CH08 – How to become a hero?

CH08 – How to become a hero?

The next day after he decided to become a hero, Kail was yet again thinking in his room.
Of course it was about how to become a hero.

Of course he doesn’t have any other choice than to become one.
Of course he must become a great hero that the populace and even the king can’t ignore.
Of course I don’t think I can become one just because I want to, there aren’t any precise qualifications either.

Only one week ago Kail was the strongest magic swordsman and was exactly the hero he wanted to become.

However it was in a time of war, it can’t become a reference, since it was a special situation.
Also the heroes of the past where heroes for fighting against the demon race.
They only became a hero after stacking up their reputation in the fight against the demon race, of course it won’t be a useful reference for Kail who wants to become a hero in order to fight the demon race.

In this time of fake peace, he was thinking desperately how to become a hero.

“Hey~, got a little time?”
Seran comes in without even knocking.

“Oh, it seems kind of amazing.”
Seran was surprised when he saw the state the room was in.

The desk in front of Kail was a mountain of books, and the surroundings were the same.
All of it was brought from the archive, Seraia’s pride.
There was a wide-range of books, the culture and mythologies of different countries, the folklore of a hero, from knowledge about magic to the ecology of monsters and the history of the demon race, there were many different kinds.

“Today is the first time I’m grateful of my mother’s book addiction. Since the needed knowledge is within my hands’ reach.”
Kail closed the book he was reading.

“And, do you need something from me?”
“Ah, are you really thinking of becoming a hero?”
Seran asks while sitting on the bed.

“Oh, of course. Also as soon as possible.”
For that I have drawn up a plan, Kail says while going to his desk.

“But you know, you can’t become a hero just because you’re saying you will.”
“That’s why I’m thinking so hard….. Don’t you have any good ideas?”
Seran who felt my honesty said.

“Well…. How about joining the army? It’s easy to take credit, also you’ll be able to easily raise your reputation you know.”
That’s no good…. My freedom would be severely limited, and it takes too much time to even join them.

“Or how about becoming a gladiator like mom, you’ll be able to quickly become famous right?”
“Well that’s true but you’ll easily make enemies there. That’s the reason why master came to such a town right?”

“Other than that would be….. Simply put, how about defeating the Demon king?”
“If I could do that I wouldn’t be so troubled.”
Kail makes a big sigh.

“Well I haven’t found out how to become a hero but what someone needs to become one…. Seran, what do you think is needed to become a hero?”
“Well probably…. That’d be strength right?”
The ones who were called heroes in the past all had various kinds of strength and honor.

“No, that’s so obvious it doesn’t have any meaning. What I think is important is; gold, personal connections and luck.”

“Though it’s kind of strange. It’s somehow convincing.”

“Firstly gold, in order to be an ideal hero one must never ask for a reward.”
“Ho, Ho”

“Simply put, for example if there is a certain village. There is a demon attacking the village bringing ruin to it, coincidentally you’re staying at that village. If it was you what would you do?”
“Well if it was a village I stayed at for the first time, I would try and find a cute girl, wouldn’t you?”
“You’re missing the point…. Anyway, you defeat the monster and get offered a reward, not like there’s anything wrong about it.”
Since all the villagers are paying, so in the end your positions are equal. They will thank you but that’s it.

“Then what if you don’t accept the reward? After exterminating the demon you’ll even pay them for the damages saying, “If there’s somebody in trouble it’s only obvious to help.” with a smile then leaving the village.”
“I’d be seriously moved by that. It’s enough for it to be told generation after generation in that village.”

“Actions that seek nothing in return, doesn’t it fit the image of a hero? Unless you posses a giant amount of gold you won’t be able to do this.”
“So that’s why you need gold.”
Seran nodded while saying, I see.

Helping others without reward, however this would be useless with just gold.
For example, charity of nobles and wealthy merchants from time to time, they might be thankful for this but it’s just a pastime with gold, they would be called hypocrites behind their backs.
Even my own actions, exposing my body to danger while saving them.
Of course they would still feel envy, however it’s better than just gold.

“This is the most effective way to gain fame. However doing it too flashy and you’ll end up making enemies.”
“Oh, the adventurer kind.”

Adventures, they’re a so-called anything doers.
Carrying luggage, searching for herbs the easy jobs. Also hard jobs like escorting caravans or defeating demons.
You can say that getting rid of these harmful demons is their specialty.
Of course it’s obvious to receive rewards for it, but if someone comes along and does it for free what do you think would happen?
The obvious will stop being the obvious, in order to receive their rewards there might even appear some deaths.

“I see, that’d be a bother to their business. Well guess you can’t help but be resented.”
“Well lets hold back on that part. Since when you’re trying to accomplish something sacrifices are neccessary.”
“Hey, that’s kind of dark hero.”
“Anyway, in order to become a hero gold is needed. The more the better.”
“Hmmm…. Indeed if we have gold we won’t have a hard time.”

“And after gold comes connections, becoming a hero with only gold is not possible, if we want to do something it’s better to have connections. And it’s better the higher or famous the person is.”
“Ah, in old folk tales about heroes, there are usually those with authority backing them.”
“Simply said you could call it a give and take relation. The ideal situation would be having them owe me one-sidedly, in short they should help me however they can. In other words blackmailing them.”
“I kind of get the feeling we’re getting further away from being a hero.”

“Anyways if those with influence and fame regard you highly, you’ll get famous.”

This is starting to sound a little creepy, Seran says.

“Finally…. just like I said a little while ago you can do nearly anything if you have money and connections, you can become many things that way. But a hero isn’t one of them.”
“So that’s where luck comes in?”
“That’s right.”
Kail says that this is the most annoying one.

“Luck you say, that isn’t something you can gain with hard work.”
“And the luck I’m talking about isn’t just any luck. A hero’s luck has to be in another class than normal luck.”

A hero shines within the tragedy of the people in times of war and confusion.
And the greater the misfortune the greater the light will be.

“Luck that is able to surpass anyone’s misfortune. All of that is what makes a hero.”

“Hey, don’t tell me….”
“Rest assured, I wouldn’t hire someone to do something bad and resolve it in order to earn credit. Even if I didn’t do something like that, this world has no perfect peace. Someone somewhere probably has something misfortunate happening to them.”
“Well that’s so true, coincidently appear at the right time is up to luck right? Isn’t this something you can’t do anything about?”
“In order to make that happen…. Well I have a card up my sleeve so don’t worry about it.”

Kail picks up the booklet that he left on his desk and taps it with his finger.
I have written things that will happen in the next four years, in a certain way you could say it contained the misfortunes that have yet to come.

Leaving aside those who can’t be helped because of the “Great advance”, there are ones I can prevent by knowing of it beforehand.
But not everything that was written inside, it would be meaningless to prevent something before anything actually happens.
After something misfortunate happens, I should gallantly appear and immediately resolve the problem like a hero would.
Even if the injured people were to increase, in order to change that misfortunate future I will believe.

“In order to become a hero….. I will use any means necessary. Even if I have to use cowardly or despicable means!”
“That? aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself?”
“It’s fine, you’re the only one I’ll tell this to anyway.”

“I see… Then let me ask you something important, why do you want to become a hero?”
“As expected that bothers you? Doesn’t it?”

Seran initially thought it was a relapse of his so-called puberty period.
If that was the case the plan was to watch over him with warm eyes, but it doesn’t seem to be like that.

He felt a strong intention of ‘I’ll absolutely become it’ from Kail.

“When I looked at you I understood that you’re serious about it, except it seems like your goal isn’t to become a hero but your goal requires you to become one.”

As expected of a someone I’ve known for a long time, Kail was moved a little.
I never expected him to notice it.
One day it might be the time, the time to tell you of my real objective. However, it’s still too soon now.

“Yeah… I have my reasons but it’s not about trusting you or not, I’m just sure that it’d be better not to tell you for now. Just believe me about that, my best friend.”

“I see, well if you’re saying that much it’s alright.”

After noticing that asking anymore would be useless, Seran stands up.

“Well, good luck. I’ll sincerely root for you.”
Seran left the room while waving his hand.

Kail made a weird face while looking at Seran who left.
That guy…. Why is he saying it as if he isn’t involved.”
Kail’s mind had already made up to involve him.

“Oh well…. Anyway I have to save one, two countries anyways. After that the enemy– Evil, I have to defeat a great evil at that. If I have gold it’ll work out anyhow, With the connections I should raise my fame little by little…..”

Furthermore recognition was needed too, just fame is bad. I need actual fighting force.
Not an army but something close to it, a force I’m able to use at free will.

“Should I just make a mercenary group? Or a free-standing magic weapon and mass produce it….”

I lament about the mountain of things to do.

In any case, there isn’t much I can do in such a rural village.
It’s about time to travel, Kail muttered while looking out the window.


As I thought the development is slow isn’t it.

There hasn’t even been a decent fight.

We await your feedback.


Translator notes
So, the next few chaps will be upped in a few hours (sorry for the wait, but they’ll take a while longer)
This chapter also hasn’t been thoroughly proofread so please excuse us for akward sentences weird tenses or anything along those lines.
If you spot anything weird, make a comment and we’ll fix it up~!


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