Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH08

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Chapter 8: Mess

That is an independent type magic tool called Golem.

It has a human shape but there are also those with the form of animals or magic beasts. There are also those that are totally different from golems with the shape of living beings, normally, they just repeat the action they were ordered to do, but if they are highly advanced, then those golems can think and act on their own judgment.

In the time of the ancient magic kingdom of Zars they were supposedly very advanced, instead of humans they became a major labor force, or so it is said.

At that time it was said that every household had at least one golem, or it was said that they were at least that popular.

Of course that technology was also used for battle.

A golem specialized for battle wasn’t something that could be used that easily by Humanity. It had become a major factor of their victory against the Demons.

However, most of that technology disappeared along with Zars´s destruction. Right now, the most they can create are simple and small things.

From time to time, powerful golems from the time of Zars are found, but those were sold at high prices.

“So, in other words you are trying to revive a special battle type golem of the time of Zars, right?”

Lize asked Gou after having calmed down Kail with her fist from behind him when he became excited.

“Ah, yes. I have made the blueprints, however, to make the real thing would take some time, so…”

“Hooo….. This pretty well made, is it not.”

Sildonia said with an impressed tone while looking at the blueprints.

“You understand it!?”

Gou looks surprised at Sildonia.

“Hm, even in that time it was specially designed to fight against the Demons; you are trying to make the ‘Titan’ type, are you not?”

“Yes! From the little bits of scriptures that existed. I used them as a reference and improved it with my own ideas!”

“Hmmm… It seems like even the hardest part, the efficiency of the magic power isn’t a problem either.”

“Yeas you’re exactly right! Rather, I have been having problems with reducing its size…”

Gou got excited and began to crazily talk with Sildonia.

Sildonia, who had made sure of it, took a glance at Kail and lightly nodded. It seems like there is no doubt about it.

Because he got too excited, Kail had failed to check whether it was the real deal or not, but since Sildonia had checked it, Kail became relieved.

Originally Kail had thought of amassing the weaponized golem so that it could become a force he could freely use.

At first, I was planning to buy up the items that were sold from the time of Zars, but I wanted to mass produce them myself with the help of Sildonia.
TL note: Yeah, POV is 1st person again. As mentioned before, the author randomly switches.

However, even if it’s Sildonia’s main body, the one who was called the ‘Magic King’, it didn’t mean that Sildonia would possess all the knowledge they had in the time of Zars, Sildonia doesn’t even possess all the knowledge the main body has.

Sildonia even said that even though Sildonia did have some knowledge about the basics, it still wasn’t at the level of those that specialized in it of that time.

I tried to ask Sildonia how long it would take to make one with the current knowledge, Sildonia answered that it would at the very least take years, furthermore, it could easily take longer than that.

I really wanted a force that I could freely control, but since I couldn’t put all time I had in it, I gave up on it.

However, if he can entrust this job to Gou, and if he can mass produce them… it would become a great force to use against the ‘Great advance’.

“You are amazing Sildonia-san. I thought I knew a lot about the technology of the time of Zars but…”

Gou looks at Sildonia with shining eyes.

“Hm, you may feel HONORed.”

Hehe, Sildonia said proudly.

“No, I thought that it would take at least a decade just to make a prototype, now I might be able to reduce that time by half.”

“Then you won’t make it on time. At latest within two years… if possible, try to make a prototype within one year. After that I want you to think about mass producing them.”

Kail says with a straight face.

“Eh? No but… If I were to do something like that then I’d have to use money as if it were water.”

“Then just do it. I’ll give you more than enough.”

Kail says again with a straight face.

Gou stood there stunned and then involuntarily looked at the faces of the others, but Seran and the others didn’t see any problem and just kept nodding.

“Thank goodness… that I would get such a generous patron…”

Gou became moved to tears.

“With this I can stop worrying about the budget and make designs I always wanted to…”

“No, please do advance with what you’re currently doing. Also it’s important to remember this, keep what you’re doing a secret.”

“Yes. Ah, but several people had already invested in this…”

“I want you to tell them you failed. Please return them the money and the money for failing. Of course, I will give the money you need.”

“Yes, I do not mind that, but…”

“Please… since we need to be careful with how we treat this.”

Kail, who had become cool headed as if the excitement he showed earlier was a lie, reminded Gou of this fact.

“So, what happened?”

After they had a small meeting about the costs, when Kail and the others returned to Miranda, who looked tired, he had asked her.

“We’re in disagreement.”

Miranda sighed. In front of her was Gazas who didn’t try to hide his bad mood.

“In the first place, even if a dwarf like me were to become the city chief, there would be problems all over the place!”

Though there are a lot of Dwarves living in Karan, in the end it is still a human city.

And if a dwarf among them was to become chief, then there would naturally be many who would reject it.

“… Whether they may be dwarves or humans, I want the racial wall between them gone and change Karan.”

I shall leave it here for today; I shall come again, saying that, Miranda tried to leave from her seat.

You can also just not come, is what Gazas said, and then he tried to go to the room in the back, but at that moment Kail began to talk to him.

“I apologize to bother you while you’re tired, this has nothing to do with Miranda-san, but I have a favor to ask, or rather a request.”

“A request?… Do you want me to make you a sword? Sorry, but I don’t accept any blacksmithing requests at the moment.”

Without even looking him in the eye or trying to bother with it, Gazas refused.

“Father don’t say that. It seems these people even have a request they want to hire me for. Please at least listen to what they have to say.

However, in a split second, Gou tried to help them. He put in a good word for them when he already rejected it.

It seems that Gazas is soft toward his son and stops for a moment; he turns around and takes a look at Kail and his party, but his gaze stops at Urza the moment he sees here.

In response to that, Urza began to frown and tried to say something, but Gazas intercepted her.

“Don’t worry; I don’t deliberately act racist towards Elves… I don’t discriminate whether they are Elves or humans.”

“I- I see…well aren’t you admirable for a Dwarf.”
“No matter how haughty, closed off and over thinking the Elves may act while fundamentally not having a shred of concern on them… but it’s alright cuz’ I don’t mind.”

Urza whose face became completely red, tried to make some complaints, but was calmed down by Lize.

“So the thing we want is a sword for me. The one I have now is just a little unsatisfying.”

When Seran said that, Gazas looked at the sword on Seran’s waist and then began to glare at him.

“That sword you have, it’s a sword that that pup Dotos sold you right?’

“You can see that?”

Of course Seran hasn’t unsheathed his sword. He must have seen through it by looking at the patterns and the handle of the sword.

“Though he may not be as good as me, Dotos still has some skill; there aren’t that many swordsmen that would be unsatisfied with his swords.”

Gazas said grumpily, but Gou refutes that.

“Father, Seran-san is really strong. I think that even Dotos-san’s sword may be insufficient.”

“What? Are you serious? With Dotos’s sword you say?”

Seems like he believed what his son said, since Gazas began to mummer some things while thinking.

“Then that would mean……. No, but it could be….”

“If you could, can you make it on the same level as Sil-… I mean Kail’s sword.”

This time Gazas looks at the sword on Kail’s back, when he did, his eyes became wide open.

“Wha!?… Le- Lemme see that sword… No please show it to me!”

Gazas, who lightly receives the sword from Kail with trembling hands, slowly pulls the blade from the scabbard.

“This is…..”

Strong, yet beautiful. Those who see it become captivated and Gazas was speechless. Gou and Miranda who saw it for the first time became wide eyed.

“I have seen a number of swords from the time of Zars… But this one’s on a different level… Th-That there would be other swords like this one is….”

Seeing Gou’s stunned look, Sildonia began to nod satisfyingly.

“Like I thought, it’s impossible… To make a sword that would rival this one is… for the current me it’s impossible.”

It was a voice as if it was squeezed out while admitting his defeat.

Gazas apologized and asked if they could leave for today, so Kail and the others left Gazas’s home.

“Yeah~… As expected, it’s impossible to ask someone to make a sword at the same level as Sildonia.”

Seran complained while scratching his head.

“Or course. The sword which is myself, is the crystallization of Zars’s technology and wisdom. And I can affirm that human hands would never be able to create something on the same level.”

It’s only to be expected, Sildonia said while puffing out her chest.

“Well I didn’t expect that much from the current time… but even so, something felt a little off.”

Remember Gazas after he had seen Sildonia the sword, Seran tilted his head.

“Now that you say it you’re right… Ah, he said something that caught my attention. Gazas-san said ‘to think there were other swords like this one…’ right. That’s means he saw a sword that could compare to this one didn’t he?”

Lize said that while remembering it.

“Oh? Comparable to me you say? As if I’d allow such a sword so exist!”

Sildonia inflated her cheeks and denies it.

“Oh yeah, he did say something like that, didn’t he… let’s go back tomorrow and ask him about it.”

Seran turned around and said while looking at Garas’s house.

That night, in the room appointed to him by the embassy, Kail was sleeplessly thinking about something while lying in his bed.

It was a pity about the sword, but we made a big harvest regarding the golems.


Things weren’t so simple that I can just keep on being happy.

It is possible to give Gou the necessary funding so he can make golems for battle-use.

However, to make a large number just Gou himself won’t be enough, so manpower and the necessary facilities will be needed.

And the larger the scale gets, the easier it can get noticed.

“If it becomes like that then it’ll be a threat.”

Weaponized golems, Kail knows how high their power level is from firsthand experience.

If the surrounding countries were to know that he possesses a personal force like that, he’d be seen as a danger, if he messes up then forget about being a hero, he’d be treated as an enemy which would be dangerous.

In order to avoid that, the most realistic way would be to get the backing of some country.

In that situation, the foremost candidate would be the kingdom of Jirgs, but according to Kail’s memories the kingdom of Jirgs doesn’t have many people who have the knowledge and specialize in golems.

That would defeat his purpose of trying to strengthen the forces of Humanity.

Probably the only one who has the most progress in this kind of technology is the Gargan Empire.

In the first place, in the middle of the ‘Great Advance’, the one who restored the battle-use golems was the Gargan Empire.

“I think they did say that they made it from using a blueprint they had gotten their hands on… that was probably the one Gou had drawn.”

It’s just a possibility, but at the way history currently flows, Gou probably failed to restore it.

“It’s obvious that he ending up becoming bankrupt from all funding.”

Then those blueprints were spread around for one reason or another and the empire that got their hands on it then tried to restore the magic weapon, I guess.”

In the middle of that, the ‘Great Advance’ happens. In a hurry they sent out a single prototype into the battle.

However, that single unit helped a great deal and was a strong force.

That is why I want to mass produce it and confront the Demons with it.

“Isn’t just bringing this story up to the Empire already impossible…”

Kail has one or two people that might be interested in this story, if I play it well, mass production should be possible.

“However, if that were to happen then the empire would become excessively strong.”

The Empire is an Empire that has expansionism so it’s a country that invades others a lot.

No matter what kind of state it might end in, it’s better than Humanity going extinct, but if it’s handled poorly, before the ‘Great Advance’ even begins this might be the trigger to set off Humanity into one big war.

“There is a lot I have to consider.”

Kail sighs as it wouldn’t stop at just thinking about the power balance among countries.

“It really is a hassle, saving the world that is.”

Kail went to sleep while feeling dazed.

The next morning, after Kail, who still looked sleepy, had finished his meal he was informed that there was a guest.

Since Alzaad was formally staying in Karan, it seems like while he was taking care of some business he came to see Kail as an extra.

“My, I do apologize for coming so early in the morning. It’s because we couldn’t take our time to talk to each other yesterday and all.”

The same as yesterday, Alzaad started to talk to him with a smile, but it was a smile which seemed to hide something.

“No, it’s alright. However, even though you are so busy, was it alright to come here?”

“What, I just wanted to talk with the child of an old friend. You are right since I’ll be busy in a little while, so while I still can take it easy, I truly wanted to have a talk with you. Let’s see, since it seems like you’ve already eaten breakfast, how about I incite you to having lunch together, what do you think?”

It was like a friendly neighborhood uncle that said that you only had to eat lunch if you wanted to.

“Or how about having a walk through the sky on a wyvern? It’s something you can rarely experience you know.”

He’s becoming more and more like a friendly uncle trying to invite you.

“Are you sure that’s alright? I heard that the technique of how to ride a wyvern is a state secret.”

Wouldn’t that be bad, is what Kail worriedly said.

“What, I don’t mind if it’s you, since the one who developed the method was your mother Selaia.”

Since you’ll find out anyhow if you ask her about it when you go back to your home, Alzaad said while laughing.

“Mother did?”

“It isn’t just for show that she was the youngest person ever to be nominated to be a court magician, though I was older than her, she was always a step ahead of me and my goal you know.”

Alzaad said as if he was earnestly remembering those old days.

“So that story was true…”

Selaia did always tell him when she was drunk about how she wasn’t comfortable being a court mage, but he always heard half stories.

“Wel~lu I’m juu~st a houwsee waifu now, ya kno~….”

“Well, in a way that is just like her.”

Alzaad makes a wry smile.

“Anyway, I want to specifically know how she’s doing right now. Then, I will be waiting in the afternoon.”

Alzaad left while lightly waving his hand.

“I already thought of it yesterday, but he is a holder of quite some magic power.”

She was there the whole time, but Sildonia who had not joined the conversation said this as she looked at Alzaad’s back.

“You can see it?”

“Hm, at the moment he has more than enough magic power to cast the high class magic, in the future, he might even be able to reach a level where he can use highest class magic.”

“Highest class magic…”

The highest class magic is said to be able to cause natural disasters, and she’s saying he could freely control it one day.

“It seems like being a court mage for the Empire truly isn’t just for show…”

At the time of the invitation, Kail came to the embassy of the empire together with Miranda.

On paper this diner party is a friendly exchange between Gargan and Jirgs and Miranda, who is an ambassador, was also invited.

Though not only Kail, but also the others were invited Seran said that it seemed like it would be a stuffy meal so he passed, even Sildonia, who can only see delicious food, decided to advice Gou on some things and headed to Gazas’s house.

Since materializing costs more magic power the further she gets from the sword, Kail entrusted the sword to Lize and Urza and had them go with her to Gazas’s house.

Since he couldn’t possibly go to a dinner party wearing armor, Kail had disarmed himself for the first time in a while.

While he was being guided through the hallway, he thought about Alzaad’s objective.

(It kind of seemed like he came to have me join them, but I shouldn’t be appeasing enough for them to think I would be worth it, yet… Could he have some other objective? Could it possibly be that Alzaad himself truly just wanted to know how mom is doing?”

Anyway, it would be good if I can get a foothold in the empire… Kail, who was thinking that, froze on the spot.

” ! ! ”

In front of the door where the dinner was going to be held, Kail could feel it deep from within the room with his whole body, a disgusting amount of pressure.

All the hair on his body stood upright, his heart rate jumped and his breathing got rough.

Miranda questioningly looked at Kail who suddenly began to act strange.

The staff of the embassy also began to look questioningly at Kail.

“What’s wrong?”

As if to blast away that worried voice Kail began to run, he dived straight into the thick wooden double door from the front, opening it.

In the room was a room worthy of being dined in, on the tables with a dozen chairs around it was some lavish food.

And certainly Alzaad was in that room, no, it could be said he was in that room.

That could no longer be called Alzaad, it was just pieces of meat scattered all over the room the only part that could be recognized was the head that was among the lavish food.

Furthermore, the, what seemed to be waiters, were in the same state, making the whole room filled with pieces of meat staining the whole place in red.

And there was a figure standing beside one of the tables.

The figure that had his back to the door leisurely turned around and looked at Kail.

The person looked like a young woman a little older than Kail, with a face like Lelina’s she was a beauty.

Since her clothes were skin tight leather clothes, her body lines were easily seen, those magnificent proportions could be seen clearly.

If she were to walk around town, then all males, or at the very least Seran, would try to talk to her, a glossy young woman.

However that would be so if she wasn’t a demon…

On her forehead was a horn like that of the mystical beast, a unicorn.

Ascertaining it, Kail exclaimed:”

“… Demon!!”

The nemesis of Humanity and their eternal enemy was there.


Volume 2, it finally feels as if the story has begun to move.

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