Tsuyokute New Saga – Vol2 – CH005 – Embassy

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Chapter 005 – Embassy

While glancing at the main gate of Karan, where carriages of merchants from other countries were lining up to enter, Kail and his party smoothly passed through Karan’s main gate.

“Our position as messengers immediately became useful.”

Normally they would take the same time because of the procedures to enter the city, but at the moment, Kail and his party are temporarily allowed to enter freely because of their status as messengers from the country of Jirgs.

And Jirgs is technically the country ruling over Karan, so when they told the guards that they were messengers of Jirgs they were easily let through.

Karan was a city that possessed its own uniqueness. The buildings were all made out of stone and it can even be said that it was made boorishly, unlike the buildings in Marado that were built while minding the outer appearance. It can be said that these buildings were made with the idea to be simple and sturdy.

Even Sildonia and Seran were looking at the streets for once.

However, Urza, who began to look annoyed the second she stepped into town, was hiding her ears that were the racial trait of the Elves. She doesn’t usually do this, but in order for no one to notice she was an Elf she had to.

“What’s wrong?”


When Lize asked that, Urza silently looked towards the road where people were walking, beyond her sight there were many dwarfs visible.


Seeing that Lize became convinced.

Dwarfs, they are the race with the second largest populace within the humanoids with the largest being the humans, also, they possess their own country and have much influence.

Both male and female Dwarfs have small, buff, builds in contrast to the slim and tall Elves, Elves are the people of the forest, the Dwarfs are the people of the land.

They make things like underground cities and there are many Dwarves in this city, a mining town, so there are supposed to be next to no Elves.

Also, there are individual differences, but fundamentally Elves and Dwarves don’t get along that well.

“Don’t worry, I do not have any ill will towards them. I don’t have a discriminating mindset towards those Dwarfs…….. In the first place, they’re too stubborn, also, they love to drink alcohol and are borish, they fundamentally don’t have the thing called concern, so they’re really hopeless bunch.”

“You have prejudice at the level where it’s actually impressive…….”

Lize said, with an amazed tone.

“It’s alright, I know my place. I won’t cause any unnecessary commotion.”

As expected, Urza said that with a moody voice.

Even though it can be said that they’re unofficial, Kail and his party are still messengers of Jirgs, so they can’t cause any kind of disturbance.

Kail, who also saw Urza’s moody figure, lightly sighed.

He remembered the hardships he had to go through in a battle because of the poor relationship between the Dwarfs and the Elves.

They were working together, but only because the world was in danger, they only spoke when it was necessary at the bare minimum and weren’t even trying to look each other in the eye otherwise.

If you were to ask what they didn’t like about each other they would answer ‘because the other side pisses me off’ in complete harmony so there was nothing that could be done.

“All of you ladies and gentlemen are Princess Mirena-sama’s messengers, right.”

When he turned around, because of the voice that called out to them from behind, Kail froze for an instant when he saw the face of the woman who stood there.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, I am known as Miranda and I serve as Jirgs’ ambassador in Karan.”

The one that greeted them with a smile was an intellectual beauty with a calm atmosphere, in her mid-twenties, wearing glasses made by an dwarf technician.

Behind her was what looked like ten armored guards to protect her.

“Ah, well…….. I am Kail Leonard. Nice to meet you.”

(I see, so you were doing something like being an ambassador around this time……)

Recovering from the sudden surprise he felt, Kail was somehow able to give a response.

“Yes, I am well informed about all of you. It is weird if we just chat around while standing here so please follow us to the embassy. It is right around the corner so I apologize because we will walk there.”

Please follow us, is what Miranda said and began to walk.

“…….Your response seemed a little weird.”

Lize looked at Kail with sharp eyes.

“You looked spaced out because she was a beauty right?”

It was simply an unexpected reunion—— Though it was only so for Kail—— so he couldn’t possibly answer her with that.

“Hmm? N-No you’re wrong. In the first place, her age is around mother’s, even I won’t go with someone like that.”

“Close to Sera-san? That person didn’t seem that old though.”

Lize thought it was impossible after looking at Miranda who looked as if she was in her mid-twenties at most.

“No, it is exactly as Kail said. That hip and the condition of her skin……. If I had to say it would be around thirty three.”

Looking at Miranda who was walking in front of him, Seran said it with a serious face.

“You’re amazing, aren’t you…..”

Kail, who knew her real age, showed his astonishment on his face after Seran said her exact age.

“However, not only does Sera-san have a natural constitution, I can see that she also maintains it through considerable effort.

“Don’t say it as if it’s normal. What will you do if she hears us.”

Understanding that his own mother was a special exception, Kail sighed.

“Ah~…….. Could it be that Kail…….. you don’t like older woman?”

Urza tried saying it uninterestedly, but there was a mix of anxiety when she said it.”

“No, if it isn’t an extreme difference I won’t mind.”

Actually isn’t your meaning of older different, is what Kail thought as he looked at the over a hundred years old Urza.

“From Myself’s perspective everything is within range.”

“You’re even more different.”

To Sildonia, a magic life form who has lived over a thousand years, the concept of age difference itself doesn’t hold any meaning.

“I don’t care about age, I only care about appearance!”

“I didn’t ask you!”

Miranda looked at the messengers from her homeland with a smile while they were whispering with each other and started making a commotion.

The place where Kail and his party were brought to, was the most splendid looking building, which was once the mark of power where the village chief resided, who could be called Karan’s king.

However, two years ago it became the embassy where the ambassador does her work, just by looking at this it showed the relation between Karan and Jirgs.

“I see, all of you care to meet the village chief right?”

Inside the drawing room, Miranda was reading the letter that princess Mirena wrote for her and then ascertains Kail and his party’s objective.

“While the homeland was in confusion after the king passed away, she sent this kind of irregular messengers……… what a Mirena sama-like thing to do.”

Rather than customs, she gave priority to speed, that can be called Mirena’s strong point.

Also Miranda’s words weren’t those of just a vassal, Kail felt a tone of friendliness from them.

“Ehm…… Are you close with Mirena-sama?”

“Yes, I was one of her teachers three years ago, I mainly taught her about diplomatic affairs. Also, it may seem presumptuous for me to say this however…….. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving Mirena-sama’s live from danger.”

Miranda gives her gratitude while bowing her head.

“Mirena-sama has written that I should assist all of you to the utmost of my strength, so please tell me whatever you want.”

“Then it may be a little sudden, but I want to meet with the village head.”

When Kail said that, Miranda’s face became a little dark.

“Well, the problem is that you can’t meet with him so easily. At the moment the village head is sick and can’t meet anyone.”

“Is it such a serious illness that we can’t meet him even once?”

“I have been there many times in order to request a meeting, however, the doctor says it is an easily spread illness so it is not easy to enter. Also, Karan’s management itself doesn’t have any problems at the moment there.”

Incredibly stingy, is what she probably wanted to say.

“I see…….. However, I want to go meet him for now.”

“Yes, if it’s Mirena-sama’s personal messengers than they will have a duty to perform. Since I was also thinking to go there by force if I had too.”

Well then, I shall show you the way, Miranda said that and stood up from her seat.

Because Miranda was busy with finishing up the paperwork for the guards, Kail and his party were waiting in front of the embassy when Seran came over to talk to him.

“Hey Kail, there isn’t any point even if I go to the meeting right. I’m gunna roam around for a while.”

“I don’t mind but what are you……. Well, I guess I don’t need to ask.”

Kail had determined that it had to do with women anyway.

“I won’t deny that that’s a big part of it, but I also have something else to do……. well, I’ll come back before it gets dark.”

Seran disappeared into the streets of Karan while waving his hand.

After a while Miranda returned.

“I apologize for the wait……. Where is Seran-san?”

“He went sightseeing around Karan and had something to do…… Is there anything wrong?”

After hearing he went sightseeing Miranda’s face froze a little.

“No….. It is only my needless anxiety, it is alright……. Ah there are a few points you should take notice of. Indie of Karan there is no one that will not lent a hand to us of Jirgs. No matter what, they will have to cooperate with us, is how you could say it.”.

“They really are a bunch that just says whatever they want.”

“However, it’s the truth right. Thats how much control you have in Karan right.”

Lize and Sildonia whispered with each other.

“However, there are also exceptions.”

When Miranda says that, she looks at the building in front of the embassy.

It clearly wasn’t as big as Jirgs’s embassy but it was a wonderfully built building and it was in a position where it looked as if the two buildings were watching each other.

“That is the embassy of the Gargan empire.”

And at the inside of that tall wall, from a garden-like location, something like beast cries could be heard from time to time.

“Even we cannot carelessly meddle with that place. Only that place is of neither Karan nor that of Jirgs, it is of the Gargan empire.”

If we too carelessly meddle with them, it could cause a diplomatic affair.

Everyone please be careful, Miranda said.

“Normally an embassy like that would’ve been destroyed long ago, but at the moment the empire has built a friendly relation with Karan and Jirgs on the surface.”

Even though it’s an eyesore, we don’t have another choice, Miranda said while sighing.

“It’s pretty extreme unlike its appearance.”

“She’s being an ambassador even though she’s a woman, she’s pretty suited for it right.”

As expected, Sildonia and Lize were whispering with each other again, but Kail lightly glared to stop them.

“Ahem……. Then those wyverns that came before us are also there?”

“Yes, they are something which I have not received notice off before hand. There is a need to interrogate, but probably an explanation shall come shortly…….”

Right at the moment when Miranda said that, the gate of the Gargan empire’s embassy opened and a number of people came out.

One of them noticed us and walked over.

“Well if it isn’t Miranda-sama, I was just about to go looking for you.”

It’s probably a staff member of the embassy that came over to greet them. Of course he seems to be acquainted with Miranda.

“Why, thank you. I am sorry, but I will go straight to the point, I wish to hear about the wyverns that came in just now.”

“If it’s about that, then I shall explain.”

The one who said that, as he was coming out of the building, was a tall, skinny man who seemed to be in his late thirties.

Wearing an almost grey looking white robe over his shoulder and holding a cane in his hand, it was an image that just said he was a mage.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Alzaad, I am currently the number two court mage of the Gargan empire.”

A court mage is someone that has the highest authority in the field of the country’s magic, they also do things like teaching the children of nobles and royalty.

Furthermore, they can take part in a country’s political affairs, so they hold a lot of influence.

Great countries have many court mages, but for him to be number two means that he is a very important figure.

It seems that even Miranda was surprised for such a hot shot to appear.

“I apologize for the sudden visit, there were some important matters.”

I am very sorry, is what he says, but on his face was an expression as if he was enjoying this.

“Actually, the son of a certain official in the capital Ruos lives here, on his deathbed he said that he wanted to meet his child one last time. That official had worked for the emperor for many years, pitying him, the oh so compassionate emperor decided to grant his wish, and wanted us bring him.”

Alzaad turned around, and looked at the wall where the wyverns should be.

“However, the distant is vast, because we couldn’t waste any time on this matter we had a single wyvern squad come here when they were coincidentally flying near Karan. And I was coincidentally accompanying this squad because I had some matters to attend……. And like this we had our hands full so we couldn’t contact you beforehand.”

In other words, he was saying that it was just a coincidence that he was here.

“I see, I understand the situation. Then you should quickly return, should you not.”

What could be felt from Miranda’s words were, if you’re done with your business, get the hell out.

“No, the thing is that every single one of the wyverns in this squad became ill, they need to rest for now, so basically it seems that we can not leave this place. In the end they are living beings so things like this can happen.”

How troublesome, Alzaad said while shaking his head.

Is this what they mean when they say scam, he was actually saying that, we are only staying here for a short time because we don’t have any other choice.

“Well anyway, one of them was alright, so he should be able to safely deliver the package, this has to be some kind of fate, because I was just thinking of going over to greet the village head.”

“……..What great timing, we were about to go over to meet the village head too. Let us go together.”

In other words, she was saying that she wouldn’t let him do whatever he wants.

“Yes, of course, if you are willing to go together there isn’t any problem at all.”

“Are you really alright with it?”

“What, I know of the strong ties between Karan and Jirgs, we are going together so what would be inconvenient about it.”

I do not have anything to hide from you, saying that without meaning it, Alzaad was laughing ‘wahahahaha’ in a sarcastic tone.

At this moment, Alzaad looked at Kail and his party who were behind Miranda.

“By the way, who might those people be?”

“These people have come here as messengers of her highness princess Mirena.”

“Kail Leonard.”

The moment Kail introduced himself like that, Alzaad’s eyebrows twitched a little.

“Ah, then does that mean that you are Jirgs new hero who saved princess Mirena’s life from danger?”

“How well informed.”

Within the country, there aren’t supposed to be that many who know about it.

“It’s because I really like Jirgs, that is why I am well informed about that country.”

It seems that he had researched a lot about Jirgs.

And after saying that much, just when they thought that Alzaad stopped that disgusting fake smile in order to show a normal expression, he just kept looking at Kail.

“Hmmm, there is some slight resemblance….. also, the last name Leonard is also on my mind……. could it be that you are Seraia’s son?”

“Are you acquainted with my mother?”

Kail was surprised by hearing an unexpected name at this place.

“So it really is like that, no, to think that she would have a child so big. Time really flew by.”

I have also taken up some years, Alzaad said with a wry smile.

“I guess it can be said that Seraia and I are graduates of the same year, we learned about alchemy and magic while sitting next to each other.”

Well, it’s something from almost twenty years ago though, is what Alzaad said while laughing.

“Oh yeah, I was also acquainted with Roel-kun. Is he also doing alright.”

Hearing about Roel, Kail tilts his head.

“Ehm…… Roe?”

Kail who thought it was familiar but couldn’t remember.

“It’s about uncle. you know”

Lize was poking Kail’s side and tells him in a small voice.  

“…………..Ah! He’s well, alright! Probably……. maybe?”

Kail gave up easily without even being able to remember his father’s face.

“I have the feeling like this happened before…… however, it seems like his thin presence is the same as always.”

To think he would even be forgotten by his own son, how pitiful, is what Alzaad said with a pitying expression.

“However, to think I would meet the son of my old friends here….. my work this time may be more fun than I thought it would be.”

Alzaad muttered that with a fearless smile he didn’t show before.

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