CH04 – Determination

On top of a hill east of the town of Rimaze lies an old ruin but because it’s old it’s mostly debris.
The ruins have a thousand year old history behind them, everything inside had already been looted by people called Treasure hunters.
Since it didn’t have any academic worth, it remained as a part of the town’s landscape.

But the place itself is still fine, which makes it a good location for a hidden base.
This allows it to be used as a playground by children,  Kail also played here when he was a child.

Kail was watching the sunset from the top of the ruins.
From here I can oversee the whole town, I also like watching the sunset from here while observing the town.
It’s been one year since I calmly watched the sunset like this.
“To think, I could actually look at the sunset so calmly.”
Kail muttered while watching the whole town that was dyed crimson by the sunset.
“…… This is bad, I almost cried a number of times and it has only been a day.”
Involuntarily I almost started to cry again, but today it can’t be helped, I convinced myself with that.

This afternoon I looked around the town of Rimaze.
Everyone I met in town was exactly as I remembered.
Again I felt the reality of actually going back to the past.

While watching the sunset Kail takes out the “God Dragon’s Heart” and mutters softly.
“Going back to the past….. What did that guy want to do over?”
That guy is him, the demon king.

Time travelling was something the demon king wanted to accomplish.
And the purpose was to go back into time, of course he must of wanted to do something over.

TL Note : No shit xd  -Tensaiz

I don’t know what his reasons were but, he wanted to accomplish it whatever the risks.
Otherwise he wouldn’t have tried to destroy the human race like this.
But there are no opportunities to find out.
“A….. Second chance….”
“So you were here, I was looking for you.”
Kail hides the “God Dragon’s Heart” because of the sudden voice that came from behind.
I know who it is without even turning around, its Lize.

From the tone of her voice I understand she’s moody, I recalled what happened this morning.
(After waking up I immediately began to hug her, then massaged her ass and pressed my crotch against her.)

“I’m so sorry.”
The second Kail turned around he prostrated himself and apologized.

From an officer’s perspective his actions this morning were completely that of a sex offender.
It’s my long awaited time of happiness, I don’t want to go to prison.

“……You’ve reflected on it haven’t you.”
“Because I had a strange dream and was still half-asleep, together they were the reasons for my actions this morning. I have reflected from the depths of my heart.”
He apologizes anyway while his face is still on the ground.

After some time of silence, Kail raises his head to see what has happened.
When he did, he saw Lize who had her arms crossed and was facing the other way with her eyes closed.
(I’m so glad, she doesn’t seem to be that mad. Since she always smiles when she’s mad.”
At the same time I could see some healthy-looking thighs and also a little bit of white cloth since she’s wearing a miniskirt.
(So it’s white….. Nowadays she still doesn’t wear anything with sex appeal.)
If I get noticed, it will definitely be the end, I’ll either get my head crushed or be sent flying away with a kick, I’m certain of it. I should face down again before she notices me.

After a little while, Haa~aaa~, Lise lets out a big sigh.
Kail determined that it was a sign, then he allowed all his strength to leave his body.

“Seriously, if both of you are going to apologize then don’t do anything stupid in the first place.”
“Both?… Oh, you’re talking about Seran. So he really went to your house while making a racket.”
“Yeah, He apologized while prostrating as well. Seriously, you’re two of a kind.”
While saying she was shocked, Lize sat next to Kail.
Kail also straightened his sitting posture and the two watched the sunset together.
“Though I feel a little insulted to be compared to him…. well, did you forgive him?”
“Yeah, In exchange for one kick and a condition.”
“So he still ended up getting kicked…. And what was the condition?”
“A Neruda fruit, bird, and squid from the forest of Taasu. Because I ran out of supplies.”
Neruda is actually a delicacy which you can get from the forest of Taasu which is a small distance from town and in this area it’s considered a bit of a specialty.

“The trip is half a day, isn’t that a little severe for a single meal?”
“I gave him a lunchbox so he doesn’t have the right to complain.  Rather than that did you really eat it all? I made enough for four people.”
“Ah, yeah since it’s been a year since I last ate something that delicious.”
Just before 10 I thought I heard a commotion…. Leaving Seran aside even Seraia-san  was going “Feed me something~.” When I heard that I knew something strange had happened.”
“I apologize that my mother bothered you… I seriously mean it.”

“Be thankful since I didn’t have a choice but to help you out until Roel-ojisan comes back.”
“Roel?….. Oh, you’re talking about my old man, speaking of which he wasn’t here was he.”
I had totally forgotten about him, my father with a weak presence that I finally remembered.

Kail’s father; Roel makes jewelry such as necklaces and rings mainly crafted from gems.
It seems like he’s skilled, but because of that, it takes time and he’s only known by a few, that kind of feeling.
Inconspicuous, small build, always laughing quietly, he’s that kind of person. Anyway, he doesn’t stand out.
Instead of Kail and Seraia who can’t do any housework he does bits and pieces of it, looking at it from the side, he acts like a stay at home dad.
From time to time he goes on a trip for some days to deliver something to the capital every once in a while, he’s probably there again.

“Hey you…. didn’t just forget about uncle did you?”
“Of course I didn’t, I just had trouble remembering. Rather than that I have something to ask you.”
Kail who wants to ask about something, left the stuff about his father behind.
“…..What’s the secret ingredient?”
“Secret ingredient? You mean of the soup?”
“Yeah, I tried a lot of things but they didn’t work out.”
“It’s supposed to be a family secret but…”
“Please, it been on my mind.”
Isn’t it okay for family? Kail was asking like that and she replied with a “Sigh”
“It’s the fruit of Neruda I was talking about.”
“Neruda? Isn’t it sour and hard to mix with the soup?”
“You have to prepare it first. After peeling it you have to dry it in the shade for about 3 days.”
“I see! I’ll try it next time.”
“It’s used in quite a lot in cooking. But since when did you start doing something like cooking?  I didn’t know anything about it.”
“Even I grow every day. I’ll let you eat something next time.”
“~ Hmm, I’ll look forward to it.”
“In exchange, do the cleaning for me, since I can’t do what I can’t do. Also lend me a hand with the cooking. After that I’d be happy if you could help me with cleaning.”
“You can’t call that growth.”

It was a silly unimportant conversation, but it’s a peaceful time.
The peace I had been trying to obtain for the past year, but couldn’t.

“Speaking of which, I’m surprised you could find me here.”

“I can see through all your moves you know…. By the way, what was that dream you saw this morning about? “
To Lize’s simple question Kail stopped moving.
“Could it have been a dream where you saw me dying?”
“Well…. Something like that…..”
“I see… So that’s why you were so worked up.”
Lize was joyful while trying to act uncaring.

But Kail had remembered.
The death of Lize.

A year ago, no three years from now, this town located nearby the demon territory was the first target of their army’s advance.
Of course the town was easily destroyed, the residents were massacred, and the village was burnt to the ground.
In my eyes the town was like hell itself, I’ll never forget the devastation at that time.
Lize was also there at that time……

When I arrived, rescue wasn’t possible.
In the last moments she showed a weak feeble smile, holding her in my arms while she gradually lost warmth.
I continued to scream until my voice turned hoarse… But those eyes would never open again….
Only remembering it makes it feel as if my blood started flowing the wrong way.
Thus, I swore that no matter what, I would avenge them.

TL Note: The feelz ;_; – Tensaiz

“Wh, what happened? Your complexion looks strange.”
Kail turned to Lize after hearing her voice.
“I, It’s nothing.”
“You’re also sweating a lot…”
“I only feel a little bad, it’s no problem at all.”
“I hope you’re alright.”
Lize said it without worry, but she was actually feeling puzzled as to why Kail had a sudden change of attitude. In reality she was scared.
Kail’s face a moment ago was a face she saw for the first time.

It was a face of neither anger, sadness, or hatred. It was a face with a feeling of deep darkness in it.
If it’s Kail I know everything about him, I thought so but now it might be different, it was this kind of feeling.
I think I have to reconsider how I think about Kail.
It’s certainly peaceful now.
But this peace ends in three years.
I’m the only one that knows about it, if I don’t do anything, it’ll just be the same as last time.
I’ll see that scene once again.

“As if I’ll let that happen…”

“W-what happened?”

Kail suddenly stood up which made Lize voice a question in worry, without answering, Kail looked straight into the sunset.

If it goes on like this I’ll lose my family, my home, the world, even the childhood friend in front of my eyes, I’ll lose everything.
I don’t want to have feelings like that again, never again.
Kail clenched his teeth so hard it it looked as if they would break.

“I’ll change it….”

Because of that (the village being attacked) happening, wondering if there was another way, it was a year full of regrets.
In the midst of despair I was just standing there. It became like this because of fate, undeniable fate.
Giving up and resolving myself I could only accept it. I convinced myself.

“Then I’ll change destiny.”

Miraculously, I got a chance to start over.
I will absolutely not let go of this chance.

“A stupid fate like that, the fate of this world, I will change it.”

Kail clenched his fist hard, so hard it looked as if it would bleed. That fist was raised towards the horizon of the setting sun.
It was aimed towards the west – which means it was aimed at the Demon’s territory.

“I will absolutely do it, no matter what kind of trick I have to use!”

Kail once again solidifies his commitment for the second time since that day one year ago.
That time it was for revenge, this time its the determination to protect.

Lize suddenly stood up, she was staring wide-eyed at Kail who was shouting towards the sunset.
(Eh? What? What does that mean? Why is he suddenly saying weird things? This guy?)
Kail who suddenly talks about fate and the world, Lize who knew everything about him as his childhood friend, now feels as if he’s suddenly a different person.
As if he’s somehow become more dangerous.
Lize was now scared for a different reason than before, she felt startled after noticing something.
“Co, Could it be this morning, after I hit you to hard-“
Lize’s face turned blue not knowing what to do.
“Wh-Wh-Wh, What should I do…. In a situation like this I should- I should….. If, If I hit him again he might be healed?”

Kail who was burning with determination, didn’t notice Lize who was having the same amount of determination while clenching her fist.

~Chapter ended here.~

Lize is the homely violence type heroine.
Up to this point it was kind of a prologue, next time will begin the actions to save the world.
I await your feedback.


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