Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH06

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Chapter 006 – Knight In Shining Armour

Currently the number of rulers –no, number of ruling forces, are two.
— The first is Jirgs, it is the new ruling force and it has been influencing Karan in every matter ever since the embassy was established two years ago.
The second is the old ruling force which is formed by the influential people of the city with the village-head as its center.

Karan’s large trade consists out of the many precious ores and the armor and weapons they were dealing with from the beginning. Made by the many skilled blacksmiths, the one who manages them is the guild-master of the blacksmithing guild, who is also the village-head. This means that he holds a great amount of power within Karan.
Even though they had accepted being subordinated by Jirgs, this wasn’t something that could be quickly changed. If Jirgs were to forcefully take control of everything within Karan, it would just produce confusion and conflict, if they did it poorly it might even end in Karan’s collapse.

If that happened it would have become meaningless to have saved Karan from the empire and having made it a sub-state, so Jirgs was carefully but surely trying to strengthen their grip on Karan.

“Then that means we still can’t meet the village-head Baccus, is what you are trying to say, right?”
Inside the drawing room within the village-head’s mansion, in front of Kail and the others, is the representative of the central figure of Jirgs’s ruling force Miranda. He said that with a sour expression.
The other party was the one who is presiding over Karan in place of the ill village-head, the vice-village-head, who was talking to Miranda while sweating buckets.

Kail’s and the others’ role doesn’t end after they just passed the letter to the village-head.
Firstly, they would need to receive a reply, if it is an answer that is negative to Jirgs, then it would be the messenger’s job to negotiate and persuade them to get better conditions.
However, that means nothing if they can’t meet him.

“I-I am very sorry. The village-head has yet to recover so….”
The sweating vice-village-head was wiping his sweat while desperately spouting excuses.

“However, it has almost been two months since you have been saying that. Even if we prepare a doctor, your side will just refuse the help so it isn’t worth talking about.”
Miranda doesn’t go easy with her follow-up.
It is Miranda’s job to make sure Kail and the others can meet up with the village-head, so she couldn’t possibly give up here.

“At the home country with the sudden death of king Remnas, those within the region have gathered, yet village-head Baccus has not even done that…… this is a major problem.”
Thanks to that I was not able to return to Marado and had to stay here, she said with sarcasm.

Towards Miranda, who said that, the vice-village-head was just humbly and earnestly bowing his head.
“Th-That’s why I have been saying because of his illness….. even if you are upset, our side is truly not doing this on purpose so we don’t have any other choice…….”
“If it is such a serious illness does that not mean it is time to think about choosing a new village-head?”
“Th-The doctor said that there is still a chance that he’ll recover….”
He rejected her in a hurry.

The village-head of Karan gets chosen by election, but the ones who could vote were those who had authority. Most of them were closely related by blood, all the previous village-heads were also related by blood.
However, if a selection for the next village-head were to happen, then Jirgs would probably have the intention to heavily interfere with it.
At the very least, a collaborator of Jirgs, if possible it would become a great chance for Jirgs and Miranda to change this around here.

“Anyway, if it takes any more time than this then I wish to have an official proxy on his behalf. Our side has a proposal as to whom you can choose.”
Proposal, even if she said that, she would mostly force them to choose that specific person.

“I shall come back in two days. I wish that you will have an acceptable answer the next time we meet.”
Miranda glances at Kail. ‘Is that alright with you’, when she asked, Kail nodded.
Only two days, she warned them that they were out of time after this.

“Y-Yes….. we will do our best……”
Miranda turns around and begins to talk after having glared at the vice-village-head, who just kept making excuses.

“In other words, we cannot meet with the village-head. Let us return for today.”
She said to Alzado.
Miranda and Kail thought about just why he was sitting together with them, but they felt anxious about the fact of leaving him without surveillance. That’s why they had him join in on the conversation with the vice-village-head.

“Hmm, certainly, at this rate it does not seem likely to be able to meet the village-head. How troublesome.”
“No, no, those feelings alone are already enough. If you have a message you wish to pass on, then please say so.”
I will pass it on, so hurry up and go home, is what Miranda said actually meant.

“It isn’t at the level of a message however…….. two years ago we may have crossed unfortunate paths with each other, even though such a disappointing thing has happened, our Gargan empire is currently satisfied with the peaceful and cooperative relation we have with Karan now. However….. the situation seems to have changed somewhat, I believe that both Karan and the empire would benefit if we forged a new, deeper relation with each other.”
At that moment Alzado showed a knowing smile.
“Well then, when you have chosen your new village-head, I shall have the pleasure of coming again for the sake of congratulating.”
‘Well then, I will leave ahead of you’, Alzado said that, and left while lowering his head.

“He knows of it, doesn’t he, about the cancelled engagement.”
Kail gives a small answer to Sildonia’s whispered question.
Alzado’s, the empire’s objective is the secret agreement about Karan that had been invalidated, Kail was certain that they had begun to reach their hand towards Karan again.

“What empire-like harassing diplomacy. From now on all kinds of threats will come this way.”
After returning to the embassy, Miranda explained it to Kail and the others like that.

The empire takes over a small country with their military might and display their might to other making them subservient, is the kind of move which gets used a lot.
They purposely came here with wyverns because the town was once plagued by them, so its probably in order to harass them.
And they will probably use many different kinds of moves in order to have Karan separate from Jirgs.
It’s a matter that hurts the head, is what Miranda said while sighing.

“Even so, they certainly took action fast. To think that people from the empire had already come to Karan.”
When Urza tilts her head, Kail agreed with her.
“I guess you can say it’s too fast. It was three days ago when we were informed of this matter, even if the information got leaked it would have taking longer for the information to reach the empire much less the imperial capital.”
Even if they used a wyvern it should be impossible for them to be here, this means the same even if they knew of the matter of the cancelled engagement beforehand.
Alzado seemed to be fairly surprised when he saw Kail, however, that was only because he was the son of his old friend. It seemed like he wasn’t thinking it was weird for messengers of princess Mirena to have already arrived at Karan.

“In other words, that means that inside the palace, while also being someone close to princess Mirena, is a spy from the empire’s side?”
“Most likely, they should be cleaning them out around now.”
Rather, they would leak information to suspicious personnel and see what kind of actions they would take, if it’s that princess then she would certainly do just that, knowing her, Kail said that with confidence.

“Then doesn’t that mean that we’re the juicy bait.”
Lize said it a in a small exaggerated way. They had heard from the start that there could be danger, but they can’t appreciate the way that it’s being promoted.
“Well, don’t say that. Since looking at the Empire’s side and seeing what kind of actions they’ll take and reporting that back is also part of the job.”
Something of this level is only to be expected, Kail said, in a supposedly soothing way.

“But there is just one obvious point that worries me, their actions are too flashy.”
They are making too much of an statement, it was as if they were trying to draw attention and provoke others that way.
“Certainly, it can be said that it is an empire-like way of doing things….. but it makes you wonder.”
Kail thinks while placing his hand on his chin.

“…… Aren’t they just showing a defiant attitude? Since whatever they might be planning to do in Karan would have entered my ears anyway.”
‘Aren’t you over thinking it?’ Miranda asked, but Kail shakes his head.
“That possibility might exist but it is also possible that Alzado himself is a decoy and they are planning to do something in a different place. Something that even Alzado himself isn’t informed about….. the Gargan empire would at least be able to pull off something of this level.”
Being bold while acting careful, being valiant yet cunning……. Kail knows the contradictory nature the Gargan empire possesses well, but giving careless advice to Miranda is bad.

And Miranda was looking at Kail as if she was touched by him.

The general circumstances were mostly written inside princess Mirena’s letter, her job was to test Kail and his party’s abilities and give minimal support and only avoid the worst-case scenario.
‘Making an amateur a messenger to negotiate between nations, furthermore, giving them a test in such a situation was something I found beyond reckless, but their ability seems to be higher than I had expected.’
(Not only skilled in combat, he has good decision making skills and he also has knowledge……. Certainly it is a person who seems to be interesting to Mirena-sama.)
“I understand, I shall act with care.”
I shall also make sure to not let them out of my sight, Miranda said.

“By the way, is the village-head’s illness really just an illness?”
Kail asked a question about the point that bothered him.
“Yes, I have also investigated this matter since I found it suspicious, but ever since he became ill he hasn’t set a single step from his room, it also doesn’t seem like he is contacting someone from the outside. Of course it is also possible that it is a fake illness however…… it does not make any sense.”
If I had to give a possibility it would be fake illness with the person’s consent, but it doesn’t have any real harm.
“Village-head Baccus was technically cooperative with Jirgs. However, it was clear that he was unwilling, I think this might be a good reason to get him replaced.”
It is a good opportunity, is what Miranda said with a smile.

(She has a good smile……. though it’s mostly a black hearted one.)
In Kail’s previous life, he rarely saw her show any emotion and thought that Miranda was an ice cold human, thinking that, Kail found what he saw surprising.

At that time Seran was at the main street.
“There’s less quality than I thought.”
He was walking around lazily with his hands on the back of his head.

One of Seran’s objectives was to find a good sword, so he had been looking around in weapon shops and smithies.
It certainly is superior, it certainly is worth to be called the best arms producer.
However, that is only from a commoner’s point of view, but even the number one swords were either equal or of lower quality than Seran’s current sword.

“Even if I can get an infinite amount of funds from Kail, the possibility that I can find something good by looking the normal way is low.”
Of course he had only taken quick glances, but it didn’t seem like he could expect much, he sighed.

“And, even in the important girls department.”
Seran went into town full of hope but there weren’t many people walking around and there were almost no young women.
It just feels as if the town itself doesn’t have any life in it, It looks as if they’ve sunken as a whole.

“Somehow it seems like problems will occur, here that is.”
While walking around Seran went from the main street to an alley, when he did, the few pedestrians walking around became even less than it already was.
He was looking around thinking whether there might be a store around here, then he heard an odd voice.

“……..no……. please let go of……”

He heard the voice of an young woman in trouble.
Heading towards that direction he went into the back alley of the alley, Seran moved his body forward faster than he could think about it.
When he did, he saw a number of men, that could only be called ruffians with good physique, surrounding a small person. It seems like they had forcefully grabbed her and were trying to bring her somewhere.
“NOOOO….. P-Please stop!”
He could hear a voice as if she was desperately trying to resist.

The moment he saw that, Seran acted without hesitating.
Together with his shout he launches a flying kick, the sole of his shoes sunk into the face of the man that was holding the arm.

The man that got kicked made a loud voice and noise while being sent flying.

“Well then, you’re safe now.”
Making a splendid landing, while giving out a smile of satisfaction Seran looks at the face of the one he saved.

“…… Alright! Jackpot! No but…… Ugh how close! Only two, no about three more years I guess.”
finding it truly regretful Seran was lamenting.

She might have had a bewildered expression by being saved, but no matter how you looked at her it was clearly a cute girl.
However, her age seemed to be around twelve, according to Seran’s instinct, it was a little too early to lay a hand on her.

“No no, she has a bright future. I should look forward to three years from now and earn some points with her for now…….”
‘Yeah, yeah’, while convincing himself he tried talking to her again.

“Well then, do you have any injuries young lady? Since I’m here I won’t let any of these guys lay a single finger on you, so rest assured.”
“T-Thank you very much…… but, well…… I’m a boy.”
The young girl, no, the young boy, said so apologetically.

“Wh……. at?”
Seran shows an expression of dismay and looks at the young boy’s face.
Now that I think about it, he does have an androgynous face, I didn’t look at it before, but his clothes certainly can be called that of a guy.
Age wise, it isn’t weird that his voice hasn’t broken yet, so it isn’t weird for him to have a girlish voice.

“Well, seriously……. a boy?”
“Y-Yes…… though I get mistaken for a girl often…..”
As expected, the boy said it apologetically.

“T-To think that I of all people would have mistaken a boy for a maiden…….”
Placing both his hands on the ground Seran fell into despair.

At that moment, the surrounding guys that had been taken aback by Seran’s sudden intrusion finally snapped out of it and began a commotion.
“Th-The hell are you bastard? The hell you doin’ all of a sudden!”
“The hell you think we are?”
“You ain’t from round ‘ere are ye? Outsiders dun’ get to butt in our business.”
Ready to fight, they came closer to Seran.

Seran was depressed, however, he finally looked carefully at the surrounding men with an annoyed expression.
Like his first impression, they had a thug air about them, but it seems like they were well dressed.
Who are they, while thinking that he calmly analyzed them. He thought they were probably some influential people.

(Well then just what should I do now……)
Leaving aside what he would usually do right now, he had a status, in a way Seran is a part of the group of messengers that came from the country of Jirgs.
In a way, Seran was paying attention to Kail’s position in his own way.
Even though he can’t be of help in negotiations or diplomatic affairs, he couldn’t let himself pull Kail’s leg.
I don’t clearly know what kind of position these guys hold within Karan, if I do cause a disturbance and it becomes a big disturbance, I may end up causing trouble to Kail.

‘Though I get the feelings it’s already too late for that’, is what Seran was thinking about.
Of course, if it was for the sake of saving a girl, I wouldn’t be minding such things and would have immediately saved her.

“….. Yeah, certainly, it is as you guys said. I am unrelated and I did interfere.”
After he says that, Seran turns around and was about to leave.

Seran’s sudden change of attitude left the men taken aback once again.
They wouldn’t have thought that he would simply walk away like this.

“Eh!? A-Are you not going to save me?”
The young boy said it in a panic.
“This place isn’t that far off from the main street. If you shout loud enough, help will certainly come, that is all up to your effort and luck. I shall save girls no matter the reason, however, if it’s a guy then it’s a different story altogether! You have to get over this crisis with your own strength!”
A guy who places women above men, is what Kail and Lize tell him a lot, because Seran is fundamentally harsh on guys, more so, on those with a better looking face than his own.

I wish you luck, then Seran tried to leave just like that, but he noticed something and stopped his feet.
“Wait a second……. I want to ask one thing, do you have a sister? Does she look like you?”
Seran asked the young boy with a face showing that he had nothing more to say after that.

“Eh? Ah, yes, I have a five year older sister…… it is said that we look similar to each other.”
Hearing that, Seran made a guts pose.
At this moment, all things about position and being careful for the sake of Kail had flown out the window.

“Alright! Say that sooner next time…… well then you bastards! Just what were you trying to do to an innocent young boy like this, ganging up on him! You despiseful scumbags, I shall beat you in the name of justice!”
Seran said, with a refined posture while pointing his finger at the men.
“Rest easy, I shall be sure to safely have you meet up with your sister!”
“Ye-Yes T……. hank you very much.”
The young boy gave his thanks with a cramped smile.

The men who were being pointed at by Seran did not want to lose from such a guy no matter what, is the kind of feelings that had piled up within them.
TL note: I think no one wants to lose from Seran anymore, LOL

I guess I’ll give a progress report because I can, it has been decided that ‘Tsuyokute New Saga’ will become a light novel.
The publisher will be Alphapolice-san, I shall give more progress reports and notices from now on.

Thank you.

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