your post. No one really pays attention to a url and no translator really gets attention i think that’s also a price they must pay. Seriously leaving just because of that. Even if he did receive fame he would get nothing out of it. I really hope you find two replacements fast for you’re translator and proofreader. Sucks, just when you claimed faster releases awhile ago, it got even slower :/


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