Birthday suprise~

So my birthday is coming up 24th of September, and right now we have a lot of chapters still unreleased so we’ve got something planned…

Can you guess what it’ll be?…


About Tensaiz

I'm a 21 year old martial artist, practising mostly karate and Pencak Silat. In addition to that, I jog a lot and practise other sports and arts like; boxing, kobudo, iaido and a bit of muay thai. Furthermore, I'm a third year student, studying Artificial Intelligence at University. I also work as a Knowledge Engineer. I like to game(csgo and other stuff) and read a lot, I program and photoshop a bit on the side. I also recently started playing a bit of guitar and piano. Next to that I proofread Japanese novels (translate a little sometimes) while my friend translates most of the novels we pick up.
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17 Responses to Birthday suprise~

  1. Hungwua Sin says:

    hentai translation????

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  2. Sniffinthatjizz says:

    Boku no pico?

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  3. MrPopular88 says:

    Mines on the 26th! Happy Early Birthday!! Keep up the fantastic work! I just found you guys today and am very impressed with your translation work!

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  4. Birthday, unreleased chapters, mass release? ;o

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  5. applemania says:

    Someone said boku no pico ckckck and I am guilty also for knowing what is “boku no pico”

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  6. Pablo AS says:

    Oh, nice, my birthday was 13 of september XD, in my family its crazy. My father is 1st of september, im in the 13, my mother is in the 20, my first big brother is the 29 and my second big brother is in the 1 of october looool.

    Oh, and i hope that the chapter with the hydra could be in those chapters coming up now, if not in what chapter is the fight against the Hydra? I guess its 12 head hydra by counting in the manga.

    Also Happy birthday(in 4 days) XD


    • Pablo AS says:

      Meh… found out that the hydra chapter of the manga is chapter 18 of the novel. Also, you guys are working on the webnovel it seems, since the contents and format is the same as the raws i found of the webnovel


  7. Morph says:

    haha looking forward to it. ^^


  8. yttam50 says:

    Happy Birthday! I can’t wait till the mass henta… I mean chapter release!


  9. Crimson says:

    Cant wait :) happy birthday, thanks for all the work.


  10. buddy says:

    Happy Birthday, and thanks for the translations.


  11. Johnemis123 says:

    Where’s the bday blowjob? I’ve been refreshing the site since midnight~


  12. Aashish says:

    Hey hey.. My birthday is September 25.. Very cool. anyway, thanks for translating this novel!!


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