Spirit Migration – Volume 2 – CH11 – Swirling Circumstances

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The first place Alice headed to after she arrived at the mansion was the raising room. But Fausta wasn’t there. According to Landon, who was waiting in the room, Fausta had immediately left the room after she left for school, and still hasn’t come back. For now, I need a change of clothes, thinking that, Alice went to her own room.

“He isn’t here either.”

Becoming a little anxious, she went to the hallway, then a maid who was cleaning said ‘if you are looking for Fausta-sama, then he’s in the garden’. Even though it was a small matter, this is a show of the results of the action Alice took. If it were the previous personnel then they wouldn’t have told her, even if they did know, also, even if they did tell her, the chance that it would’ve been a lie was high. Alice thanked the maid and headed towards the garden.



Alice, who had arrived at the garden, found Kou together with the gardener Halbad and made a puzzled face. In reality, Alice wasn’t good at dealing with this gardener. His scary face is one thing, but one time when Alice was a child she had plucked some flowers from the flowerbed and got scolded by him because of it, so she decided not to get too close to him.

“Kukuku, ya still mindin what happened that time? Young lady Alice.”
“W-Wha…… just what might you be talking about.”

“What are you laughing at! Don’t you know that’s rude!”

“Woof woo woof.” [This person is an ally you know.]

Kou ran towards Alice, who was vigilantly moving backwards towards the edge of the garden, he showed her some memo scraps only she could see. On it was written that the gardener Halbad and the butler Sebas were reliable allies. By the way, Sebas had some work to do inside the mansion so he wasn’t here. While vigilantly observing, Alice decided to trust him since Kou said so.
‘What’s going on with Young lady Alice who is holding Fausta?’ Not knowing what they were talking about, Halbad confirmed that they were done talking and asked.

“Just what kinda existence is the Kou that is inside of Fausta?
“Eh? You know about Kou?”

Halbad said that he had heard the rough explanation. From his tone, Alice had understood that Kou hadn’t explained his situation in detail, so she lied to him and said , I do not know much about that. Lately he suddenly started appearing from inside of Fausta.

“Hmmm, could it be the young lady has a talent for sorcery or magic.”

Knowing that he had been lied to, Halbad sadly muttered that sentence. Basically, in the position of upper aristocrats like Alice, the only contact they have with adventurers is as an employer. There are nobles that take the initiative to become adventurers themselves, however, they are normally seen as irregulars.

The conversation stopped, and then Halbad told Alice, who began to fidget around, with trembling shoulders:

“Well you still thinkin’ ‘bout the flowers?”
“I-I told you it wasn’t like that!”

“Woo woof.” [You’re on good terms right.]

After that, they talked with the middle aged gardener of the things that were happening over the years, after hearing that he would fully cooperate with improving the situation inside the mansion, Alice returned to her own room and talked with Kou about the information they had obtained and what they understood of the current situation.

“As expected, it has something to do with father’s work.”

The bad rumors surrounding Count Bamist are being spread among the citizens and rather than it having started from them, it was one of the town’s rulers who has a grudge against him. Sebas and Halbad had been moving around in secret and have gotten hold of some leads.

Those who work inside this mansion are mostly those that come from families with a big farm, or from merchant households that were originally wealthy. Thus many of them had a good life. Because of some kind of circumstances, they lost, so they had to let go off their land or some kind of trading failure which caused them to lose business. Those who were wandering around were accepted to work here. As citizens of the town of Kurakaru, they were hired here because they had lost their livelihood even though they originally had a good life.

Then just why do we have to get hated by such people. It seems as though they think that the reason they lost their wealth was because the count had pulled some strings from the shadows. Specifically, they think it was in order to increase his power within the executive council and to increase his own wealth by taking their property over by pursuing illegal means.

“And the ones in father’s line of work were the ones who orchestrated this…….. is what it comes down to, doesn’t it.”

The reason why the count hired them is because he wants to have them within arm’s reach to monitor them or to keep their family in check, is what they think. Also they think it is in order to let the public know that he is doing something good.

Sebas and Halbad had found out that someone was pulling the strings from the rumor: ‘Count Bamist’s ploys’. It seems that there is a ringleader within the executives gathering, who, together with other members, is making the count take the blame for it all.

Alice understood that as long as he holds the position as the ruler of the town, that there will be people who will envy or hate him because of it and will hold a grudge. Therefore, she was somehow able to understand that it was natural for someone to hold animosity towards her father because of his work, but she never thought that something like that would happen because of misunderstandings and accusations. A ‘good’ politician isn’t necessarily a ‘nice’ politician or that is what Hlabad said as an example.

“If I take you there with me…….. I wonder if we would be able to understand something.”

Alice was thinking about taking Kou to the executive meeting. — Then at that moment the sound of a bell resounded, the sound that meant the lord of the mansion had returned.

Alice held Fausta and left her room, while heading towards the front door, she went through the hall after the servants had finished the preparations. There she met Seldo at the stairway. Seldo, who lowered his head while backing off, had a weak smile on his face. Because he didn’t want to meet the count, he was trying to leave this place.

Alice, who had already received the report with what had happened with him, was thinking it was a good opportunity. She wanted to question him about his circumstances and the animosity he holds toward the Diretoss family.

“Seldo I have something I wish to talk about, do come to my room later.”
“Y-Yes….. young lady.”

Leaving the awkward feeling Seldo behind, Alice went towards the front door in order to greet her father.

“Welcome back, father.”
“Oh Alice, today you’re cute too. Have you been a good child?”

He lightly hugged her and poked her cheek. While Fausta, who had been sandwiched between them, began to struggle, count Bamist gently patted the small dog’s head.

“Geez……. is father planning to treat me like a child forever? ”
“Hahahahahaha, because I want Alice to stay as a child for now.”

For Alice, who was going to become sixteen this year, it will be soon that they will need to find her a fiancé. Lately, at his workplace, many of his colleagues are putting up sales-pitches about how wonderful their eldest son is, the count isn’t that concerned about work, but when it comes to his daughter it just won’t end.

“By the way, is Suria inside her room?”
“Yes, mother is locking herself up like always.”

I see I see, as the count said that he took the present he had gotten for his wife from the capital and headed towards her room. Seeing her father and remembering what kind of person he was, Alice let out a sigh, then she regained her posture when she remembered Halbad’s words.

“A ‘Good’ politician isn’t necessarily a ‘nice’ politician, huh……”

The first thing Alice did after returning to her own room was ask Kou what he thought of her father. What her father thought and felt about Alice as she greeted him. Was it just like how it seemed, or did he actually have other things on his mind. And what he felt towards her mother who had locked herself up in her own room. According to Kou who had picked up his thought—-

[He doesn’t want Alice to worry about anything and he is very worried about Seria, seems like he loves both of you dearly.]

It doesn’t seem as if he was thinking about things on the same level as Alice, but it seems he still thought over what could be done. It seems like the reason he came home today wasn’t because his work was settled but because he wanted some time off with his family. However, because of a certain part of the servants, it is a question just how much of the current situation he understands.

“As expected, it seems like I will have to talk with father at least once. But before that—-”

“Young lady? The gardener’s assistant has come saying that he was called over by you.”
“I see, then please bring him over to the room next door.”

Alice, who is thinking that she needs to listen to Selod’s story, headed toward the drawing room, next to her own room.

Seldo, who was called to the young lady’s room, was fiddling with his hat while feeling restless and just sat sheepishly on the high class sofa. Then the servant opened the door of the drawing room and Alice, who was carrying the small dog Fausta, came in. Seldo immediately stood up. Seldo, who once again sat down after being told to, now sat face to face in front of Alice. In front of Alice some tea was prepared. Alice told the servant not to let anybody inside for now and the servant bowed once and left. Alice takes a sip of her tea and slowly asks.

“I will say it straight out. Why do you hate the Diretoss family?”
“!……Wha, I do not know what you are saying….”

“It is alright even if you do not hide it, I know about the fact that you have given Fausta treats. Treats that had things that dogs shouldn’t eat mixed within them.”

Without looking Alice in the eye, Seldo, who was grasping his hat above his knees, eventually apologized about what he did to Fausta, also he told them about his life before coming here, the circumstances surrounding him and about his family.

Seldo was from the Caster household. At the time the Caste house had a reasonably large farmland, on the market they had raised a modest profit and they could even be counted among one of the mid-sized farm households group.

“I have a nine year old younger sister.”

My little sister Lima, who was said to look like her noble grandmother, was blessed with beautiful looks as a farmer’s girl, even among those of the same generation, she had a good reputation as a sales girl for her good friendly nature and her ability to judge crops on the market.
Maybe because of that, she caught the eye of a frequently passing son from a middle class noble, he ordered for the young Lima to be hired to work in his mansion and it seems that they lived a daily life of refusing him. Among them was also a high class noble member of the executive meeting, in particular, it was baron Fezad who had been managing the state of agricultural affairs.

“One day, he slandered our house by saying ‘the quality of it is bad, because it had been infested with insects’.”

Actually, we were able to keep producing high quality because we hired a great number of farmers, but because of the slandering the crops stopped selling. A notice from the executive’s came saying that we couldn’t sell our crops in this town or other towns, until we improved our quality, the Caster house had become bankrupt because of the great number of employees they had hired.

Later the farmland was taken away by the executive members by means of seizing it, then the workers respectively divided and were assigned to other farm households or nobles. About half of the farmers had been dismissed, but Seldo’s parents had to pay for the retirement money for those that were left behind and because it was a lot of money, we didn’t have much left on hand.

And now, the wife and husband of the Caster house were working on a farm under the jurisdiction of the Fezad house. As an agreement for the wife and husband of the Caster house to work freely with a pay that wouldn’t inconvenience her, Baron Richi demanded Lima to work at his mansion. Lima, who thought of her parents, accepted. By the time Seldo, who was doing gardening work in the neighboring town, went back after he was informed about it, it was already too late and everything was already over.

“However……. I could not be convinced.”

The evil way they forced them to being unable to trade, buying up the farmland through the use of authority, Seldo, who had become suspicious of the evil acts of the executives, made a complaint and demanded a trial and investigation about the fraud. However, naturally, he was dismissed without even being able to do anything.

For the time being, Seldo had nowhere to go, he was half done with his training as a gardener so he wasn’t able to find any work, he was at a loss since he couldn’t possibly become a burden for his parents, but his little sister Lima put up a good word for him and at baron Richi’s introduction he was hired at the Diretoss house.

“….. I see, so that is how you lived. But how does that make you hold resentment towards father?”
“At the Fezad house Lima…… at that time that I had met my little sister I heard it, baron Richi talking with someone.”

{— No I just do not how to put the gratitude I have into words, to think I would not only obtain that girl but also easily obtain the farmland—]
[—– Yeah, also give the count my thanks. It was that little girl’s family? We can also leave him to the count. You agree with the rest of the process—]

After I heard that conversation, I was brought from baron Richi’s mansion to the Diretoss House, after the conversation at count Bamist’s mansion. Then I was introduced as a trainee gardener.

In this mansion, many of the workers were those with similar situations because of losing their wealth as if they were gathered here, every single one of them had been suspicious of the count. We then began to think that the reason we were hired was because we were being monitored or in order to keep us in check. Also, it could be to show the citizens of his good nature appeal because he had held out a helping hand to those that needed to be saved, or that is what we think. It seems like that they held such suspicions.

“In other words, in your case you think that the highest authority of the executive meeting the Diretoss house assisted the Fezad house to get your little sister, right?”

Because of misunderstandings the distrust increases every time the number of new servants increases. Because there wasn’t any clear evidence, distrust will turn into conviction, animosity gives birth to vengeance. At first they were modest with their small acts of vengeance, later on as they repeated it it began to escalate and finally it led to the current situation.

Alice lowers her sight onto Fausta. Within that gaze, anxiety was oozing from her mind. If her father really was the one that had allowed it all, what would she do, what should she do. If Kou’s ability is used, then finding out the truth would be easy. Fausta’s round eyes were staring at her. She felt courage attached to the very reassuring ally that was within him, Alice raised her head.

“I have understood your situation.”
“U, Ummm…… Young lady.”

“Please call Landon, you can go back.”
“…….. Yes.”

While wondering about lady Alice, who had her head down after hearing his story, Seldo silently left the room.

Evening —– At the Diretoss house’s eating hall.

“It is alright madam. Because we shall always be by your side.”
“Young lady Alice and count-sama are also here, so there is no need for worry.”

The maids were soothing count Bamist’s wife, who is Alice’s mother, Suria, while moving her to the dining hall, though she didn’t look all that well, she sat at the dining table for the first time in a long while. Around her there was a wall of maids. Only the servants who had been in service in this household, and the butler, were allowed to get close the her. She, who had only eaten her food inside her room after she locked herself inside her room, only came to the dining hall because her daughter Alice asked her to come no matter what.

“In such a state you won’t be be able to even eat calmly. All of you please back off a little.”
“However, young lady…..”
“Alice, these girls are my—-”
“It is alright mother, all the people here and even the cooks were selected by me.”

Alice’s mother Suria was puzzled over the straight forward actions her daughter took, however, count Bamist was pleased that he was able to have dinner with his whole family. It has been a long time since the three of them have eaten together as a family. Also, being prompted by the count, the wall of maids moved away from the anxious madam.

The count’s wife, Suria, had felt the animosity in the servant’s eyes, from time to time she asked the count for advice, however, the count thought about their circumstances and soothed his wife by telling her that they just weren’t used to the work yet. Of course, he didn’t think that the servants were harassing her. They more or less didn’t have many good memories about being helped, yet, that didn’t mean that they would show animosity towards the one that had held out a hand toward them, thinking that he didn’t take the complaint of his wife seriously.

The count, who was busy with his work of the executive meeting, still hadn’t turned his mind towards the things that were happening inside the mansion, he still didn’t understand the seriousness of the current situation. It seems that the butler Sebas has been telling the count with subtlety, but the count didn’t make any moves, as if he had understood the meaning of what he did, the pushes they have been giving him had been weak. Within such a flow, it can be said that the actions that are being taken in the dark are escalating.

After the dinner had ended, an awkward atmosphere was about to come over this family, but Alice cut right through it.

“Actually, today, the reason why I persistently asked father and mother to come to dinner was because I have something important to say.”

“Ho, What might that be?”

While relaxedly drinking the tea that his wife got in the town of Barass, the count strained his ears in order to hear what kind of interesting thing his daughter would say. However, at Alice’s next words Suria became stiff and the count had a puzzled expression.

“This mansion’s current situation, we need the talk about the resentment a part of the servants of the Diretoss household has.”

A sudden uproar. The servants and maids within the dining hall and even Sebas was surprised by this. Though he had heard from the gardener Halbad that Alice had requested the help of Kou, who was existing within Fausta, regarding the animosity a part of the servants has, he didn’t expect that they would make their move so quickly.

“Alice. I understand that you’re worrying about your mother Suria, but it isn’t good to lightly use words like ‘the grudge of the servants’.”

‘It is alright for children not to worry about such things, even if the count says such things she had already expected that response. Alice had already prepared what she was going to say beforehand and she began to discuss with the count about more content. When Alice told him about how Landon had broken her pet’s nail, as expected, even the count’s face became serious.

“I cannot live while acting not to notice their animosity any longer. If father will leave the current situation alone, then I will in order to protect myself and mother, vow to protect this household. Even if it means to use harsh measures to respond to their animosity.”

“Sebas! What have you put into Alice’s head!”
“No, I have not…..”

Alice immediately puts in a follow up when the count directs his anger toward Sebas.

“I have not heard it from Sebas, father. Rather, Sebas has not said anything concerning the animosity that they are holding.”

In other words, Alice herself was able to feel it and had suffered from the damage caused by the animosity herself, the count was lost for words. To think the situation was this bad, he then looked in Suria’s eyes and she returned to look at him as if she was clinging to it, which shocked him. His wife’s accusations, he had thought that it was just her minding it too much.

Silence spread through the dining hall. At that time, Alice’s gaze fell on a single piece of paper that had appeared from Fausta who had been on Alice’s knees.

“Count – doesn’t know behind the scenes – exactly like his public image.”

Kou had picked up the count’s thought process, Alice then became relieved that her father was innocent. It seems he is regretting that it came to this because he didn’t properly listen to the butler and his wife. Even the circumstances around the hired servants, he was just was just recognizing them as people in trouble because they had lost their wealth and nothing more.

“However, we can’t just throw them out…..”

Alice tells the count, suffering from concern, that there is no need to throw them out. Alice had grasped leadership, so then it was to examine the truth, the clear truth and reason what they should do. The problem is that they are having a grudge toward the Diretoss house, even though it was a grudge orchestrated by someone else who is pulling the strings.

“That is, Sebas you also said something similar didn’t you?”
“Yes. However, I did not have any clear evidence…….”

“If it’s about that, then I have heard an interesting story from a servant.”

Then, Alice began to tell Seldo’s story. While not saying any names, she told his story up until he got here, like him, there are other servants who just like him, had their wealth unfairly taken by the executive members, they are the people that were eventually hired in this mansion, but they started to hold suspicions towards the Diretoss house as the highest authority of the executive meeting. As more people with the same circumstances were coming in their suspicions eventually changed to conviction, so their animosity and hatred became manifested in the form of vengeance.

“—– I think that perhaps this is the reason for the current situation.”
“Are you saying…… that you found out about this all on your own?”

The count asked stunned at the truth that had been thrown in his face by his own daughter, whom he thought was just a child. Alice did not do this alone. While Sebas was surprised on the inside, he was certain that Kou had helped her out.

“There is someone trying to smear father’s name in sin. Furthermore, it’s one of the executives of the executive meeting—–”
“Wait, Alice.”

Alice, who was about to point out the illegal deeds of the executive meeting, was stopped by the count who thought that the content of it couldn’t be spoken of in a place like this. Madam Suria, who wasn’t able to follow the conversation between her daughter and husband, was restlessly moving her eyes back and forth between them. The servants and maids who saw young lady Alice’s in amazement, could only stand there like statues.

“Well then, I shall be coming over to father room later on.”
“………. Humu.”

Alice, who stood up from her seat, makes an elegant bow and leaves the dining hall while hugging Fausta. After that, only a heavy atmosphere was left behind where nobody could say anything. The count, who had a difficult expression on his face, told Suria, who had send an anxious stare his way, that he was alright and told her that she should rest for today. She sent a look filled with a little expectation to her husband and then left the dining room herself while being surrounded by her trusted maids.


“Even if my eyes were to be knotholes, just what has happened to my daughter?”

Towards the count’s question, of just who had let her become like this, Sebas thought about how he should describe the existence called ‘Kou’ and then answered.”

“It seems that young lady Alice has found a very reassuring friend and ally.”

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