CH10 – Setting Off

Living room in Kail’s house.
Three people were seated there whilst drinking the tea Lize brewed.

Urza finally calmed down while still being wary of the two in front of her. But she hasn’t let her guard down and hasn’t touched her tea yet.
She must have been confused when she woke up and she saw Lize and a tattered Kail being lectured by people that looked like patrol soldiers.
Like that I led the two of them all the way here.

“From my view, it looked like you suddenly getting close to me and putting me to sleep then pushing me down afterwards.”
“That’s why I’m saying it’s a misunderstanding….”

“….. Is it time to start talking yet?”
In front of me is Urza who is talking quietly, that’s when I start speaking with a loud voice.

“Well um… . Nice to meet you, I am called Kail. You’re name is Urza-san right?”
“You think that’s going to work now! Now say it, why do you know my true name?”
Even if she has calmed down a little, she still snaps when I say something lousy.
However Kail thinks her anger is only natural, those who have some knowledge of the situation would also agree.

A true name is what an Elf who uses spirit magic has, and unlike a normal second name it’s a name that holds a magical usage.
In order to use spirit magic, a true name is needed in order to make a [Contract] with the spirit, this way you’ll be able to borrow the spirits power, which means that without it, you can’t use it.

The true name should only be known by those closest to you, only letting your parents who named you, your lover or your own children know, because in fact this true name could be used to exploit your life.
The true name is directly connected to the soul, that means if magic that affects the body like the hypnosis Kail were to be used with true name, she wouldn’t be able to resist it.
She would show absolute obedience if I used the magic of captivation [Charm] and she would easily be affected by hex or curse magic.

From Urza’s perspective it’s like her life is in Kail’s hands.

“Except for my parents and myself, no one knows my true name. Just where and how did you find out!”
No, I heard it from you. Is what Kail says in the corner of his heart.

Sharing the feelings of those who have lost important things, we supported each other’s backs in fights. Because of that we deepened our bonds.
Before that final battle, the eve before entering the demon lord’s castle, she came into Kail’s bedroom.
“My true name is Ekses….. When it’s just the two of us call me by that name….. Beside each other from now on….”
Urza said, while clinging to Kail as if she was entrusting her whole body to him.

(She was cute wasn’t she…. the Urza from that time.)
With tear-filled eyes, I tried my best to remember her when she clung to me.

“…..What are you getting embarrassed for.”
When returning to myself Lize was staring with half closed accusing eyes.

Correcting his attitude and clearing his throat Kail said to Urza while looking straight into her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I absolutely can’t say. However I’m the only one who knows it, and there is no one else who knows, there also isn’t a way to find out about it, you can rest assured about that.”
I tell Lize about it at the same time.
Lize looked as if she was about to say something but after seeing Kail’s face she breathed in and became silent.

“Don’t mess around! You think I could trust that?”
As expected Urza’s side wouldn’t be convinced.
“Lying about this matter would be simple, I can tell all kinds of believable lies….. But that wouldn’t have any meaning.”
(Well truthfully it was a mistake on my part because of the sudden meeting…. I can’t think of a good excuse.)

Also what would happen if I told the truth?

“Four years later when we were having love with each other you kindly told me your true name. Ah, as evidence there’s a birthmark on your ass that looks like a heart, seems like I’m the only man who knows that…. Ah, you’re also really weak behind your left ear, and other various things….”
If I would say something like that I’d be cut down and ripped to shreds by magic without doubt.

“Also I hate lies… that’s why “I can’t tell” any. You’re probably anxious but I express my sincerest apologies to Urza.”
Next to him Lize is looking at Kail while showing a face that says ‘what the hell is this guy saying’, but he ignores her.
In order to persuade Urza, a straightforward approach like this has the highest chance of success whilst taking into account that she announced “I hate liars!””

“Also whether you trust me for telling the truth…. For example even if you use the magic of truth determination you wouldn’t be able to completely proof it right?”
The magic of truth determination is literally a magic that determines whether someone is telling the truth or not however the accuracy rate definitely isn’t high.
Calling it known worldwide is alright, but they’ve already researched on how to counter such a handy magic, the only ones that still use it are crime organizations and the military in particular.
Moreover, if the person in question believes hard enough in a delusion it becomes the truth.
For that purpose it’s only used as a last resort, if someone can’t find any concrete evidence.

 As Kail expected Urza’s attitude changed slightly, softening a bit.
“….However, whatever it is I couldn’t possibly feel assured from just that. Normally shouldn’t I silence you even if I have to kill you?”
“Wait a second!?”
Indeed Lize’s face changes when she hears the word kill, Without thinking she tried to stand between Kail and Urza but she was stopped by Kail.

“A [Partial Contract]…. Are you serious you bastard?”
Urza opens her eyes in surprise.

A [Contract] is when a spirit user brings out their true name in order to borrow the power of a spirit, it’s something like a transaction with a spirit, a partial contract is not done with a spirit but with a human, but not in order to borrow his or her power but in order to put a condition on them.
However in order to perform a [Partial Contract] you’ll need to know the true name of the person, but in this case it’s already known so its no problem.

“Good job, knowing about the [Partial Contract]…. The only ones who know about this are Elves and spirit magic users.”
“This’ll be the condition: “I won’t abuse Urza’s secret true name” how about it?”
“You know what’ll happen the moment you break the condition right?”
“Oh, I’ll die”
A [Contract] borrows the power of the spirit god, disobeying it means death. Kail said this as if it was nothing.

“…… Do you really understand it? If I perform the [Partial Contract] I’ll be able to put you under spells you know? That’s why doing something like purposely ending your own life…..”
“I’m not worried about that, Urza doesn’t have a personality that’s capable of doing that.”
“Why does that have to be said by someone I just met….”
“Also if you really wanted to do something like that you wouldn’t be warning me like this right?”
“…… Hmph!”
Urza diverts her face with an interesting look on her face.

“I understand, my life’s also on the line. I’m not going to hold back you know.”
“Ah, I don’t mind…. I’ll certainly tell you how I know about it when the time is right, I promise.”
“Well even though you’re saying that….. Right now is impossible, I can only perform the [partial contract] on a full moon.”

In order to perform a [Contract] Elves have to borrow the power of their guardian spirit their spirit god is said to be the god of the moon, also the phases of the moon are related to their it.

“The next full moon….. If I’m not wrong it’s a half month from now.”
So I’ll be stuck in this town until then…. Is what Urza said. Afterwards, Kail says without guilt.

“Ah, I’m sorry, actually I’m going to depart from this town tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Two days later, in front of Kail’s home, early in the morning.
“Well then, see you later Kail-chan, don’t go eating only meat and fish but also vegetables.”
“Ah, I get it already so….”
Seraia was clinging to Kail who had finished his journey preparations
“It’s alright, since I’m going with him.”
Lize who was preparing for the journey like Kail, wouldn’t let him do all the work so she thumped her chest.
“Yes, yes Lize-chan. I leave Kail-chan in your care.”
Seraia said it while wiping her tears with a handkerchief.

Kail stood up trying to leave since he was tired of this scene that has been repeating itself the whole time.
“Well I’m going so.”
“Come back sometimes. Stay healthy.”
Seraia is waving goodbye, while she’s wiping her nose.

“You have to do your best Kail…. Also cherish your comrades.”
“Ah, I get it already da….. Wait you were here dad?”
Kail’s father Roel was standing behind Seraia, yet, I only noticed him now.

“Although he came back the day before yesterday, and was around the house yesterday.”
“I, I didn’t notice it….”
Now that I think about it, the meals were prepared yesterday even though Lize wasn’t there….. Is what Kail remembered.

“Darling…. Like I thought, isn’t something like a journey too early…..”
“I understand you’re worried but it’s alright. Because no matter what he’s our child….”
“Yeah…. It’s like that isn’t it, since he’s our child. What would we do if even we didn’t trust him…. I’m sorry darling”
“No, It’s alright as long as he comes home….. Seraia”

“Well, I’m going now, stay healthy you two.”
Quickly saying goodbye to these parents who were slowly creating their own world. There isn’t anybody who wants to see a love scene between his own parents.
“I’m leaving~”
Next to Kail, Lize was waving her hand.

“So is it alright on your side?”
“Yeah, I properly said goodbye to aunty and of course I reported it to father and mother’s graves.”
“Preparations for the journey?”
“That also alright, compared to the time I was camping in the mountains for one month It’s easy.”
“You also did something like that didn’t you…. But my thoughts are still the same about wanting you to stay here.”
“No matter what you say, it won’t matter. Since I’ve already decided to come along.”
To Lize who said that with a big smile, Kail just sighed and gave up thinking that no matter what he said it wouldn’t work.

At the meeting place Seran and Urza were waiting there.
“Well, to think such a ladylike beautiful person would become our comrade!”
“I’m just monitoring him! I don’t remember becoming your comrade! By the way why are you getting all friendly and saying I’m coming with you….”
“To go on a journey with Kail, I was brooding over us being two guys. And Lize isn’t a healing sight.”
“So you’re a man that doesn’t listen to what others say….”
Urza rubs her temple as if she has a headache.

“It’s alright if you just ignore that guy.”
“Actually it’s better if you think of him as nothing.”
Kail and Lize said that next to each other.

“What did teacher have to say?”
“Hah? It was just like always. Actually “Why are you still here get going already” is what she said to me.”
I made a wry smile thinking that’s just like her.

“Well then with the three of you, lets depart.”
When Kail raises his voice Lize and Seran replied cheerfully, Urza was the only one complaining saying she wanted to spend a few days slowly.

“Huh? Was the East Gate here?”
Lize said to Kail that began walking.
The capital Marado they were going to go to first, lies in the east of the town of Rimase, but the direction Kail’s walking to is where the north gate is.
“No this way is correct. I’m changing the first destination. At first I wanted to go to the capital because I wanted to buy something there, also to gather up gold in order to buy it along the way. but that isn’t necessary anymore.”
“What was it you wanted to buy?”
“It’s a magic tool that is a little expensive…. It would’ve cost about thirty thousand Gador.”
Gador is the unit of money in this country, with one Gador you can buy yourself a single meal in a stall, with ten thousand Gador you´ll be at least be able to live for a year.
Even if we put all the things we had together it probably wouldn’t even be close to ten thousand.

“Thirty thousand, that’s a lot of money. How were you planning to earn all of that?”

It would take a considerable amount of time in order to earn it decently.
“I’m not planning to do anything dangerous. I was planning to earn it through a decent method of becoming a gladiator and betting on myself and keep on earning that way.”
“And you’re saying that’s a decent method?…. But didn’t you say that being a gladiator would make it easy to make enemies?”
“Not really since we don’t need to become famous that way. Since our goal is to earn some funds as quick as possible….. Well in that situation I would’ve wanted Seran to appear in a handicapped match.”
“Handicapped match?”
“Oh, it seems like you would have to fight against a bunch of monster with a blindfold or while having your hands tied up.”
“Isn’t that called an execution? Hey”
” It seems like the prize money is amazing you know, it seems like an amount that won’t be used up in an entire lifetime.”
“I kind of get the feeling it doesn’t have any meaning if my life ends….. Just why would I want to become a show for others”
Urza shakes her head while saying that humans are barbaric.

“Well anyhow the thing we were going to buy there already lost its meaning. Since this excellent spirit magic user Urza has become our comrade.”
While Kail is acting as if he’s introducing Urza, oh, Seran and Riza both start to applaud.
This part here, would be the thing called ‘the flow of childhood friends’.

“Like I said I don’t remember becoming your comrade so…..”
Urza said it with a sour face but Kail didn’t mind.

“Well then I’ll be explaining what our first destination is. We will first go to the Sangurd Mountains.”
“Sangurd? What are we going to do by going to such a place?”
Sangurd mountains are located at the northern border of the counrty Jirgs and is half a month of traveling from the town of Rimase away.
“Won’t that take a while?”
“Ah it’s alright since we’ll be using the magic [Wind Walker]”

[Wind Walker] is a magic that receives the blessing of the Sylphs which lets you travel a few times faster than normal, it’s a spirit magic with a small burden.
I guess it’d be half a month’s journey in three days.
This magic may be very handy however, because there aren’t many humans that can use spirit magic, just by being able to use this magic you can get hired for a high price.

“Seriously you’ve saved me a lot of trouble since there are a lot of uses to spirit magic.”
“That’s why…. I keep telling you….”
Urza gives a tired response to Kail’s radiant words.”

(Just like usual if you disturb her pace, she succumbs to pressure….)
Kail remembered that he always dealt with Urza this way when he needed something in the past.

“And what are you trying to accomplish by going to the Sangurd mountains?”
“If you think about Sangurd do you think of any legends?”
“Well….. If I’m not wrong it was a story about a hidden labyrinth.”
Lize remembers the fairy tales she’s heard about lores.
“That’s right, the labyrinth is called humanity’s greatest.

The magic kingdom of Zars that was recorded down in history as the most flourishing kingdom a thousand years ago, because of that there are many legends and lores about it this day.
The “God Dragon’s heart” that Kail carries is one of them, but other famous things include “Magic King” of the magic kingdom’s great labyrinth.
The great labyrinth left by the one recorded as humanity’s greatest mage “Magic King” Magic King Sildonia Zars, inside is said to be all the treasures he could collect.
It is said to be somewhere on the Sangurd mountains but thousand years after the fall of Zars, we have yet to even find its entrance.

“Isn’t that a story of legend? Is it really true?”
“You couldn’t be planning on saying to find it are you? We don’t know how many years it would take.”
“No, I have a detailed map about locating it and the middle of it, here it is.”
Kail who takes out the old map from his chest shows it with a sparkle.
“Eh? Is it really genuine?”
“I found it inside mom’s ancient documents collection. The ancient documents itself are from the time of Zars, so it’s without doubt genuine.”
At any rate I’ve already been there, is what I added inside my heart.

In the middle of the “Great Advance”, the situation on our side was rapidly deteriorating and in order to strengthen our forces the human race was even clinging to legends.
Because of that we got information from a country that was once part of the Zars kingdom, inside, ancient documents about a map and the place where the labyrinth was sealed.
At that time I shouldn’t have even known the whereabouts of the ancient documents, however Kail’s faint memory got a shock.
Kail returned to the once destroyed home town, because of that robustness a part of the archives were still intact, inside were the ancient archives and this map was certainly there.
Of course it’s not as if it was there on purpose, but because of this we could group our forces and reach the demon lord’s castle. That way I was able to give the finishing blow to him, I can only feel some faith and guidance from my mother.

When looking at the map I directed my gaze towards my home.
I make a wry smile thinking my parents are busy creating a world of their own.

“…… It seems like it isn’t just a big lie. This paper is made from a thousand year old magic tree. Most of it was lost in the wars of old, right now it’d be impossible to make it…..”
Such a thing can only be made a thousand years ago, Urza said interested.

“Be that as it may, even if you have a map the area is terribly wide, there are also dangerous traps, complicated riddles and there is even a magic golem inside there….. Or it should be.”
“You’re saying it as if you’ve seen it yourself?”
“….. I’m simply imagining things”
Kail who thinks from the bottom of his heart that he doesn’t want to go in again after remembering the labyrinth.

“In my expectations we would be wiped out even if we were ten times stronger….”
“Then that doesn’t mean you have to say it out loud.”
I don’t have a death wish, says Seran.
“I don’t have one either, but I would really like the enormous treasure and numerous magic items inside. No matter what we want to do, having money would be better.”

“Treasure, ah it has such an irresistible sound….. however I hold my life dear”
Kail speaks to Seran who has started glaring at him.

“It just means we don’t have to go in from the front”
“Oh, then you mean to?”

“It’s simple, we dig.”

AUTHOR’S NOTES (not translator notes derp)

The money unit came out.
In our units 1 Gador would roughly be 100-200 yen.
The example just now was a little off but just think of it as a reference.


I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter.
Honor (the main translator) has picked up his pace and finished tling till chapter 13, I’ll see if I can fix up those chapters and upload them a little bit faster than our previous releases..
And again, sorry for the typo’s or weird sentence structures here and there..
This was only proofread and fixed by me, instead of having others proofread it too.



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