Spirit Migration web novel

*UPDATED: Chapter 16 (updated: 16/03/16 ) = UP*

Synopsis :

A spirit was floating in another world’s dungeon, missing its memories. Eventually “he” learned to possess other creatures and using the bodies of the beasts in the dungeon, made his way to the outside world. Dragging a young female knight, a pretty young lady, and even a beautiful mercenary into the mix, our protagonist begins his great adventure in this world! (Synopsis from mangaupdates)


Action  Adventure  Reincarnation  Monsters  Fantasy  Harem Souls


We are translating together with Re:translations.
Project page

Translator : Honor
Proofreader/TLC: Tensaiz
Editor: Ishman


Chapter 0

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12 (Part 1)

Chapter 12 (Part 2)

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16


We won’t drop this, not without saying so directly! If we haven’t updated in a while, we’re probably busy with school, or other IRL issues. Thanks for the patience ^~^


Spirit Migration

207 Responses to Spirit Migration web novel

  1. DeusRex says:

    Hmm, Its been almost 2 days since you said “It should be up by tonight”. Does that mean it’s already completely done and you just haven’t had time to update the page? Or that you still need to do some finishing work on it first? In either case i’m a little disappointed, but its not like we’ll have to wait a week, right? Anyway, i’m sure you are busy with school, so keep on that, good for you. As i’m sure you were going to do anyway, just upload the chapter when you have time. P.S. i’m sorry if this sounded passive aggressive or deriding.


  2. RichardNix says:

    is this a harem? how good is the harem?


    • joshua says:

      No. It is normal. Most of the citizens have their own friends, family, lives, and lovers. He is just a visitor. No sign of him getting stronger as he can only posses monsters. The monsters cannot level up or rank up. It is more slice of life of a visitor of a fantasy world. The possession of animals is just an excuse to visit different characters and settings.


  3. fabian leiva says:

    thanks for the chapter


  4. bobolander says:

    Thanks for translating this novel. Today I started reading the manga, and it seemed very interesting. Keep up the good work. ^^


  5. jon021 says:

    Still waiting…*rolls around*


  6. firz says:

    umm,it’s already a month but still no update.You should posting something,you made us waiting worriedly.


  7. maybe the project has been abandon by him if there’s no info?


  8. shay says:

    So… I think it’s official, our lord and translator is dead! Please all stand as we honor the work he has done so far.
    Here lies Honor.
    Chapter 1 – Chapter 12.
    May he find peace in the afterlife.


  9. neon5162 says:

    anyone else notice the creepy smiley face at the bottom of all the word press pages


  10. Unknown user says:

    I really like this manga is so exciting and I can’t wait so see more. But its OK if it take long to make the next chapter. Its hard to brainstorm of good and interesting stores, that everyone would like. So keep it up and hope for your best.
    PS. Even the manga has ended, its OK because their always a way to make season 2 in the future.


  11. Krazyguy75 says:

    I’m a pretty patient person, but I’m getting a little upset about your guys’ translation speeds. I follow many novel translations, and I’ll admit that your translations are in the top percentile. I decided to wait, based on that.

    But the difference in speed is so massive it overwhelms the difference in quality! Most people release a chapter or two a week, or once month at the slowest. It’s been 2 months since the last chapter has been released, and you’ve not shown anything in the meantime.

    I understand that real life can be an issue, but you are leaving us in the dark here! We have no idea what is going on, so it almost looks like you just decided to quit on us! Please, just let us know what the issue is…


  12. gastrea11 says:

    *Endures for 13*


  13. EchoLaveau says:

    Hey~ I was wondering if this was a web novel online? If so could you link me the raws? I would like to read them.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Lol one chapter a week but am thankful that your translating maybe you should just change that lol.


  15. llkingbradleyll says:

    When is new chapter supposed to come out? I just finished all of these in 1 go and i really want more :)


  16. datanator says:

    It’s nearly Friday here and still no chapter up :(


  17. datanator says:

    Friday. 2:21 Am. Lies…. Lies everywhere :(


  18. datanator says:

    Why haven’t you updated the new chapters to the main page yet? It has been nearly 2 weeks already. And just to be the one annoying pleb who wants to read and wont understand the work behind translating, thus starting to whine when the chapters wont come…. you din’t post chapter in the previous week :3


  19. Silva Lau says:

    We’ll try to release 1 Spirit chapter a week as a minimum. We should be able to keep up this pace, and it’ll only be less if we’ve got some really important exams or something. Furthermore, 1 chapters is a minimum, there can always be more random releases~

    I think you should remove that. Or at least change 1 Spirit Migration chapter a week as minimum to 1 chapter a month would be better.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. datanator says:

    Don’t say someone went died or something? It has been really quiet here lately :(


  21. shay says:

    So… its been almost a month… do I need to get the tombstone? Because Tensai went R.I.P on us…
    Where is a set of defibrillators when you need one?! Not good, we are losing him! 1, 2, 3, CLEAR!!! Stay with us Tensai! We still need you to finish the translation! 1, 2, 3, CLEAR!!! …No… we lost him.
    R.I.P Tensai, may angels sing apon thy rest.


  22. Shay says:

    “New updates ~ Estimates
    01 – 01 – 2016: Happy new year y’all~ Uploaded 3 chapters today. But university is starting again, so not sure about the date of the next chapter. There should definitely not be any months in between chapter releases again though ^^””
    You have 4 more days or you have lied to us!


  23. datanator says:

    Can you confirm that this project has been dropped? We haven’t seen any updates in either this or TNS in a long time.
    It would be better if you guys just say that this is dropped instead f not saying anything :/


  24. Hiane Rawr says:

    your now neck and neck with the manga DON’T LOSE!


  25. Seinvolf says:

    Thank for ur great work…


  26. Sustain the excellent job and delivering in the group!|


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  28. Ryu says:

    Just wondering, but you mentioned somewhere that you would have a long break in May and would be able to post new chapters more frequently. It is May now and so I was wondering if that was still the plan or a no go?
    Well it would be good to know if you are taking a break or uploading a chapter or 2 (maybe more?). Thanks for all your hard work ^^.


    • Tensaiz says:

      So busy T_T, haven’t dropped it yet. Almost vacation, which means tling time!


      • Ryu says:

        Vacation is always good ^^. Saw your introduction and I am amazed that you even find time to TL at all. Seriously where do find the time? (Just to be clear…this admiration and not saying you should stop TLing xD)
        Thanks for the reply and keep at it. Looking forward too the new chapters, but don’t forget to relax though ^^.


      • 4-pencils says:

        You know, I hate to be rude and all…but it’s almost august. Even the manga’s overtaken ya mate.
        …should we mourn? Give us a sign you’re alive mate or something!


  29. mazrel says:

    still no update?it’s ok,i will read the manga instead, ^_^


  30. Soulless says:

    Thx 4 the chapters
    Need More!!!
    But take your time


  31. Martin says:

    Is this dropped? I hope not but thanks 😃


  32. William Figueras says:

    Do you guys need help?


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  34. Tang says:

    You know another site is translating this story and has pass this site already right?


  35. tofu says:

    Is the project still alive? :/ rip


  36. Hishiron says:

    https://www.lightnovelbastion.com/ picked up Spirit Migration


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