Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH003 – A walk at night

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Chapter 003 – A walk at night

Not able to refuse the upcoming queen, Princess Mirena’s invitation, Kail was brought to the courtyard within the castle.

Even though it’s called a courtyard, its the courtyard of a castle, its size was about as big as a park.

“This is my favorite place.”

Princess Mirena said, while looking around at the secluded place within the courtyard.

It was a place a little bit higher up, the surroundings had been maintained by the castle’s gardener and the surrounding flowers can be said to be a piece of green art.

But because of the magic tool that had [Light] within it highlighted the flowers at night, it became a beautiful scene which couldn’t be seen during the day.

It had been just around the time where the season had become truly summer in the seventh month, even at this time of the year, there was a nice light breeze which rustled princess Mirena’s hair from time to time.

“However, I was not able to use my time leisurely.”

While she was lightly sighing, I was able to see the same shadows on her face like in the day.

In reality she is probably tired, in this short amount of time she lost both her father and her brother and now she has the carry the country of Jirgs on her shoulders.

No matter how brilliant a princess she is, Kail was not able to imagine how much mental pressure had been pushed on her.

And towards such a princess Mirena, Kail was not able to say anything to her and just stood by her side.

He had no right to comfort her, since the one who had caused this, was without a doubt, Kail.

Of course, if it wasn’t for Kail, she wouldn’t even be alive now, but since that was all for his personal gain it was only an excuse.

He did not know how she interpreted his silence, but Princess Mirena made a wry smile and began to speak.

“Do you think of me as a woman with little emotion? That even though I lost my relatives I didn’t even shed a tear.”

“That is……”

“Of course I feel sadness. However, I can only perceive it as though they were someone else’s affairs. Furthermore, now is not the time to mourn…… I wonder how saddened father would be if he saw me now……”

“……… His Highness was a respectful person that thought about his country, he would certainly rejoice the fact that Mirena-sama is working for the sake of the country while not being hung up over his death.”

While saying that, he was feeling as if he would somehow be able to talk his way out, while not showing anything on his serious face.

Even Kail was able to act like this.

Without noticing such a Kail, Mirena gave her thanks.

“Thank you very much…… I apologize, I thought that you would be able to say something like that. No, maybe I just wanted someone to tell me that.”

I relaxed a little, Princess Mirena said that, while her tone of voice had become lighter.

“Are you dissatisfied with your current position?”

I already knew it was a question that wouldn’t change anything, even if she possibly said yes there was nothing that could be done.

Kail was unable to say if the radiance that she had shown even when she was being attacked by assassins might be dulled.

“I am not dissatisfied with the fact that I have to become the queen…… I was born in order to become the queen of Jirgs, I shall live as a queen, and I shall die as a queen. I do not have any other way to live than that.”

“That may…… be inconvenient.”

“From another person’s perspective it might seem that way. But the person in question has no dissatisfaction with that way of life. Just…… is it really alright, if it is me, that is what’s making me anxious.”

From Kail’s perspective, there is no person more worthy to become the queen except her, but the person herself has become anxious after suddenly inheriting the throne.

Kail could not understand the pressure that came with inheriting the throne, so he decided to borrow a certain person’s words.

“…..In order to protect the interests of a hundred people, you have to force the disadvantages on others. In order to save a city of a thousand people from starvation, you have to abandon a village of hundred people. In order to lead an army of ten thousand to victory, you have to order a thousand soldiers to die. You will have to have the determination to make these choices without any hesitation.”

Mirena stared wide eyed at Kail’s words.

“…… Is that how Kail-sama thinks?”

“No, these are the exact same words that someone who, as far as I know, is the one who is most suited to stand above all others. The meaning of these words seem to be, that those that stand at the top, are not supposed to hesitate.”

Within that Great advance, there were many nobles or kings from the ruling class, but within that chaos most of them were a bunch of good for nothings.

These were the words of the only one among them that was worthy to be respected.

Kail himself had to choose within the fight who he had to save and who he had to abandon, sometimes he chose calmly and sometimes he chose cold heartedly.

Something like saving everyone is just a dream, Kail understood it well.

“Certainly, it is as you have said, I certainly can’t hesitate. My hesitation shall become the country’s hesitation.”

“However, I wish for Mirena-sama to not forget about the ones she will cast aside and try to reduce the number by even one…….. I apologize, I have said too much.”

Kail greatly lowered his head, because what he said was certainly a disappropriate remark.

But Mirena happily said.

“Nothing of the sort. I feel grateful for those words.”

Kail thought that rather than giving her caring words he had just increased the pressure and expectations on her, but seeing her happy smile he eased up a little.

After that, as if she had regained her spirit, she happily talked about two or three topics and then began to talk about the request she made at noon.

“I shall have to marry one day, however, I have no intention of doing that anytime soon. I feel sorry for His Highness Maiza, however, at the moment there is no need for a connection with the empire.”

Leaving other things aside, marriage is something which has to be done carefully, or so Princess Mirena said.

“Certainly since it is an important issue.”

“Yes, a queen is not allowed to divorce. The only exception is when becoming a widow, since there’s only that method, the partner has to be chosen carefully. Since I don’t wish to use a trump card like marriage in something like this.”

“You certainly are talking as if it’s someone else’s problem, even though I think it’s a problem for a lifetime.”

“Oh, from my perspective I cannot understand the side that yearns and hopes for marriage…… no, it can be said that I never thought about it.”

Her understanding of it on itself seems to be wrong, she completely thinks that marriage is one of many political means.

“If I were to wish to fall in love, I will just find a lover, so there is no problem at all.”

“No, but I think that that is a little…”

“The partner, well….. for example the mystery clad person who gallantly saved my live when I was in danger while hiding some kind of secret…… I have a little interest in such a person.”

Then Mirena turned her whole body around and got closer to Kail who was standing diagonally behind her.

It was at a distance where other people would think their breath would touch each other, however, since it was inside a courtyard late at night there were no spectators.

When looking at princess Mirena’s face from up close, whom’s beauty was known even in other countries, Kail’s heart skipped a beat.

Kail’s body had become totally stiff, but seeing this reaction made princess Mirena smile lightly.

“It was a joke. However there is no mistake that I have an interest in Kail-sama and that I have taken a liking to him. Since Kail-sama has something, something which I have not felt from anyone I have met until now.”

‘Even like this, I have good eyes that can judge people’, she distanced herself from Kail while laughing.

“I am thankful for accompanying me, well then, good night.”

After Princess Mirena lightly bows her head she turned her back towards Kail and walked towards the palace.

“….. I-I was played around with?”

Thinking that she might have been in the mood to tease and play around with him, Kail looked at Princess Mirena’s back and wryly laughed while seeing her off.

After Princess Mirena came back to the palace, she was welcomed by the maids that she had wait for her, from within them she began to talk to the youngest maid Ninos.

“Thank you for your hard work, Princess. So how was the response of the person himself?”

Ninos was the maid who could be called Mirena’s favorite.

Her age is only eleven, but she has a good head on her shoulders, furthermore, she can use high level magic.

『Madō-shi』(Mage), she was a so-called prodigy.

She is quiet and is always able to calmly make a judgment, she has also assisted Princess Mirena in many ways.

“Oh I wonder what you are talking about?”

“Were you not practicing on how to play with a man’s feelings?”

“Only hearing that much makes it seem as if I am a an incredible villainess.”

She lightly laughed but she didn’t deny it.

Just like I have told Kail, I shall have to marry one day, because bearing a child is a queen’s job and an obligation.

Of course, if it were to be someone that was the partner’s preference then there is no problem, however, it is better to not expect anything like that and also in some cases there is no other choice than to marry someone that is a minus for the kingdom of Jirgs.

Furthermore, I have absolutely no intention to marry a prince consort.

However, it is not as if I want to make an unhappy family, no matter who the partner is, as long I am able to lead and control him, there will be no problem at all.

It will become an act to fool the other, it is alright as long as I fool him until the day either one us dies.

It is alright if it’s fake, as long as we love each other, that is the sincerity Princess Mirena will show her future husband.

For that reason I have collected information from noble ladies with rich experiences at dinner and tea parties, however, as expected, as long as I do not try it out it won’t be of any use.

Because of being the king’s daughter I was unable to get close to any man in particular, if I were to try it out on someone within the palace it would become troublesome to clean it up later on.

However, now that I have become the top of the country I can do more, to begin with, I had my eyes set on Kail who wasn’t involved in domestic affairs.

“I have heard that showing weakness would show great effect, and as expected it had an effect. Well, this is probably because Kail-sama is a nice person at the core. I also think that the reaction he showed wasn’t bad……”

Saying that, Mirena’s face that she showed Kail and the others today had vanished, the physical fatigue and even the mental fatigue couldn’t be seen anymore.

“However I felt a physiological wall, it felt as if he was holding himself back.”

“Is it not to be expected? There is no one within Jirgs that would lightly interact with Mirena-sama.”

“It wasn’t that, but I felt something different……. well knowing a man’s heart was just an extra. More importantly, the part where I was able to get an impression on his personality, I think that today’s request had become a good stepping stone for that……. as expected he is a person that won’t stay within my hand.”

“I am against this. We do not know that man’s true character.”

However Ninos clearly showed that she was against this.

Certainly, their abilities are a jump above others, Kail’s party alone was able to fend off the first Imperial knight squadron.

But they do not show any interest in gaining authority and they own enough wealth that can rival a great noble and their background remains unknown.

They do not cling to honor, yet they somehow had a certain greed to enhance their reputation.

Anyway, their actions are mismatched and their real objective is unknown, to Ninos, Kail was an existence she could not understand.

Not being able to understand him, meant that she was not able to read his actions, she doesn’t want such uncertainties to approach the princess too closely.

Princess Mirena had expected some opposition, but she wasn’t dissatisfied with Ninos’s attitude.

In order to manage the country, it was necessary to have those that would obey orders without any questions, but it is also important to have those that clearly show opposition to things.

On that point, Kail was the same on how he accepts advice from the front with things he wasn’t experienced in.

“I have understood that he is hiding something. However, I do not think that it is worth it to find out what it is.”

“It certainly seems that you have taking a liking to him, however, how are you able to say it with so much certainty?”

“Let’s see, if I have to say it……. it would be a hunch I think?”

Ninos stared wide eyed at the words Princess Mirena said.

Since she had never heard Princess Mirena speak about a hunch.

While Princess Mirena laughed as if she was satisfied to get such a reaction from the maid, she thought that it was time to go to bed, so she began to walk toward her bedroom.

The next morning, after receiving the request letter and information, Kail and his party left the palace.


It has been around two months.

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