Tsuyokute New Saga – Volume 2 – CH09

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Tensaiz & Honor

Chapter 009 – Raid

Demons, a race that goes against Humanity, the other ruler of this continent and their nemesis.

However, presently Humanity knows surprisingly next to nothing about the Demons.

Though Humanity overwhelmingly exceeds the number of Demons, the Demons individually possess overwhelming ability.

And that they obey their absolute ruler the Demon lord… That was pretty much all they knew.

No matter which country it is, they don´t possess any detailed information about the current Demon race. From time to time there are some reckless people that go into the territory of the Demon race but none have ever returned.

In the span of three hundred years, the Demon race is supposed to be a warlike race but they have begun to attack less and less. Because there isn’t any real harm, the threat we feel from them had begun to diminish.

From all the currently living humans, probably none of them have ever personally seen someone of the Demon race.

However, being a special exception, Kail could recognize that his opponent is someone of the Demon race with a single look.

Unlike Humanity, the Demon race isn’t split up between races, they have figures are similar to an averagely build human but the individual difference is large.

There are those with multiple limbs, those that are extremely large or extremely small, those that have wings growing from their backs and many other things.

However, they all have one thing in similar with each other, that is, they all have a horn growing from their head.

This is the same for every Demon and it’s the same for the female demon in front of him who has a big horn on her forehead.

And for those who have killed them and fought them before could understand that unique pressure, Kail could feel it from the female Demon in front of him.

When the female Demon had confirmed Kail’s figure after he had jumped through the door, she seemed to lightly let out a sigh.

Then the female Demon’s right hand transformed, after she had transformed her nails into beast like evil looking nails, she rushed toward Kail. Her speed was as fast as or even higher than Kail’s speed after reinforcing himself with magic.

In response, rather than thinking, Kail responded with his instinct. This is from Kail’s unique and rich fighting experience against the Demon race.

Without sword or armor, defending poorly is useless, then there is no choice but to attack and Kail began to rush forward.

Rather than fleeing, he went towards her, this must have been out of the female Demon’s expectations since her eyes slightly widened for a moment but she still swung her nails toward Kail’s face.

Kail receives that attack made with her sharp claw like nails with his left arm, her nails deeply gouges into Kail’s arm which isn’t protected by any armor, penetrating it.

Having not only speed but also strength, a normal human would have his arm ripped off but Kail’s tough left arm was able to withstand it.

Severe pains hit Kail, but he ignored it and makes a counterattack.

In Kail’s clenched right fist magic power began to gather, a light began to faintly shine.

This is something that was arranged with the low level attack magic [Energy Bolt], at the expense of its range and precision by putting everything into attack power and then placing it into the fist and directly punching the enemy.

High level magic would be disturbed by the pain and it also takes time to cast, this is Kail’s most powerful attack in close combat without his sword.

This attack also must have been out of the Female Demon’s expectations; she took it fully against her stomach.

“Ga fu~tsu!”

The female Demon’s body bent into a ‘>’ shape and flew backward, but she somehow managed to recover her stance.

If it was used against a human opponent he would’ve been dead already from Kail’s punch which was infused with magic; however, the female Demon stood up while holding her stomach.

However, a counterattack in itself must have been out of her expectations, since on her seemingly expressionless face showed pain and surprise.

“It seems like it worked in a good way. Wanna try taking two or three more hits?”

Kail says sarcastically with great ease, but it’s actually just a bluff.

The punch just now was his trump card for when he loses his weapon, but we’re talking about Kail whose magic power originally falls short to be called first class.

Through the fusion of souls it could be called first class without problem and against someone of Humanity the current Kail wouldn’t have any problems against them, but he knows from the start that only super first class works on those of the Demon race.

Without any equipment and nearly unarmed, leaving aside not having the sword Sildonia on him he doesn’t even have a spare sword, this can only be called careless.

(I was taking it too lightly…)

In the midst of the Great Advance, he would never make a mistake like this while fighting against the Demon race.

The blood flowing from his left arm is a lot, so the longer it takes the more disadvantageous it gets for him, while thinking if he should go at it with his life on the line Kail heard some footsteps from behind him.

It’s probably Miranda and the others. Don’t come! The moment when he wanted to shout that the female Demon clicked her tongue.

When she did, the female Demon turned around and faced the already broken large window above the courtyard and jumped out of it.

“Impossible… She ran away?”

He involuntarily muttered.

From Kail’s experience it was impossible for someone on the Demons side to run away.

Of course, unlike that time, the time of the war the situations different so maybe it’s only natural to do that.

He hurriedly ran towards the window to look at the courtyard, but it was also just a sea of blood.

In the large courtyard, Alzaad’s wyvern was also there, but it was also slaughtered like the rest.

In the distance, he could see a demon-like figure running on a building’s roof.

Actually I wanted to go after it.

I have a lot of things I want to know, also, as long as it’s someone from the Demon race they need to be killed no matter what.

However, that figure had already become like a pea, even if he did catch up, the current Kail he could be beaten instead.

“Just what hap… Hi~tsu!?”

Miranda, who had come into the room wanted to raise a scream to the tragedy she was seeing, but closed her mouth and her face went pale, the servant who was with her waist gave out.

Around that time from here and there in the embassy screams could be heard and it became noisy in a single moment.

Since the pain in his left arm became worse Kail who calmed down put some pressure on his arm.

After this he checked the damage the embassy took, it was tremendous.

The ones in the dining room and courtyard weren’t the only ones that got killed, different places all over the embassy got hit, in the end; half of the people inside the Gargan Empire’s embassy were killed.

However, the strange thing is that among the survivors, none of them had seen the murder happen or even heard any noise when it did.

By averting your eyes even a little, with a light sound as if moving your chair they were killed without even having the time to scream, or that’s what it would mean.

From this truth the ones involved all began to pale.

Around that time Lize and the others had finished eating their meal at Gazas’s house and were now enjoying drinking their tea in the living room.

“I apologize, for having you make dinner.”

Gou said humbly.

“It’s alright since we ate too.”

You don’t need to mind it, Lize said toward Gou who had apologized to Lize for having her prepare dinner for them.

“However, you even cleaned up the room for us.”

Gou said, looking not very sorry, while looking around the tidied up room.

“Did I do something unneeded?”

“Of course not! You saved us. Father and I both suck at housework… in one month it had suddenly become this messy.”

“Well it does tend to end up that way in a house full of men.”

“By the way, what might Kail-san be doing?”

“It seems to be a dinner with some big shot, since he’s still a messenger of Jirgs. Those kinds of things are also important it seems.”

Well, I for one find it too stuffy so I passed, is what Seran said.

“However, I thought that everyone was a messenger?”

“Well all of us are something like add-ons… Well, in turn he gets to have a fancy meal i guess.”

It does have some benefits, or so Seran says, but he would have never imagined that Kail would have completely lost his appetite after standing in a sea of blood.

“Be that as it may, Sildonia-san’s knowledge really is amazing isn’t it? I finished up a few months worth of work in a single day you know.”

Gou looked at Sildonia with eyes of respect after she had instructed him during the morning.

“You’re not so bad yourself. There is no meaning in obtaining knowledge if the groundwork isn’t set. Having gathered so much in this era is worthy of praise.”

Sildonia praises Gou while looking at him as if he was a good student.

“Eh? T- Thank you very much….”

Though he feels kind of uncomfortable from hearing the word this age, Gou honestly thanked her.

“It seems like you guys spent your time meaningfully… Our side was just a big miss.”

Seran grumbled. Seran’s objective was to talk with Gazas about swords, but Gazas himself wasn’t home.

“Sorry, father went out in the morning. He didn’t say where he was going, so I don’t know when he’ll be back.”

“Well it can’t be helped I guess…. That’s it; don’t you know anything about it? Sil-… no, I wanted to ask if you know anything about the sword that could be equal to Kail’s sword. Do you have any ideas about it?”

“Hmmm… Maybe it could be about the holy sword Rando.”

“Holy Sword Rando?”

“Three hundred years ago, a dwarf called the master blacksmith of Karan at the time made the sword. It was the sword with which the hero Randolph struck down the demon king in the final battle.”

The Holy sword Rando has taken its name from that hero and is said to be the remains of the legend.

“Father had said that he’d seen it before, maybe it’s about that?”

“The sword with which the hero struck down the demon lord… and, where is that Rando right now?”

“Randolph did not have a child so after his death its owner kept changing, right now it seems to be in Karan, but I do not know the specifics… I think the one who might have it would be village chief Baccus. If I’m not mistaken he has a hobby of collecting equipment.”

“I see, I heard something good… a holy sword, it’s suitable for me.”

Seran laughed with a grin.

“Umm, even if he does have it wouldn’t be the village chief’s personal possession but since everything within the building is a possession of Karan I think it would be treated similar to a national treasure…”

“A national treasure, then it’s impossible with normal means i guess… I guess it’s time to abuse my position as an emissary of Jirgs. I can just ask the princess to give it to me as a reward after this. It’s exactly in these moments that you rely on the power of authority.”

Even if it wasn’t possible this time, I can meet the village chief eventually. I just have to ask him at that time… is what Seran began to think about but he noticed something and looks at his surrounding

“… By the way Gou, does anyone have a grudge against you?”

Seran suddenly asked something like this.

“Eh? No something like that… ah, I did have small quarrels with people I borrowed money from.”

“Guys like yesterday I guess. But scrubs like that couldn’t possibly let out killing intent like this… then it would mean that we’re the target? But aiming for us while Kail isn’t around would mean…”

Seran began to think with a difficult face but quit immediately.

“I’ll stop; it isn’t my job to think. I’ll let Kail think about it later… It’s a surprise attack.”

Seran says, while strapping on his sword which he had put down for dinner.

“Surprise attack? You’re joking right?”

Lize thought it to be impossible and refutes it.

Since this house is on the edge of the residential area it isn’t very popular but it’s broad daylight now.

Witnesses wouldn’t find it weird even if a lot of people came out since it isn’t suited for a surprise attack.

“No there is no doubt about it, you can clearly feel the killing intent of about… ten people surrounding the house. It would be better to strike first rather than waiting for them to attack. ”

Seran unsheathed his sword while heading toward the front door.

“I’ll take care of most of them. But two or three of them might slip past me, please be prepared. Make protecting yourself your first priority, since it’s okay as long as you buy some time.”

After saying that, Seran left the room.

“F- From a while ago, Seran-san seemed different from the impression I had before.”

“That guy’s only a genius when it comes to fighting you know. Although the rest is just rotten from the roots.”

While saying that, Lize put on her gauntlets.”

“Since Seran was saying that much it would mean… There is no doubt about it, someone is going to attack us.”

Lize lets a metallic sound ring out by hitting her fists against each other.

“Since we’re inside, fire would be bad… [Gnome]!”

Urza summoned the rugged human formed clump of rocks, the earth spirit Gnome, out of nothing.

Originally, a spirit doesn’t possess a material body, but a spirit user with a [Contract] is able to use his or her magic power to let a spirit gain a material form which allows them to be ordered around.

“Gnome is sturdy so he can be a shield. After putting it at the front we’ll have it make a wall behind us so they can’t attack us from there.”

Urza tells everyone the formation and they follow it.


Gou had become flustered since the mood had suddenly become dangerous.

“Won’t you calm down already? There won’t be any meaning even if an amateur gets flustered. Just believe in everyone and keep calm.”

Even though Sildonia doesn’t have any attack power, since she’s an apparition, she can’t get hurt. In a way she’s the one that can just take it easy.


Gou got deeply impressed about how calm Sildonia, a little girl about his age was while the respectful look in his eyes toward her kept getting even more respectful.

“Please send the bill for the door and the other damage to Kail!”

Seran, who was in the hall that led toward the front door, shouted that and then began to rush, he busted through the thick wooden door with the tip of his sword.

While pieces of wood were being scattered, his sword had pierced through a man’s shoulder who had drawn his dagger. With the left over momentum he went all the way until he reached the road in front of the house.

There were a number of men were wearing inconspicuous clothes like a normal passerby.

The men were frozen for a second because of the unforeseen attack, but they quickly drew their daggers and the like.

“Hm, it doesn’t seem to be a mistake… For now catch one who’s able to speak.”

When he kicks the man whose shoulder he pierced, the man let out a scream while being kicked and went silent after, but he’s still alive.

“Well then, for starters I’ll give you guys a warning, if ya don’t wanna die then run away. If you’re lucky you might survive.”

Like a carnivorous beast looking at its prey, Seran let out such a smile and began to slash at them.

From the outside the sound of clashing swords could be heard, but Lize and they who know Seran’s skills are calm.

Then two man who probably came in from the back burst into the room.

The two men had already drawn their weapons; probably because they’re easy to handle indoors, they both had a dagger, but on its blade was purple mucus which was probably poison sticking on it.

“It’s Berada poison, even a little scratch will cause you to be paralyzed, be careful!”

Urza warns them as she said the name of a heinous carnivorous plant out loud.


Lize prepared her stance and stood in front of the non-combatant Gou as if to protect him.

Urza ordered Gnome and started the battle.

This is an update about the main part.
The rest of the battle will be for next time.

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