Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH002 : Request

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“Marriage….. you say?”

“Yes, I only found out about it myself the other day, and it seems as if I have a marriage partner.”

Princess Mirena would become sixteen years old that year, it wasn’t weird if there were discussions about marriage.

But, royal marriage is a matter of diplomacy. Even more so, if the one getting married is the next Queen. The upcoming King will greatly affect the whole country itself.

Whether to choose a King Consort from within the country, or marry someone from outside the country, that by itself is already a subject of great discussion, and when decided, it would become a big rumor.

But she is saying that they have already made the decision.

“Errr……. is it alright for us to hear who the marriage partner is?”

“Yes, it is His Highness the Third Prince of the Gargan empire, Maiza Rengu Gargan.”
TL note: Romanji: Maizā Rengu Garugan

“Gargan empire!?”

Not only Kail, but also Seran and the others became surprised, hearing who the marriage partner was.

The current Gargan empire, is the country that boasts of having humanity’s greatest power. They were busy spreading their borders, and truth to be told, the Gargan Empire and the Jirgs Kingdom had a clear hostility between them.

A ‘young’ empire, that aims to progress as quick as possible, and the Kingdom of Jirgs, with its old traditions and principles, two years ago, both countries aimed for a land between their countries, and they almost began a war over it.

Located there was a city-state called Karan.

“The story dates back to the territorial dispute over Karan from two years ago.”

Princess Mirena began to explain.

Karan was an independent city-state located to the south of the mountains of the Jirgs kingdom.

It was a commercial city controlled by dwarfs. From the mines of Karan, high quality metal was produced, also, it’s the only place on the continent that knows how to process the Magic Metal Mithril.

A lot of people were aiming on this place, because even if the city was small, both its economical and military strength were on a big scale. Karan, which was located within the mountains, was hard to attack with a large army, but easy to protect, it can also be called a citadel with its defensive strength, since they were able to protect their independence for a long time.

However, two years ago, Karan became adjacent to the Gargan Empire, who was expanding its borders.The Empire began to have them capitulate, as if it was a natural thing to do, Karan in turn, rejected their approach.

At first, the empire tried to negotiate and find a concession, but the negotiations broke off and thus an aggressive war was about to begin.

Karan had a difficult to attack environment, and had skilled dwarven fighters and mercenaries ready, because they knew that the empire would come to expand its roots here one day.

However, the empire had its powerful knights platoons and powerful magic weapons, furthermore, they sent great mages (Archmages) over to attack, thus, they experienced aerial attacks for the first time, and Karan was overwhelmed by attacks that were stronger than they ever expected.

Having been completely wrong, Karan, who was about to get occupied, turned to Jirgs: in order to request their help. In return, they would become a vassal city-state of Jirgs.

If they had agreed to capitulate to the empire without resistance, then they would be squeezed for all they were worth and had to obey them.

Even if they did surrender to the empire, they wouldn’t be able to live as freely as they had been, so they decided to ask their neighbor Jirgs, with whom they were trading, for help.

Even if they became a vassal city-state, it wouldn’t be much different, and they would be independent like before. Jirgs also didn’t want the Gargan empire to totally control Karan, since it would be as if they were holding a knife under their throat, that’s why they agreed to Karan’s request.

Because of Karan, the Gargan empire and the Jirgs kingdom had gone into a cold war-like state.

Although the Gargan empire boasts about its strength as the most powerful country of the human race, the Jirgs kingdom was also a powerful country in the continent. If they were to attack from the front, then there would be the possibility that the surrounding countries would throw themselves into the mix.

Because an all out war would have been unavoidable, the Gargan empire retreated.

The empire signed a nonaggression pact with Karan, furthermore, The Empire had to pay up for trying to start a war. It was totally their loss.

“However, at that time, in a secret agreement, they had decided on His Highness Maiza’s and mine, engagement.”

This is something King Remnas had only told a select few, but he did not tell princess Mirena herself about it.

As if there wasn’t any need to mention it.

Hearing that, Kail whispered in his heart, ‘so its like that’.

In relation to Karan, it looks like the empire had conceded, but in return they had to accept a King Consort of the Gargan Empire royal bloodline.

Because of this, the Gargan Empire would be able to influence the Jirgs kingdom from within, or maybe they wanted the royal family’s bloodline to be mixed with theirs, so that invading it later would make it easier.

It isn’t fair like this, even if they had made the city-like state of Karan their vassal, it was clearly Jirgs that had conceded.

However, what if Princess Mirena were to die before the engagement got announced? Of course, the agreement would be cancelled.

Of course, the Empire would go to the next in line, Prince Kalnas, but since they don’t have a princess prepared, it would take some time.

And above all, Prince Kalnas already had a fiance, so even if they cancelled it and the marriage went well, King Remnas would’ve probably thought up some excuses to prolong it.

(He was thinking some pretty indecent things, to think he would make use of the Princess’s death) — I wonder if that is what it takes to be the King of a single country.

“So I’m thinking about officially refusing this proposal for engagement. Because it’s planned for a messenger of the empire to come in a few days…….”

“Are you refusing? If that happens, what will become of Karan?”

“Of course, Karan will still be a vassal city-like state of Jirgs. On the surface, the marriage hasn’t even been planned, because there have been no official documents exchanged about the engagement. The situation has also changed, so there will be no problem in cancelling it whatsoever.”

In other words, it was all decided by the late king, pushing the blame on him and playing dumb is what she means.

Of course, the Empire wouldn’t agree to that.

“Because we want to inform Karan about this decision, I want all of you to go there as messengers.”

Princess Mirena’s request was for us to deliver the letter she had prepared.

“I have something I wish to ask…….. Why is it that it has to be us?”

Kail asked the obvious question.

If it’s a messenger, then anyone would be good, furthermore so, if it’s just for delivering a letter.

“First of all, currently Jirgs is in a state of confusion. And there are only a few that I personally trust.”

In other words, a lack of personnel, says Princess Mirena.

Probably because the inheritance of the throne, which would take place in a few years, got pushed forward, furthermore, they were in a situation where they hadn’t prepared yet.

The matter concerning Karan is also important, but this was still even more important, because the country’s stability hadn’t recovered and because they hadn’t gotten complete control yet. They were lacking personnel because of that.

“And what we should be on guard for, is the Gargan Empire’s attitude.”

If their plan to directly grasp the country of Jirgs from the center had completely failed, then they will certainly use their next plan, is what Princess Mirena thinks.

“At present, the possibility for Jirgs to interfere directly, is low. Also the Empire has written a non-aggression pact with Jirgs for now, so they probably won’t attack directly….. However, they will certainly interfere with brute force.”

It probably implies that there is the possibility that someone may die.

“Also, I myself think that the possibility for that to happen is low….. but about the thing that happened a while ago, there are those that think that the Empire may have had something to do with it.”

What she meant was the assassination attempt on princess Mirena’s life last time.

“Hmm? But they know that the Empire wants to increase its power through the marriage right? If it’s like that, doesn’t it contradict each other…….”

Wouldn’t the assassination ruin it all, is the question Lize asked, but princess Mirena shook her head, and began to explain that the empire wasn’t monolithic.

“Even if both have the same objective of expanding their power, those that want to expand their power through war, see something like marriage for power as a nuisance. If they saw some evidence that the empire was involved with my assassination, then Jirgs would accuse the Empire, and they would say: ‘You’re just framing us for no reason, it’s an accusation which can be called an insult’, then, in reverse, they can use it as an pretext to start a war.”

“What a messed up story……”

Urza said in an exhausted voice.

“Yes, of course I don’t expect them to act in a shameful way, but if the time calls for it, we will have to brace ourselves.”

Princess Mirena lightly sighed.

Kail and his party can be said to be perfect, if you think about who is strong enough for it and can be trusted.

If the empire really did interfere, the chance that they’ll attempt assassination is high, so they need someone that can fend for themselves.

“If you were to decide to accept the request, please be prepared to leave tomorrow, I apologize for it, but please try to have made up your decision tomorrow morning.”

I have prepared a room, so please stay here, saying that, princess Mirena goes out of the room and the maids hurry after her.

That night, Kail was rolling about in his bed in the prepared guest room while thinking.

After that, they talked it over with each other, but they didn’t have any reason to refuse, nor did they have any reason to accept, so they decided to let the leader Kail decide, that was the conclusion they came up with.

“Even so……. there is no way I can’t accept it.”

In the first place, there isn’t much of a choice to refuse a direct request from Princess Mirena.

She said they were free to refuse, but even if it isn’t Princess Mirena herself, those around her will think that they betrayed the princess’s trust.

Jirgs as a whole, is one of the important powers that is needed in order to go against the ‘great advance’, he can’t become only Jirgs’ hero, and neither can he lose its trust.

If he can get credit for it, then it isn’t that bad.

And it is also meaningful for Kail to meet with the leader of Karan.

There are many skilled dwarven blacksmiths, the armor and weapons made by those master blacksmiths helped Kail greatly in his previous life.

Now it’s the same, Kail and his party have obtained a great supply of Mithril and other magic metals, but just owning them doesn’t have any meaning.

Because the only ones that can process it into armor and weapons, are the dwarves of Karan, Kail was planning to go there one day, but this may be a good time.

“I can’t get into it…… but it isn’t bad I guess.”

If there was a problem, then it would be the movement of the Gargan Empire.

Kail is certain that the Empire wasn’t involved with the Princess’s assassination last time, actually, he knew it was like that.

However, to Kail, who knows a lot about the Empire, it was certain that they were going to interfere with the matter of Karan somehow.

Kail doesn’t have any intention of going against the Gargan empire, which is the most powerful country of the human race, rather, he would like to have some kind of connection with them.

“If the Empire were to move out…… corresponding with it will be difficult.”

He sighed heavily.

And the biggest point of concern was—– this issue right now. Kail wanted to distance himself from Princess Mirena as much as possible.

“……. Lately I’ve only been worrying about everything, haven’t I.”

[It is a good thing to use your head, you know.]

While Kail was burying his face in his pillow while growling, the sword at the side of the bed, Sildonia’s voice, could be heard.

The Phantom Girl Sildonia is probably sleeping in another room, if it’s too far she can’t produce a phantom, but if its inside the same building, then it’s alright.

[This is only a guess, but in the city called Karan there is probably a different problem besides the empire.]

“What do you mean?”

“Do you not think ‘tis strange? That even though it is a vassal city-state, it still hasn’t sent someone over, even though the king has passed away ten days ago?”

“That is…… certainly strange.”

Currently inside Marado, even the subjects who don’t live within the capital, like certain lords, have come over from all around the country, in order to give their condolences for the late king.

The treatment of the city-state is like that of a normal vassal, it is weird if they still haven’t come, even after so much time has passed.

[That the princess didn’t talk about it is good evidence, investigate what happened in Karan and solve it if possible. She probably wants ourselves, no, she expects us to do that. It may even be a test of some sort.]

The least she expects is to deliver the letter, it’s a test to see how much more we will do.

“In order to test whether or not I can be used in the future huh…..”

[It can’t be helped, it’s an important element for those that stand above others to have. Also, just think that she’s expecting a lot from you, at the moment, that princess probably wants a useful and trustworthy subordinate, or a powerful collaborator.]

Probably because his voice had some discontent in it, Sildonia followed through.

The Magic Being, Sildonia, was once known as the ‘magic king’ of the Zars kingdom, a thousand years ago.

Among Kail’s party, she is the only one who can understand princess Mirena’s mentality and feelings.

“It’s not like I find it discomforting, rather, I am thankful that she has given me a chance to find out the relation between Karan and the Gargan empire.”

After he said that, Kail stood up and headed towards the door.

[Where to?]

“Toilet, you should go to sleep.”

Outside the room was a maid prepared for them, so he had her guide him.

When he returned, even though it was dark and late in the night, the palace hallway was still bright, a big glass window with a garden behind it, which is probably there to entertain the eyes of others during the day.

While looking at it, a group of people came walking towards him, knowing that they were a maid and a guard, who were with princess Mirena, Kail opened up a path for them and bowed his head.

It was a late time to sleep, but it seems like princess Mirena had just finished her business and was going to her bedroom, so he didn’t want to take up more of her time. From behind Kail, who simply greeted her and was going to go back, Princess Mirena’s voice could be heard.

“Umm, I know it is weird at this time of day, but for just a little……. can you join for some distraction?”

Kail felt as if that voice…… somehow had a little loneliness and sadness mixed in it.

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