Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH01 : Summoning (April Fools Joke)

Hey guys, as you all know, Honor has left me on my own… My Japanese skills are way too inferior compared to his.
But I really didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, so I tried to translate a full chapter by myself, I think I did pretty well.
Anyways, I don’t know when the next update will be, or when someone allows me to proofread their work =/

P.S: Enjoy the chapter – if you manage to read it.. T_T
P.P.S: Also, I’m not sure why, but when I presented this chapter to my godly editor, Ishman, he suddenly said he quit too.
P.P.P.P.P.P.S: I helped out with the Zhan Long and some other chapters too, but I’m not sure if I did a good job…


Da capital of tha mackdaddydom of Jirgs, Marado.

This hood, wit close ta two hundred thousand gangstas, is known ta not only tha surroundin ghettos yo, but also all up in tha whole continent. Well shiiiit, it is big-ass hood full of lively playas crowdin dat shit.

But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat tha usual livelinizz has, as expected, a gangbangin’ finger-lickin’ dirty-ass shadow cast over dem fo’ some time now, nahmeean?

“That straight-up did influence them, mah impression of his ass was dat da thug was just some oldschool ordinary dude, if da ruffneck didn’t wear a cold-ass lil crown on his head.”

Da one, whoz ass was lookin all up in tha street from a window, was tha complainin Seran.

Ten minutes have passed since tha award ceremony, up in other lyrics, since Mackdaddy Remnas took a dirt nap. Kail n’ his thugged-out lil’ jam was stayin at a gangbangin’ hyped inn within Marado.

Two minutes afta tha mackdaddy died, a pimped out state funeral was held, n’ tha whole capital was mourning.

Muthafuckas didn’t believe up in him, like tha Holy Mackdaddy of tha Holy Ghetto of Shura, neither did dat schmoooove muthafucka have tha charisma of tha emperor of tha Gargan Empire, however, it seems dat Mackdaddy Remnas, whoz ass was called mediocre, was still adored by his playa haters.

Even tha theaters, which was focused on skits where playas was probably showin off, was different todizzle, there was only bardz rappin joints painfully bout tha dead mackdaddy.

“Because da thug was a mackdaddy whoz ass didn’t make any big-ass blunders… fo’ tha playa hatas dat was enough.”

Da one whoz ass answered, was Kail, whoz ass was lookin at a funky-ass brochure while layin on his bed.

From Kailz perspectizzle dat was mo’ than enough fo’ a mackdaddy like that, da perved-out muthafucka smiled wryly inside.

Because of tha mackdaddy’s sudden dirtnap, pimped out mad drama was caused ta tha mackdaddydom of Jirgs.

Then again, cuz dat shiznit was so sudden afta tha previous incident of tha magic beast whoopin’ on bizzatch Mirena n’ pimp Kalnas, there was various rumors dat dat shiznit was a cold-ass lil conspiracy, planned by tha ones whoz ass oppose royalty, n’ it fuckin started ta flow up in a weird direction, when they started sayin thangs like dat tha Demon race was pullin all tha strings.

But it never blew tha fuck up beyond bein just rumors yo, but tha silence was only fo’ now, fo’ Marado, tha Mackdaddydom of Jirgs itself was turnin towardz a time of strain.

“But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat itz dis shit… I don’t give a fuck bout ta say it dis way yo, but his schmoooove ass could’ve thought a lil bit bout our thang. Of all tha thangs, he just had ta go n’ take a thugged-out dirtnap tha night afta our award ceremony, cuz of that, our shadow became thin.”

Seran holla’d complainingly.  

Kail n’ his thugged-out lil’ jam saved tha bizzatch’s game n’ as a reward fo’ dat achievement, they received a medal of honor.

Normally tha playa hatas would ludd such a topic n’ it would’ve became a funky-ass bangin’ topic among dem yo, but now, up in front of tha mackdaddy’s dirtnap, tha topic immediately took a dirt nap down.

Kailz objectizzle is ta become a hero, so Seran fuckin started ta lament on how tha fuck dis was wack luck, just when he just started ta raise his thugged-out lil’ popularity.

“……. Think bout it dis way, if da ruffneck took a dirt nap before our award ceremony, it would probably git postponed, it may have even gotten shut down. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch yo. Dude waited, if you be thinkin bout it like that, we should be grateful.”

Kail holla’d, while not embarrassin his dirty ass.

“Oh, I see, if you say it like dat it straight-up is so.”

“And it will still be properly recorded, afta a while, letz just hire a minstrel.”

A minstrel goes around, spittin some lyrics ta his own stories or rappin his own joints yo, but if you hire a minstrel, da thug will compose a cold lil’ woo wop on command n’ spread it around.

Dat shiznit was just straight up advertisement yo, but it wasn’t all dat rare, since they would spread joints on some cold-ass lil certain noblez gladiator, or tha rap bout some adventurer’s successful adventure.

Of course, it gets dramatized a shitload up in order ta attract public.

“I see…… Then why don’t our laid-back asses just go all up by hirin a troupe, n’ have dem big-ass up a gangbangin’ flashy show?”

Seran holla’d it as a joke yo, but Kail fuckin started ta be thinkin wit a straight-up expression, while pickin up a funky-ass brochure.

“That be also possible……. be dat as it may, we still lack episodes. I can just be thinkin of it as suttin’ fo’ up in tha future.”

“Yo ass is straight-up thankin on some lot of thangs……. fo’ realz. Ah, break off tha def lookin role.”

“Letz consider it positively.”

No matta how tha fuck you be thinkin bout it, you just a cold-ass lil comedy act, is what tha fuck I couldn’t say straight ta his wild lil’ face.

“And, what tha fuck is we goin ta do from now on?”

“Thatz right, I be thankin itz dopest if our slick asses leave tha Jirgs ghetto.”

“Hmm, then ta which ghetto is we goin ta go to?”

“……… Thatz tha problem.”

Kail glances all up in tha closed book, n’ sighs.

Inside of dat book is freestyled what tha fuck will happen up in tha future.

That means dat it had already been decided ta which ghetto they would travel ta from tha Jirgs mackdaddydom.

Da ‘great advance’ of tha demon race, which will cause tha human race ta be driven ta tha brink of destruction, is goin ta happen up in bout three muthafuckin years from now, nahmeean, biatch?

Kailz objectizzle is ta counta tha ‘Great Advance’ by assemblin dem wit pimped out influence n’ strength, thus bustin a bangin force up in order ta stop dat shit.

It can be holla’d dat they already gotz a gangbangin’ foothold up in Jirgs, dat schmoooove muthafucka had made connections wit dis ghettoz core, so itz aiiiight fo’ now, nahmeean?
It be also possible ta just stay up in Jirgs n’ continue ta bust further achievements here yo, but dat would mean dat his schmoooove ass could become only Jirgs hero, so dat schmoooove muthafucka had ta git all up in a gangbangin’ finger-lickin’ different place.

But tha problem was tha destination.

Havin memories from tha future, Kail knows ta a cold-ass lil certain extent what tha fuck will happen up in tha future yo, but there be a no way dat a event as useful as bizzatch Mirenaz would happen.

If possible, da thug wants ta create a cold-ass lil connection wit playas whoz ass have authoritizzle or influence yo, but fo’ Kail n’ his thugged-out lil’ party, there be no events like that, which would help dem bust hype fo’ a while.

Since there aint another chizzle, we’ll just gotta git all up in a funky-ass big-ass ghetto n’ eliminizzle some bandits or magic beasts, when da thug was thankin suttin’ like that, a cold-ass lil cheerful voice accompanied tha openin door.

“I be back~.”

Liza, Urza n’ Sildonia, whoz ass went hustlin, came back.

“Welcome back, how tha fuck was tha thang outside?”

“Yeah, as expected, they is straight-up down…… tha state funeral just happened, so thangs is beginnin ta git lively again, is kind of how tha fuck it is I guess?”

Lize, whoz ass was ordenin tha groceries, answered like dis shit.

Homemade preserved chicken is tastier than looted preserved chicken, is what tha fuck seems ta be tha case.

“There aren’t nuff stalls, so it is boring. If only there was some mo’ different kindz we could’ve gotten.”

Boiled potatoes n’ skewered meat n’ a funky-ass bite sized bread, Sildonia holla’d, while holdin nuff shit from all kindz of stalls.

“Yo ass straight-up smoke a shitload like always.”

“It’s cuz mah dirty ass aint smoked up in a thousand years, no matta how tha fuck much Myself eats, it still wouldn’t be enough.”

She, whoz ass be a magic being, would be able ta continue without smokin anythang fo’ another one or two thousand muthafuckin years yo, but Kail didn’t dare ta retort on dat point.

“Also, there was a message from tha front, tha preparations is ghon be finished by tomorrow, n’ it seems ta be possible ta stock up.”

Urza reported.

It don’t seem like dat freaky freaky biatch had looted anythang special.

Since stayin up in Marado on tha tenth, they had already looted every last muthafuckin thang they needed ta buy, it can be holla’d dat they was dirty ta have a acquaintance.

“I see, they was fasta than I thought…. guess we’ll move up afta receivin dat shit.”

Da reason why Kail n’ tha others had stayed at Marado fo’ so long, was mainly cuz they needed ta git they shiznit repaired, n’ Seranz woundz needed ta be healed, furthermore, Kailz dragon leather armor is special, so it took even mo’ time cuz of dis shit.

They also had ta replenish consumablez like fuckin magic stones n’ magic potions, especially since Kail n’ his thugged-out lil’ jam used tha highest grade only, they stay up in Marado ended up takin some time.

Of course, Kail wasn’t just playin round up in dat time, da thug was hustlin up in tha sword n’ magic, or gatherin shiznit bout other ghettos wit biatch.

Dat shiznit was pretty convenient dat Marado was such a funky-ass big-ass hood, since dat juiced it up easier ta collect shiznit.

“It aint nuthin but aiiiight dat we’re goin ta move up yo, but where do you intend ta go?”

“I still aint decided, I would’ve was horny bout if there was a event somewhere…….”

When da thug was bout ta ask Urza, whoz ass was used ta pimpin’, tha door was knocked upon, n’ opened without waitin fo’ a answer.

“I be comin in.”

Da one whoz ass came up in together wit dat answer, was a biatch donnin a silver white plate armor dat had a thugged-out dragonz crest on it, which meant dat dat biiiiatch was a Imperial knight. dat shiznit was bizzatch Mirenaz close aid, n’ tha leader of tha second Imperial platoon of tha Imperial knights, Kiruren.

“It seems like mah playas is gathered, how tha fuck convenient. Mirena-sama wants ta peep all of you, so please accompany me ta tha palace.

With a thugged-out detached feelin Kiruren had started rappin’ ta Kail n’ his thugged-out lil’ party.

“Eh, biatch? Well dat is…… is you not busy all up in tha moment?”

Kail was tha one whoz ass didn’t straight-up wanna go along.

Kail n’ tha others didn’t wanna hook up wit tha bizzatch cuz of wack reasons, of course, there is no way they can rap bout dat wit mah playas.

Certainly, it be as you say yo, but as informal as dis may sound, I wanna it if you thought of dis as a Imperial decree. Furthermore, I find dat you should be thinkin dat you bein highly evaluated, cuz I be tha one whoz ass was busted over ta greet y’all.”

Polite yo, but dat shiznit was holla’d up in a way dat wouldn’t allow refusal.

I holla’d dat dat shiznit was convenient, cuz she probably had one of mah thugs watchin us- she exactly when we was all together.

“Ehm, just what tha fuck kind of thang may it be, biatch? Us thugs was all thankin of leavin Marado tomorrow.

“I aint heard what tha fuck kind of thang it may be. Well shiiiit, it won’t dat that long….. is what tha fuck I think, probably. I gots a cold-ass lil carriage waitin all up in tha front, so afta tha preparations is done, please head towardz tha palace.

With a gangbangin’ force dat didn’t even let dem say anythang up in return, Kail, whoz ass thought dat it would’ve been phat if they had left a thugged-out dizzle earlier, agreed while thankin dis shit.

Da current playa hatas from Jirgs was up in a steep vibe, cuz of tha sudden dirtnap of they mackdaddy yo, but they was also expectant of tha upcomin of they freshly smoked up ruler.

Da next biatch would be tha one called ‘the treasure of Jirgs’, hence Supa-Hoe Mirena had obtained overwhelmin support of tha playa haters.

Just, it seems dat bizzatch Mirena stayed a bizzatch wit ballistical affairs as tha reason, there be rumors dat tha next rula would become a biatch soon.

Because of that, tha throne became vacant fo’ now, nahmeean?

In a cold-ass lil ghetto wit a monarchy, it would be a problem if tha throne became vacant fo’ too long yo, but cuz they know whoz ass tha next biatch is, n’ dat dat biiiiatch will take tha posizzle as biatch soon, there wasn’t big-ass mad drama.

Supa-Hoe Mirena would probably want a funky-ass betta prepared coronation than a sudden one like all dis bullshit.

That Supa-Hoe Mirena, had called Kail n’ tha others over.

Afta arrivin all up in tha palace they separated from Kiruren, n’ arrived all up in tha royal drawin room up in tha area where tha royal crew lives.

Kail n’ his thugged-out lil’ party, whoz ass looked like aiiight playa haters, now received hospitizzleitizzle all up in tha level where it can be called rude.

But fuck dat shiznit yo, tha word on tha street is dat even afta waitin fo’ a while, they still didn’t peep a sign of bizzatch Mirena. Da chamberlain, whoz ass was up in charge of receivin guests, kept repeatin sorrily ‘please wait just a lil longer’.

A lil while afta that, bizzatch Mirena had finally rocked up, wit Kiruren at her side.

“Everyone, I deeply apologize fo’ lettin you wait, even afta I was tha one whoz ass called you all over.”

Da upcomin biatch holla’d that, while lowerin her head.

It had already been tha tenth time dat Kail n’ tha others had kicked it wit bizzatch Mirena yo, but her beauty has never chizzled.

Da light dat attracts others, dat biiiiatch was a funky-ass biatch whoz ass had been born wit suttin’ dat was straight-up blingin fo’ a ruler.

But Kail thought dat only a cold-ass lil cloud hidin dat light could be seen.

“Mirena-sama, please do not lower yo’ head ta playas like fuckin ourselves.”

Kail holla’d, lowerin his head, while lookin like da thug was panicking.

— while tryin not ta make eye contact.

“Fuck dat shit, I be thinkin of all of y’all as phat playas, so be thinkin of it as a apologizzle fo’ makin such phat playaz wait…… if possible, I would’ve was horny bout ta take our time rappin’ wit each other, I apologize yo, but I’ma immediately rap why I have called you over.”

Mirena gestured fo’ Kail n’ tha others ta seat theyselves, it seemed like she straight-up didn’t call dem over fo’ suttin’ simple.

“I’ma tell dis up front yo, but dis be a request fo’ you all, which can be peeped as a mission. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. Please decizzle afta listenin ta every last muthafuckin thang, it is ghon be aiiiight even if you was ta refuse afterwards, so do not worry.”

“Yes yes y’all……. I understand.”

Fuck dat shiznit yo, but it’ll be hard ta refuse afta hearin it, Kail thought bout tha lyrics da ruffneck didn’t voice.

“…… This is suttin’ concernin mah marriage.”

That is how tha fuck bizzatch Mirena fuckin started ta tell her story.

Volume 2 starto.

It took longer than I thought ta draw up tha summary of volume two.

If possible it would be phat if I could post a lil earlier next time.

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